This post is part of a series documenting entrepreneurship in Mexico and the companies who participated in the inaugural Unreasonable Mexico program.

Emilio Sosa Solis, cofounder of Vetelia—an alternative mobility company based in Mexico—invented Mexico’s first electric race car in the state of Guanajuato. While his classmates at Universidad Iberoamericana de León dreamt of graduating with engineering degrees to work for big name companies like General Motors, Solis obsessed over a different vision: to stay in his home country and drastically change how communities relate to transportation.

In a country where transportation does not come cheap and CO2 emissions are constantly increasing, alternative mobility seeks to radically change the infrastructure and economy of Mexico by lessening traffic, creating employment and encouraging healthy living through the use of a bike.

His background in mechanical engineering and passion for innovation led him to vehemently race towards solutions in alternative mobility. Recognized by the National Auto Parts Industry for his expertise, he now runs the technological research, design and development for Mexico’s newest electric vehicle—the Hybridus.

“Is it a bike or a motorcycle? It’s whatever you want,” says Solis. With its 1500 Watts of power, three inboard computers and its patented suspension system you can own any road. “It’s a flexible electric bike. It can operate at different speeds, in different lanes, streets, paths—you can ride it in every place.”

The user benefits from the power, energy and time savings of an electric motorcycle and the less strict requirements for verification of a bicycle. Vetelia Electric Bikes differs from competitors by supplying their high performance models to law enforcement institutions in the state of Guanajuato, as a means for cost and energy efficiency.

It’s a flexible electric bike. It can operate at different speeds, in different lanes, streets, paths—you can ride it in every place. Tweet This Quote

“Eighty percent of the work of the police is to patrol the city,” says Solis. In a huge V8 vehicle with the additional cost of fuel this can become exorbitantly high. “Our bikes cost roughly 3,700 USD. Since its launch in January, Vetelia has placed an initial amount of 18 units in five municipalities in the state of Guanajuato, reducing one ton of CO2 per 29,000 km.”

The company plans to build a total of 800 bikes for the police sector within a year. Each bike is solar powered—they envision adding solar charging stations through the municipality. Solis says the response from the police force has been overwhelmingly positive and wants to expand to the delivery industry next.

“In Mexico, we have a problem,” Solis explains. “We are afraid of change—if I use a car everyday, someone thinks, why would I use a bike? People think you are important if you have a car, not if you are riding a bike.”

“[In Guanajuato] we have the most expensive transportation in the entire country. A lot of people spend two-thirds of their money just getting to their job,” says Solis. For this reason, an attitude exists around owning a car because of the potential of being received as important.

Solis says he thinks this will shift as the vehicles become ubiquitous. But current limitations present some practical problems: battery manufacturing is outsourced to the US and expensive. They plan to create a production line for this part to save on costs and to create more employment; specifically, in marginalized neighborhoods in Leon Guanajuato. With the additional manufacturing facilities, not only can Vetelia more efficiently produce larger quantities to meet the goal of expanding within the police force and to the delivery sectors, but invaluable jobs will be created. According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, Mexico’s unemployment rate is currently at 4.8 percent.

“We are putting our company in areas to generate employees—it improves not only the education in the area, but also puts jobs in the sector.”

3,700 USD and the goal is to have them drop to 500USD in 5 years.

Over the next year, Vetelia will continue to generate jobs and impact traffic problems by producing 100 more units. Over the next five years, they are planning on dropping the price down to 500 USD. While the impact to transportation infrastructure is revolutionary, so is the individual impact of improving physical and mental health of each user by encouraging people to move around in healthy ways.

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  • I’m wondering if this technology is something that could be used in the U.S as well. Climates in Arizona and New Mexico are almost identical to Mexico – therefore the solar charging stations would work in all 3 places. I think the poverty in Mexico could also be decreased if people spent less money on cars and the rising cost of fuel.

  • I think the Hybridus would benefit the U.S. greatly especially because people won’t have to spend money on gas that is contiually increasing. This would not only be good for our economy but also for our environment.

