Motorcycles and Sailing Robotic Drones In Search of Lakes in Vietnam

Cesar Harada and Gabriella Levine rent some motorcycle and venture into Ho Chi Minh city to test the waters of a shockingly polluted river inside the city. They then travel outside of the city for hours with the hopes of finding a “lost” lake. As the sun sets, and after one motorcycle accident, they find the lake and steal the last few minutes of sunshine to sail their newest Protei prototype at dusk. Who would have ever thought that prototyping shape-shifting autonomous robotic drones that clean up waterways could be this challenging. When in Vietnam.

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  • katie yanke

    Cool video! It is interesting to see how people live around the world and it is defiantly sad that there is so many piles of trash everywhere. The river that flowed through the neighborhood was so polluted I hope the residents do not drink that. Hopefully something can be done soon! Thanks!

  • DrivenbySuccess

    I agree. great video and yes it does baffle me when people can live through those kind of conditions and there are people in places that have no choice but to live in conditions like that. It would be nice to see some type of plan implemented to get something done about this.

  • GrycowskAJ17

    Seeing this video makes me think why there is a need for people in America to complain so much when around the world there are far worse places. Really need to remember that we are fortunate for what we have. Great article!!!