[email protected] – Culmination of @Sea

On May 5, 2013 the U.S. Department of State, Stanford’s d.school, Unreasonable Group, and the Aspen Institute co-hosted a global gathering of select policy makers, entrepreneurs, and investors. The event was called, [email protected]. The goal? Explore how and why entrepreneurship, technology, and policy are key to solving the seemingly intractable challenges of our time. The event marked the culmination of our voyage around the world on Unreasonable at Sea.

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  • Jonathan

    Bravo Unreasonable! The United States’ foreign policy is in need of a face-lift, and an event like [email protected] is that first step. Our policies both abroad and at home were made for a world that no longer exists. We need to adapt our solutions to our ever shifting environment. Bigger isn’t always better, and being able to tap into the potential of today’s entrepreneurs might be the solution to many of the problems we have struggled with.

  • AniqueHameed

    This was really awesome! This was certainly a game changing collaboration. I do believe that entrepreneurship can change the world, let keep connecting and equipping the people on the ground doing the work.