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Social entrepreneurs have relatively fewer sources of capital to tap into, and managing cash flow can ironically be more important for survival for social ventures than for profit maximizing businesses.

The author of this post, Rajesh Anandan, SVP at UNICEF USA, has developed a $400 million partnership portfolio and recently launched UNICEF Ventures to accelerate high impact social innovations. As the Founder of ULTRA, Rajesh is building a network of high performance technology services employing teams of individuals with disabilities.

Want to solve a tough social challenge? Great!

Want to apply business thinking and market-based models to do it? Awesome.

Want to not be obsessed about making money? Too bad.

“Making money” doesn’t have to be for your own personal gain, but it certainly better be high up on a very short list of priorities for your social venture, especially when you’re a start up.

Making money better be high up on a very short list of priorities for your social venture.  Tweet This Quote

We’ve all heard the tales of amazing companies burning through cash, and burning through cash, and burning through cash, and finally unlocking a revenue model (or getting acquired by Facebook). That’s neat, but its not the world social entrepreneurs live in. In our world, there are few exits, and no one is willing to pay for our pivots. And that means we’ve got to get to break even sooner than most. Sure, there’s always the promise of impact investing, but you really don’t want to be waiting on a foundation investment while being cash flow negative – the former will take an agonizingly long time, the latter will cause an agonizingly painful death while you wait.

So here’s what you need to do:

  • Figure out how much cash you have to burn (and “have” does not include anything you can’t absolutely count on).
  • Define your immediate mission as getting to break even (while deepening your understanding of the problem you’re trying to solve, or community you’re hoping to help).
  • Spend some serious time on subsidizing your upfront costs (by getting free office space, bringing lots of interns, and going after pro bono everything).
  • Read Pascal Finette’s post on cash flow.

And once you get to break even, go nuts with those impact investment applications!

Getting to break even should be your social venture’s most immediate mission.  Tweet This Quote

About the author

Rajesh Anandan

Rajesh Anandan

Rajesh Anandan is SVP of UNICEF Ventures at UNICEF USA, Co-Creator of Kid Power—the world's first wearable-for-good—and Co-founder of ULTRA Testing, a high performance software testing company that employs individuals on the Autism Spectrum. @UltraRajesh

  • Leija2014

    Thank you for sharing this post! I thought your advice was simple and to the point. I liked that you broke it down to 4 steps (including reading an article.) I work at a small convenience store gas station, and I feel that my boss is always talking about money this and money that. Maybe he should read this article follow these steps!

  • jbrycewilson

    Ah, a reiteration of my upper-division courses in entrepreneurship: Cash is king. Especially when starting a new venture, and a social enterprise at that, it takes some extra work to follow both GAAP-approved accrual methods, and cash-basis accounting. But if you know where your cash is and what your burn rate is, it will be much less stressful when coming to make financing decisions.

  • Logan Dohmeier

    Rajesh this article touches on a topic I think most people don’t want to think about, but money can be everything. You can have various ideas that will conquer a myriad of problems, but if you don’t have the funds necessary to implement your ideas then you are out of luck. I really like the comment you make about how “making money doesn’t have to be for your personal gain” as it is important to understand sometimes you will have to struggle before you succeed. I think going off of your ideas the main take away is to plan for the future and make sure you set goals. This can be applied to just about anything; you need to set goals personally or in terms of your business. Those will eventually lead you to success!

  • cameruca4

    Excellent article. I think this article especially applies to startups. When you have an excellent idea cash flow and burn rate can be hard topics to discuss. Putting this into action by focusing first on breaking even is a good way for startups to set a reachable goal and that hopefully seems highly attainable.

  • natebbeard

    This is the biggest factor pushing me into the business world rather than going straight into social entrepreneurship. Sometimes you need money to make money and get traction. If I can get a solid job making good money, I could be more effective, as Peter Singer and his view on effective altruism supports (watch TED Talk). I can use that money to conduct my own experiments, like Paul Polak did perhaps. But I also feel as though I’m selling myself out on an easier road that isn’t what I want. When it comes to a social venture, Jana seems to be my favorite case study of someone with a solid revenue model making money first, then perhaps having the ability to empower.

  • amykahl8

    This is really good advice for college students or anyone who is interested in starting up their own business or even just has a great idea. You can’t go very far with a business if you don’t have the means to go forward with your plans. Could this be applied to young people just trying to get their life going, even if it doesn’t include being an entrepreneur?

  • clemonsel02

    This article is something that people going into entrepreneurship need to take a look at. I feel like people need to see that you are not going to be able to right away start a business and make money to pay yourself back. It takes time to start and achieve success. Something I do not understand about your article is how you could apply this to not just entrepreneurs but an everyday person? What if other people have the money to begin with and they start a business quickly and do well right away? What would you say to those individuals, do you have any advice for them?

