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Time is at a premium for everyone, especially innovators, start-ups and entrepreneurs. To prevent time wasters, there are three questions you must never forget to ask. In the second post of her 3-part series, Ann reveals the second question that will save you time, money, and your health.

The author of this post, Ann Garvin is an author, speaker and professor of health, stress management, research methods and media literacy.

Is it true my underwire bra will give me breast cancer?  Tweet This Quote

Health takes time. Fitting health into your business takes time. Time is at a premium for everyone, innovators, start-ups and entrepreneurs. Wasting time is easy to do where health is concerned.

It is easy to do, because there is so much misinformation where health is concerned. Health is big business. We are all looking for a quick and easy way to understand and incorporate health into our lives and so it can be tempting to throw caution to the wind. Sometimes we don’t ask the right questions.

For example, in the past three days students have asked me the following questions:

  1. Is it true my underwire bra will give me breast cancer?
  2. Should I get a colon cleanse to rid myself of toxins?
  3. Is Splenda one molecule away from formaldehyde?

How can I help these people stop wasting their time and energy? How can I bring them to health instead of scaring them away from it? Building on part one of this series you must ask yourself;

First – Where did the information come from?
And second – Does it make sense?

Does this information make sense in the world, in my life, in my health?

The questions my students asked don’t make sense. Here are my answers:

  1. What? Unless your bra is radio active, you’re safe.
  2. I’m not sure what nonspecific toxins you’re worried about but you already have a built in system that cleans your colon. If you feel you must help your colon, then consume vegetables in the usual route.
  3. Oh for god’s sake. Water (H20) is one molecule away from air (02) but that doesn’t make water air, nor does any chemical reaction in the body convert water to air.

Sometimes I’m a little less sarcastic, but after a few days of heading off discussions about juice fasts, the danger of vaccinations, or evil microwave ovens, I sometimes wonder where our common sense has gone. I only partially blame the question-askers for their fears. I do blame the internet, fringe media, and late night infomercials but after that, it’s our job to ask the questions.

If you really want to save the world, step away from the internet and get some exercise.  Tweet This Quote

To that end, a dog’s mouth is not cleaner than a human’s, giving up all carbohydrates is lunacy, and if binge eating is bad for you then fasting is bad as well (unless for religious reasons).

If you think about these things for just a few minutes you will see that none of them make any sense in this world. If you really want to save the world, step away from the internet and get some exercise. That makes sense.

If something does make sense then do your research and come right back here for the final question of this 3 part series and I’ll put it all in perspective.

About the author

Ann Garvin

Ann Garvin

Ann is an author, speaker and educator. As professor of health, stress management, research methods and media literacy at University of Wisconsin Whitewater, she has worked extensively in psychometrics, statistics and psychology. Ann is the author of On Maggie’s Watch & The Dog Year (Berkley Penguin, 2014).

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    What do you think of question 2? Does it make sense?

  • GrycowskAJ17

    I really think this article makes a lot of sense. Our society is all about the quick fix and never about long term health. Thats why they worry about all of these stupid things instead of just living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Anthony Urbanski

    Good article people need to take a step back and ask themselves “does it make sense.” We get caught up in the nonsense, stuff like a dogs mouth is cleaner than a humans, and we forget to just do the basics(eat sleep exercise). We need to get back to the basics! Can’t wait for part 3

  • jbrycewilson

    This article is a good +1 to an article yesterday “If There’s A Price Tag on the Information, Look Elsewhere For Your Answer.” While the premise is slightly different, I think it supports the idea that before you take everything you hear as legitimate and rationale, take a moment and question where the information is coming from and what value it has. If it’s worthwhile, use it. If you’re not sure, research more. If it doesn’t have value to personally, let it be.

  • weidmankl15

    Right on! People are so gulable when it comes to learning about a new “risk” or even a health tip. When it is something quick they think will enhance their health, 99% of people will do it. I tested this with my friends back home one time. I told them that I added lemon and lime to my water because it helps you drop weight like crazy! Of course I was being sarcastic and they didn’t catch on. When I came home from school one weekend and had lost a lot of weight (from exercise and healthy eating) they immediately responded with “I have to go buy some lemons and limes!” What idiots! No matter what the information is, we should be asking questions and looking for the correct information about what we want to know. It shocks me that they would believe me. It makes me wonder, what if someone a little more in power told them something ridiculous like “Drinking vinegar get’s rid of a hangover” (which I have heard people say), would they try it? Ann, how do we stop people’s gullible actions and eliminate the stupidity these days? It shocks me how easy people are these days, no wonder people are not succeeding in living healthy. It’s so easy, yet people make it look so hard!

  • weidmankl15

    I think this is a great question to ask when learning of new information. I mean, we should use our brains when considering information and not just assume the person or source is 100% accurate. If people don’t ask that question before trying something new, could you imagine all the crazy things people would believe? Or should I say, can you imagine all the MORE crazy things people would believe?

  • Joseph

    Now a days anything you do can give you cancer. I was looking into a microwave and one of my friends told me not do it. I just looked at him and said “everything can give you cancer now, cant it?” Just some of the things that i hear coming from peoples mouth baffles me. I love your quote “If you really want to save the world, step away from the internet and get some exercise.” When people are looking up for health information, what sites are the most trust worthy?

  • Chris Williams

    Your right that we need to stop waisting time on stupid questions and just live our life in the healthy way that we already know. I think the problem is word of mouth. People are always talking about the new thing that will make you sick just because it’s something to talk about and there is so much miss interpreted things about health that people just don’t understand. Some questions i have heard and some facts i heard about health are just crazy. People make health allot harder then it really is. How can we get people to actually have real knowledge about health where the can understand how to live a healthy life?

  • Chris Williams

    Yes people words of mouth about health are almost just as bad as the things you would find on the internet. yes there are lots of good things on the internet, but the things about health are always skeptical. People are always trying to sell you health information and when they do that they make it interesting for you and if they lie they don’t really care.

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    I do think the market speaks. If people stop buying health books by celebrities and put their attentions toward those who know…the market will respond. The trouble is the glossy pitch is more attention getting and therefore people respond. It’s hard not to. Remember when the Atikins diet was huge, the stores were filled with Atkins. Now that people are no longer interested the aisles became less filled. Consumers drive the market…consumers must be willing to put money into excellence.

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    Good question and it depends on what you are looking for. I go for the sites that have the best reputation, Mayo, Tufts, Cleveland Clinic…I look up the researchers and look for the science. Then I read several sources so that they confirm each other in most ways. This is one strategy that seems to work for me.

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    Word of mouth is what turned the Breathe Rite Strip into an NFA favorite and also a mockery. It’s great for business – word of mouth- but not for consumers.

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    Yup, nicely said.

  • treehugger90

    I agree that we do need to step away from the internet. I am guilty! I love how you said get out and exercise because that is the answer to most questions! I usually tell people the same thing and I also like to say eat in moderation and watch the labels! Great article Ann!

  • Kyle Schiedemeyer

    Great article! I am going to use this information to really assess the risks of things in my life. By using the questions, “Does this make sense?” and “Where did this information come from?” you can almost always determine if there is a real risk at hand. I agree with this article 100% and if I had to ask Ann Garvin a question it would be, what is the most unusual question you have had a student ask you?

  • Kyle Schiedemeyer

    The internet does nothing but poison your mind with the worst possible scenarios that probably happened once ever, but unreliable websites make it sound like it is going to happen to everybody. I am guilty of googling almost anything that is wrong with me when I get just the common cold or flu the internet has made me feel like I had a fatal illness.

  • treehugger90

    I do the exact same thing! I went through a stage where I thought everything that was wrong with me was cancer because of what I read on the internet. The internet can be useful, yet suck at the same time because it has way to much information on it!

  • MeierKM23

    Great article! I agree that many of us get caught up from what we read on the internet and sometimes we just need to back off from it because it fills so many people’s heads with the wrong things. The questions “Does this make sense?’ and “Where did this come from?” really make you think if what you are asked or what you read is really reliable and now that I think about it, they would be helpful down the road to ask myself. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Tyler Steinmetz

    This goes so well with the first question that we need to ask ourselves!! Who said that? Does it make sense? It’s common sense to not believe or follow someone you don’t know say something totally off the wall. This is all over the social media, the internet, and television screens across the country. Watch daytime television or infomercials for one day and you will see things that are totally out of this world, yet we still partake and buy them. If we all turn off the TV or the computer and go out and exercise or play a sport or join a fitness club we can stay away from the beast that is social media! Like you said, it’s mostly common sense, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. If it sounds to stupid to be true, it probably is and if it doesn’t make sense, then it probably isn’t true either. Common sense can answer a lot of questions if we let it, so use it!

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    The hard part is that these blogs are social media at it’s best. We just can’t get hung up on cat videos or useless time wasters.
    Thanks Tyler

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    You are welcome!!

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    Ha! I have two:
    1. Why are whales so fat if they only eat plankton and
    2. Can you look at my nipple ring, I think it’s infected.

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    Thanks treehugger 🙂

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    I think I lost my reply to you in cyber space. I think people need education and a little less desperation. The pace of the world has people in panic mode when they’re not numbing themselves. I have great sympathy for someone wanting to change but not knowing how to do it. I guess that’s why I teach–can be frustrating to see people making the same decisions all the time though.

  • katie bartlein

    The problem with the internet is anyone can post anything. Even if we think a site is safe and has viable information, I still find myself questioning the accuracy. It is a hard thing to worry about, since like you said, there is so much! I hear so often that, “Oh that will give you cancer, or this will give you cancer, or breathing gives you cancer!” It is frusterating and obnoxious at the same time to go through life worrying about every little thing that is supposedly ‘harmful’ to you. I like to make sure I am healthy in as many dimensions of wellness as possible and don’t let the rest matter. How can we get others, outside of the health and wellness department feel the same way?! It’s tough to sit back and watch others not take their health seriously or only key into the ‘dumb’ health ads.

  • justin bowers

    Thank you for this article! Its so true that with the internet, media and the like impose on fearful people and make them ask such ridiculous questions such as the ones you wrote about. It’s frustrating because people just believe whatever is told to them, without asking for validity. I’m not sure how we can stray from that sort of negative influence because it’s continually getting worse. What do you think is the best way to avoid crooked information that you may hear? We all can’t research the information ourselves, let alone be able to read and understand research studies and their findings (INSIDE JOKE FROM CLASS HEHE).

  • justin bowers

    I really like the idea of reading several sources and comparing the information so that you can indeed confirm the information you find. Even though the internet is SO VAST, people still try and find ONE person or website that says something and they will believe in it’s validity even when it may not be completely true. The internet should be helping us, not hurting us.

  • hladinim

    I think this article brings up some good points. Why are we so ignorant in this age of information? Why don’t we take the time to look up the answers to our questions when we have the world at our fingertips? Well for one thing, I think we like to get our information from “trusted sources” and that’s how we judge what is worth knowing, but I also believe we’ve become lazy too. We seemingly no longer have to work at learning, so we don’t, and expect what we need to just fall into our laps. I think that so much of our time is used up filtering out the info overload, that we forget to make time to learn about things that could improve our lives.

  • ZakFritz

    This is funny that you write abut this because something like this actually happened to me the other day. It didn’t have anything to do with health but the person I was talking to said that if we didn’t have daylights saving time night and day would eventually switch. I responded with what the hell are you talking about?! The fact is she just heard this from some random person and did not really think about the information. We as a society need to start thinking more about where the information came from and if it actually makes sense.

  • Palecekb

    Ann, I could not agree more when you refer to society today being so gullible. I myself sometimes get trapped in trusting what someone has said as true or reliable. But it is just that word that explains it. What is reliable anymore? The media and news jumps on any story they choose and go in any direction with it. knowing the facts or not. There are big stores that make tons of money for selling things with false information. But how do we know the information is right. For example, for those who do not know that GNC is a joke, they walk into a wealthy company thinking “well, they are really popular and have a lot of money in the business, so they must have something good to offer me” and the sales person lies straight to your face. But, the customer does not know they are being lied to! SO who should society trust anymore? How do we stop being so gullible and get the facts?

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    The problem is it takes time to find the facts and who has time for that? I always say you have to spend time to save time. I like to have a list of go-to sources that I turn to with certain topics, but I have been led astray believe me. I’m getting better at it all the time. It take practice.

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    We like to be in-the-know we humans. So we like to sound like experts. That daylight savings time comment made me laugh. And so did your response. Nicely done Zak.

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    You hit the nail on the head. Learning takes time and we have to make time for it. What do you do when you need to know something? do you have some trusted sources?

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    Hey Justin,
    It is getting worse and reading research papers takes a skill, a skill students tire of (inside joke from class) and don’t want to do. They get frustrated with the obscure terminology and excessive repetition. I get it. But once you learn it, you can’t unlearn it. It stretches your brain and thinking, in a good way. Readers rule the world. (wink)

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    Kate, good for you for questioning the accuracy. That’s more than half the battle and then modeling what you do. Do you notice how many people are eating little peppers ever since I brought them to class and ate them in lecture? Also, I find, gentle information is helpful and not perpetuating myths. I wish I had more answers. I’m hoping the readers here and my students will help this mission.

  • cameruca4

    As someone who spent a substantial amount of time working at a gym in various roles I have a special appreciation for this article. As a society we are so concerned about our health, but instead of working out and exercising to be healthy, people spend so much time reading up on anything and everything that may be unhealthy. Exercise is a simple solution, but it isn’t as obvious as it should be in an internet driven world where every fear monger has an outlet for their nonsensical studies on all things bad for your health. As you allude to in your article people need to stop worrying about all things unhealthy, and get out and exercise so that they can be healthy.

  • laurenkraft

    As someone who has fell for these scams… Herbal cleanse, juice cleanse, ect… Believing things without analyzing what is said. I 100% agree with you that the media creates the hype of these cleanses and diet pills, they say it will make you feel better and we just fall into that trap! I spend hours a week on Pinterest checking out the new fads and exercise routines, it’s just kind of a habit I suppose. I just don’t know who to trust with information anymore I feel like everything comes from the internet. So I’m asking you where should we get our information on health? Besides exercising daily and staying off the internet. Do you recommend a certain book that has all aspects on health?

  • Cory Zaeske

    We as humans like to think we know everything. With that being said, we also tend to believe almost anything we are told. Why do we tend to do this? I think it’s partially based on two things, we believe almost anything we are told because if we go against what someone is telling us, it may spark an argument of intellect. And we just like to sound smarter than we really are. Don’t be afraid of argument next time you are told something ridiculous, just pause and ask yourself, does that make sense?

  • Jeovany_Espino

    I agree with you and how the internet has a huge role to play when it comes to trying to be healthy and fit. Exercise is very important and a straight forward thing to do that provides many health, physical and mental benefits. When it comes to the internet, it can be misleading and discouraging if you are trying to be healthy. There are a million case studies on what things do to you. There are both good and bad heatlh consequences “proven” by these studies that one doesn’t know which side to take. It is good to be informed and seems like a now a days one should take these studies with a grain of salt

  • Caitlin Donohue

    Great post Ann! Such a good point to “step away from the internet and exercise.” With so many fads out there, I feel like many people take a great deal of time searching the internet for diet plans and exercise routines instead of just going out and doing it! Most people are educated enough to know that going for a jog is good, healthy exercise yet they still search for shot cuts. Do you have any tips on getting people to see the obvious about exercising instead of wasting time trying to avoid this?

  • Jcoppa

    It’s really easy to believe something is true when it seems far-fetched. Speaking for myself, if something sounds threatening I believe it because, “better safe than sorry.” I’m not a scientist and my degree isn’t finished so I don’t have the knowledge to disregard lies that media put out.

    This is an eye-opening article though because it reminds me that I do need to question things and not be as naive as someone who isn’t planning on being a health professional. I need to use my resources to find the truth when I’m questioning something. My father always says, “believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see.” This article reiterates my dad’s famous quote.

    A smart person isn’t someone who knows the answer, a smart person is someone who can find it. So when I’m questioning something, where is the best place to go searching for the right answers?

  • Keeli Gilbert

    This is great!!! I have always wondered if water was air and if my bra will give me cancer, also, does wearing socks at night give you cancer, too? For real, I have always wondered these things, but I am not one of those who freaks out over something like that. Nor would I ever let it effect my exercise, I love it too much. But eye opening because it helps me question myself and what I really believe and what I don’t. Also, what I should let affect me and what I should not.
    I am all for finding out the information on our own, but I am the kind of girl that likes to experience things in order to believe those crazy things. Do I wear socks at night? Heck no!! But just because I don’t like wearing socks. Do I wear bras with under wire? Of course, got to keep them looking fabulous! Do I have cancer? Absolutely not!!! So in those cases, I do not believe those things just because I have experienced them. Thanks for article! I can’t wait to question the things I really believe and what I should and shouldn’t!

  • hladinim

    I actually Google the answer first if I’m just satisfying my curiosity, but if I need to know something for classes, I try to find peer-reviewed journals on the topic. Barring that, I just look up multiple sources on a topic and see if there is a consistent theme between them. However, I like to learn and research for fun, so I might be the odd one out.