  • A true innovation touches upon multiple social problems and aims at simultaneously fixing them all. The author quotes that “alternative mobility seeks to radically change the infrastructure and economy of Mexico by lessening traffic, creating employment and encouraging healthy living through the use of a bike.” What more could you ask for? This electric bike is a true innovation because it works at fixing and addressing multiple problems at once. I want one!

  • Interesting article. 800 bikes per year for each police sector seems like a very positive number. I agree that we sped too much money just to get to our jobs. We are basically paying to get paid if you think about it. Could this technology be used in the United Sates?

  • Thanks! This is such an awesome idea and I hope it takes over Mexico. I think it will be difficult, like you said, to convince people to change.

  • I agree¡ Go Mexico – technology and innovation with a focus on providing people with a healthier, lower-cost alternative to travel AND leveraging the resources and reach of the police force.

  • What an inspiring example of a social enterprise! I love that Solis is addressing the cultural, the environmental, and the health concerns of his community.

  • Wow this is a great innovation of Mexico. They are providing citizens with a cheaper, physically active, and environemtally friendly way for transportation.

  • This is a great innovative idea that could really change lives in Mexico. There are so many benefits that can come from the implementation of this innovation. There will be tremendous environmental benefits since there would be less cars on the road. The people riding these bikes would also become more healthy from the physical activity.

  • Very interesting read! Thanks for the article! This seems like a great invention, but why has it not become available in the US or any other countries? Is it just because it is so new right now? This would be an incredible breakthrough to save time, resources, create healthier populations, and of course, create more job opportunities. A few questions about the newly improved bicycle: is it completely battery powered? What sorts of features actually make it a “healthier” ride/alternative than just driving a car or riding a manual bike? Are there any safety features on it? How safe is it compared to riding in a car? How fast can they go? One last question, where do you see this going in the next couple years? Will there be a shift in vehicle transportation within 5 years, switching from automobiles to the electric bike? Very interesting, thanks again!

  • As a public health major, it makes me so happy to see this innovative idea in place. It promotes a healthier lifestyle while easing social and environmental burdens. I think that’s what really makes something innovative–it positively impacts different areas.

  • I think that this is a really great innovation that can help both Mexico and other nations as well. After reading this article it seems like one thing that can definitely solve is making transportation affordable to more of the country. It will also be able to create jobs. I think that this is something that could also be implemented in other countries around the world, whether or not it could be very successful, in the united states, I am not sure.

  • Very interesting idea here. I have two questions though. Is the state of Guanajuato very large? What is the average commute for citizens? I only ask this because bikes will only be affective in small, urban areas due to their distance restrictions. That’s not to say it’s a bad idea I’m just curious to find out why the locals aren’t warming up to this idea as much versus a car. I think for Police patrolling though this is a great idea!

  • The only negative here is that Arizona and New Mexico are so spread out. Therefore, the bikes would only be effective in the city. Even large cities like Phoenix or Albuquerque would have a hard time supporting bikes. They are just too spread out. Cars will still be the dominant form of transportation by a wide margin. Plus, you don’t want to be on a bike in 110 degree weather. That being said, these areas could support solar-powered cars of some sort. The same concept of the bikes, just put towards car use.

  • This was a very interesting article. I think that this is a great innovation for the people of Mexico. It covers multiple issues instead of just one. It provides a great alternate form of transportation as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle. This is one of the best types of innovations and there needs to be more like this that are put into use.

  • This post really says it all. Innovation is only as good as its impact! If you are going to produce something, why not help multiple problems at once? Help the economy, create a healthy alternative of transportation which, in turn, not only helps the environment for the world but also creates a healthier environment for those living there. Keep up the good work!

  • Oh, my goodness. I want this bike. Seeing as using a bike is my only mode of transportation unless I go to another person, having a bike that doesn’t rely solely on my power (especially on steep inclines) would be invaluable for longer trips (5+ miles round trips). I hope there is a secondary charging system where using the leg power of pedaling. Lastly, when and where can I get one?

  • It makes me thinking. To be an entrepreneur, we should not just focus on earning money. We should do some cool things, like the electric bike! Change the world, make our lives better, more novel and diverse.