  • Josh Pritchard

    That is a question I would like to ask as well! And I would love an answer. As of right now, I don’t know if I plan on starting my own business or just getting into a business that is already started. The quote ” Making money better be high up on a very short list of priorities for your social venture.” definitely applies to myself. I can’t agree with you more though. This article is great advice for college students.

  • Bill Shrum

    As a college student who helped just start a non-profit promoting collegiate student entrepreneurship I feel somewhat compelled to chime in. We had a concept for profitability, but it didn’t matter much until we got the first major donor. Once we got a 30-40% jump on our goal everyone else got on board, and understood our goal was a shade beyond break even but knew it was a new venture. It was a somewhat fine line between planning to be cashflow positive and not achieving it, yet being tenacious in pursuit of our plan. I think if we got the money up front we really wouldn’t know the work that should go into it, and if we got the money too late we’d hamstring our launch. Sure it was stressful in between but that means you’re growing, right?

  • greatelk

    The article brings me back to reality hahaha. We get so caught up in concepts and ideas sometimes that it’s hard to focus on immediate issues, like cash and sources for income.

  • MeierKM23

    Thanks for sharing this article. I think it is meaningful, especially college students and others who want to open up their own business. If you don’t have a plan of what you want to do with opening up your business, yes it will be hard but you will definitely go farther with a plan in your mind. I have a couple relatives that have had their own business, and definitely here then talking about money quite a bit. I like that your article was straight to the point and easy to understand, and really like how you broke it down to the four steps. Thanks again!!

  • KevinThomson32

    This article is awesome and I really enjoyed reading it. I am about to graduate from college and it is my dream to open up my own business and this gave me a lot of cool pointers to follow. This article was cut and dry and easy to read and I like how you mentioned define your immediate mission, I feel like that will take you a long way.

  • Connor Driscoll

    Thank you for posting! This article is relevant to anyone looking to open up their own business, so I immediately think of my sister. She, for example, needs to read this article because she does not have a clear goal in mind at the moment and needs to define her immediate mission as getting to break even. Rajesh, have you ever considered a future in business education?

  • Cassie135

    Great point. Having cash is important to any business, including social ventures. To follow your mission and make the change you want to see, having enough cash flow is very important.

  • treehugger90

    Thanks for the article! It made me think about my future because I was thinking on opening my own business when I get out of school! I always try to envision what will help me financially to start up! I agree with you 100% that making money should be up on the priorities!

  • Branden Unger

    I agree with this post. I can see how having cash is vital to any business venture as starting up will have its setbacks and a steady income is going to be a necessity in order to sustain the venture instead of just jumping right into it.

  • Brian Tanudjaja

    Good article! I agree that cash is king for any types of business. For the good running, survival and success of a business, proper cash flow management is important. A business that keeps getting a negative cash flow and take a long time to break even will not survive long. The 4 tips that were given was very helpful. Thanks for the article!

  • Having a positive cash flow should be every companies goal. It’s necessary to keep the business alive. I like the quote, “getting to break even should be your social venture’s most immediate mission,” because that’s the first step to achieving a positive cash flow. Thank you for telling it like it is and not sugar coating the truth, we are all obsessed about making money!

  • Jessica Andrew

    Thank you for sharing this article! I agree with what you are trying to say in the article. I agree that cash is the most important thing in starting your business. I have heard of people saving money in jars to start their own business. You need lots of money in order for your company or business to be successful. Along with cash, you need to have a plan which is also very important. If you don’t have a plan, your business won’t be very successful. My question for you is couldn’t people use this information in everyday life and not just entrepreneurs?

  • chrinsmas

    Thanks for the article. Yes, it is always good to know what the problems are, then prioritize them. At the beginning stage, you probably don’t need spend every single expense to start business, but utilize the one available for free. At the end, it’s all about the cutting initial costs thoroughly.

  • Tyler Steinmetz

    Thanks for sharing this article and sharing your thoughts on this subject. I agree with you completely about how important money is to starting a business and how reliant you need to be on money. I hate the statement that, “Money keeps the world turning,” but in the case of starting up a business, this can’t be any more true. The four things that you stated that we must do to start up a business is great. Not only is it insightful, but it really speaks the truth to how hard it is to start a business. I really enjoyed reading this article and I want to know more about your career with UNICEF and how this article ties into how you have been so successful with your career.

  • Jen McKiernan

    Thank you for writing this article. I agree that making money has to be a clear goal from the beginning of opening a business. The four tips you supplied are very helpful. If you don’t keep them in mind then your business will not have a good chance at succeeding very long. How long does it usually take after starting off before you can see if your business with succeed or fail in terms of money?