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    Thank goodness underwires don’t cause cancer.

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    It always depends on what you are looking for (which sounds a bit like Willy Wonka) but it’s true. I say, find some sites you trust and go to them first. Thne continue finding a list of other resources that you can go to. That’s how I do it. Little by little.

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    If I did, I’d be famous or at least on Oprah. It’s like trying to corral a cat. It has to come to you. Exercise is like that for most people I think.

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    I don’t have just one, but I’ll think on that and get back to you.

  • LaurenSE

    I love your response to question 3! That actually made me laugh out loud. You’re so right though, just think about it people! Take 5 minutes and use your brain. That’s the problem with many people these days, we just don’t think. A ridiculous statement is made or trends are set and people just go right along with it. Then wonder afterwards if “their underwire will give them cancer”. If you would’ve taken a minute in the beginning, you wouldn’t have wasted so much time on nothing.

    That said, I do understand there can be things said that seem truthful. In that case, do your research. Be sure the source is credited and reliable and not a hack. This can be tricky, but it’s not impossible.

  • BartuchGR11

    Thank you for posting this blog. I found this blog post interesting because I often catch myself believing in what other people tell me. For example, someone told me that the tongue is the strongest muscle in your body and I believed it for the longest time. Then one day I used a looked it up and found out that statement was wrong from a reliable source. So I guess my point is don’t believe everything you hear. I do agree that the media influences what we believe and they will say anything to get you to believe them. The best place I believe to get health questions answered is from a professional like a doctor. A doctor will be able provide you with the right information .

  • Ashley Nicole Rietbrock

    Thank you for sharing this article with us I really enjoyed. I often find myself listening to what the internet has to say and what other people and not knowing where the information came from. I do agree that the media has a big influence on our society today. Everywhere you look they are there and they say anything to get you to believe them and most people believe this because of its on TV or on the internet so it much be true they know what they are talking about. The next time I hear some information that I don’t know is true or not I’m going to use your questions that you use to make sure the answer is true or not. Thank you again for sharing this article I really thought it was helpful.

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    You’re so welcome Ashley. I think people should tattoo these questions somewhere so they don’t forget. So much better than some of the other tattoos I’ve seen 🙂

  • vitalecm03

    I love this article! That and I can just imagine you talking about this in class! I often find myself questioning the beliefs of what the media tells us and then I step back and think…it’s all marketing and the media is a phony. Exercise always makes my day better. I feel refreshed and everything I was worried about before I stepped into the gym, vanished. Thank you for this!

  • sarahbrooks

    Thank you! I think that this is such a
    great article to share because there is no doubt the world lacks
    common sense. I think if people were to ask where the information
    came from, and if it makes sense right away, then there would be less
    unanswered questions and concerns. It is almost guaranteed that when
    they do ask these questions the answer will be something like “ it
    came from an unreliable source” or “ no, it doesnt make sense”.
    Why do you think so many people believe what they see or hear from
    the media?

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    We have a fight or flight system that reacts on instinct rather than waiting for our more evolved brain take over. We just have to wait a big and engage our brains. Thanks so much!

  • Kendra Larson

    I am glad that you posted an article about what we are talking about in our Nutrition/Stress Management classes. This truly is something that people of today’s society need to hear. With technology being our societies main source of information, its so hard to figure out what is accurate information, and what is not. There are multiple sites with false information and a large majority of people believe everything they read. People do really need to take a step back and ask these questions. Thank you for sharing this article Ann!

  • Collin Smith

    Thank you for the article. I think that any type of fallacy that people are told to help them adopt a healthier lifestyle is good. Of course, I am one of those people who believe the ends justify the means. If people decide to try a juicing diet for a 10 day period because they heard it from a friend, I think that is great, as long as they learn the correlation between consuming healthy foods and feeling better.

  • strakaJA01

    It is unbelievable what some people will believe these days. It is getting easier and easier to “brain wash” people with the Internet. When I read the questions that were asked by students….I found myself confused. I suppose common sense these days is hard to come by! People get so wrapped up in the fact that something MAY be bad for them, that they don’t focus on the bigger things in life that they should be worried about. In one of your other articles you mentioned that people should focus more on the probabilities than the possibilities. I couldn’t agree more! In my own life, I follow my common sense and try to keep myself educated. How do you go about teaching your kids about all this “concerning” stuff in our world today? Do you not let them watch T.V., or go on the internet etc.? Thank you!

  • lepkowskjj29

    I definitely agree with how some people get so worried about such a small problem that they ultimately end up making a bigger deal of the situation than need be.

  • turbo_frey

    Thanks again for this great article Ann. I find myself listening to similar questions being asked all of the time as well. People continually worry about the unfamiliar and need to start focusing on the more familiar. Instead of focusing on what could kill them, they need to focus on what is killing them right as we speak. We may die from such diseases as breast cancer, but we need to assess what the real cause of such diseases are. Therefore the actual cause of death might not be breast cancer, but may be due to poor diet and inactivity which then led to breast cancer. I think if autopsy reports emphasized more on the true causes of death rather than on the final outcome it created, I think individuals would be able to better assess their true risks. What do you think?

  • Josh Pritchard

    Ann, I’m just going to start out by saying I think you are probably the coolest teacher on the Whitewater campus! I really enjoy your classes and this is a great article. Some people in this world are missing something, common sense maybe? I think people are just looking for the easiest way out. For example, the student who asked if he needed to get a colon cleanse, instead of spending a little more money and eating healthy and cleaning himself out naturally, he wants to do it a more rough way. Students today are willing to just take the first response they get, even if it is a bad decision or even wrong. They don’t want explanations or validity. Do you think the media is the biggest player in people making the wrong decisions about their health?

  • Thank you so much for sharing, Ann!! It is precise and straight to the point. I agree with everything you’ve said. Staying healthy takes commitment and time. We talked about assessing risks. Many actions that we deemed risky are not the most detrimental to our health. We are focusing on the wrong things and THOSE (such as worrying about being diagnosed with cancer rather than getting into a car accident), are the most detrimental things we could do to our health. With that said, we need to refocus and re-evaluate what the real risks are and what is worth our time. Thank you for sharing!!

  • Steven Bichler

    Thank for the article Professor Garvin, I agree with how the media tends to create less-factual information for today’s youth. Simply because they go off of a non-reliable source because they want to get the story out there, and they know people will read it because they don’t want to do the research to look it up themselves. We need to educate our youth about things like this, the only thing is how do we go about that?

  • Evan Hibbs

    Thank you for the article Ann! I agree that many of the things “we” hear are hard to believe in regards to our life and our health but it’s becoming harder and harder to find a source, compared to a reliable source. Even in regards to weightlifting there is linear periodization and non-linear periodization, and it’s hard to believe the most effective ways to live your life. As a society we are brainwashed by the people we see on TV, in magazines, and in the media to where we change our eating habits, for good and bad. Do you think our society blames the media, television, and fast food for being obese too much at times?

  • Caitlin Snyder

    I really like the quote, “If you really want to change the world, step away from the internet and get some exercise.” I was just talking to my friends about how we are so trapped in our phones and computers every second of every day. It’s amazing how much of life you miss and how many opportunities you are passing up just to check your Twitter feed one last time. Health is simple: eat well in moderation and stay active. We make it so complicated with all these different diets and “fads” that we forget what a healthy diet actually is. Thank you for this article, Ann!

  • Mcgrailkk30

    I couldn’t agree more with what you have to say about fad diets and social media. I don’t know how many times my news feed is bombarded with “college kids get skinny is four weeks” and all that other crap. First of all, going from picture A to picture B in those adds is unhealthy to do in such little time. Second, we think we can just suffer through the juice cleanse for a couple days and then eat however we want. Being healthy is a lifestyle, not a diet.

  • Caitlin Snyder

    I think if people just thought logically and used common sense they would see that none of those diets even make sense. People just want to go along with the fad diets because they see the ads and they convince themselves that they don’t have time to lose weight, but they can “diet” by responding to the ads that make them think they can lose weight for their vacation in a week. It sounds harsh, but people just don’t use common sense sometimes.

  • AndreaBehling

    I wholeheartedly agree that the fad diets and “lose weight fast” ads are nonsensical and don’t help us become healthier individuals. But it makes me think, why are those ads there in the first place? The answer–because it sells. People want to hear they can lose 15 pounds in a week and they want to know “the top 10 secrets to a perfect bikini body.” It goes against common sense, but it has become human nature to want short cuts and quick fixes when it comes to our health. This is one reason it’s important to ask, like Ann suggests, where does this information come from? Advertising is a business- and drawing attention to real personal health techniques isn’t always in the business model to make money.

  • aulm92

    Thank you for this article. I like your two step method of first thinking where you heard the information and then thinking if it makes any sense. Today we hear so many crazy fads through social media and on the internet that sometimes if we don’t step back and think about it logically we can find ourselves falling into believing fads or random facts. It especially frustrates me when people buy into crazy dieting fads without thinking them through or doing any research on them before deciding to partake.

  • Kevin Weber

    Thanks for the article Ann! I like your quote “if you really want to save the world, step away from the internet and get some exercise.” I believe that you won’t find your true creativity on the internet. Instead, being out in the real world, away from the internet and all the bs on tv, is where I find my creativity. Everything in life must be taken in moderation. If you believe in every single thing you hear in life, how can you even live? I agree with you that you must do your research and educate yourself in order to find the truth.

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    Josh, thanks so much. Media is part of it. I think friends are a bigger influence both overt and covert. Why don’t I look like that I’m going to do what they do etc… Hard not to be influenced!

  • Jake Eckhardt

    I agree with most of the article except the part where you said “and if binge eating is bad for you then fasting is bad as well (unless for religious reasons).” I assumed we’re talking strictly about health here in regards to fasting being bad. So it’s bad for your health. How does a religious reason all of a sudden make it not bad for health? It’s bad for health whether or not it’s for a religious reason.

  • Jake Eckhardt

    One of my biggest pet peeves is when a certain restaurant is blamed for being a contributor for obesity and get pressured into a healthier menu. People make their own choices and they know damn well fast food isn’t good for you. Taking certain options off of the menu at fast food restaurants is basically like telling people they are too stupid to make their own choices. I don’t remember which restaurant it is that doesn’t allow super-sizing anymore, McDonalds? Anyways, if I’ve been driving all day and haven’t eaten, why can’t I supersize my damn fries? Because other people make the choice to overeat and are now obese?

  • I always believed that dogs had 5 times cleaner saliva than humans… I read your post, went to some legitamit sources in the hopes of proving your wrong @annwertzgarvin:disqus . And at least, I submit this comment embarassed =)

  • barczakdm08

    Great article! I agree with you for the most part, but when it comes down to fasting being unhealthy thats where I respectfully disagree with you. I typically fast for about 18 hrs a day, and have seen great results. Now I agree with you on everything else, social media has brainwashed so many people now a days. So many new fad diets are sprouting up that are not backed up by science and or dangerous. At the first glance a certain diet may seem like a good idea but in reality you are just setting yourself up to fail. You basically hit the main point here, step away from the internet and go exercise. Its that simple, no secret shortcuts or new diets, it all matters on how motivated you are to change your life.

  • barczakdm08

    In my opinion the only way we can educate the youth is to keep them away from the internet,phones etc… Now this is easier said than done obviously, but I can’t really think of many other ways sadly. I too would like to know ways to educate our youth on this matter!

  • barczakdm08

    Totally agree, let people try a diet for a short period of time! If someone is seeing results let them be, but like ann said there are some diets which are unhealthy and could harm your body. Everything in moderation i suppose even including certain diets.

  • Zach Perkins

    Awesome post Ann. Common sense is such a great teacher! Experience generally will give us more common sense, but sometimes we just can’t get our brains to think as clearly as we’d like. For example, you ask a question, then your question is answered. Once the question is answered, you might think, “holy crap, why did i ask that?”

  • Connor Driscoll

    Great post! Thank you for sharing! This article is great for every single member of our society because common sense is definitely lacking nowadays. I would like to comment on stepping away from the internet and getting some exercise. For example, I have a cousin who has problems with acne and is always looking for solutions to the problem online. I always tell him to stop wasting his time because at his age (15) it is completely normal. If he wants to reduce the amount he should consider exercising, eating fruits and vegetables, and drinking enough water. Sitting online trying to find the answer is a dead end, plain and simple. How can I get people to realize that a good portion of information online is complete b.s.?

  • jack lomax

    Another great article Ann! Strong comeback after your hiatus!
    Common sense is definitely something that we have lost this generation. We are so reliant on the media for our quick and easy information, we have neglected to use our common sense to work out the information for ourselves. In my education class last year, you would have thrown a fit at some of the questions that were being thrown out to our teacher. “What do I wear to school?” (it was for observations.) Erm…Borat’s thong? What do you think you wear?! It seems like everyone wants to be spoon fed information nowadays and it is certainly taking away from a persons ability to use common sense.

  • Ryan R

    I wholeheartedly enjoy all of your articles, Ann Garvin, and this one certainly does not fall short. There is way too much information out there, specifically on the internet, that can leave an individual quite puzzled about it’s validity. Misinformation is everywhere, and it is up to us to determine if the information makes sense. If I had the pleasure of meeting you in person, I would ask if the third and final question in your series could possibly be, “Compared to what?”

  • AmandaBrom

    This article is something I have been looking for to explain things to the people I love. Often times my family and friends think I’m crazy when I tell them that something isn’t true or any other facts I have learned well being in school. They brush it off and go about their day like they never heard it. My family always tries to be healthy but they also give in to what they hear on TV or somewhere else. It is a battle that I refuse to give up. I hope to help them understand that when it comes to the media and health you need to put up blinders. Thank you for this great article!

  • barczakdm08

    Totally agree with you on how everything in life must be taken in moderation. Sure you can browse the internet and watch tv, but limit yourself. Same can be said about peoples diets, have a cheat meal here and there but again limit yourself. More people need to learn how to do things in moderation these days!

  • barczakdm08

    Couldn’t agree with you more Jake. I hate all the negative lashes food joints are taking these days, it’s 100% the consumers fault like you said. If you go to fast food restaurant you absolutely know exactly what your’e putting in your body and how it negatively effects it. I can’t say it enough, everything in moderation! Eating fast food once and a while is not bad for you, it’s the fact that there are so many people eating it everyday which makes all of these fast food places look terrible.

  • GrycowskAJ17

    I completely agree with the spoon fed thing. Everyone wants to know how and what to do without thinking for themselves. It has become rediculious.

  • GrycowskAJ17

    Really agree with the social media brainwashing. I think it is media on general really!

  • GrycowskAJ17

    It really is unbelievable. Our world has become all about quick fixes. If the add gems you thank it will happen easy and quick people are going to try it. These days people don’t want to work for results. We are all so lazy!!!!

  • KevinThomson32

    This article made me laugh because I can just picture you saying “compared to what”? for all of those questions. Also you touched on this in one of your lectures by saying compared to what? We always stress about the things that we shouldn’t, for example, is milk bad for us? but then we go and binge drink all weekend.. doesn’t make sense. Great article.

  • Drew

    I agree Jack common sense has really gone down the drain. Our generation has also lacked in the communication department. The way the media portrays things is crazy. I was the one who was actually annoyed with the questions that were thrown at our teacher. I mean come on people we are in college cut the umbilical cord. GROW UP! (Ok rant over) But i do agree here and ask what do you think is the main factor in this problem?

  • Jessica Walker

    I find it hilarious that you threw those 3 questions in from your students. Even just being in the health minor, people come up to me asking the most insane questions and I don’t even understand where they are coming from. “Is it true that if I drink too much milk my pee will turn white?” Sometimes people just need to think, yes with your brain, before really worrying about these crazy ideas. We are so used to finding information on the internet, or hearing it on TV shows, and believing that the information is true. We need to be able to think for ourselves and use common sense. What is the most ridiculous question someone has asked you pertaining to health?

  • Sam Kuchenreuther

    I love how simple and easy it is to understand your articles! People often fear the unknown, which is why students ask questions like this. But they forget obvious things like exercising and eating healthy are the best ways to live a longer life. Thanks for keeping it simple!

  • treehugger90

    I agree that Ann’s articles are very easy to understand and that people often fear more of the unknown. I truly think people don’t like to use common sense a lot of time!

  • Haley Horn

    I literally LOL’d… is that a word? I can ask some pretty silly questions myself, but some are just absolutely rediculous. Nothing bothers me more than when someone tries to argue with me about something that 1. doesn’t make any sense, and 2. is so far from common sense that I want to smack them. For example, the other day one of my friends tried to argue with me about how McDonald’s is not bad for you. I am not even going to go there. So there’s that! What’s the most rediculous thing you’ve ever heard regarding health?

  • Mcgrailkk30

    Andie, you are absolutely correct. What sounds more pleasant: wearing a magical belly trimming belt while laying around eating OR spending countless hours in the gym working hard and preparing fresh clean meals? Because we are searching for quick and easy solutions we are easily fooled by clever advertising. What also fools a lot of people is when a product is “backed” by a medical professional. Instead of just assuming that it’s great because a doctor says so, you need to find out who that doctor is and if they get paid to say the product is great.