  • This is a great idea! I hope this will become a large trend throughout Mexico and spreads throughout the word to other countries. With this technology being produced to replace some of the necessity of a car, I can see it greatly improving our environment.

  • Remarkable story. I agree with many below that this is fantastic because it addresses multiple problems at once, and has the potential to change an entire culture. What is even more interesting is the potential the bikes will have when they achieve economies of scale. I think this has the potential to change how millions of people get to work around the world. I know if I move to the city I would potentially invest in a bike like this to get to and from work. Another great point was that the article stated many people spend 2/3 of their income simply getting to work. By purchasing this bike, there will be a lot more money being injected into the economy, thus improving the general quality of life. Exciting stuff!

  • I found it most interesting that the police are the first ones to try out this new bike. Traditionally I think its the other way around, usually something gets picked up by people first. I wonder what kind of an impact this will have on the bike reaching a wider audience?

  • I agree completely with what is said by Leora, that true innovation touches multiple social problems. But with this company planning to only produce 100 bikes in the next year it may be a while before anything become apparent because of them.

  • It is a great innovation is made not just for the money, actually to solve a big problem in a country. I have never been in Mexico, so I don’t know how much it will clean the environment, but it will definitely help people save money. I hope to see more innovations like these to make our life easier. Great job.

  • This is very encouraging. Not the fact of a cool inventive electric bike, but because Emilio recognized a need in his home country and went back to make a difference. He could have chosen to work and live anywhere else he wanted, but he made a great decision. Instead of chasing others around the globe, his country should be proud.

  • Great article thank you. I think it’s great that innovative ways are helping people do their jobs more effectively and more efficiently. Why wouldn’t the u.s. Do this? If I could ask the author a question it would be what inspired you to write this article?

  • I would say the Vetelia is a truly innovative idea and a great solution for law enforcement in Mexico. Using these electric bike/motorcycles will not only help with the CO2 emissions but will also pay for themselves relatively quickly with the amount of gasoline being saved.

  • Most people in the U.S. wouldn’t spend $500 a bicycle, what makes them think people will in Mexico where people are a lot more poor? It is a great idea, but how will it help people get to their job if they can’t even afford one? This type of invention would work much better in the European market.

  • I completely agree and I think the impact these bikes will have will be especially profound in cities of high concentration like Mexico City which has a population of 22 million.

  • This innovative idea can help so many of those in need. An electric bike is much less expensive to own and operate than an automobile and might be an affordable life changing option for someone. This is why I love innovation!

  • This is a great innovative idea that could really change lives in Mexico, and the whole style of living. There are so many benefits that can come from the implementation of this innovation if it will blow up wide scale, and it would be really cool to see a huge change like this and possibly show everyone it can be implemented everywhere.

  • This step of innovation is great. Starting with the police force, then moving to the other sectors hopefully will truly impact Mexico and the way they go about day to day living. It can help effieciency and with productivity. It touches on social aspects of living and soon will touch on economical aspects and it has potential to continually expand and truly change Mexico in ways that are un-imagined. And right now its just an electric bike for policemen.

  • I’m loving all of the recent work by Unreasonable partners to aid the conditions in Mexico. Aiding the police force and helping give better access and mobility to those who are severely limited is the first step in bringing the more underdeveloped parts of the nation to move toward true change into better living conditions for all.

  • Electricity is the best!!!!! Except doesn’t the process of creating electricity hurt the environment. I would be interested in the hurt to gain ratio with electricity.

  • Wow, I’ve never thought of an electric bicycle. Crowed Mexico cities seem to be the perfect place for this product to take off, but there is so much potential elsewhere. I can see these taking off in China and India as well in American cities. There may even be a potential in the recreational market.

  • Wow, I had never heard of these bikes before. I just watched a video about them, and I am very impressed. I love that Emilio Sosa Solis is using his talents to better his own country and create a healthier environment. It’s unfortunate that status is often wrapped up in the material things we own and use. In Mexico’s warm climate, these bikes could truly be revolutionary. They could be used year round in both urban and rural areas. I love that they also use solar energy. The only problem is, there is no way a large family could opt to use this over a car. How would they all fit? Do you think Emilio Sosa Solis will go back to cars in the future?