  • awatwa

    I remember all of my finance professors said that “cash is the king”, and especially for start ups. No matter how innovative the business idea is, the “vehicle” will not run without cash to burn. Hence, like we always calculate the mileage per gallon for our ride, business owners should always have a clue about how much cash the company will burn, and for how long.

  • cynthiapryor

    I, also, had all of my business professors drill the same motto, “Cash is King”. In the higher level classes, we work on putting business together and easily spend the most time on financials or how a new launch will affect financials. We continually ask, is this actually feasible? Without cash, the social business go under very quickly because of the limited sources of income.

  • cordierm

    Wow i didn’t know that cash flow was so important to non-profit organizations. It’s really interesting that you have to be so concentrated on breaking even so quickly

  • John Darrow

    Prioritizing cash flow and being successful financially I feel is at least the part of the mission for all organizations. I think this is proven every time a non profit hosts an event that attracts an abundance of spectators or supporters. “Money makes the world go around” was a quote once said to me and as much as it bothered me, in most cases I found it to be true while intentions remained irrelevant. In the world we live in it’s hard to accomplish anything let alone be heard without funds that are managed correctly and applied efficiently. I agree with this 100 percent and thank you for an insight into a different perspective.

  • LaurenSE

    I like that the quote above was mentioned, and as much as I didn’t like to hear it either, I found it to be quite true, “money makes the world go around”. It is true, today it is hard to accomplish many of the things we want and need without prioritizing the cash flow. You won’t get too far with a dysfunctional financial situation. I also like the list of what you need that was mentioned in the article, that is incredibly helpful and put in a very simple organized way.

  • kabbasuf

    After all, money is everything. One can have the best ideas, but they all need cash in order to grow. The trick I think is finding people (with money), who believe in what your vision is. Once this has been achieved, the going should get much easier from that point on.

  • layj

    I think this might be hard to do especially for startups. It is true cash matters more if we’re trying to do good. But for new businesses, even to get to the break even point and hit the ground running is not an easy thing. That’s why there are so many startups that went out of business in a very short time. Trying to do good should be in one of the mission and vision of the company, but the best way to achieve it is by knowing and understanding your cash flow, and also a good projection of how your business is going to look like.

  • Liemd

    Maintaining cash flow is really important for start-up. If they do not have a strong foundation of money to back up their business, eventually it might fail. Moreover, if the economy is down, start-ups will suffer even more. And, start-ups main focus is definitely not about maximizing profit yet. They should think of stabilizing their finances and performance initially.

  • Haley Horn

    Can this be true for paying back your student loans as a startup? I have created a seperate account that I have been putting away to pay back my student loans. All I do is save save save. Thanks for sharing.

  • thangha

    A start up business should clearly know their cash flows. Getting into a break even point is not that easy when there are so many other costs will raise along the way. A good supply of cash to back up your business is necessary.

  • Jessica Walker

    I feel that managing money is a large issue in our world today. All everyone thinks is spend, spend, spend. Personally, I have always found myself managing my money with a close eye. I find it less stressful on myself to be able to put into perspective, what I can spend now, what I can spend my money on later and how much I need to save. I think that managing money can help solve a lot of problems for a lot of people, because they don’t think twice about what they’re spending on, and then they’re stressing later on that they spend too much. When you have it planned out how much you are capable of spending, it makes it that much more fun to spend it knowing you’re in the clear. Do you have certain techniques of managing your money?

  • Anthony Urbanski

    You have to spend money to make money, but try not to spend to much. I understand that making money should be on your high list of goals, our world revolves around it. If you are not successfully financially chances are you are strung out trying to reach success. Are there any ways to deal with the struggle to make a profit.

  • Brittney Glende

    It is highly important that you have a plan in place when you are making money. Our world and life revolves around money and what you plan on doing with it financially. Being a college student my plan with making money right now is to save as much as I can and only spend when need be. I have learned throughout the years on how important money is and that if you do not handle it properly you will find yourself struggling which will cause a lot of stress on your life. I like how you say “Making money better be high up on a very short list of priorities for your social venture” Thank you for writing this article, its nice to see that there are others out there just like me.

  • Jessica Mendoza

    Our world is revolved around money. So, I do think it should be high on our priority list, but I think learning how to maintain it should be even higher. This is a big issue with our society today. All everyone want to is spend all there money on materilisitc things, even though they know that they have more important things to pay for. Sense I have moved into my own apartment, I have started to learn how to maintain my money fairly well. Knowing that I have bills to pay for, I have to know how to maintain my money so that I have money for them, and others things like groceries. I know this probably isn’t a comparison to starting a business, but it is hard for my to relate to that sense that is not something I particularly plan on doing. Managing money is very important, and could help a lot of people in this world if they know how to do it correctly- from managing money in our every day likes, or to start a business, managing our money should be very high on our priority list. Thank you for this article! I was wondering if there are any special techniques you use to manage money? I always love learning new ways that can help me manage mine.