  • masterdan55

    You make a really good point zach, common sense is a great teacher! Im on the same page with you, sometimes due to school and other factors its tough to keep your brain on track.

  • Leahrebout

    The internet is always posting such crazy health hazards or benefits that a lot of the times they are so crazy that you think how could they make this up? It’s hard not to believe a lot of the hype but I need to learn to take the knowledge that I know is factual when it comes to health and nutrition and apply it to what I am reading. Thank you for sharing! I realize that looking to see where it comes from is important to see if it is acceptable information, but how should we check if a source is credible or not?

  • barczakdm08

    Yeah after re-reading what I wrote I think I should of just put down media in general like you said! There are so many tv shows, websites, and magazines that are doing more harm to their viewers than good.

  • barczakdm08

    Yeah its sad really how many people look for the easy route rather than thinking for themselves like you said. It’s just going to get worse as more and more people will rely on others to solve their issues.

  • barczakdm08

    While most of the false information comes from the website Im seeing more and more tv shows and magazines promoting these false facts. People need to learn their facts first so they don’t get brainwashed by the media.

  • GrycowskAJ17

    Yeah somethings that came to mind are the rediculious reality tv shows that influence people. Nutrition has the same problem. There are shoes about eating as much food as possible. It’s so bad for you, yet we keep doing it and supporting it.

  • Zach Perkins

    I agree, very good article. For some reason college students and really everyone in general, really struggles to see what is important. I think something that we need to think about is the cause of some of our issues. Is it the one airplane trip a year we take or the 5 hours of sleep we get per night?

  • GrycowskAJ17

    Maybe someday people will realize that the results of hardwork are so much more rewarding!!!!!

  • Frank_Stanek

    Two things in response to this article. One: I completely agree with you. People are very susceptible to the information (or misinformation) that is presented to us from the various sources like the media, internet, and politicians. These people tend to be very adept at knowing how to prey on people’s fears as they often stand to benefit by feeding you this information. The second thing that I was going to say is that you mispelled radioactive as it is one word not two,

  • Caitlin Donohue

    Ahh, very interesting. I have to agree. Thanks for the advice 🙂

  • PKroening

    Thanks for sharing! People are persuaded so easily now-a-days by what they read on the internet or what the see on these “Facts” social media pages. Like you said people need to stop worrying about these dumb questions and use some common sense for once. Once people stop believing everything they read on the internet the world will be a better place. How do you think people can start using their common sense more? To be honest that is a question that shouldn’t even need to be asked, but sadly it is.

  • PKroening

    This is awesome. I totally believe the hype of dogs having cleaner mouths than humans but now that I think of it, I have no idea how that could ever be true. It also made me think about what those dogs are really licking…gross.

  • PKroening

    I agree. Her two step method is perfect. Now we just need to get more people to use this easy method. Also, yes, social media fads are unbelievable now-a-days. People are literally believing everything they see!

  • Collin Smith

    I absolutely agree, Sam. Ann your articles are very simple and easy to understand, but they hit the nail on the head. Want to live a longer life and be healthier? Easy, exercise and eat healthy. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Don’t drive for 5 minutes looking for a closer parking spot, get out and walk. Many people can’t walk or have use of their limbs. We should be grateful and realize how fortunate we are and use our gifts to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Haley Horn

    I never believed that dogs mouths are cleaner.. It’s actually disgusting to think about, like you said. Not only that, but think abouthow many people love their dogs so much that they let them lick their faces and mouths. It’s disgusting. I know they’re giving “kisses”, but don’t let them lick your mouth. Gross!

  • Sam Kuchenreuther

    Exactly, Collin! What are some things that you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

  • Sam Kuchenreuther

    Agreed! Why do you think that is?

  • Drew

    Great way to compliment her on the article Colin. I couldn’t agree more! How lucky are we that we get to listen to this mastermind all the time in class. i’ve learned so much about health this past semester and look to be the best advocate around!

  • barczakdm08

    We can only hope!

  • barczakdm08

    Yeah some of the “facts” people try to tell me are so crazy and far fetched I just laugh and say “really?”. But what you said about Mcdonald’s isn’t necessarily true. It’ may not be the best for you if you but if you control on how much you eat, and don’t eat over your caloric intake you can eat basically what you want. But still there are some things out in the media world that are just plain stupid.

  • barczakdm08

    Completely agree with you. I am currently a college student. These issues are taking over peoples lives, thus leading to many students not prioritizing the important things in their lives, and struggling on their schoolwork, social life etc…

  • pinsolera

    I also agree with your statement. Instead of worrying about all the petty health risks, just go out there and live and most of all, workout. And be healthy. Just by doing that, we stave off many health risks and tend not to worry as much about insignificant problems.

  • Tammy Hartmann

    Professor Garvin, I laughed because I love your simple and to-the-point article. It’s all about common sense! I loved this sentence, “If you really want to save
    the world, step away from the Internet and get some exercise.” I often can’t stand those who lack common sense and wonder how they can function in the world. By worrying about them, I’ve harmed my health because of the associated stress. I should have taken care of myself instead of having to struggle with them. We can blame anything, but we really shouldn’t blame the media, television, etc. What we should do instead is to do exactly what we want others to do, so they can join us and walk with us when they see the things we’re doing. That’s why I’m downsizing my life, breaking my bad habits, and taking care of myself.

  • Connor Driscoll

    Jessica, I hear these same types of questions and sometimes I can’t help but just laugh. The one thing I can’t stand is when my family members respond with “but Dr. Oz said so.” This drives me insane when they are trying to convince me that some clearly false idea is truth when in reality they probably didn’t even hear it from Dr. Oz but are likely just using him to defend their points.

  • Haley Horn

    I’m not bad mouthing McDonald’s, I’m just saying that there are obviously better choices. I do, however, believe that a BigMac is terrible for you, even though it is so delicious. I’m talking about the heart disease issue, not necessarily obesity.

  • amykahl8

    My thoughts are that with the increasing use of technology, it’s much easier to get false information now. Instead of just hearing one false rumor about the best diet for weight loss, there’s hundreds out there…so how does a person know who to believe anymore? So many people doubt there own instincts and don’t doubt ridiculous information instead.

  • ghilonipt09

    I agree with you 100%. Use common sense that is the key…I think the key one is sleep because that is a common sense question that is asked all the time but many students do no achieve this. I believe also reading all that stuff online can have a huge influence on how that person thinks day to day about their health, but can help them realize and put some common sense into them about their own health.

  • treehugger90

    I think people don’t like use common sense because we hear about the other stuff more. Such as someone getting cancer. Why do you think is?

  • barczakdm08

    Yeah I totally understand where your’e coming from. The people who eat it in moderation shouldn’t be worried, and yes heart disease is a pretty big issue when it comes to this kind of food!

  • Trevor Boyle

    Will all the different theories on proper diet and exercise how does someone know where to start or who to believe? I do agree with you that a lot of things the refer back to health are pretty common sense. It just the simple fact that people are so damn lazy when it comes to educating themselves on the matter at hand in this case health.

  • Sam Kuchenreuther

    I think people don’t use common sense because they might be under a lot of stress. I know that stress affects my decision making and when I have time to look back at a decision I made, I often wonder what I was thinking. So I think people just need to slow everything down and just use common sense.

  • Sam Kuchenreuther

    I think people don’t use common sense because they might be under a lot of stress. I know that stress affects my decision making and when I have time to look back at a decision I made, I often wonder what I was thinking. So I think people just need to slow everything down and just use common sense.

  • Sam Kuchenreuther

    Very true! If we just do what we know is healthy for us, then we don’t have to worry about the petty things. Petty things will just stress us out.

  • pinsolera

    True. But sometimes, as I am guilty of this as well, we sacrifice our health to become more successful and get our errands done. And before we know it, we have poor health, hospital bills, and not being productive. Of course, this is more of a stretch if it gets very bad, but it can definitely happen. The time is now to be healthy and get our stuff done so we can set an example for our children later in life.

  • Collin Smith

    Sam, I keep very busy but only with as much as I can handle. I find time to exercise every day, and rather than drive to class I walk. I prefer taking the stairs than the elevator. I am very big on diet. I have a salad with every meal (with the exception of breakfast). How about you?

  • Collin Smith

    Drew, those were my exact thoughts! We are so blessed as students here at Whitewater to look up to her as a professor and rolemodel! I have spoken with a lot of my friends in regards to important health issues and topics, so I definitely understand your advocacy! What have you been doing?

  • treehugger90

    I agree that stress has a lot to do with it. I noticed when I was stressed my common sense was not there. I started to do stupid things. I also think if everything slowed down it would help.

  • Caitlin Snyder

    Honestly, I wish people had more common sense. And that may sound harsh and judgmental seeing as we are in the health field, but it’s true. If people really think they can lose 15 pounds in a week, they need to take a step back and just think about the logic in that. Common sense is dwindling because advertising is in full force.

  • Caitlin Snyder

    Going off of that, going from Picture A to Picture B is impossible, because everything is photoshopped and altered to the point of no return. Also, if you really think about it, juice cleanses make no sense. Sometimes I wish common sense came easier for some people. It’s not their fault of course, because with all the false advertising and brainwashing their getting, it’s no question that common sense if hard to come by.

  • barczakdm08

    Do a diet/workout routine that YOU enjoy and can stick with, there is no perfect diet out there. It all matters on what your goals are for the future.Sometimes you must test the waters first on a diet and workout routine that fits your lifestyle.

  • pinsolera

    And you’re right, common sense is not that hard to use. But I feel like people sometimes don’t want to think as much and make moves and decisions that leave us scratching our heads. I also think that people can be hypochondriacs which can mess with us having as much common sense as we normally would. For example,bras are not radioactive. We, as humans, need to look at information and need to see if we think it’s valid or far fetched. Then research it. But use your intuition to see if something is valid or not. Most of the time, you’re right. Use your gut. But some are just obvious too.

  • Ryan R

    I completely agree with your sentiments, Amanda Ong. The risk assessment ability of most humans is pretty sub-par. If we more closely examine what can really negatively affect us, the health of the individual will vastly improve.

  • Drew

    We really are. To often we see teachers who don’t come out and tell us the clean cut way the real world is. They seems to sugar coat the educational field, when really its a difficult career field. As we are slowly finding out it takes a certain person to become a teacher! The rewards aren’t always there but the personal gains and feelings you get when a child understands and grows is amazing! We need to get children excited about health is the bottom line! Don’t you agree?

  • Palecekb

    Speaking of time, what do you think about trusting information from primary research? Are you skeptical about information that is released from labs on new subjects? How about when the information is published in reliable journals such as a medical journal?

  • Sam Kuchenreuther

    It all comes down to what you think is important in your life. If you think sacrificing your health for your career is important, then do it if it makes you happy. If health is important to you, then do it if it makes you happy.

  • Sam Kuchenreuther

    I do whatever makes me happy. In my opinion that is the healthiest lifestyle. So I like to eat donuts and drive all the way to class and take the elevator. I believe in happiness, and doing all that makes me happy.

  • Collin Smith

    Oh, absolutely! I couldn’t agree more with you. There is a quote my mother told me a long time ago, and it is that “it is easier to build strong children than repair broken adults.” What better way to create a better world than to educate and pursue a healthier childhood for our youth? Thanks for your input. What would you do to enforce a healthier lifestyle in our youth today?

  • Collin Smith

    Everyone has their own opinions as well as likes & dislikes. I find joy in salads and walks to clear my head whereas you enjoy donuts and driving. I think that this helps prove that there are multiple ways to interpret how activity can influence our mental health in regards to happiness. Would you agree?

  • Drew

    Colin i love that quote and hope you don’t mind that i will advocate this quote. I cannot wait to spread the word and try and get children interested in healthier behaviors. To many times the healthy way is portrayed as the more expensive ways but there are so many ways to be healthy without spending money! I think its up to us as educators to familiarize these children of such possibilities and opportunities! I love the play 60 mentality and would love to spread that idea showing children that theres more to fitness than just expensive club sports or team sports in general! How have you or would you get involved in your community’s health and fitness?!

  • Drew

    I’ve always been one to believe that a workout increases strength but bodies are always made in the kitchen! Dieting is extremely difficult since we need to make sure we meet all the requirements our bodies need! Sticking to one diet is never good because then you constantly lack or are missing a different nutrient for our body!

  • pinsolera

    Exactly, it makes sense. I think that both is important, in my opinion. To try your best with your career and to be as healthy as you can try to be. But if having that occasional cheeseburger makes you happy, go for it.

  • pinsolera

    Absolutely, you hit that on the head. I also think that people are afraid to view their own mistakes and also, mortality.

  • Jansscor16

    That is really funny, it is amazing what we believe is true on the internet. Hopefully everybody that has read this can preach it and spread the word. The three questions that the students asked, really do baffle me. Sometimes I personally fall for these one time articles that are very convincing. I usually look for more information about them, but they are nothing like the one’s you stated. The first two parts of your series have been very good, I can’t wait to see what the third one is!

  • barczakdm08

    The way I eat people may consider a “diet”, but really it’s just a way of life and thats how it should be for everyone. Getting all of your necessary nutrients should be your primary goal like you mentioned.

  • Taylor Schulz

    funny, yet insightful. I hear questions like these all of the time, and I am probably pretty guilty myself of asking some of them. Its really amazing what people will believe just because it is on a piece of paper, in the media, or somewhere online. Going back to your previous article, I think it really makes a difference when you ask the “who” questions. Some internet sites can look as professional as they get but you never really know who is behind it until you ask those questions. So ultimately, I agree with your article. Worrying about health based on silly questions is going to be a lot less effective than getting exercise in and probably, more time consuming. Thanks for sharing this piece of advice!

  • treehugger90

    I agree that people are afraid to view their own mistakes and also mortality! Some people like to think they don’t make mistakes. I work with a lady that thinks she does everything right and that she is the best worker ever. But really she makes a ton of mistakes and is lazy!

  • treehugger90

    I agree that bodies are made in the kitchen! So many people think that if they just workout that it will do the trick! But really they need to know what’s good for their insides. I also agree sticking to one diet is never good, especially being a vegetarian because meat carries a specific amino acid that the plant proteins do not have.

  • treehugger90

    I agree that we do sacrifice our lives a lot for jobs and stress about it. I for one am totally guilty of it. I really shouldn’t be stressing this much at so young of a age because it will affect me in long run. Some people think that a little stress won’t affect them, but it does. I also agree the time is now to be healthy, so we can set an example for our kids in the future.

  • pinsolera

    Exactly. There are a lot of people like that. In fact, you can relate that to health. There are many people out there who believe who eat correctly and exercise the perfect amount and even better, they think they get used to sleep deprivation. All of that is false as we know, which is crazy because I always thought that it would be pretty obvious if we weren’t eating correctly.

  • pinsolera

    I see your point on that. And even though he is a doctor, he is only one reference. There are tons of references out there and it is our job to determine which one is effective, using our common sense.

  • pinsolera

    And you’re right, a little stress does hurt and if left undone, it can manifest into something much larger than what we want. What are some ways that you cut down on stress?

  • Sam Kuchenreuther

    I definitely agree with you! Would you agree that mental health is more important than physical health?

  • Drew

    Yeah if we could cease social media from the views and standards they have for everyone our world would be a much healthier and forgiving place. The judging that takes place to be that model in the magazine has driven people to terrible diets that not only don’t work they could potentially do the exact opposite as what was suppose to happen. I totally agree with you about the primary goals also!

  • Collin Smith

    Every summer I volunteer as an assistant strength and conditioning coach at a high school. Usually my own previous Muskego, or more recently St. Thomas More in Milwaukee. It helps put me in a good mindset to help out with smaller camps. One such camp is actually at Muskego for middle school age kids to partake in their 3 favorite sports for an entire week of fun and learning. Do you have something like this in your hometown?

  • Collin Smith

    That is a tricky question. I think that they are both equally important. Without one or the other, an individual will have a tough time in his/her life. With both, however, that same individual would increase the potential of their life exponentially.

  • Drew

    Volunteering is a crucial part in becoming a role model in communities today! I know that the rewards are also clear cut, but just as education, you must find the rewards within. I was always told it takes a certain person to be able to handle the strains that come with teaching and coaching. Sure we have to be on the job from 7-3 but its those extra hours put fourth either in the classroom or on the practice court that go unnoticed or unappreciated! I love to volunteer when i can, whether it be coaching a feeder team or just helping out at a local food drive. The difference means the world to those who notice and it feels amazing! How often do you participate in this activity a week or a month?!

  • Chris Williams

    Thanks again for this great article Ann. I find myself listening to similar questions
    being asked all of the time as well. People continually worry about the
    unfamiliar and need to start focusing on the more familiar. Instead of focusing
    on what could kill them, they need to focus on what is killing them right as we
    speak. We may die from such diseases as breast cancer, but we need to assess
    what the real cause of such diseases are. Therefore the actual cause of death
    might not be breast cancer, but may be due to poor diet and inactivity which
    then led to breast cancer. I think if autopsy reports emphasized more on the
    true causes of death rather than on the final outcome it created, I think
    individuals would be able to better assess their true risks. What do you think?

