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Jigar Shah

Jigar Shah

Jigar Shah is the co-founder and President of Generate Capital and the author of Creating Climate Wealth: Unlocking the Impact Economy. He founded SunEdison, the world’s largest solar services company, and was the founding CEO of the Carbon War Room.

  • Jared Moya

    I think this is a curious idea. Obviously, it would likely never be implemented, but I think it begs the deeper question: in which direction are we headed with solar and other renewable energies? I would like to discuss this question a little bit and deviate from the article slightly. Is it necessarily unreasonable to assume that in the future, most households of America, and even the world, will have moved towards independent clean energy to power their homes? On some level, I want to agree, but on another, I just can’t… yet. I think that in nine or ten years, with the development of more efficient solar energy, we could possibly see this type of progression. With the current state of clean energy, however, it seems implausible. Right now, the only form of clean energy that could even possibly support entire cities is hydro-electric power. Even with this case, it requires huge amounts of moving water, along with the building of massive, invasive infrastructure. Likewise, solar panels and wind turbines are manufactured with harmful substances, many of which never degrade or decompose. So, another issue we must ask is: is this “clean energy” really as clean as we think it is? Often times the answer is no. The second question being: is this “clean energy” cost and production efficient? The answer again, is sadly no. Perhaps in a decade or so, this idea of sustainable clean energy will be much more realistic. Until then, nuclear energy appears to be our best option for moving forward.

  • Julia Severson

    I’m a huge fan of the focus on saving the environment with renewable energy. Despite being personally against Trump’s wall, if it HAS to happen, at least by implementing renewable energy, the environment will have some hope during his presidency. I saw another comment below that mentioned how idealistic this idea is and how although it sounds nice, clean energy is not plausible. I agree that nothing is perfect but a switch to renewable energy is a huge step in the right direction. Despite installation being pricey, it would quickly pay off with the energy it produced.

  • Henry Newman

    Since the start of President Trump’s presidency, he has fulfilled things that he has promised, like banning immigration from several countries in the Middle-East. So a wall between the American and Mexican border is definitely on his mind that he wants to accomplish. But making a wall with solar panels all along it and selling the power to Mexico is, I think, very unlikely. First, Donald Trump does not care about clean energy or global warming. He has even said that he doesn’t believe in global warming, which is ridiculous. Therefore, putting solar panels on the wall is definitely not on his agenda. Though, this idea is a good one with the solar panel industry expanding, this sort of goes against Trump’s ideals. And I do not see his ideals changing any time soon. When, or if he does, get the chance to build a wall, it will definitely not be with solar panels. But besides Trump and the wall, I think this article shows how far we have come with the solar technology. Even talking about having solar panels on a long-stretching wall demonstrates that solar and other renewable technology is the future.

  • Ben Sage

    This would really be a great way to try to cover the expense of the wall that Trump is hoping to build. I think that trying to sell the energy to Mexico may be unlikely and not very feasible, but if some of the energy were to also be sold to Americans, it could help pay for a good portion of the wall. One concern about this is that the estimate for building the wall was $12 billion before the addition of solar panels, so these solar panels could drive the cost of the wall up even more, which isn’t ideal. I think that the focus on using this wall that many view as a negative and turning it into a positive by having the wall pay for itself by providing renewable and clean energy for those in need is a really great idea. Its also great that this would generate jobs on multiple levels, jobs to produce the solar panels and jobs to install the panels. I would love to see this concept implemented if Trump does move forward with his wall.