    -Jessica Mendoza

  • katie bartlein

    This post relates to the old saying “You have to spend money to make money” which is very important. When trying to start up your own business it is about the amount of time and money spent along with plain old luck. Many might disagree that luck has anything to do with it but in order to be successful everything has to click. Along with luck the business needs cash to back up the plan and enough time to make everything work.

  • BartuchGR11

    I did enjoy this post because I do think this post will be helpful in the lives of ourselves and others. There are people all around starting up their own business because they cant find a job which is a great idea. However you have to think how to best manage your money without going bankrupt. I do agree with the couple of tips given in the post. I think the first most important tip is figuring out how much money you have to spend. The second most important is figuring out how the business is going to break even with all the money just spent.

  • Isaac Sawatzky

    It seems frustrating that the world and people trying to make it better are limited so greatly by funding. If the system were situated in a more advantageous way for people trying to help it may be a different world. Perhaps the priority greater than money is helping people. The trick would be getting the world as a whole to buy into this. But, given that this will likely never be the first priority of the world it follows that the groups and people trying to make a difference have to do their best to be successful in the finically driven environment that they find themselves in.

  • schrammjm26

    I agree and I disagree. As the post stated you should plan out how much you will have to invest and what your budget will be in order to meet your goal, however some of the best companies and ideas never see the market because they don’t have the capital to make it here. When this is the case sometimes your goal has to modified in order to meet your financial needs. That’s not by any means saying that you can’t re-modify your goal back to the original goal once you are on your feet and established, but if you don’t establish your foundation your goal will never be met. Money comes first.

  • Alyssa Borgrud

    I thought this was a great post. Too often businesses that are starting off put so much money in right away but then are not successful. There is a fine line between something you need for a business and something you want. Although it does take money to make money, you still do need to be conservative on how much you spend. Do you think that small businesses spend too much on modern technology and luxuries right up front? Although these are nice things to have, they aren’t exactly necessary.

  • Leahrebout

    Great advice to follow, thank you for sharing! In order to have a successful business you need to be completely aware of the amount of money you are actually in possession of and know how to be smart with it. These are great steps to follow to make sure to not end up in trouble with money. What do you think are the most important things to make sure you obtain with the money you have up front before looking into other items?

  • kristinwagner32

    I would agree with this because so many inexperience entrepreneurs worry about making a profit in the first year. But it takes time along with anything for that matter in order to be successful. I think people need to focus more on breaking even is a great thing; of course making a profit is even better but first starting off breaking even is what they should shoot for. So I completely agree with this post and article! A lot of individuals try to claim money is not everything; well they probably are the ones who can just be satisfied with anything. Thanks for the blog Rajesh!

  • Keeli Gilbert

    I must agree with you in the sense that money is great, but only if it’s for good. I totally agree with that. I love working with kids, so I would volunteer my time and do that for the rest of my life, but I can’t. I need something. My goal is to help everyone I can, living comfortably off the least I can because it isn’t about me, it is about the kids and adults and patrons that I want to work with. As a fitness instructor, we have to focus on the patron because they are coming to us for a reason, they want to change their lifestyle or stay fit. I am all for that, let me join and help you stay that way while I am creating a healthy lifestyle choice of my own!

  • mollymorrisey

    I agree that focusing on break even is most important for social enterprises in the short term. You need to be able to sustain your spending to be able to continue doing good for others through your social enterprise.

  • Amanda Laatsch ?

    I think this article is great for any person to read. We all
    have things in our lives that we could use this information on. This could be
    beneficial for someone starting up their own business, starting up a family, or
    even just starting up their lives after college. I think it would benefit a
    number of people tremendously if they just took the time to read what this
    article has to say. My question for you is what other aspects of life could you
    apply this strategy to?

  • Kobajr18

    Thank you for such a great article. “Making money better be very high up on a very short list of priorities for your social venture.” I think this says it all. You need to be making money or breaking even as soon as possible not just in social entrepreneurship but in any form of entrepreneurship.

  • nguyenb7

    Thanks for your article. Great insights. I know that break-even analysis is very essential in social entrepreneurship but have no idea it would be this important. And your success in developed a $400 million partnership portfolio for UNICEF USA is very impressive. Again, thank you.