  • TeamGarvin

    Yes this is awesome. Your sarcasm makes my day. I agree some people do need to think and also look at the credibility of the source they are getting their information from. I love when my roommates always tell me to take protein if I’m sore because it will make the soreness go away, or take vitamin C if I have a cold. I just want to scream in frustration. I try to tell them nicely and sarcastically and they just call me dumb and say I have no clue what I’m talking about. After a while I just give up. I sometimes wish I had you on speed dial so you could talk some sense into them.

  • pinsolera

    Oh absolutely. I do believe that what we read online can make a huge impact on our daily view of life as well. But, that makes it even more important to cycle out and use common sense on what is actually important and what is bogus.

  • Janna Bartels

    Thank you so much for this article Ann! You would think that as intellectual human beings we wouldn’t be so easily entrapped into believing stupid things! Like you said at the beginning of the post, we want information fast and with the least amount of effort on our part to we succumb to believing things that just don’t make sense!

  • PKroening

    Very true. Most of the time people know what they should do, but they think “that’s too much work” or some other sorry excuse.

  • PKroening

    Yea online stuff really skews peoples thoughts. Most of the stuff online is just the most outrageous stuff I have ever read and I really hope that people will use their common knowledge to decide if it’s true or not.

  • PKroening

    Agreed, but that is where most people are lacking. The common sense area has really gone down the chute since all these “facts” online pages have come around. People seem to believe whatever they see and whatever they want to believe.

  • PKroening

    Very true. The worst part about it is that it’s because people are becoming so lazy. The first thing they see they believe.

  • PKroening

    I agree. Half the stuff is so out there that you just think how in the world did somebody just randomly come up with this. It is really hard in today’s world to actually decipher what is real and what is fake.

  • Tim Rutkowski

    Ann just like in class your personality takes boring subjects interesting. Accessing valid health information is a National Health Education Standards. I also think that it is the most under taught standard in the public health education system.

  • Trevor Boyle

    Thanks for the advice i couldnt agree more.

  • Tyler Pierce

    Ann, taking a step back from a statement and asking these two questions: “where did the information come from and does it make sense” will really help with not asking dumb questions and asking more intelligent ones. A question though, how can you tell if a source is creditable or not?

  • Nathan Gillette

    Ann I agree with you that the best thing is to get off the internet and start exercising. I think people are too busy playing there characters and controlling them running around in a video game that its enough. Ha I am very scared for the generation coming up, due to the lack health concerns and everything being at the control of there fingertips. How can we as health educators make it sink in because apparently we are not getting it?

  • Jeremy Demos

    But don’t they have someone who checks all the information on the internet to make sure it’s true before it goes up there? Unfortunately, people are simply too lazy to do their own thinking. Instead they rely on whatever link they were sent on facebook or whatever social media kids use these days. i think the best question to ask is how do we get people to think for themselves.

  • hensella

    Ann, this is a great article. There are so many myths out there about health. It is easy for people to get lost in what is really true and what is false. People need to know how to know if something is true. That goes to the point you bring up of where does the information come from? The second question you bring up is does it make sense. I think if people focus more on that then that will create a lot less stress and misconceptions when dealing with information.

  • katrina brown

    Ann, I enjoyed this article. You get straight to the point of what we should be focusing our energy on which i personally know can cause a lot of stress if you are focusing on all the wrong things. I like the quote ” if you really want to save the world, step away from the internet and get some exercise.” It emphasizes the importance of personal experience, which then allows you to begin to think things through for yourself from prior/ new knowledge. The physical development of better health can result in improved mental health and development. I feel as though now that the internet has become such a normal resource for information and understanding of ‘life’, it really takes away from an individuals personal development within the world they themselves live in versus the world, as perceived through the eyes of some unknown biased source. I feel that in order to live YOUR life most effectively you need to live through yourself not through others.

  • Reece Raethke

    The sad thing about this article is that the people asking these questions are generally interested in living a healthier lifestyle, but they are bombarded with wrong and ridiculous information and they don’t know any better. All they need is a little information to set them in the right direction, but how do we compete with the assault of advertisements, commercials, social media and fake health fads that people are surrounded by each day?

  • kkachel

    Years ago, when I wanted to read misinformation, I used to look at “The National Inquirer” while in the checkout line in the grocery store. Today, even some of the top news sites have ridiculous headlines. It used to be funny; now it is just sad to see the spread of so much misinformation. I loved your article. It made me laugh. I must remember your quote: “step away from the Internet and get some exercise.” I cannot believe the amount of time that I waste, especially at night, flipping from one website to the next.

  • Kyle moore

    The information in the body building world is PROTEIN, PROTEIN, PROTEIN. So how do us body builders say that that is wrong when they have results to show it? Well you have to decider the information by doing research and consulting a nutritionist like yourself. I have found myself doing research and getting mixed results but the thing is you have to do what is factual and what proves to work. Some people can intake 15% protein diet and have great size whereas some think they need 25%. Its situations where friends or peers mislead information to buy products which media directs us to. The problem is in the media but as long as they are selling, they will continue.

  • Aaron Ackerman

    I am with Kyle on this one in the sense that I am also enjoy lifting. I have read many times that you can only take in so much protein in one meal. However, I have also read that 6-7 high protein meals throughout the day have proved to be very successful in muscle growth. So I am wondering Ann if the amount of protein a body can absorb is based on a daily amount? Or more of a per meal basis? Also if you have the time I would not mind hearing your opinion on taking creatine?

  • Robert Murdock

    I always worked out in order to improve at athletics, particularly skiing. When I was younger I was all about pre-workouts, post-workouts, stacking, proteins, whey vs soy, etc. yet as I get older and learning more, I find myself asking how much did those things really help? How much was it really just improvement based on my body developing? Getting a good night sleep? Eating right? I think as long as fitness is at the forefront of health concerns, business will be able to use the media to sling their ads on what’s best. My question for you Ann, how do you go about bypassing the mass media to reach the everyday person? Is your knowledge directed primarily at your clients and students? Or is there a good way for someone to wade through the sespool of advertisements to the truth?

  • Sharmaine A.

    I agree. And the simple answer to that question, I would think, is to educate yourself. Thing like media and social media most times are not as accurate. Do your own research and do research that only occurs to you and your body not the general population.

  • Eric H

    This really simplifies everything into a nut shell. If something makes sense, do it. If it doesn’t make sense, don’t believe it and move on. People are always looking into products that they think will change the way they look and feel. In college, a lot of people are hugely into protein and creatine. Yes, you do need protein in your body, but you do not need to take in extra protein because you get it from foods and milk. Just because the media portrays it as good doesn’t mean it makes sense. How do we sift through all of the crap that the media puts out and decipher what makes sense and what doesn’t?

  • Justin Shelton

    This article is very interesting. It shows how caught up people get with myths and rumors about certain things. If people would just stick to the facts and not become so easily convinced by commercials, the internet, and other various sources there would be no such problems. People need to just sit back and ask themselves if what they have just heard makes sense as stated in the article.

  • Travis Ricci

    This article is very similar to the last the way people look upon something just because of 1 little ingredient persuades there entire judgment on the matter. Everyone is starting to look at ingrediants on the back of products they are either buying or consuming. But you need to weight the important things in life over something as minor as splenda in your water if your putting splenda in at least your drinking water and not a gallon of mtn dew

  • Kevin Semler

    I liked the articles way of getting people to look at the big picture as talked about in the previous article. Trying to do one thing to cleanse your body won’t erase the fact that you destroy your body in different aspects. It is wasting your time trying to figure out the cheating systems to becoming more healthy, but in reality if you stop doing things to help alleviate the problems of another, your body will thank you.

  • Ronny

    This is interesting article I can relate this to exercise. Sometimes when I can’t fall asleep ill but on the TV and commercials will have ripped men doing a workout that only take fifteen minutes. this also goes with with fad food diets.

  • Sydney Sipos

    Once again, a straight-shooter kind of article. It’s everything we already know, and nothing we want to hear. There is no quick fix. I have to remind myself of that a lot, as the media and others around us claim otherwise. But seriously, it’s about doing the things we know, inherently, are good for us.

  • Brady Sexton

    I think this article is great at high lighting people buying into a news story or the latest popular trend. People tend to accept new studies or information as fact without considering the credibility. The cleanse question you received or others similar to them are an example of people trying to find the newest trend that actually works.

  • Brooke Gregory

    I have always taken ads on the internet with a grain of salt, but still I wonder about them. At this point it seems that everything in the world causes cancer according to stuff that I hear on the internet or from people who have heard it on the internet. I’ve heard that food on the grill can cause cancer. I don’t know if it is true but I’ve always thought it sounded a little ridiculous. It makes a sense not to worry about all of the ridiculous sounding “facts” out there because they aren’t as important as eating healthy and exercise.

  • Hannah Leggett-Hintz

    Sometimes, I sincerely wonder how some people managed to do all that it took to get themselves into college….I guess that’s where the phrase comes in that ‘the only dumb question is the one unasked.’

    Overall though, I am loving this article! Being in Stress Management, I feel like it’s already making me take a step back outside my own life and realize what I am and am not doing. I don’t want to waste time on things in my life that just don’t matter. Truthfully, probably most of the things that run through my mind continuously don’t do anything but stress me out completely. So what’s the point? What does that stress do except sit there and boil, becoming larger and larger? There are so many things out there, health definitely included, that are so valuable to put your time into. So basically this article just reiterates that I need to get my mind in gear on the things that matter, and my life will follow.

  • tyler

    This article is really the truth! I can attest to being one of those people who sometimes believes some of those crazy myths that I read on Facebook or that someone posts, but I am not the only one! This is very useful, just reading it puts these crazy internet stories in a new perspective. Its crazy how quick we are to believe these myths without researching behind it or looking into the credibility of it. We really are wasting our time and energy on these things we think are improving our health. We have been so brain washed by the internet and the media, we do not even realize the crazy thoughts we have. This really has made me think. A question I might ask is there is all these crazy myths supported by crazy evidence…how do we help people learn more common sense towards these myths ? Or an even better question how to we increase common sense? Thank you so much for your post, it was so insightful and your bluntness makes it that much better.

  • Nathan

    Thanks for the article! This is great information, because if people just think about what they are saying then it should make since. When you said that people should spend less time researching ways to get health and more time exercising, I think you are dead on. Everyone is out to find the quick fix, when in reality the easiest way to lose weight is to do it for a lifetime! I didn’t really understand the comparison between air and water, in regards to splenda.

  • mankobj22

    In a day in age when information is readily available at our fingertips for little or no cost, turning on a computer or looking at a cellphone can have terrifying results. I really like your two question process for determining if information is indeed factual or if it is instead fiction. This is a simple way to both regain your peace of mind and to save precious time on a daily basis.

  • Ananda Conlon

    After reading some of the other students misconceptions, it makes me curious to open my ears a bit to all the other ludicrous information that is being spread. I have several friends that have tried doing a juice cleanse. It honestly never made sense to me. Cavemen back in the day did not have your high powered juicer. Your body has to be able to cleanse its self. It just makes sense. Eating the whole fruit and getting the fiber will do much more cleansing than a nice diet.

  • Carly Konkol

    Love this. I honest to God thought until now that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s. Oops. I guess I can relate so some of your example students in this article. I completely agree on your point about the media and internet contributing to our loss of common sense. So many fads take over real empirical information because the internet and television have clouded our brains with the next “miracle weight loss” supplement or the newest work out machine that helps you lose an obscene amount of weight just by walking 10 minutes a day. I always try to go by the saying, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” It’s definitely time we all focus on what matters and remove ourselves from the world false advirtisement.

  • Alex Prailes

    My cousins wife has recently got into this big health kick and has been doing some extreme diets where she only eats certain foods on certain day (like only fruit on Monday and only vegetables on Tuesday). On top if that she also tried a juice cleanse and bragged about how great she felt, but to me it just seemed a bit crazy. This helps put all of that nonsense into perspective, so thank you! Do you think the media/internet is to blame for these crazy ideas or just the fears that people have that they will just believe almost anything?

  • Aarynn Bosshart

    Thank you for your sarcasm! I think it was well justified and well used in this article. Do you think some of these crazy questions and ideas come from truth? I know that a lot of new health crazes exist because of a bottom line – profit. However, I think some of it just comes from real people with real concern who are trying to discover what it truly means to be healthy. I’m curious to see what my future grandchildren will be learning about someday in their health classes. Will they be saying, “Really grandma? You were alive when energy drinks were legal?” Not that I think energy drinks should be illegal per-say, but you get the picture… My grandmother’s doctor told her to start smoking with her first pregnancy (my mom) so that she would have a smaller baby and easier delivery. If it weren’t for people with extreme questions and the determination to find the truth, change would not occur. Anywho, that maybe got a little bit off topic. Overall, I think you are right on the money when you say, “If you really want to save the world, step away from the internet and get some exercise.” I agree, that makes sense.

  • Catey Navarro

    Sometimes you can’t help but laugh at what people are putting on the internet about health. I can’t lie I have fallen victim to some of them but to most I know better. Reading things on the internet is easy to believe because it is there in front of us and no one bothers doing any further research to see if its true or not. It is also easy to believe things on the internet because it could apply to our personal lives and we may think “oh that explains why I feel this way” or something along those lines. We, as a country, should care what information we are being fed because not everyone has access to the truth and this is where things go wrong.

  • Sam Kuchenreuther

    Thank you for this article Ann! I was always told not to believe everything you read on the internet. And if you think about it, 90% of the stuff on the internet is complete bs! I agree that you should always keep it simple by exercising and eating healthy. However, I’m sure there are good sources out there for healthy diets. Do you know of any?

  • Natasha Tynczuk

    I love the honesty in this article. I have a friend who is constantly trying new fad diets, and she is always telling me how great she feels and how much weight she has lost in such a short time period. At the same time, however, she is always complaining about how hungry she is, which makes me think she is actually pretty miserable. Starving yourself is not healthy, even if you do really want to lose weight. I think people are so desperate to lose weight and “cleanse” their systems that they don’t look into the diets that the media portrays as healthy before actually trying them.

  • CoachDavis24

    The internet is a plague of bad information. The problem is it’s so easily accessible. I also blame media. They love to fill gullible Americans heads with all these new health fads. I’m glad that you are trying to get people to understand how easy it is to be healthy, but how many people are hearing you? How many people are buying into, eating more fresh fruits and veggies, more sleep, and less sat fat? Are more people who advocate for health stressing this as much as you? If so, why is this such a hard concept to understand? We are we so fat? Ann, can you tell the government that they need to stress this more? Make it a law that all foods have to follow a strict nutrition law… Now that would be change. How bout, fast food can no longer advertise on T.V. similar to cutting out cigarette ads. Now that would be change. Forcing employers to have an exercise program during the work day. Everyone starts the day with an exercise and gets paid for it, especially for office jobs.

  • Amanda Wood

    I am not one to believe everything people tell me because if I did I would probably be dead or in a bubble. The internet is an amazing source for a lot of things today, but it also is causing many issues in humans lives. Children today rely on internet, cell phones, and peoples word of mouth because society has made them believe that is the answer. The real answer is to walk outside, experience life, and learn from it. Life is hard and we are humans so we want answers or explanations for everything we do in life, but the truth is is that we don’t have one true answer or explanation.

  • Ryano313

    The internet is an amazing tool for our generation to use. At the same time though, there is a lot of misleading and untruthful information that gives us the wrong ideas about things such as health. It so easy for us to access articles about health and such from google, but then the downside side is that literally anyone can write something about health on the internet and their information may not be true. people just need to use their head more and not listen to everything they see on the internet.

  • Steffiheuer

    Technology has grown a lot since I was born. It still continues to grow; everyday there is something new coming out. Something that is better than the last. Technology has brought us some useful tools, such as, the internet, but has also brought us some unhealthy habits. People become addicted to the internet and believe everything that is put on the internet. We stop exercising and stay on Facebook and Twitter. I am not saying that we should not have these accounts, but we have to learn to balance it all. That is where I think the problem is. Thank you for the post. This post really relates to my generation and future ones to come.

  • HelpHealth002

    Thanks for writing this blog Professor Garvin! I think this brings up a great point because now more than ever, many people are saying all different things about health. One will say something is good for you and another will say it causes cancer. It leaves people in a confused state and desperate for answers. I think its important that people take a step back and weigh the source. If the person/website making certain claims are intending to sell you something, then they have another agenda on their minds, besides improving your health, (if they even care about you at all). There’s many websites out there that appear to be accurate but have many ill researched claims. What health websites do you feel are the best for accurate information?

  • Skowronssj06

    I am one of those people when I think I am sick or I don’t know all the facts about something, I pull out my handy-dandy phone and use the internet. I read some bizzare things and some things that are not true but then I start overthinking it and get worried and next thing I know my “cold” is now “cancer.” The internet does have alot of junk of it and it’s hard to pull out the true articles over the fake. If I do feel sick I should worry about trying to get healthier instead of worrying while searching the internet for remedies and answers. Like you said, health takes time- it needs to become apart of you. Making small changes to improve our health will help us stay off interent looking up our symptoms because a healthier person is most likely not going to get sick.