  • I was very interested in reading this article, I as well have never heard of these bikes before. Emilio Sosa Solis has high expertise and I definitely agree with you that he is using his talents to better his own country and to create a healthy environment. Emilio has created a product that could benefit everyone and even the culture they live in. I do think that Emilio Sosa Solis will go back to cars in the future because you will not be able to ride a bike forever.

  • The idea is great but it will the average citizen be able to afford one? I like how innovative this idea is. It tackles many of the issues in Mexico but what about the citizens that are living in poverty and cannot afford a bike. Another issue can also be how do you transport supplies (such as when you go shopping) on a bike. There can also be a safety issue with bikes verses cars especially for those who are in charge of keeping the streets safe.

  • I have to agree with this post. This innovation will positively affect many different aspects of the Mexican communities that it touches. The electronic bikes are a great innovation. global warming and environmental responsibility has become very marketable and I think as more bikes are ordered more people will start to use them and find them to be a great help.

  • These bikes are an amazing idea, and I am so excited to see them being put more to use! However, I definitely think that Vetelia shows how more capital and production is needed to really get sustainable growth. I think that a huge amount of these bikes to need to made and seen on the road before the average Mexican wants to buy one.

  • This is a really great idea and I think it has amazing potential to not only impact the cities of Mexico, but also some of the more crowded cities across the world. I think these electric bikes address more than one problem and can drastically change how we view transportation. I also think Emilio Sosa Solis provides a great example that you don’t necessarily need to be apart of a big corporation to make an impact. I love the fact that he is trying to improve the city he lives in in order to make a difference in the world.

  • This is a very innovative invention! This will be very green and effective. Since some people don’t want to ride bikes because its a hassle/ takes to long to get places, the electric bike will hopefully solve those problems. The electric bike, which is cheaper than a car, will allow people to get places faster, decrease deaths by cars, and help the earth be more green.

  • I think that in providing means for all of those positive things, the mindset of the nation itself will change.

    They will gradually become a stronger world force over the years.

  • Thank you Cayte for the article! I feel this article is a good indicator that people are continuing to move away from traditional methods of transportation and are increasingly concerned about the CO2 emissions’ effect on the environment. One question that I have is this: Since most people in the world are so used to using cars, even if the bike is a cheaper alternative, do you think that many people will want to buy the bike instead of using their car?

  • This idea is wonderful! Not only is is creating a better way of life in terms of transportation for those living in Mexico, but it is also creating jobs, which is HUGE. I really like how one of the bikes they are working on is solar powered, because the sun is free. Why not take advantage of it? The fact that it has different speeds and can be rode everywhere is big, but also the fact that it is economical is even better! Great article and I can’t wait to start seeing these types of inventions all over for other countries. Like I mentioned in a previous comment, inspiring inventions that success will inspire others to go further with that idea!

  • I love the article, it shows how new innovation touches has apply on a third world country, and develop it to reach the economy they need in Mexico. The technology will change many different aspects in Mexico to reach the level they want them to reach, especially that entrepreneurs are moving businesses to Mexico due to the fact of the low economy.

  • Great product, but too high of initial cost. Then again, costs do go down over time as production increases, so you never know when the costs might go down to those that match actual bicycles.

  • I really like this idea! Biking is such a great alternative to driving, and I’m surprised that no one has created this kind of vehicle before. I definitely can understand the positive impact that this device could have on Mexico’s economy as well. The only thing I am skeptical about is how they would go about getting people to trust that this vehicle is really a better option. Like the author mentioned, people aren’t usually very open to change, so it would take a great marketing plan to get enough people to use these bikes for it to really impact the nation. However, I do like the idea of introducing them into the police force as a way to start to integrate them into society.