  • susantok

    I agree with this post. I also feel that our main goal in making business is making profit even when you are a non-profit organization. It is because when we made profit, we will earn something such as cash to spend or even help our mission in making the non-profit organization

  • milburnkatie

    The reality of starting a social venture is that you are going to have to find a way to make money, but most people do not think about this. I am happy you wrote this because many people that tune in to this website probably have ideas about social ventures they would like to start. It is hard to think about making a profit when it is not your number one goal, but if it is not number one it definitely needs to be a close second.

  • Stephen Chandra Owen

    I agree with the author of the post. I think all form of business, profit or non-profit should focus on making profit. It is because when we did not have profit, we can not survive in the market and we will not be able to help others. Thank you for sharing this post.

  • hanj5

    This article is a great reminder that even social entrepreneurs need to make sure that their companies break even if it isn’t important to them.

  • jsuuu

    This is a really great point. Organization cannot go on if it is not making profit, they cannot succeed without money support.

  • Hairong Zheng

    Getting break even, at least in a few years after starting up, is important for all starting up business because it has the same meaning of surviving. I agree that business owners should put this on their list, and as stated in this post, business owners have to understand what they are doing and who they are serving; also, it is necessary for them to have a clear budget and plan.

  • nguye107

    Thanks for the article and great tips. A company with high revenue doesn’t mean that it’s making profits. When it comes to managing cash flow, it’s important to be careful with costs and profit margin.

  • Alivia Holman

    Thank you for sharing this article. I agree
    with the author because you have all these ideas to make a difference but you
    need to do research and establish your mission statement. Without a clear
    understanding of the pros and cons to see if your money will have a positive
    flow or a negative flow this way you are able to see the outcome. I think this
    article is great for anyone who is going to startup a business or project, like
    the author said making money doesn’t have to be for your own personal gain.

  • Alexanderia Horton

    I have to agree! Too often a social venture profit believes it should not be a making a profit but what they fail to realize is that the more money you make, the more you can put towards your cause.

  • duongh1

    I think what the article said is true. For start-ups, managing cash flow should be more important than making profits. Without cash, they cannot pay the bills and fund their future operations.

  • masterdan55

    Thank you for this article. So many people think earning money has to be just for them. Like you said in the article, you can earn money for other reasons. By understanding where your money is going and if it is going to be effective towards your goal is key to learn.

  • Drew Cox

    Thanks for the article Rajesh. I like your ideas about managing cash flow. Although making a large profit is always great managing the cash helps in the long run. Cash is needed for more than just wants but also needs such as bills and necessities to stay afloat.

  • Caitlin Donohue

    Thank you for this article! It’s great advice to not go burning through cash, like other companies. I couldn’t agree more with that. Have you learned by experience it’s best to break even first? Is this something you did yourself?

  • laurenkraft

    Thank you for this post! This article gave some great advice about money. I definitely agree with trying not to burn through cash that you don’t have and to use the resources you have at hand. Have you personally been through something like this, have you made the mistake of burning through cash you didn’t have in order to get something done?

  • reuhl42

    Thank you for this article! These days its hard not to burn through money like its nothing. It’s a hard thing to do, but once you get a hang of it it’s much easier to save money. There are also many things that may pop up that costs a lot of money which means you have to spend the “extra” cash plus maybe some more depending on how major it is. One question that I have is if you do have something that pops up that costs a lot more money than you expected what can you do to help out your money situation?

  • kalscheuar30

    I think one of the best parts of this article is the quote about breaking even should be the most immediate mission. It’s easy to think ahead and focus on the money to be made in the future. I also like this article because it acknowledges all the money it takes to get things started, which is easy to forget while dreaming of the money you can make. Did you learn from personal experience or from peers?

  • PKroening

    Thanks for this article! There was some excellent advice given in this article. The thing I agree with the most is not burning through money that you don’t even have. I think that’s one of the biggest problems right now. Do you think businesses are spending too much money up front on things that might not be as necessary at the start up of a business?

  • Rebekkah Houda

    This article is great! Everyone is always saying how money isn’t everything, but this article is true you have to have money especially as a start up. Money might not be the most important, but this is right it needs to be up there on a list pretty high up there. Do you have any good techniques for saving money or is it kind of an individual basis? Thank you very much for this article it was very informative.

  • Brandon

    Thanks for this article. Money is key to our lives.I like the excellent advice given in this article. Can’t burn money on things we don’t need.

  • Tim Rutkowski

    Another great article from you, in life money talks, the more you have the more things you can get in life. Everyone has a price, if you have the money and are willing to spend it, who’s going to stop you? I’m curious about how much of your own that comes straight from your pocket do you put into the UNICEF funding to help others?