  • hasselbemj31

    This article really made me think a lot about myself. I will admit that whenever I am worried about something or want to know something I just pull out my smart phone and look up the question on Google. I have never thought to myself is this information correct or yet even make sense. I tend to listen to old remedies to try to get the quick fix but like you have mentioned here on this blog and in class, your health takes time. It takes time to make big changes in your life and it isn’t meant to be taking the easy way out or wasting your time on asking the wrong questions. We need to focus on the important things and stop wasting our time on silly questions that are being glorified by the media to make us buy pointless cleanses.

  • karinaz10

    I love this article! I am always wondering who to believe and what new fad diet the media will be coming up with next. I do admit, I have fallen victim to some questionable health theories. But without a doubt, the healthiest and most effective way to lead a healthy lifestyle is through proper nutrition and exercise.

  • Trista Radloff

    It’s amazing that people are even contemplating these questions! It reminds me of a commercial. A guy was on an Internet dating site and said he was going on a date with a french lady. The lady showed up and it was clear she was not french! The man didn’t even question whether she was or wasn’t after seeing her because it was on the Internet which means it’s true! People shouldn’t rely on the Internet…as Ann Garvin said, use common sense.

  • Jessica White

    I completely agree with you that a large influence on these health crazes is that someone out there wants to make a profit. I can’t tell you how many times I see the advertisements for the magic pill or the miracle machine that will give you flat abs and killer thighs. Usually if you ask yourself, “is this too good to be true?” it probably is. Same thing with some of the examples of the questions that Ann has received in class. If I heard from someone that my bra had the potential to give me cancer and there was some sort of probable cause to back up the story, I would do my research! Does that mean I would believe this crazy story? Heck no, but if it was something that I felt was truly affecting my health, I would do my research, ask my health professors and medical professionals. Use common sense and after that, seek professional advise. We are at an age that we know SO much more about smoking, nutrition and other health factors that you should be able to make a educated decision about your health. Thanks for the post Ann! Its always good to remind people to use their heads!

  • ReneeKirch19

    I really enjoyed this article Dr. Garvin, thanks for sharing! I think you brought up some very good points relating to health and the misinformation that is often brought up. So many times I hear things from people, news, or even social media sites regarding health issues that sound just utterly ridiculous. I often think to myself “who makes this stuff up, and who actually believes it?” When it comes to our health, it is important to be not only getting the correct information, but getting the information that is relevant to our own bodies. No one should be basing their lifestyle off facts that are far from the truth. I’m curious though, what did you mean when you said that “wasting time is easy to do when health is concerned”?

  • Brad Vogel

    I cannot say it surprises me that questions like these come up. Why? Because nowadays so many food companies are allowed to in essence poison their foods and beverages with harmful ingredients that diminish our overall health. Truthfully, there really aren’t too many people that can be trusted with health information because so many of them make big money on the lack of expertise that many “average, everyday” people have and can fool so many people into using their products/services and nowadays there is very little accountability enforced by the government.

  • Mitch Sween

    Thanks for the post.
    I think it is interesting that you are telling us to step away from the computer and get exercise yet you are making us post on strictly online discussion boards. I agree with the fact of staying educated about your health and promoting a healthy awareness.

  • knapprl17

    I found this article interesting. It is important to know where your sources came form and to make sure they make sense. I will admit I have contemplated asking questions like these because the way they are presented can be deceiving and lead you to believe them.

  • earose14

    Reading this was very interesting. I am always asking myself those stupid questions about things that dont make sense. If people didnt waste so much time on research more people may be healither. I think it is important to do your reasearch to a certain extent for your health but wasting to much time isnt necessary. Some of these question in this blog remind me of a few things I have asked myself. Such as if a girl puts her phone by her chest can it cause breast cancer? Thank your for sharing this with us!

  • ReneeBinder

    I really like the last part of this article, “If you really want to save the world, step away from the internet and get some exercise”. I think people live from behind their computer, phone and television screens and don’t go out and experience it enough. I think they get too caught up in the little things-cleansing to lose 10 pounds instead of exercising, that they loose track of the big picture.

  • SasCas116

    Thank you for this article Professor Garvin. Reading this made me realize how sorry I am that you have to deal with questions like that first off, and second off I realize that you are very right about achieving our health goals. It’s one thing to think about becoming more healthy and it’s another to actually act on your desire. I was so glad when I saw you mention the media and to an extent how that has an effect on your health. I personally am a strong advocate for disagreeing with the media on a daily basis. All the media does is influence every part of your life when you feed into it. Influence on health especially! Look at barbie dolls for instance, all little girls have a desire to look like a barbie doll, why though? It’s insanity. I love your quote in here Professor Garvin the one that says “if you want to save the world, step away from the internet and get some exercise.” This goes with the media as well.

  • SasCas116

    I couldn’t agree with you more HelpHealth002. Health companies don’t even consider your health anymore, it’s more of how can I ring out all of this person’s money by promoting a lie? And that’s when society falls for it and listens. As long as we don’t feed in to society’s ploys, and websites like you mentioned, then our health is in OUR own hands; AKA the way it should be.

  • Kaylee Raucci

    Thank you Ann for the post! I like this one because I’ve heard of the underwire in your bra causing cancer, as well as standing by a microwave while it’s on killing your brain cells. Yet to this day I do not know where any of that came from. I do not know who started it, but what I do know is that I was (until now) scared of these facts. It’s crazy that our common sense has decreased because of facts and articles in the media. Because we are on it all the time people know that if it’s shown enough and enough people read it, that it will stick. In fact it has. But my favorite part of this whole post is that you suggest exercise as a solution. I think that and healthy eating can boost our people’s common sense and eliminate all these crazy farfetched questions.

  • Katy Getsie

    Laying it down! i agree with this, and think that honestly it applies to a lot more than health. It’s also about how we consume news, and career goals and all of it. I’m as guilty of this as anyone else, but I think we rely too much on the opinions of unnamed sources on the internet, and less what are daily experience tells us.

  • Kent Miehe

    Thank you for sharing! I agree that people get too caught up in the facts and figures of health that they start to fear it rather than welcome it. Instead of figuring out the BEST way to improve their health, people need to start with the basics: Get exercise and eat healthy foods. They should stop worrying about their health and start doing the simple things to improve it.

  • Tracy_Werner

    Finally someone says what we all are thinking! I think it is so funny when people ask, in a completely serious tone, a question about their health that is so absurd I don’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for them for not knowing the answer. Many people need to take a closer look at the health “facts” that they hear about or see on the internet. Is it an ad that is trying to sell you a product? Is the person telling you about it a credible source? Working in an athletics facility, I hear so many different things about the latest and greatest supplements and diets that are “proven” to make you either gain muscle or lose weight fast. It’s a shame people don’t look at the negatives of these diets… Yes, you might lose weight, but you are also losing energy, important nutrients, etc…

  • Kobajr18

    This article hits on points that appear to be general knowledge, yet not many people actually apply it. Most people just read an article in some health magazine and take every word as fact without actually looking into the research or who even wrote the article. Touching on your question of how you are supposed to get health across to students without pushing them away its nearly impossible. People believe media outlets and other sources more than experts, and while it’s sad, it’s the truth. You have to want to understand health and obtain the knowledge, nobody can do it for you.

  • Kobajr18

    I agree with your comment completely. Some of the health claims I come across are unbelievable and I would think everyone would see that. Unfortunately most of our population is not educated in the health field the way we are. It’s important to understand that most believe these claims and to figure out a way to bring factual health information to the public.

  • Theresa Fitzsimmons

    Thank you for sharing this information with me. I agree with you when you say that there is a lot of information going around about health that is not true and that it comes from very unreliable sources. I find it interesting that you bring this up because people wouldn’t have to worry about this silly information if they ate healthy to start with. I have never read an article on vegetables and fruit being unhealthy, which is the largest portion size and type of feed we should be eating everyday anyway. I personally never have splenda or fake sugars so I don’t have to worry about the “risks” of having it to start with. Regular sugar is okay to have as long as you have it in small amounts. In my opinion no one would ever have to worry about these silly health facts if they were eating living healthy to start with. This is important advice when looking up specifics, such as what type of food will give me more calcium in my diet? I need to use a good source and question if the information makes sense. What is your favorite website to get good health information from?

  • danac501

    thanks for the article! I agree with you that people go to the internet to look up health concerns because I am one of them. I think I do this because in high school and middle school they didn’t provide us with information we needed for the future. Do you believe that schools should require health classes every year of school? I think so because when I was in high school they required physical education all four years which was great! But they only require health one semester because they didn’t make students have the priority to learn about health. I believe your health is just as important has your exercise they go hand and hand.

  • Glassborow

    Thank you for this article, I believe that the internet is a great place and the amount of information people can access is amazing. I do feel though, that because the internet people can self diagnose illnesses, can lead to irrational behaviors and thoughts – this has happened to me on occasions and after I always feel stupid when I realize nothing is wrong with me. I think that people need to stop reading into what they read on the internet, in magazines, from other people. Relax, put things into perspectives and focus on the bigger problems in life.

  • warnlofjc20

    There’s a really good point here in that it is really easy to waste time in terms of health. I’ve fallen victim to it quite a few times before trying to diet/exercise regularly, you’ll look for some diet information on the internet and find something you think is really good and then the next link you click on is completely tearing the last one apart which makes it really difficult to find out which one is actually the truth. Asking yourself “Where it’s from and does it make sense” is a really good way to validate whatever you’re looking at though, I’ll definitely keep that in mind. Thanks for posting!

  • warnlofjc20

    It definitely applies to a lot more than health, really the internet in general. Pretty much every teacher/professor will tell you not to use Wikipedia as a source for anything because of how easy it is to post false information and to use other more “reputable” sites. I don’t think they really realize that it’s just as easy to post that information literally anywhere else on the internet. More people really need to take the approach of “Where is the information from and does it make sense?” like Ann brings up in the article.

  • Charles Fischer

    Excellent points about taking in all the fake research that is out there and making it seem real. People need to take the time to check the source, and who sponsored the research.

  • Justin Rudick

    Great article! I understand you need to be aware of everyday things but it seems to be getting out of hand. I can’t remember how many times coffee has flipped back and forth from being the worst thing for your body to it can be OK for you or dark chocolate is terrible for you but now is known to help fight heart like issues. We just need to try to enjoy life the best we can. Life is short and it shouldn’t be filled with fear and doubt.

  • sgawinski

    Its true that we need to stop being worried about the craziest things. If we have good exercise habits, a generally diet, and drink water, we’ll be fine!

  • d_millyy

    We have all fallen victim because even when you’re not looking for the information, out of no where there it is! Right in front of your face on your facebook wall! It is hard trying to understand what’s real, what’s fake, what’s worth it, and what’s not? But the truth is in this article, we need to just use our common sense and think about what makes sense! Yes, the juice has a lot of sugar in it but it sure is better for you than that monster with your breakfast. The way I look at life is, everything in moderation. As long as you’re doing something, you’re doing a heck of a lot more than nothing. It’s a day by day thing, heck it’s an hour by hour thing. Have you made any changes in your life that are simple and small but could make a difference in the long run? That’s the best way to approach health!

  • Hillary12

    I hear a lot of misinformation all over the place about exercise and especially healthy eating. I understand where it gets confusing to people, but I think it’s a great idea to do just as you said and find out where the information came from and figure out if it really makes sense. If people took a step back and did those 2 things I think people would answer there own questions and have a much better idea of what being truly healthy is.

  • There are a LOT of false information and half-truths out on the web these days. Sometimes I WANT to believe them because, well, its so outlandish that it just may be true. But then I snap to my senses. What gets me the most is how often and how far a company will go to hide the truth. It’s really hard to trust anything that you don’t grow yourself these days. I heard things about “wheat bread” that wasn’t wheat and flavored water that are more dangerous than soda. It doesn’t sound like I shouldn’t be confused, but if you’re always looking for ways to get healthier and get a leg-up on the competition like I am, you’ll consider some of anything.

  • Camillewuensch

    This is a great article! I definitely feel like we waste our time on more pointless ideas and looking up crazy information on the internet, rather than doing what we know is right. Getting out there and excising and become health will help us out in the long run, but this day in age we would rather find what juice diet we can do or find a pill to help us lose weight in 3 weeks. I think if we had more information that is trusted we all would try natural ways of losing weight.

  • JeremyWahl

    i agree totally with this article. you should definitely not believe everything you see on the internet, instead you should use your better judgment and believe what you believe. i agree that there is so much information on exercise and healthy eating but knowing what information is key. when looking at information on the internet i think it very important to determine if the site you saw the information is a credible site. there are so much false information on the internet. i have friends that search for diagnoses on the internet when they get a minor sickness and they always pick out the biggest illness that they think they have.

  • sauerm29

    It is frustrating that there are so many widespread myths about health. These things can make someone question the simple things they already knew, (or thought they knew). This can have a very negative effect of information-overload and over complication of one’s lifestyle. Many individuals in a situation such as this may just give up. So I think questioning whether or not something is sensible is an excellent second step (after checking out the source – ‘who’) in deciding to implement something into one’s life, or not.

  • LeiderGM20

    I think it sucks what media has done…I myself constantly fall for some of these crazy claims, then a few weeks later I’ll wonder how I’ve made it this far in life if I keep believing all these stupid claims. I have gotten better over the years, and try to advise all my naive friends who try the get fit quick gimmicks. Usually they are getting their information from the most rediculuous places.

  • Alise Brown

    Asking questions is the best way to find out the right answers. If you are questioning if something is good or bad or healthy or evil for you the only way is to find out the truth and maybe do some research about it. The best way to get information is to find out for yourself rather than hearsay.

  • Travis Mattice

    When you ask where has our common sense gone, I couldn’t agree more. Today it seems that most people don’t have any or are definitely lacking in that department. They spend to much time on the internet and or reading to much non credible information. Just think about thinks a little more people and don’t believe everything you hear.

  • Andrew Bliefernicht

    The part in this blog that stuck with me the most was the line at the beginning. It is easy to waste time while planning for health because there is so much “misinformation.” I would like to focus on the word misinformation. You’d think that when it comes to the well being of us as a people there wouldn’t be SO MUCH misinformation. One thing says do this and the other says no that will do harm to you. It gets really frustrating trying to plan a healthy lifestyle when so many things are conflicting opinions on what is healthy and what isn’t.

  • Adam

    Agreed. Common sense has somehow seemed to disappear when it comes to exercising or the internet. There is so much false information out there for quick fixes and easy weight loss to reach your goals people are sucked in immediately. No one seems to take the time and think that hmm maybe taking heavy doses of weight loss pills for months might not be the best for my body. Instead of trying to find the best way to exercise or what works, just go play a sport outside, go on a jog or simply ride a bike to work instead of driving. Start Simple!

  • B Keng

    I question things myself and when I need the answer I look it up. There is so much information on the internet, its a hassle to get around. But when i do find the answer, I always end up double checking with other sources. Sometimes the best thing to do is to find the answer yourself, and if all else fails, ask someone who might know it best.

  • Sam Kuchenreuther

    That’s an excellent point, Kyle. I believe the main problem is the media. They always seem to portray things using false information. What would you suggest to these people who are mislead by the media?

  • Dannielle Wagner

    I think the biggest issue I have is finding TOO much information about almost every health topic imaginable, and somewhere along the way my opinion that I held to begin with gets lost in this mess of supposed “facts”. At the end of it all I find myself asking…where in the hell did my common sense go? It seems that everything gives you cancer now and that Ebola is killing everyone….mass media sucks sometimes. I find myself just having to walk away from the internet to re-center my thoughts, because I know that if I just listen to what I think is best for me…more often than not I have the answer.

  • Abbey Stibbs

    I think this is great advice. I think it is good to question ourselves, and the things that we see in the media. I think that it is extremely important that we know what is really true. Not knowing the truth about a health issue can really cause a lot of problems for us and the people around us. I also think that getting exercise and leaving the internet for a such a short time won’t kill us. In reality, not leaving the internet and not exercising will. I just think that if we want to be happy and we want to see results, we have to stop giving ourselves excuses, and stop believing every little fact that we read. We need to take time to eat right and exercise, and we need to also take time to do our research on the facts that we read or hear about our health.

  • thomas kearney

    I think this is great advice. I think alot of times people overlook the benefits of health because it is time consuming. I feel like the internet has had a traumatic and negative effect on people’s opinions on health. There are all kinds of articles out there that are intended to misconstrue people’s mindsets. I feel like the lack of knowledge in this very important issue is very evident in society. I really thank you for bringing this to the attention of alot of people.

  • Cossioj14

    Your article speaks the truth of what health has unfortunately become over the past decade. With so much bad information out there its hard for people to separate fact from fiction. It really comes down to common sense and not trying to do things the fast and easy way but the right way.

  • Slepicka12

    Thank you for a great article. I love this because it has some great points about health. I believe that a lot of people don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to health. If you have to do a bunch of research on if something is healthy for you it probably isn’t. Also I think that not knowing specific health issues can be a real problem these days and could lead to the harm of someones health.

