Unreasonable at Sea Begins! (ep.1)

This is the first video in a series of short webisodes that followed the story and journey of Unreasonable at Sea (www.unreasonableatsea.com). In this introductory video ( “Episode 1” ) the founder of the program, Daniel Epstein describes why he believes the world needs to bet on entrepreneurs as he outlines the promise of this unique program and highlights the power of what he calls, “the island effect.”

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  • Mark Crawford, Larissa Rhodes, Danny Askew, Matt Schultz, Shawna Schultz, Evan Swinehart, Matt Corliss, Olimpia Mejia Corliss, Patrick Behan, and Jessie Marek… you all are the best damn production team on earth! it's a privilege to work with each of you and I can't wait to see the episodes following the entrepreneurs in market!

  • Epic job gents! I must say that it's too cool you guys are creating and pushing these edits out from the field. Keep crushing and psyched to continually follow your progress!

  • Absolutely incredible job Mark Crawford and the whole Unreasonable Media team! Can't wait to see the next episode!

  • thank you Hunter…it is true..one never knows when that "rogue" wave will hit. We should all live our lives like it may hit us tomorrow. Very inspiring.

  • What an amazing video and voyage they are all about to be apart of. This information becomes important because it will truly define what will and what will not work in foreign markets when it comes to entrepreneurs. One question I have is what is overall goal when their adventure ends?

  • OMG what an amazing experience for all of these entrepreneurs. I can only imagine what it would be like to interact with multicultural differences and network to find solutions to the problems this world phases. Is there more information or an application process to be part of such great voyage? Is there any way for an opportunity for students to experience as an entrepreneur student to observe influential leaders such as the ones on the boat? If so I would love more information.
    Fernando Topete
    [email protected]

  • This is really amazing idea. I can’t even imagine what is going to be happen after this episode. I want to see how they will survive in the island. However, being on that ship looks very honor because it is great chance to build up one’s network very strongly. Moreover, being in island sounds so exciting for me. Great idea and Great chance.

  • I have found a new series to keep an eye on. I am interested in what will come of this. The only downside is that these people will be working in the coastal areas for the most part, from what I gathered. So maybe a convoy of vehicles could do an Unreasonable Off-road program? Deep inland areas with varying climates might give even more inspiration.

  • Wow!!! This is an incredible idea-I love that they are taking such innovators and bringing them to other places to help make a change along with the next generation of game changers! SO SO Cool!

  • What an amazing idea! This ship allows social innovators to spread their ideas much faster and in a scalable manner. It gives them the resources to travel efficiently and be in a new place almost every week. Pairing with semester at sea also allows them to teach the younger generation the importance of being social innovator too. Very cool program!

  • This has to be one of the coolest things that I have seen in a long time. I really love what they are doing and it is just really cool to see how they got this thing to happen within such a quick time period. I am excited to see what will come from this!

  • I hope more videos and excerpts are posted on this topic. It
    seems like Unreasonable and Semester at Sea have created a wonderful arena of
    stimuli to catalyze and enable social innovation and entrepreneurship. Bombarding
    entrepreneurs, students, and mentors with so many news experiences and
    perspectives seems like an exciting strategy to see new opportunities. What
    sort of effect did the isolation and containment have on the participants and
    projects? I wonder if any larger organizations looking to stimulate their leadership
    teams have sought any similar experiences.

  • Sounds interesting, but how did they select what undergrads got to attend? What type of qualifications did they have to earn the ticket aboard the ship? In the video they tell some will make it and some won’t. What happened to those whom “didn’t make it”?

  • Thank you! This has to be one of the most innovative ideas on scaling up and coming together that I have ever heard of. Good luck!

  • What a great way to change the world. Bringing together undergraduates gives them a preview of what they will look forward after graduating. What an experience they get to have. Not only that but all different people from all over put together on one ship is a great way to come up with so many different and out of the box ideas. How do they choose these undergraduates and do you have to be studying this major? I would love to do something like this and make a difference to so many people all over the world.

  • I think this is such a great idea as well. Like who would of thought bringing undergraduates into this idea would be something. What a great opportunity for these undergraduate students. It is not only giving them a great thing to put on their resumes that no one else will be able to say they did but also showing them how life is outside of what they are use too.

  • I think it is such a great idea how they are bringing the undergraduates in on this as well. Such a great plan to start to get them thinking and start coming up with their own ideas. I love how they can look at the students as equals. In my opinion this just shows that we are really trying to help and find change and we are doing it in all different ways. Bringing students into this equation not only gives them an opportunity but also gives a new aspect and new ideas to the boat.

  • I am looking forward to seeing more videos as well. I love how they are recording their experience to get people excited and show people who couldn’t attend the experience they were having. I agree how cool would it be if they live like the country they were in. How amazing is it to see this all on video all the different lifestyles and cultures. What a great experience for everyone. I wish I could do this!

  • Wow. This concept is incredible. The video is very inspiring and leaves one wondering. It is like a reality show, which is actually real. There are no rules. It reflects life in a way. The truth of life, which is one really does not know what to expect from moment to moment, but trying is worth it. Unreasonable at Sea is really a testament to the limits of globalization and resources, which there aren’t many if you try and search hard enough. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • OMG!!! THIS IS CRAZY AMAZING!!!!! Just the idea of it blows my mind, the fact that it is happening…. I LOVE the fact that they people on the boat are not there to make money, but they are out to discover problem and find ways to solve them all around the world!!!! I wish I will be smart enough one day to have an opportunity to be one of those person that is on that boat.