  • pinsolera

    Absolutely thank you for this article. I am trying to start up my own business and I’ll be honest, sometimes breaking even every month is tough at times. I also believe and agree with trying to do good while making money. I firmly believe that when people try to do good for others while trying to make money as well, they have more purpose to make money and good things will come for them eventually. For anyone like me trying to start up a business or upstarting a stagnant business, or even for those who need more advice, this is a great article to read. Thank you again.

  • ghilonipt09

    Thanks for writing this article. I think doing good is making money but not all the time because if you effect someones life in a positive way you are able to do something “good”. Overall in the end you will do good and make money by doing the simplest of things, it just takes time. A lot of people burn money on things they do not need it’s impulsive buying.

  • jrmsmlbg

    It makes sense and in honesty I was thinking it was the other way around where social entrepreneurs didn’t have to worry as much about funding as profit seeking entrepreneurs but it makes sense that not as many people are willing to fund you and there’s not as much room to make changes. So breaking even definitely needs to be on that short list of priorities.

  • Kyle Schiedemeyer

    Great article! I believe that money does not make or break a man, but it does make or break a business. The only reason anybody starts their own business is to make money. This is helpful to me in the way that I hate having to spend money to make money, but in today’s world it is the only way to do it. This article just helped put it into perspective not to spend too much money and make less. If I could ask Rajesh Anandan a question it would be, what opened your eyes to realize that there needs to be a cut off line in terms of money while starting up a business?

  • jkailing

    I think that this article is good for college-aged
    people. Even though they don’t have to
    create budgets for them to start and maintain a business, they have to create
    monthly budgets to know how much money they have and how much money they are
    spending. A college student has to be able to know how much money they make
    each month and what all their monthly expenses are so that they don’t go into debt.
    I feel as though a lot of college
    students are really bad at budgeting their money and that’s why they run out of
    it so fast. I think that all college students should read this article and
    start learning how to budget their money.

  • Luke Drumel

    A very informative article, I loved how you get right to point with how much cash you have to burn reasonable and abolishing your immediate mission into getting a break. It is undeniable that Facebook is acquiring anything in its path.

  • lshortreed

    Some of us college students know how to budget and save money. we think responsibly with our money. But you’re correct every college student should read this.

  • vitalecm03

    I completely agree with you on this! Coming from a college student, I do have a hard time creating a budget for the things I have to pay bills for. I have good days and bad days but when it comes down to it I know that for the things I have bills to pay for are the most important things I want to keep in my life, other wise I wouldn’t have them to begin with. Its been a long struggle but I continue to manage my money every day and I keep telling myself to prioritize. Thank you!

  • KevinThomson32

    Great article. I like how you made it very simple and explained thoroughly what to do. People often forget what their immediate mission is and often lose sight of that. If they just sat down and really thought about what they wanted I believe they would get there a lot sooner.

  • Zach Perkins

    It’s all about selection. We must choose what is important for us to spend on. In doing this, we will also have more motivation realizing the greater good. Choosing to spend on the right things will do us wonders in achieving personal goals and making a difference.

  • Joseph

    I agree with you Zach. Its all about what we find that is important. If we spend money on what is important to us e.g school. You’re just investing in yourself and that is the smartest investment you can make.

  • Kendra Larson

    This was a nice article. Short, informational and to the point. It is so important to figure out what you should be spending your money on. You need to know the difference between your wants and needs. The next time you go shopping and you see that new IPod touch, you need to ask the question, do I really need it? or do I just want it? When we see the difference between wants and needs, we start to use money the smart way and it will be beneficial in the long run. Thank you for sharing this article.

  • Tammy Hartmann

    Thank you, Tajesh, for an informative article. You mentioned in the article, “Want to not be obsessed about making money? Too bad.” Another quote: “The key is making more money is to make things that are more valuable to more people.” This made full sense. Do you believe in the adage, “Do what you love and money will come”?

  • masterdan55

    I agree with you! You should always spend on things you deem important! In doing so you ultimately make the right choices. Your personal goals matter.

  • Tim Rutkowski

    I love how to the point this article was Rajesh. From reading some of your articles you show a sense of a great mentor. This article targets the ways the three main goals that you need to accomplish.

  • mayaennis

    This article is necessary in understanding how to create a business model for social ventures. I believe we all have the understanding that we want to do good however we do not all have the understanding that we need monetary backing. Just as we need money to sustain our personal lives is the same way we should look at our professional spending. Of course, groceries and office space hold two very different costs the necessity for money is still apparent. Additionally, I appreciate that Anadan works for UNICEF USA. This shows that his insights come from experience.