  • Slepicka12

    Hi. I have to agree with you about when it comes to not knowing cretin things about health it is good to look them. I like what you said about double checking on the information that you gather from each source to make sure that they are correct.

  • Slepicka12

    Yes I agree that asking questions to find the right answer is always a great idea.

  • Leahrebout

    That is a very good point Amy. The increase in technology does make it so much easier to disperse information but I never would have thought of that as a bad thing. As far as health fads are concerned it is important to not believe everything we read but with it so easily reachable it’s hard not to. I agree that we need to trust our instincts and what we’ve been taught and go with that information.

  • Leahrebout

    The internet is always posting such crazy health hazards or benefits that a lot of the times they are so crazy that you think how could they make this up? It’s hard not to believe a lot of the hype but I need to learn to take the knowledge that I know is factual when it comes to health and nutrition and apply it to what I am reading. Thank you for sharing! I realize that looking to see where it comes from is important to see if it is acceptable information, but how should we check if a source is credible or not?

  • Taylor

    The media and internet always have something new that is horrible for you or something that is going to kill you and we all just believe it because we think “why would they lie” but when you really think about it most of the things are crazy! I myself know they are crazy and still sometimes find myself falling for the crazy claims that they put out there. I guess I believe it not only because I believe they have no reason to lie but also because I feel like if the news and media should not be allowed to lie to us about that stuff and they should check their sources well enough to not even tell us crazy things.

  • shackletka05

    Thank you for sharing! Something I totally loved about this article was the “step away from the internet and get some exercise”. People spend so much time panicking about small details that they heard about online with not much information backing it up creates fears in their minds.

  • Miggz13

    Thank you,
    The world today is corrupted, most people believe on what the internet says. For example there are a lot of advertisements about how to lose weight with their products. In reality one should just workout and eat the proper meal on a daily routine. People should not pay to much attention to the internet, because a lot of the information can be false.

  • Miggz13

    I agree with you comment but the truth at the matter most people these days are lazy and do not really care about the right way in doing things. It is sad but the truth. I have seen and have done it by experience. That was the past and now I have been using my head instead of the cheep way. We grow stronger as individuals if we learn by experiences.

  • Miggz13

    I would not blame you, I have to fell for the same crazy claims on what the media says. Thats how producers make money. They trick us to believe on what we want to believe, but the truth is that we should do what we can to make us strong and live a longer and healthier life.

  • hirthjp18

    It can be hard to sort the information because there just so much. This is evident in the health industry. You can find people trying to convince you that there this new health innovation. The information usually isn’t true or its warped in some way. You just have to realize there aren’t any short cuts and sticking to the basics will keep you healthier than something you found on the internet.

  • Steven Bichler

    Sometimes people don’t really think about where the information they receive comes from, instead of researching a bit about what they read they just believe the information that was told them. Critical thinking is one of the most important skills to have in any profession.

  • Schudakp21

    I get so aggravated when i hear information when it makes absolutely no sense and then people try to convince me of what they just heard. For example, my mom just read a book about gluten. Now she is trying to convince me that the reason people are overweight is because of wheat. I asked her who wrote this book and she responded by saying it was this cardiologist. I told her that this guy can write anything he wants just to get sales up and he has no expertise in nutrition so how does he know? the only response i got was “Well hes a doctor” So i think people should really take time in considering who is actually putting this information out there and why they are qualified to tell you about it.

  • Leahrebout

    Exactly they are posting these things making them sound factual and like they researched this topic, which they might have, but it doesn’t make it all true. It’s just hard to know how to decide what to believe and what not to believe.

  • Garrett Nelson

    Very well said in the article Doc Garvin, thanks for sharing! I think so many people have lost the use of common sense because of all the crap we see on TV and on the internet that brainwashes us. The question is what sources are reliable and which sources are believable but falsifying information? If we can spread the word about what’s true and what isn’t about our health than people will stop asking these ridiculous questions about our health. What do you believe is the most efficient way to get truthful facts out to people that will be effective?

  • Kaylie Mae Kuhnke

    agree completely, common sense, i feel like some people have never heard of it. your health isn’t something you should wager on with the new trendy diet or some health craze that just came about, you need to ask where did this information come from and is it trust worthy information.

  • thompsonjm99

    Thank you for your post. People lose their common sense because of all of the environmental factors we are exposed to every day such as television and peer influence. I agree that we must not react to information unless it is from a credible source or we have learned it from experience. We waste our time worrying about things because we don’t think about who said it and how credible the information is. How do we get people away from technology and into the exercising world?

  • warnlofjc20

    The juice vs Monster bit is a really good point in that it shows that little changes like that can have a huge effect on your life. Someone might choose the Monster over juice telling themselves “Oh it’s only once a day” without realizing how much it adds up over time. I think that’s also why so many people aren’t proactive about their health when they’re young is because they think that they’re invincible and that it’ll never happen to them or that any negative repercussions are so far down the line that they don’t have to worry about it for years.

  • warnlofjc20

    Really the only way a person can get away from technology and get out there and make a difference for themselves is if they truly want to do it. There can’t be any outside influence on them, it has to be them really wanting to change to be able to do it.

  • warnlofjc20

    It was in another article that Dr. Garvin wrote but she was saying that if there’s a price tag on the information then it’s not reliable information. It’s a really shady deal but people will tell you anything if it means you’re going to give them money for it.

  • warnlofjc20

    I always think it’s funny in class when a teacher tells you that you can’t use Wikipedia for anything since it’s open source and anyone can edit it. What they don’t realize is that the entire internet is open source and anyone can edit literally anything with little to no effort.

    That’s something that people really need to be incredibly vigilant about, especially in terms of health and dieting. You could get some bad info somewhere and end up doing some serious damage to your body with some ridiculous diet or exercise regiment.

  • Schudakp21

    I have read that article as well. Oh wow there are so many ‘Way too good to be true’ advertisements also a ‘miracle pill’ out there that aggravate me to no end. It makes me mad that these people are becoming rich off of these things when they know that they are really doing to people but they don’t care as long as the money is good. I can’t believe all of the people that actually buy this stuff either. People just look for the fastest way to do things without questioning anything about it. Really sucks that Americans are getting rich on other’s flaws.

  • Schudakp21

    I like your post a lot. It really does come down to common sense which people are starting to lack these days. People would rather be told what they need to do instead of just thinking about it themselves. You wouldn’t believe all of the products these people buy when it should just be common sense that they either do not work or a just bad for you. People are lazy so they will always try to find the fastest way to get something done instead of taking their time.

  • Caleb Franklin

    Thank you for the post. I think one way to counteract when someone says they don’t have the time to focus on health, is to ask them how much time bad health is going to cost them in the future. In one of your other articles(and in class) you talked about how when you lose your health, you lose everything. You lose time to do daily tasks that you need to do, and that’s just on a small scale sickness like the flu. What about heart disease? or lung cancer? Think about all the lost time you get when you develop a disease of that intensity, do you still want to try and say you don’t have time for health?

  • Ryano313

    I agree with your comment and people do need to start asking more questions when it deals with our own health. People are lazy or in too much of a hurry to look for tiny details when it comes to health. They see something that says “fat free” and they assume right away that it is good for you, but that might not be the case

  • Kaylie Mae Kuhnke

    right? you cant always believe what the label says from fast food places. the best way i think is to pack a lunch in the morning for you day that way you have healthy foods available at all times during the day.

  • warnlofjc20

    It really does. Too many people just want that instant gratification without having to put any actual work into it.

  • Luke Drumel

    Unfortunately common sense isn’t so common as people think, and a lot of students get caught up in all the chaos and are always looking for the quick fix. I will take from this article that, I will continue to keep asking questions and seeing if they actually makes sense instead of somebody just blowing smoke.

  • Ryano313

    That is a good way to eat healthy. Making your own lunches is a great idea. Another thing that we have to keep in mind is that we need to reduce our portion sizes, because that is a big factor of why some people do not eat healthy

  • hicksjd11

    Common sense is definitely something that people lack these days. I often hear crazy facts and statistics and wonder if they are true. To find the answer, I either ask someone reliable or use the internet while verifying with multiple sources. Oftentimes, these crazy statistics end up being false or have some sort of hidden catch to them.

  • hicksjd11

    This is true. It’s really unfortunate that it works this way. But really, most people are just in it for the money and don’t care if the information they are selling is true.

  • Eric H

    Thanks for the insightful post. Tons and tons of people look for the internet and other media types for answers. Especially in health, there are so many different BS theories out there that try and suck you in. I wish more people would stop looking for quick answers and start going outside and running a few miles.

  • Eric H

    I agree. Thanks for the post. People are often swayed by marketing and media. They hear a statistic and instantly believe it. Then they go out and tell everyone about it. All of this misinformation is terrible for our society. The internet is full of invalid sources. We need to do what we know is right. Exercise and eat healthy.

  • I find it ridiculous how there are so many products that guarantee fast weight loss within days and pills that promise muscle gain and definition without moving a muscle. I find it even more ridiculous that people are buying into those scams! I can see why they would put their faith in such products – from busy schedules to not knowing what exercises to do (or how to perform them correctly), products that will give them the results they want are more convenient. However, it needs to be understood that there is no quick fix to achieving and maintaining health. Health is a slow, relatively difficult, and lifelong process. The real problem is trying to effectively communicate all of this to those who fall for the scams…
    Awesome article!

  • Kaylie Mae Kuhnke

    very true easy to eat alot of of something cheap instead of eating a little of something healthy. portion sizes is another great way to watch what your eating. great idea!

  • Alyssa Schragen

    I couldn’t agree more. The quick fix is often what most people are looking for. Why wait when you can get results now? Isn’t that what life is all about these days. Everyone is looking for what is convenient. Why do you think that fast food places are so successful, or why technology keeps increasing; everyone wants nothing but the best for the them but are not willing to pay the price.

  • Matthew Manley-Browne

    I totally agree with your comment! It seems that people get so attached to the story that they forget to look at the bigger picture.

  • hmcavey

    One of my favorite one of your quotes is, “compared to what?”. Anyone can publish information and sound credible. Check your sources, check, the site, and check other research that are similar. I mean really, why on earth would someone actually believe that a green tea detox would help shed 5-10 lbs in one week? If you lost that much weight in one week I’d be seeking some medical help asap. Do the basics, tried and true. Eat a healthy, as unprocessed as possible diet, exercise regularly, and don’t let the little things bother you. Thanks Anne!

  • B Keng

    Yes, i agree. Sometimes it is best to use common sense. Not everything needs an Einstein.

  • Kelly Martin

    This is so funny because in today’s world, people want to get rich quick and get skinny quick, no matter what that takes. People do so many unhealthy things to their bodies and they still wonder why they get sick or why their miracle ointments do not work. This article is a perfect reflection of what the world needs to hear and understand. If you just keep a balanced and healthy diet and exercise you will not only lose weight, but clean your system, and feel great. Thanks for writing this article!

  • Ryano313

    Thank you, I am learning a lot on how to be healthier in a class that I am taking right now, very beneficial. In order to be healthy you have to exercise, eat right, and then make sure you get enough sleep

  • DuchAM21

    It seems like marketing and media has really gotten us worried about many products, and their potential dangers. I agree with hmcavey that one of my favorite quotes of Dr. Garvin is “compared to what?”. Our society get’s so focused on how dangerous one product may be, despite the fact that we continue to do things that damage our bodies more, such as tanning, smoking, and drinking.

  • caroleighp

    All the time I hear people saying that the millions of diets they have tried have failed. People convince themselves that absolutely nothing will work. Industries make so much money off of us by selling us premade meals and books about secret crazy methods that will make you lose 10 pounds in a week. Somewhere along the line we forget none of it makes sense at all. Not even the idea of a diet makes sense. If you only change the way you eat for a short period of time and then go back to the eating habits you had before, any weight you might have lost with a diet will return. If you are unhappy with your health change your lifestyle. I like how you encourage people to do what makes sense.

  • Abby2017

    These are good points about things we waste time worrying about. We focus on the littlest things and get all hyped up because the media/ news tells us to. We should exercise and eat right for starts. I like how the article says ” Where did the information come from?” and ” Does it make sense?” We never think about these questions and we always jump to conclusion and assume that all the information we receive during the day is true. We automatically think and don’t think ourselves. These are good questions we need to remember to ask ourselves.

  • AndreaOlsen22

    The internet, advertising, and marketing has really destroyed people’s common sense. We tend to believe everything we hear and that’s a problem. Maybe the crazy fact we heard is somewhat true, but also, maybe it isn’t true in the least bit? We need to stop worrying about the little things in the world that can harm us and look at the big picture. The examples you used were eye opening. Yeah, it sounds silly that a bra could give you breast cancer, maybe it’s true maybe it’s not, I don’t know! It doesn’t really matter though. We know that keeping our body’s healthy keeps away disease, so why can’t we just do that simple thing and forget about everything else for once?

  • BastarKm06

    The internet is destroying people. Everyone is relying on it and not everything that’s on it is completely true, yet people believe it. Health is a big topic people look on the internet about, and a lot of time people believe untrue things about it, just because they see it somewhere. Credible sources, people. Make sure the sources are credible.

  • leeana liska

    Although media has a major role in influencing the health behavior of people, its hard to determine what is true and what isn’t in America. Its not only the media that lies to us, but also marketing on food and hygiene packages. If we can’t believe the things we see on the internet, and we can’t believe the things that we buy from the stores with labels saying “100% whole wheat”, “light” and made from “natural” products, then what can we believe when it comes to our health? Buying food and products is not something that we can avoid living with, and we are being taken advantage of not by our lack of common sense, but also by a lack of knowledge of what companies are actually selling.

  • Alexa A Dralle

    For some reason this article has me thinking about Dr. Oz. How he is constantly scaring middle-aged women into doing ridiculous things to make them a better, healthier person. Any person educated in health knows that everything he endorses is utterly bogus, yet so many people think that they need to by the next new product so they can loose weight, a lot of it, and fast.

  • Michellelele123

    YESS!!! when Dr. Oz first started airing on daytime tv I’d find myself watching and wanting to believe the things he said…but I very soon learned he was full of crap and you’re exactly right when you said scaring middle-aged women…..My mother told me she needed to start getting more exercise and she was thinking of jogging but then watched Dr. Oz , who told her that jogging would make the skin on her face ‘move up and down too much while in motion which will lead to saggier skin’ I was flabbergasted.

  • Sarah Kasiurak

    I agree with you! It is so hard to determine what we should believe with the media persuading us one way and only telling us the positives of their product. They don’t mention the risks or unhealthiness of certain foods. Misread product labels is a BIG problem Americans face as well. Everyone seems uneducated when it comes to reading labels and knowing if they are actually healthy. I think that labels should be easier to read and understand so others can be more aware of what they are putting onto their bodies.

  • Alexa A Dralle

    Oh jeez. Thats terrible! The only reason that people believe this stuff, is because they want life to be easier. Sure take a pill to look good because it is SO much more convenient than jogging. Who cares what the professionals say.

  • Michellelele123

    Soo true!! Americans are getting fat and lazy and always trying to find the quickest easiest way with the least amount of work! I’m not gonna lie if I could get away with getting in shape without moving – I would! Lol

  • Emily Krueger

    Thank you for being sharing these three questions from your students. I did not really think about these topics but now I have learn some interesting information about these health questions. Now I can go share this information learn from this blog with my friend and family memebers to educate them on these topics as well.

  • struckml03

    I for sure agree on asking yourself first the two questions – Where does this information come from and does it make sense? But I also believe you should ask yourself what are the statistics of it. Finding that research is important – thats how things are stated what they are anyways. The question about the underwire bra giving cancer I do believe is true. I know someone who never wore underwire bras and never got breast cancer. Now, obviously she could just have gotten lucky but it makes sense. I hear quite often (which really makes me think!) about Victoria Secret bras and underwear. They are not good for you. I hear about the bras causing cancer and its just scary. Now, this might be a little personal but the underwear I now for certain is not good for you. I have all only Victoria Secret underwear and have been having some personal problems from that underwear. I stopped wearing Victoria Secret underwear and switched over to a different type and my problems disappeared….im telling you – DO NOT wear all victoria secret underwear every day. Eventually you will regret it.

  • Colin HIckey

    I completely agree with this response. I also am the person to over exaggerate my sickness. One time i thought I was going to die from hypothermia after 3 hours in the cold and turning a little blue on my hands and feet. Half of the time the sickness is in your head and the internet is feeding that. People on the internet are trying to sell their products and we look at these when we are sick and assume the worst. This is what these people want so that we will buy their product. In reality, these small changes to our health can really make the difference, especially when it is instead of some silly internet product.

  • barema28

    Knowing where the information comes from is so key. People are so quick to believe every thing that they read or see and we need to step back and really look at what it is those things are saying. If it brings question to you, research. I agree with the point, “just go exercise. That makes sense.” A lot of things aren’t going to make sense, there is always going to be a new fad diet that just doesn’t make any sense, before trying it, research what its all about. Or don’t. And eat fruits and veggies and exercise.

