Making Spaceships From Carbon Emissions- Welcome To The Future

After sailing more than 40 thousand nautical kilometers and into 14 countries on Unreasonable at Sea, we ported in Spain for our culminating event. The technology companies who sailed around the world with us had 6 minutes to share the story of their company to hundreds of people packed into an auditorium in Barcelona. This is one of those talks.

The entrepreneur in this video is Erum Azeez Khan of Damascus Fortune – Spaceships From Carbon Emissions.

Company Description in 100 Words or Less

We’ve done it. This actually exists, it’s not magic, this is hard-core science.
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Every ton of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere will lead to 0.0000000000015 degrees of global temperature change. Damascus Fortune captures the carbon content from industrial and automobile exhaust and converts the exhaust into a product called Carbon Nanotubes, which have numerous applications. Through the purification and transformation of carbon emissions into Carbon Nanotubes, their product can be used to build cars, space ships, buildings, laptops, and mobile phones. Visit the company website.

Major Milestones:

  • Received the National Award for Meritorious Invention from National Research Development Corporation, Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Government of India.
  • Forbes’ “30 under 30? Energy Category.
  • Noted as the Top 20 Technology Innovators Under 35 by MIT’s Technology Review.
  • Most Progress Idea Award from “CDIO Academy 2011?, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Winner of “BEST 2011 – ABLE” by DBT, Gov. of India.
  • INK Talk in association with TED 2012.
  • Ashoka/Staples Social Youth Entrepreneur Award.
  • Documentary by PBS (American Public Broadcasting) on their technology shown in a TV series “Bizkid$” across US, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and Indian TV channels.

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  • Thanks for showing this video! The Carbon nanotubes (CNT) being at 10 times stronger than steel and a 6th of the weight, sounds simply amazing. The bowing airplane being carbon weight can really jet us into the future. I really love this idea a lot. Describing the issues shows that they are serious with this product and don’t shadow whats really going on. Using technology from emission to get resources such as heat and gas in factory chimneys is ingenious! This product should boom and i cannot wait to benefit from such product! Thanks again for sharing the video

  • That is really awesome that this has revolutionized nano technology! Carbon nanotubes looks to be the new age in technology. Im glad that you have figured out a way to do this at low coast by using the carbon for a coal mine. I think this is so cool that it can be used to make tires stronger as well as a bunch of things. You and your team really has something going here! Im looking forward to the future to see what these carbon nanotubes can really do. Thank you for sharing this interesting video.

  • This is one of the most interesting things I have ever seen. I think the fact that people can take something that is polluting our world, can make it into something useful is fantastic. I find it fascinating that people can come up with things just because they wonder. I think this is what I took most from this video. I think that this idea of questioning something and making it benefit the world is what everyone can benefit from. One question I have is how you are going to take in help for internships? How will you have them help?

  • I think this is a great way to get rid of all the waste from factories which end up polluting the air which decreases the life of Earth and taking the carbon waste and recycling to make new technology. Any way to reuse and recycle to make Earth a better place to live on is great! I love this, thank you for sharing!

  • Thanks for the video!! I think it would be great to use carbon dioxide. We need to start protecting earth and making a better place to live. If we can find alternatives to use that would be a start help less pollution in air.

  • This technology is so great. Not only does it help with global warming problem, but it also provides us with valuable materials. I hope to see this new invention become more widely used.

  • Thank you for this great video. I think this is a great way to use carbon dioxide in a way that could provide many benefits. A question that I have is will these products become stronger by using this process? Thanks again for this great information.

  • Very interesting video, I love seeing new technology and when it helps to solve or lessen certain pollution effects on the earth. We need more options to help stop pollution and i think more options the better.

  • I believe this is an excellent new idea to better this world. There was a comment made in the beginning of the video that said there are still current issues with the new product so my question is why advertise a product that still is not completely finished?

  • Awesome video. I love seeing that the use of technology continues to expand past everyone wildest dreams. Pollution is what is destroying this planet and why America spends so much money on space travel because it wants to understand how and why to not use natural resources.

  • This is crazy awesome! Unfortunately just about every energy source we have creates a lot of CO2. This is a way to utilize the CO2 that is contributing to climate change. If we can utilize we could work to slow or even stop the warming of our planet.