  • I think that its actually really cool that something like this was finally invented. It has the potential to completely turn around the way we use transportation both in Mexico and other parts of the world. As the population continues to go up and up every year the roads are becoming increasingly more crowded and the amount of CO2 we produce is causing problems world wide. I think we should push we make this more available through Mexico and the United States. I’m extremely impressed that Mexico is going to use this as a way to make more jobs for their own communities. I think its extremely valuable to help their economy and help better their country.

  • The innovation this bike represents is truly spectacular because not only solves a transportation issue that Mexico is facing it is solving many social issues as well. The founder is a great man as well for his amazing resolve to stay in a country facing such hardship currently and actively work to make a difference and succeed through the use of his skill and experience.

  • Perfect example of why Unreasonable is such a great site. I would have never known about this innovation if it wasn’t for this article. Thank you!

  • So great! I love to see social innovations working domestically. I feel like too frequently American students want to work in other countries, but each country has their own set of problems to solve, and no one knows better the issues than the citizens. What a great homegrown innovation.

  • Cara, the fact that the police are starting to use them may help. Police are often seen as powerful, and if cars are preferences because of power and importance, perhaps the fact that traditionally powerful and important people are using them may help.

  • Kenzi, the job portion was one of my favorite aspects as well. If the overall production of this bike gets completely integrated into the community culture it will be much more successful.

  • Great article about an individual who had the potential to be a social entrepreneur and create social change in his own country, and then succeeded in doing so. This example goes to show that someone does not need to work for a big name company just because they have received a degree but can use what they know to make an impact on people in a new and innovative way.

  • The safety issue was also a concern of mine. I think in order for this to work in the beginning, cities will need to accommodate with bike lanes and other precautions.

  • This is the kind of effort that could inspire others to take action as well. Having a means of transportation does seem to expand the realm of opportunity for employment. It may also bring about a heightened atmosphere of safety and security. The police force will now be able to do a large portion of there job – patrol. I find it refreshing to see a future goal of cost reduction, to make it more practical for the consumer. This should result in a positive impact on Mexico.

  • There’s nothing more enjoying to see then a new innovation that has become adopted by a wide variety of people. Especially when said innovation has a very positive impact. Not only is this creative a great and reliable mode of transportation for citizens, but just by existing it creates jobs in the process.

  • Cayte,
    Thank you for sharing this amazing story. I can relate as of why people would be afraid of change. In a lot of cultures there are beliefs such as why people would ride a bike if they already drive a car and that I can understand. My parents aren’t all about change and they are very conservative and use to the things they know and adapt with concern to new things. The educational side of things is where time could be spend explaining the benefits of this innovation and how it would affect if the small change does not take place in these municipalities. I would also be driving to reduce the cost of making these bikes and making them more affordable.

  • Thank you for sharing! I agree that certain innovations can greatly improve a country. It’s amazing how many changes one simple thing can have an affect on. It offers the possibility that if more innovations can be made like the electronic bike, then more improvements can be made. What can people do to increase the use of these innovations that are being made?

  • It is very cool to hear about this environmentally friendly solution to transportation that is being implemented in Mexico. And the reduction in price will make it very affordable for many people.

  • I love the push for utilizing alternative energy sources for a means of transportation. It is also great that he isn’t simply targeting the private sector in order to bring the product into the economy. I do have a major concern about the bikes in the area of safety. Although I do love the affordability and efficiency of the bikes, they must be substantially more dangerous than a car for police officers and the typical motorist. It is a major concern that I think may inhibit the all together scale of the product.

  • I think this is a great idea, I have seen a few electric bicycles in Arizona and it seems like a great way of transportation!

  • I think this is the best way to travel in terms of sustainability and cost. The more people that travel this way can use their saved money to purchase other things thus boosting the economy in certain ways. And the sustainability factor is self explanatory.

  • The electric bike is not only a phenomenal concept for Mexico, but New York City. After living there for a summer I couldn’t even run outside because there was so much pollution in the air. NYC already has a ton of bikers on their way to work. The streets are mostly equipped for bicyclists and a city like that would greatly benefit from this new form of transportation.