  • Kyle Gettelman

    It is amazing how we do not pay attention to the source of information. We just assume that our “buzzfeed” article is accurate and true. Alot of this has to do with what was posted in the article, which is the “fear factor”. People are constantly asking themselves, or worrying about, if these things are going to hurt us in some way, shape or form. Never do we sit down and think, is this really accurate? Does this make sense? (Like you mentioned) Those thoughts never cross our mind. We need a mechanical boot that is spring loaded and monitors our brain activity so that when we worry about something we read online, it kicks us i the ass. Give us the realization that we should be looking at the validity of the source, and then research the topic further, if it bothers you. With the examples of the students and their questions, it seemed important to them, but if it was just something they wanted to know for sh*ts and giggles, they then should just drop the subject and find out something else interesting that is relative to the general topic!

  • Kayla Martin

    I think it is funny what some people will believe. Sometimes I don’t think that people really think about what they are listening too. Most health classes from high school would have told you that these things are not right. It is crazy to me how most people can read something on the internet and just believe it. Maybe it is just because I grew up around swimming and we had health people come in and talk to us once a month or nutritionist come in, but I thought it was common knowledge that you should do a cleanse, or that splenda being a molecule away from formaldehyde didn’t mean anything.

  • Julia

    I feel like a lot of people resort to the internet for answers, which is not a good thing. Personally, I know I do that. I use to go on the internet to figure out “what was wrong with me.” Basically, for some sort of diagnosis. And what did I get? I either got garbage information or I thought I was dying. I would say it is safe to say I learned my lesson and hope nobody else does the same!

  • Jcwilson480

    This is exactly how I feel ( minus the wire bra). Like is this even worth my time keep this up or do I have the time to do this. It seems like you never can have wrought time in kne life.

  • Alexa A Dralle

    Exactly, because we run on convenience. If people are persuading us that a pill will work better than a healthy diet, or better than exercise, then of course we are going to take the easy way out. Because life is already hard enough, one less problem would be fantastic. They are so good at persuasion too! Before after photos are so convincing and look so real. We want to believe that the easy way out actually works, so we try it.

  • Garrett Nelson

    I think for some situations the internet can be a good tool (and time saver! Which is why most people use it), but ultimately consulting your health with a doctor is probably your best bet. Not only a primary source for information, but they can help diagnose any conditions you may have. Thanks for sharing!

  • Garrett Nelson

    Well said, I think pretty much anything you read on the internet today, not even just health and nutrition, needs to be read with the utmost idea that it could falsified information. For the most part you can probably get a general idea of a question you have or a symptom you might look up, but typically never the full answer. A lot of this has to do with developing technology, making things easier for us to do to save time, and ultimately giving us poor sources of info. Thanks for the post!

  • Garrett Nelson

    Do you believe having the statistics to back up certain information is the most valuable and reliable source? Or do you think hearing personal stories or events makes it more believable in terms of finding a good source? In my opinion, statistics can be skewed in a way to make you think one way while other important information is withheld to make you believe a certain thing. Obviously not all statistical analysis is like this, but I definitely don’t always trust the internet with what it shows me from a statistical standpoint. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kyle Gettelman

    Haha, I do like the point of falsified information, especially when it comes to using the internet to figure out your illness…..”I have a cough” *looks on Medical sites* *thinks he has every known illness*!! But the thing is, the adults (the ones in the early adult section) are becoming our generation and we have been taught how to look for credible information on the internet (even if you did not go to college), and yet we still do it consistently. Why would that be? How have we not learned from the education that we have, which is better than most parts of the world?

  • hansends21

    This article makes me think about all the excuses I hear from people of why they do not excercise. “There is no time, I don’t want people to look at me, I should really be getting work done instead, blah blah blah.” I always laugh inside when I hear these because a one hour workout is 4% of your day, you do have time. To think, your body does so much for you every day, and you can’t repay it by eating a little better and going for an extra 20 minute walk at least, then you are selfish. Selfish, selfish, selfish. No one likes a selfish person, especially not your body.

  • struckml03

    Yeah. I agree with what you are saying. I do believe statistics, but I also believe personal stories – evidence. Like I said, I personally have witnessed changes myself so putting two and two together just make sense for me. I feel if I have a personal experience with something AND statistics show it, I 100% believe it. I am a firm believer in both evidence from personal stories and statistics.

  • alexlavine

    We as a society want immediate satisfaction and all the fad dieting ideas that are discussed fulfill our need for our immediate satisfaction… or at least claim that they will cure of us from being overweight. The magic is there no is no magic… I have learned a lot from Ann Garvin’s Nutrition class about how companies market and promote their products and that we can’t believe what we see or hear. Instead, she has educated us to be informed consumers who can know what foods are good for us. Over the past two weeks I have changed my diet and tried to eat more well balanced foods and I feel better. What I take from this article is what I have taken from Ann’s classes thus far… Be an educated consumer, don’t believe everything you hear, and look for science not testimonials.

  • Ashley Gardner

    I was present in class when someone made a comment about splenda. The sad part is, I have also heard that and questioned whether to believe it or not. Yes, it could be true, but the reason behind it being bad for you is not because of that. It is bad for you because it is made up of a ton of artifical flavors and ingredients that no one can even pernnounce. The diet cleanses are the easy way out. Yes, you will probably lose weight doing it, but once you start eating “normal” again you will gain all the weight back and more. Becuause you deprived your body of the food you crave and you slowed your metabolism down in the process.

  • Samantha Lavenau

    I was present in class when we talked about juicing, and how it is like pouring sugar down your throat. There are only short term benefits, if any with a juice cleanse. Your stomach muscles stop contracting when your food is in liquid form. This also slows down your metabolism, and like Ashley said you will gain it all back within three weeks.

  • Caroleigh Perkins

    The worst part about people not working out or eating healthy is that not only are they being selfish to their body, but if they actually took the time to take care of themselves, their body would selflessly reward them! By working out they would be less stressed, improve their cardiovascular health, and have more energy throughout the day–heck they might even lose some weight too. It’s so strange that people make excuses to keep themselves feeling bad.

  • Caroleigh Perkins

    I agree with you as well. Unfortunately food labeling can be very sneaky. The general interest of companies selling food is not to create a healthy product, but to create products that will make them money. By adding words to their label to make their products seem healthier, they trick the people who are looking out for their health into buying their products (therefore expanding their customer base). It is unfortunate that better regulations are not put into place.

  • Caroleigh Perkins

    I agree with everything you said in your comment. I find it funny that people will do absolutely crazy things to find a fast way to get skinny. They will literally starve themselves and experience tons of discomfort in an attempt to lose weight quickly. If people redirected their determination into losing weight in a healthy way, yeah it would take longer, but they would have long lasting results and actually feel good in the process.

  • Caroleigh Perkins

    You couldn’t have said it better. I never thought of those products as being scams, I mean I knew it was ridiculous, but you are right. These companys are just putting labels on bottles that might as well contain skittles. It is really, really sad how many people end up wasting their money.

  • Caroleigh Perkins

    My roommate was always telling me that walking is just as healthy as running and burn just as many calories. It always frustrated me because I felt like she was implying I was just being a show off or overachiever by running. When I actually looked into the claim I learned that this is only true as far as distance goes. So yes, running 1 mile will burn the same about of calories as walking 1 mile, but you have to spend way more time walking to burn the same amount of calories as running. So there’s the catch.

  • Tyler Mueller

    I completely agree with you on the Dr. Oz. My mom was always a believer in everything Dr. Oz. would say on his show, and every time I told her it’s just a way for him to make easy
    money she wouldn’t believe me. Living a healthy life is simple, and that is to
    get enough sleep, eat more carbohydrates, reduce trans-fat, and stay active.
    There is no need to pay all this money to “live a better life” when
    in reality it’s a simple solution, but it just takes a little extra time, and

  • Alexa A Dralle

    Yes this is very true. People don’t want to have to work for a perfect body, they want the simple way out so they treat their body poorly, take magic pill, and complain about their lack of results. They fail to see that eat, sleep, and exercise are what is really going to work and make them look and feel amazing.

  • Anthony Davis

    I feel as though a lot of individuals go day to day with the idea that a lot of things are bad for them, and they have misconceptions about the things that are good for them. To start a healthy lifestyle individuals need to do their research and see what is really good for them. Because most people are to busy worrying about nonsence ideas they are not as concerned with the thing that is the most important being health. Individuals that are stuggling need to take a look at what is most important and then weigh out the consiquences.

  • RadebaugVP02

    I feel like the internet has had a major effect on all of our opinions regarding health, when really it is all common sense. People hear about all these new amazing diets, weight loss pills, etc. and rely on the internet among other things to give them these answers on what will work for them. In my opinion its all common sense, if you want to do whats best for your health simply exercise, eat well, and get sleep. For those that do need a little extra help, dietitians are available to push you in the right direction.

  • catec18

    I think this makes total sense. It is the reason why certain websites aren’t acceptable when we do research for papers in classes. If we have to keep digging for information to write a research paper, you would think we could spend a little more time researching for our own health to make sure the article we are reading are accurate and credible. Just like for academia we have to make sure the source is credible. I think this goes right along with the reason why people believe information right away. People are lazy and don’t want to actually take the time to research about their health. They’ll take the first article off of yahoo news and call it a day. If we spent as much time on our health as we do research papers, maybe we could be as healthy as we are smart.


    Although it truly is humorous what some people will believe regarding their health, it’s also extremely disheartening at the same time. It saddens me how misinformed people are in today’s society. The topics that receive the most attention regarding health are typically those that matter the least in the long run. Americans overcomplicate weight loss and health in general so much, when the truth is that once you know the facts, losing weight and doing what we can to stay healthy is generally quite simple. As a future health promotion professional, I look forward to educating people on the simple truths about health. These simple truths can make the world of a difference.

  • pdeese

    A great post to remind me to keep it simple. I know the answers, I just choose not to apply the ones that would take time away from what ever I am currently doing.

  • Skalahe13

    This is a great post. People make health much harder than it really is. The world just needs to stop and think logically for a second and not believe everything that they hear. If they actually are considering something that they hear they should research it and see if reputable sources are backing the information. Health can be hard but its not as hard as we make it seem.

  • Faisal AH

    The internet is a good recorce to get information about your health but most of the time that most of the information are wrong and you do not want to wast your time to look up for wrong info. so go to a doctor a make a check up and make sure of everything and the doctor will tell you the right answers for all your questions.

  • Lindsey Kessler

    My dad told me yesterday, while smoking a cigarette, that sweet potatoes are one of the top five foods you should NEVER eat.

  • Jennifer Diaz

    Some people rely on the internet way too much. I have known people that have a slight cold to google their symptoms and the internet would say they have a horrible virus. Agh, really? I’m sure your doctor would say something different.

  • Chelsea Haffele

    There will always be fad diets and people will always fall for it. I also agree that just exercising and eating better than you have in the past is the key to being healthy

  • Anniep1023

    People are quick to believe rumors and conspiracies. If one individual says something (true or untrue), it is likely to spread like wildfire. This causes confusion within our society about what is actually good or bad for you. By really doing research from credible resources, you are more likely to have the correct information and therefore make more mindful and healthy decisions about your overall health.

  • purperoar21

    We want to believe weird facts for the sake of them being quirky and interesting. However, I agree that it is important that we stray away from seeing any fact that seems bizarre as credible. Sticking to common sense and learning from there what is factual information. There is a lot of controversy and plenty of opinions in the health world, while we will never achieve a mutual agreement all health related issues it is important that we do not let the media or rumors manipulate common sense or intuition.

  • MattDennert

    People are so worried about what might be bad for you when there is plenty of things that we know are already good for us that we should not have to worry about the bad stuff. Plus have one of the bad things every once in awhile is going to give you cancer.

  • Anthony Davis

    I agree with your post and I feel that most people go out of the way to believe things that are more unreasonable and shocking. Facts on fast foods and high caloric dense foods are overlooked and habits turn into obesity, heart disease and heart attacks. Individuals need to start with the baby steps and relate to information that is credible.

  • Sara Fuller

    My roommate is an environmental science major and recently told me that in one of her classes they learned that even if the package of food says organic that it still has pesticides on it. Apparently the FDA says that they must use some sort of chemicals on the product. I don’t know if this is true or not but I just thought I would bring that to the table.

  • rntom

    I always wondered about silly questions like that and thought is it this really a question people are asking each other? With all that’s going on in the world, the internet rears its ugly head and turns us into little ignorant monsters when the information is right in front of us to experience.

  • Ashley Gardner

    I couldn’t of said it better myself! Common sense is so underrated these days. People hear some cool fact and post it all over social media, till eventually so many people believe such silly information. Health can be a dangerous faulty fact. We need to stick to our common sense when it comes to listening to crazy facts and ideas about it.

  • milkienr18

    I agree that common sense has gone out the window. I also agree that the internet and media makes us believe all of these ludicrous ideas. Finally that if we just and took the time to research these ridiculous questions that we would realize that the media is full of crap and should not believe anything and take a second to think about what we are asking.

  • CamilleYip

    I think that not only do we hear ridiculous facts from the media and other internet posts but once we hear of these ridiculous facts we go on to tell a countless number of our friends without realizing that we are spreading ideas that make absolutely no sense.

  • wegener61

    Really enjoyed this quote because it’s the brutal truth, “I sometimes wonder where our common sense has gone. I only partially blame the question-askers for their fears. I do blame the internet, fringe media, and late night infomercials” Media influence in our lives is so expansive that it’s hard to have common sense without some clever marketing strategy interfering. You actually have to do research to know the facts these days..

  • Erin

    The internet has gotten out of hand and led us to losing our common sense. People can not believe everything they hear or read so I think it is a good idea to stop and think where is the information coming from and does it make sense. If there isn’t any logic information supporting an idea then it probably is not true. I love how you say, “step away from the internet and get some exercise”. Everyone really should do that. If we all spent the amount of time we spend on the internet on exercise instead we would be a completely different society. Much healthier, physically, mentally, and socially.

  • Erin

    Yes this is a huge problem. I know so many people that will go to google for everything and the more and more you click on things the worse it is going to get. The internet can really be dangerous if you don’t know how to separate the true from the false. Knowing what type of cites are actually reliable could help a lot. Some things found online can be very resourceful but if you are just going on random cites and clicking the first thing you see then you most likely are not getting your most reliable information.

  • Ryan Dow

    Really enjoyed the examples that were given within the article. It really shows that you can’t take in what everybody says.

  • flaschbm09

    I agree with what everyone is saying. The internet is so confusing and tends to confuse people all the time, not just with health information but also with things as stupid as which celebrity is dating who or who’s cheating on who. It’s important to know where the information is coming from and to find the actual source. I’m not a health or fitness major so for me to know what information is relevant or true with regards to these things is often hard. I feel that when in doubt, as long as you’re moving, eat plenty of fruits and veggies and less meat, you should be in the clear.

  • DavidMizelle1

    I often (sarcastically) say that “Everything causes cancer”, because of the amount of information that is out there about the harmful effects of everyday products that we use. Statistics and research can be wonderful things when applied in the right circumstances, but who even thinks to test under wire in a bra without some ulterior motive? That’s why I enjoyed the common sense mention in this article and why I think it applies to educating yourself and others about health.

  • Jenna

    Definitely not all things on the internet are true! There are few legitimate sources for various types of information. It is sickening how much false information is on the internet. Therefore, living your life is something that you can do. Common sense isn’t so common anymore…that’s for sure. It is soooo sad. One person will say/post something online, one person will read it, and that person will tell 5 people, and those 5 people will tell 5 more people! It’s a never-ending cycle until the whole world knows!

  • FalkinerRR23

    This makes total sense and the examples just go to show that people really do believe that stuff whether it false information or not. Most people hear it once and believe it. They do not take the time to research it or use their common sense

  • kwit21

    I love how you say stop wasting your time. Often many people complain they don’t have enough time to do everything they want to get done, yet they have time to worry about things that make no difference to them and things they don’t even need to worry about. In the time they waste worrying about the unneeded they could have gotten much more important things done.

  • ryanstorto

    I enjoy reading your blogs as they are eye opening. It’s like we actually get to hear the reality for once instead of all the myths on the internet. I feel like people will read things and do damaging things to their body thinking it is helping them, but I am learning what is actually good and what is actually bad from you. I also really like the title because doing these pointless things to your body truly is a waste of time.

  • alexlavine

    I think it is really common that people believe what they want to hear. They want a quick solution to their problem. Sometimes you cant blame people though because their is so much misinformation out there.

  • Austin Jones

    people (including myself) need to be more educated and less desperate for health answers. i feel like companies in the health and fitness world commonly take advantage of the gullibility of our society when it comes to our health. Education people!

  • JeremyWahl

    I agree with you. I think that a lot of health professionals try brain washing people just to sell a product even though that product might not be right. The problem is that people believe everything they hear and see without asking questions.

  • McKenzie Foster

    This article is really helpful because I always notice myself questioning silly stuff like that and believing the cheesy infomercials and everything on the internet. One thing that is always true is that exercise is good for you and your body no matter what. So what I need to do is just not listen to any of that crap anymore and exercise. No questions asked, just start exercising till I can’t exercise no more.