  • JeremyWahl

    Short and to the point with this article. You should always look at what and why you are spending, and it will be useful to you. People always want something new but once they have that item, they put it off to the side until something newer comes out. What comes to mind is the new iphone 6. People that have the previous iphone just tosses it aside to get a minor upgrade which they do not need but want it more. Once you get past the need, you will see that you also save money from not buying unreasonable items.

  • Nathan

    Thanks! I think it all boils down to that money does not buy happiness. You can buy new things, but it really only makes you happier when you can spend it on other people. How can we make people think this way?

  • Amanda Wood

    It makes me really mad that money is the absolute Power House of the world. There is NO DOUBT that it controls our lives. This article is right and gives good tips to not spend all your money, but it fails to talk about the actuality of what goes on in peoples lives. Why do they spend that money? Do they have a job that gives them enough money to live? Is them taking out loans the only way they will survive? so many questions, soooo many. I cant even begin to explain how much I hate money!

  • Mitch Sween

    Thanks for the post!! It is important that people are conscious about how much money they have at their disposal at any given moment compared to any overhead they have.

  • Travis Mattice

    I love this comment. You hit it spot on Amanda! It is sad how much we have to depend on money in order to live our lives. It also stinks that in a way someone puts a “price tag” on our worth. Sad…

  • Amanda Wood

    Yeah society has hit a dead end, but all we can do is try our best to make it through. If we are positive and have hopes, good will happen.

  • d_millyy

    Thank you for this article, I agree but also disagree with you. I’m apart of a business that’s trying to take off but they are so afraid to spend a little bit more money on better quality or things people may be more interested in because they already are in debt. I believe if they spent the money on the right products and advertisement, then the outcome will be a pay back. So I think sometimes you should spend money you don’t have, sometimes you have to take a risk if you truly want something and believe in it.

  • ReneeKirch19

    Thank you for sharing this article, I think you tell the truth about what reality is about, even if people don’t want to hear it. Believe it or not, we live in a society that is essentially all about money. Money makes the world go round and always will. I’m not venturing towards a “business focused” career, but money is definitely one of the first priorities on my list. I think that many people don’t want to hear that money should be a top priority, but it’s the truth and they need to hear it. With money and income comes success, and that should be an ultimate goal. What do you have to say to the people who disagree with this concept?

  • Natasha Tynczuk

    I love the honesty in this post. Although I don’t like hearing it, I do know that money is the driving force for the vast majority of our society, not passion. I am very passionate about what I want to do when I get out of college, but for the amount of schooling I’m going through to reach my goal, money is definitely an important factor.

  • Matthew Manley-Browne

    Thank you for the post! I feel like this post would be useful for anyone who is considering starting a project or company which involves money. It’s important not to focus only on how much money your company can make, but rather what plan you’re going to use to achieve that goal.

  • Caleb Franklin

    Thank you for the post, it reminds me of the one saying “Money doesn’t solve all your problems, but it solves the problem of being poor”. This being said, you can do plenty of good things in the world without money, but having the money to back your idea or project goes a long way.

  • Shaquille Boswell-Downey

    Money is the root of all evil. If it was up to me everything would be free. But this society wants to have some currency so we tend to raise prices and raise labor so that we can keep a faction system set up to have the rich, middle class, and poor. I believe this system is all just fascist and everyone should have an equal way of living. Why shouldn’t the poor be able to experience what the rich does, its just not fair.

  • Skowronssj06

    I agree with you one hundred percent! It’s sad that money drives our world, but it is the truth. Everyone always says when choosing your career- don’t think about the money, think about your happiness. I am one of those people who believe that money does buy happiness in a way. Even if you hate your high-paying job, you have a lot of money that will let you pursue your hobbies, travel, etc.. that make you happy! You can give back to the community- anything! With today’s society and money becoming a bigger and bigger problem, they should take into consideration what career path they want to pursue and make looking at the salary a priority. I am not saying don’t do what you love, but find something that has both a good salary and something that interests you.

  • James

    The reason we have money is to motivate people to work so we can function. Money wouldn’t be the root of all evil, it would be people. The reason being is we can’t just do something to help someone else out, we always want something in return.

  • Matthew Manley-Browne

    I tend to disagree that money is the root of all evil, it’s essential to have money in society. Money does not cause the “evil” in society, it’s what people do with the money that determines that. There are many people in the world who put their money towards good causes that benefit society as a whole.

  • It is interesting that breaking even should be my mission. I start a business, hoping that it proves to be very lucrative and if I break even, I am not a happy camper. I am in it to win it. If I set out to change the world, and it isn’t any better than when I started it, I have failed. If I start a business hoping to make money and I am no richer than when I started….well, you get the point. Maybe I am misunderstanding what you are saying.