  • Sarah Reynolds

    I agree, I find myself believing the silly stuff that just doesn’t make any sense if you really think about and like that article said I believe
    that we think about these things out of fear of not knowing the truth. And instead of wasting time thinking about how these silly things scary us, we need to do something that we know is safe and that is exercising and completely forgetting about those things.

  • Elaminsj25

    It is rather amusing that people will believe anything they hear or read from the internet. It is,however, sometimes difficult to distinguish what’s true from what is false. Sometimes I wonder why some people have so much time on their hands to make up ridiculous things and pass them on as factual information. I’ve definitely heard that sleeping with a bra on can give you cancer. I’ve never known how true it was or what could possibly cause it. But I will admit that I stopped doing it. Regardless, I try to exercise often so at least I’m doing something good for myself.

  • alexlavine

    I feel when I exercise I end being so much more productive. I feel happier about myself and have more drive to get my work done. I feel I am much more productive during the warmer seasons because that’s when I tend to be most active.

  • alexlavine

    Well that makes sense!

  • Samantha Lavenau

    I follow a bunch of fitness people on instagram and they all say that their workout plans will help me lose 20 pounds in one month. I always want to give in and try these products but I know they cannot be healthy and right for my body because they are so unrealistic! Just working out consistently and eating a balanced diet is what will make you happy, and save your money!

  • Samantha Lavenau

    I agree with you Austin! When I first started my fitness journey I wanted magic pills and tedious workout plans, but in the end that was just a waste of money! I felt dumb for even trying such unrealistic plans. The best way is to workout and eat healthy and the results will come without you knowing it!

  • mindhamrr11

    These questions seem stupid, but I can understand where people got them from. Facebook if filled with ads of products that all claim outrageous things. Either way, people should know by now there is no magic pill. A healthy diet and exercise are always going to be the way to go with adequate sleep at night.

  • Austin Jones

    Girl i am the same when im on my gram. I see a jacked guy with a bunch of follwers and assume he knows the secret! when really there is no secret. hard work and a strict diet is truly the only way! steriod might help too but im just not into that stuff. maybe I should stop following jacked dudes on the gram…..

  • Katie Germain

    We are given bits of information on the daily, whether they are true or false, so I can see why people sometimes ask nonsense questions. But if people are really questioning things that involve their health then they should do their research on it!

  • Katie Germain

    I follow a ton of fitness accounts as well but sometimes I question whether they would really work in a healthy way or if they are just trying to promote their products to make money. I think the best ways to earn the body we are looking for is to keep our health goals in mind and keep to a strict diet and workout plan.

  • Katie Germain

    I always believe silly little articles I see on Facebook and then feel dumb after I believe them because everything they wrote about is completely untrue. I need to realize that the best thing I can do for my body is eat clean and workout. Believing the silly healthy products they try to sell online is just dumb and I definitely don’t want to waste my money on that!

  • Katie Germain

    You make such a good point Austin! I think educating ourselves is the best thing we can do and then people will stop believing that all of those silly products will help them lose weight. Most of those products sold are unhealthy and if people took the time to educate themselves, they would understand that the way to a happy, healthy life is to workout, eat clean, and get a good night’s sleep every day.

  • Katie Germain

    I did that as well Samantha. I think it is very easy to believe that things such as diet pills or diet products are an easier way to lose weight than going to the gym. But really, those are not the healthy way to go. I wasted so much money as well on those kinds of things but now that I know that they aren’t the key to a healthy life, I just try to follow my workout schedule and eating plan!

  • Katie Germain

    You’re very right! I think it is easier for people to believe things they hear rather than to look it up and do their research on it. People take the lazy way out and don’t question anything.

  • Katie Germain

    I agree! I think sometimes people just immediately assume things are true, when really they are the furthest thing from it. There are all kinds of silly articles all over social media sites and when people read the articles, they forget their common sense and think they are right. Not everything on Facebook is true! We need to remember to ask questions and do our research.

  • Katie Germain

    Both of you make such a strong point. I don’t understand why people put their bodies through so many unhealthy methods to try to lose weight. Half the time, when they lose the weight the unhealthy way they gain the weight again shortly after anyways. Be good to your body! Exercise and eat healthy! You’ll live a much happier life.

  • Katie Germain

    I agree! It can be very hard to shop healthy nowadays because products that you think are healthy are actually filled with tons of sugar or artificial ingredients. Unfortunately, companies are more concerned with making money than the health of their consumers.

  • Kent Miehe

    Thank you for sharing! I agree that many people are so worried about nonsense things that their health sometimes declines instead of improving. Whenever we hear any kind of health information, we are quick to think that whatever we hear is true and that we have to, for some reason, change what we are doing for our health. This only wastes our time when we try to pursue a healthy lifestyle. If we can just use our common sense when it comes to our health, we will find that it’s not as hard to be healthy as we might think.

  • Kent Miehe

    I totally agree with your statement. People try to come up with these crazy, new ideas and make it seem like they have uncovered the greatest discovery in the health field. The facts have been out there for so many years, yet people want the quickest, easiest way to stay healthy. This leads to them coming across those bogus articles that simply aren’t true. If we take the time now to find factual information, it will save us from losing time in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kent Miehe

    I totally agree! Food and health companies that are well-known can easily persuade people to buy into whatever they are promoting. Sometimes, however, we get caught in believing everything they say, even when their information is totally false. We need to start contextualizing our health and make realistic comparisons to stay healthy. Just because an idea is popular, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kent Miehe

    I totally agree! When people say they don’t have enough time, it is often, like you said, a direct result of them wasting their time with the health information that is misleading. It can be hard to manage your time wisely looking for real, legit health information. But if we can spend just a little time recognizing what is ACTUALLY good and bad for our health, we can make a big step in gaining some of our time back into our schedules. Thanks for sharing!

  • Taysia Justus

    I love that you brought up the “gives you cancer” statement. According to what we hear from all the nonsense news articles, I feel as though everything, literally everything will “give you cancer”.

  • Taysia Justus

    I love how you said “less desperate”. That’s exactly it. We need to take the time to educate ourselves with factual information rather than get the desperate answer we are looking for from sources such as Google.

  • byrnesbk24

    Your not alone. A lot of people tend to be less active in the winter. it can be hard to get up when its dark out still or want to be active when its cold. Plus you add in the holidays and things can get busy. This is also why its so important to force yourself to exercise. Holiday eating can have big effects on people, in a bad. People will ask What is the best exercise to do” and its the one that YOU will do and stick to.

  • Kaila Witthun

    I agree, if we could just spend a little time recognizing what is actually good and bad for out health, we can get valuable time back. In the world we live in every little piece of time we can get it important. It could make all of the difference.

  • Thumbs_up

    Really nice. I just do not know how many people like those who you sited in the article get this misinformation. Some of them does not even make any sense. Good tips for those who believe easily in everything.

  • Travis Mattice

    I agree with Alex. Sometimes it can be tough to find that motivation to exercise, but when you do productivity for other things seems to go up too.

  • CPanella1

    I agree that we are filling our filling our minds with information that is unnecessary and forget to focus on the important information. Get a credible source and do some research of your own before jumping to conclusions.

  • Will Ettl

    I believe this is true in many cases. We all learn something new every day where we want to or not but in the end we always do. As a group of people we need to understand that we should test what we here and not just say “ohh that sounds correct”. More people need research and understand something before they blurt it out and not have anything to back it up besides I heard it from this place.

  • Timothy Joseph Basaldua

    It’s important do to some research about products you use, but it takes a lot of time and energy worrying about all of the possible side effects that it has. It’s one thing to take precautions, but it’s another thing to believe everything that you read about the products you are using. Talk to the experts, but get second options. Don’t always believe the first thing that you hear. We are sometimes quick to jump to conclusions, so it’s important to consider the pros and cons of each product.

  • Timothy Joseph Basaldua

    I have spent so much money on diet pills and meal replacements. It was just a waste of time, money, and energy. I think it is practical for a person who has 100% of their time devoted to their physical health, but lets face it. A lot of us are working full time, going to school full time, taking care of families, etc. I agree that it’s important to stick to a plan that works for you and following it. Don’t think of it as a diet. Think of it as a lifestyle change. I feel much more happier and successful if I don’t have that pressure of following a strict diet or exercise regimen. It’s important to be strict, but to be flexible as well.

  • Alex Marski

    I hear this everyday from people that go out drinking. they use the “zero cal” water or juice and think they are making a healthy choice in life as they are consuming 10 drinks a night several times a week. but then don’t understand how there not losing weight. I agree if people take the time to educate themselves about something their passionate for they will understand that these marketing tactics wont lose them weight.

  • Nathan Tessar

    I agree with Alex. Exercise helps me especially with my ADD strictly because after a work out I am more alert and ready to study for the rest of the night. When, I do not work out on a specific night, it tends to take longer for me to do my homework and concentrate on a specific things.

  • Leah Renee

    This is so true. So many of us hear these types of things and freak out about it or just say something like “whatever, everything gives you cancer” and use it as an excuse to do nothing or to do whatever we want. But then the things that we know are true and are easy to do, like eating vegetables or getting up and going for a walk, so many are not willing to do.

  • Paige Cuchna

    I can understand why people ask ridiculous questions like this. True or false, we learn new information on the daily and its up to yourself to figure out what is right from wrong. Educate yourself, dont just assume.

  • Emily Krueger

    Thank you for being sharing these three questions from your students. I did not really think about these topics but now I have learn some interesting information about these health questions. Now I can go share this information learn from this blog with my friend and family memebers to educate them on these topics as well.

  • Marlee Williams

    It’s funny because I’ve definitely heard all three of those questions/false statements from people before. My reaction: “Huh….???” People waste so much time and energy on things that don’t really matter or aren’t important, and don’t spend enough time and energy on things that DO matter. My roommate is always doing these stupid juice cleanses and foodless fasts because she wants to “cleanse her body of toxins”, yet she still binge drinks and eats McDonald’s on the weekends. I think to myself: If your health is that important to you that you’ll starve yourself, why not just stop drinking alcohol and eating fast food, and make better choices? That way you won’t have to drink juice for a week straight and hate your life. Just sayin’.

  • Marlee Williams

    I agree with you Katie. The only way to really know if something you’re hearing is true is to research it. The only issue with that is that sometimes there can be false information on the internet as well. People must be smart and make sure they’re getting their information from credible sources.

  • Marlee Williams

    This is so true! I’ve finally realized that there’s really no such thing as magic diet pills. Every type of diet pill says “Must be taken along with dieting and exercising.” I find that funny because people would lose weight anyway if they dieted and exercised, and wouldn’t even have to spend money on that pill in the first place. Silly silly silly, I tell ya.

  • Desiree

    I feel that also people waste time on not being healthy because of our generation. Many kids in this century now are obese and when it comes to being healthy they look right past because they think that’s a waste of time. Kids now a days prefer to be lazy and even if they do have a busy schedule their breaks whenever they get them isn’t about being active they just choose to sit and stare at the tv when you could be doing is getting yourself healthy by eating right and exercising.

  • mindhamrr11

    I agree with your perception of kids today. So many kids are obese today due to not exercising and poor eating. I feel like parents today are at blame too because they just don’t know how to say no anymore. Parents don’t want to be the “boring” parents, so they allow their children to get away with things they shouldn’t be able to.

  • mindhamrr11

    I like your point about how so many people now days are quick to believe what they hear. I see people not even look at the list of ingredients is products, but rather, just read the claims on the from of the product and buy it. They don’t realize that the claims may not even be true, but they believe it anyways.

  • mindhamrr11

    I like your point about how people will believe anything on the internet. It’s amazing at the amount of scams that are on Facebook now days, and some people actually believe it. I see it all the time with ads promoting some product that will get you ripped in weeks, and that’s how all the celebrities got jacked, and every time you click on the product, it’s a different one with the same pictures of “people who used the product.” Make me laugh.

  • afallon14

    I agree with your comment that points out when people start believing everything they hear about something that may harm their health and they are super quick to change their lifestyle in that way. Most of the time when I hear questions and comments like the ones shared, I usually don’t believe them because it is mostly all hyped up and it is definitely not worth changing out health and lifestyle for because most of the time they are not true and people are freaking out about something for absolutely nothing. It isn’t hard to dedicate yourself to finding what is healthy and what works for you and your lifestyle.

  • Lindsay Jakubik

    This article made my laugh honestly. I always go right to WebMd when I’m worried about silly health concerns and think to myself, “oh god….I have xyz” and I have realized over the years how ridiculous that is! The amount of sleep I lost worrying over a stomach ache or excessive bloating thinking my body was failing at something, when really it is doing its job just fine. Too many people worry about things they don’t need to be, and worry too little about things they can control like heart disease and obesity with a healthy lifestyle. Instead of fixing their life style, most people sweat about what their headache is diagnosed to be via google.

  • Lindsay Jakubik

    So true! People worry about how their everyday life style will give them cancer like wearing deodorant, using a microwave to reheat food, soaps and detergents seeping into your pores and all that stupid stuff you hear about. People don’t utilize that a healthy lifestyle is the key fighter to preventing all disease and lowers all risks, but instead they like to worry about things they read on the internet than going for a walk, hitting the gym or joining a intramural and eating healthy.

  • Lindsay Jakubik

    Exactly! The real problem for our health is our lifestyle. And by lifestyle, healthy choices consist of exercise and nutrition, yet people worry about things that aren’t much in their control like wearing deodorant, or using a microwave to reheat food, or even thinking soaps and detergents seeping into your pores through your clothes. But the key fighter to preventing all disease and lowers all risks is diet and exercise, Get off the internet, go for a walk, hit the gym or join a intramural and eat some veggies.

  • Lindsay Jakubik

    People should be less concerned with googling things that cause cancer and disease and focus more on common sense like diet and exercise. Nothing out ways the crap you eat and a healthy life style is the only actual way to prevent disease and lower all risks.

  • Lindsay Jakubik

    Agreed! I admit I’m the first person to google my symptoms when I’m sick and tend to freak myself out. I’m very conscious of my health and lifestyle, yet I worry about unavoidable things like many other people. The key preventative is diet and exercise and everyone should utilize that information and forget all the other crap out there!

  • Brady

    Ann has said all of these same things in her lecture, and reading this just reiterates the points. Good stuff!

  • Brady

    I disagree. Parents can be to blame somewhat, but the changing of society as a whole is to blame. With more and more technology available for today’s youth, it is hard to blame the parents.

  • Tyler Hebert

    Love how sarcastic Ann can be. Reading her response to these questions, I can just picture her saying them and hear her voice…too funny. My favorite thing she said in this article was “If you really want to save the world, step away from the internet and get some exercise. That makes sense.” I really like this because I completely agree and people spend way to much time online thinking that they are going to make a difference and become healthier when they are wasting the time where they could be exercising, eating healthy, and being productive.

  • kgonyo

    I think it’s so easy to hear things being blown up in the media and begin to freak out about them before we even hear the information from a reputable source. These topics become more of a trend on social media than anything else – they’re trending because of how ridiculous they are.

  • DavidMizelle1

    I’m definitely guilty of this. Usually I’ll say “I’ve heard” or “someone told me” to help qualify the fact that I didn’t get the information first hand from a reliable source, but once that seed is planted in your head it’s sometimes hard to think about the source and easy to focus on the information itself.

  • DavidMizelle1

    I don’t watch Dr. Oz, but there are plenty of people out there just like him. I think there are very few instances where using a product to help lose weight is necessary, and I’m sure many of the things he endorses are potentially unsafe if not used correctly. It’s sad that people are willing to do things like that just to make money.

  • DavidMizelle1

    Buzzfeed is the absolute worst. I think part of the reason that we are too trusting of sources is because not that long ago our world didn’t have the wealth of information out there and if someone paid for something to be put into print we assumed it had to be valid and worthwhile. This is no longer the case where any of us can create websites, change wikipedia entries, etc. Hopefully younger generations are given more training in this area because the amount of information available is only going to continue to grow.

  • DavidMizelle1

    The sad part is that articles about health are so widely viewed because everyone is interested in becoming more healthy. We click the articles, the companies see it and pump out nonsense in an effort to get more views (aka more money). It’s a vicious cycle!

  • DavidMizelle1

    I’ll be honest, I thought a dogs mouth was cleaner than a human’s, too. It was something I was told at a relatively young age and it stuck with me even though common sense tells us that their mouths wouldn’t be (we brush our teeth, after all).

  • McKennaKJ29

    I don’t think the second question makes much sense. To think that people go to such extreme and illogical lengths to cleanse themselves and become healthy can be ridiculous. Your body is designed to cleanse itself. We just have to give it what it needs and it can take care of the rest.

  • Jpl89

    I think these questions all make sense when viewed from a balanced perspective. I do think that media plays a negative role in promoting health, creating expectations, and influencing our society. People should care for themselves first and Foremost so they are more able to care for others.

  • I agree, health is a very big issue and it is the most important when it comes to trying to change the world. You can’t do it if you are busy being sick.

  • Donna Farrer (DFjustme59)

    Did I miss part three….???? Thanks!