  • Cossioj14

    I think money is too high on the priority list for everyone in the world today. Its become almost obsessive for some people. And from a couple of comments below, yes money is obviously necessary and it may not cause direct evil but it definitely is part of the equation in a big way.

  • Kobajr18

    It all boils down to money is essentially what I got out of this. No matter what your start up may be trying to accomplish it needs money. Your motivation may be to help others but you need money to do so. At some point we all have issues financially and need to understand that money is important. Very important

  • Camillewuensch

    Money for the most part should be everyone’s number you when in any kind of business. Money helps expand your company and makes you look good for investors but it shouldn’t be everything. I think that if one of your goals is about bettering the community or health then that needs to be shown more not just we need money. Money isn’t going anywhere and if there can be many non-profit organizations and companies that are doing amazing many other business can run by without loads of money coming in.

  • Steffiheuer

    Thank you for your article. I do think that money is important for businesses. Money or sponsorship is what keeps the business alive. If you want to help people with what you have to offer, then yes, the money should be of high importance to you. Starting up a business can be challenging, but the steps you give here I feel would be very helpful for those trying to create a business that will last.

  • Kobajr18

    Exactly! Money is what keeps the business running regardless of what anyone else might say. It all comes down to the dinero.

  • Kobajr18

    I agree that for some money is too high on the priority list, but at what point do you come to terms with money rules the world? I’m not saying the only thing you should care about in life is money, but in terms of a business that should be very high on your priority list. I understand that helping others and treating employees with respect is important, but without money that business will not exist.

  • Kobajr18

    I think you might be a little bit too critical on our system of society. Without money or some form of currency such as gold, nothing could be accomplished. A world without a form of currency wouldn’t be able to sustain a global form of trade. Evil does not come from money, it comes out of people.

  • Kobajr18

    agreed. Well said. Money isn’t the issue. People that do terrible things for money or other possessions should be defined of evil.

  • Kobajr18

    Absolutely. You can still have a huge impact on society without money. Prime example, locally volunteering. That has a big impact on the lives of those around you.

  • Kobajr18

    Well said. This sums up my thoughts exactly. Any project you are considering needs a start up fund. It’s not about the amount of money you can make, but what your company can do with that money.

  • Kobajr18

    The honesty in this post is great. I agree with you that money is an important factor, especially since most of us in college will leave with a good amount of debt. If we don’t put money as a priority that debt will never be paid.

  • Kobajr18

    I can personally say I’ve worked for many businesses that cut corners the same way your company probably does. Many times I’ve come across situations where if I had the proper funding and equipment I could have done my job a whole lot better. Do you believe there’s a point in which companies should spend money for better products versus saving money for a cheaper option?

  • Kobajr18

    Absolutely! Being aware of the money you have to use is incredibly important. I think people get too concerned with saving nickels and dimes when they should be saving dollars. Cutting expenses that are vital to a business helps no one. But saving money on certain things is a must.

  • Kobajr18

    Indeed money does not by happiness, but then again either does being poor. I truly believe happiness comes from your outlook on life and appreciating what you have.

  • shackletka05

    I completely agree with your thoughts about money! Many opportunities are not available to others because they can not afford it. Money creates this mentality in people that they have more power and deserve that power because their bank account is bigger which isn’t right.

  • B Keng

    Everything involves money nowadays. It dictates your social, personal and economical life. People say that money is the root of all evil, but it can be the root of goodness as well. Money can be used for bad things and good things. It depends on how you interpret moneys usefulness.

  • Skalahe13

    I agree with what you are saying. Money has a lot of positives and negatives. Unfortunately more people want to use it for bad things rather than good things. I think that if money played a smaller role in life and companies the world would be a better place.

  • gaulrappkj17

    Money can be the root of all evil, it is how we spend it that makes it evil. If we are not giving to our brothers and sisters and not being greedy about our money, I think it is okay to have money. However, there is a fine line between having money, and greed. America seems to be greedy, I mean they are, aren’t they? I think this is why we have this idea that money is the root of all evil.

  • Thumbs_up

    Money is always gonna be an important factor to consider in every single aspect of our lives. I am not talking about be materialistic, but about how to survive in a capitalistic system which will difficultly change.

  • dwyerms07

    Money makes the world go around i say. Without money people cannot start produce any out come and majority of people look at money as power. With this being in our society i believe that the world will become more selfish.

  • dwyerms07

    I agree with you. People who have more money have a great priority over those who do not.

  • dwyerms07

    I could not agree more. Money gives people the power needed to expand and create a better company. I also wish there can be more business and organizations that have a non profit attitude.

  • Elaminsj25

    I agree with you. Money makes the world go around. Not everything that involves making money is about personal gain. Realistically, nothing moves without the finances backing it. Money is important in all aspects of life.