  • Thank you for sharing this story! I really enjoy this idea and it sounds like it can solve other problems. It is wonderful to know that this idea is eco-friendly, that it will create jobs, and it is cheaper than a car. I have always been obsessed with the idea of helping clean up the planet while not removing jobs. This is a great idea although I want to know if you have a great plan of getting the public to want to stop using cars and start using the bikes? Is there a better way of implementation?

  • In USA it is also a great way to increase exercise, which will inadvertently decrease health issues related to obesity. I think this a great idea all the way around. I do wonder who to advertise it to the point where people use it over their vehicles.

  • My question is why limit this innovation to just Mexico? I can see this invention making huge leaps in cities around the US. I know for cities with great air pollution such as Los Angeles, hong kong, etc, they were really benefit from a transformation in the way people traveled around the city.

  • Thank you! This idea is brilliant! When I read these articles I think it is good that we have people creating new ideas that will help the world in the long run. This idea is helping people by saving them money and creating new jobs. I agree with the statement that people are afraid of change. I think this because sometimes people are afraid of that change could fall through then they are left in the same spot. But this change looks like a good one and heading in the right direction. I cant wait to see if in 5 years this innovation can make their bikes $500.

  • Thanks so much for this insight, it is very interesting and I have not heard about this. This innovation will touch multiple problems which is a great way to think about things and create new technologies. By creating this bike it is creating a way of a healthy lifestyle, environment, and a different form of transportation. This bike fixes two of our biggest concerns in my opinion and that is obesity and global warming. What more you could ask for, it takes out both in one invention.

  • I agree with you as well. It is a nice way to get around and to avoid all the traffic big cities accumulate. Not only that but it gives you a way to get around without using subways or the busing system all of us really don’t enjoy. It is a great innovation not because of this but also because it helps encourage a healthy lifestyle and create a better environment. I hope this bike becomes more popular not only in Mexico but the U.S as well.

  • Being a huge cyclist myself, this is such an awesome idea and great to see bicycles finding success as a means of transportation around the world. However, any concerns about safety? Aren’t driving laws in Mexico pretty lax compared to other nations and driving norms, to put it nicely, less defensive than those of other nations? Is the Mexican government taking any initiative towards improving the safety of cyclists on the road to help facilitate the growth of eco-friendly forms of transportation? (e.g. bicycle lanes?)

  • As stated, since people in Mexico are so opposed to change, I wonder what Vetelia’s marketing strategy is to convince residents to switch from cars to its electric bikes. Is supplying the police with Vetelia bikes enough to generate awareness and positive buzz about this product?

  • Thanks for writing this Cayte! I think all entrepreneurs should read this post because it can show them how much of a difference just one individual can make with his/her creation. I think this is a great idea especially in areas that deal with a lot of pollution. I of course think pedaling on a bike is even better for your health but for long distances or when time is short, these electric bikes are perfect. Do you think they will become more and more popular in Mexico and other countries?

  • So i’m still not really sure if this bike is considered exercise, but regardless, it’s a great idea because of the lack of other transportation methods in Mexico.

  • Thanks for the article!
    How will you prevent people stealing these bikes? You can lock a car but you cannot lock a bike, you can just take the tires off.

  • I really liked this post. I think its great for young entrepreneurs to read to let them know that their inventions/creations/start ups can really make a difference in the lives of many people. The simplest thing even, can help people live an easier/ less stressful life. Innovation is just amazing!

  • Never heard of this innovation and i think its a great idea. We should have these available for every-day people. On the other hand it could be a bad thing because people who bike regularly do it for the exercise. So my question is, is it going to hinder the main purpose of bicycling or enhance it?

  • This is an amazing innovation. Manufacturing this product does so much more than give people another option for transportation, which is why I think it is such a great idea. Keeping the manufacturing of the electric bike local will be extremely beneficial to the community of Guanajuato because it will give people jobs and decrease the price, which allows more individuals to purchase one. Creating this bike starts a domino effect of positive changes that can happen, which is what innovation is all about!

  • WOW, now that’s what I like to see and hear, what a great innovation. Its always amusing to me to see an entrepreneur see a need and go after full force and make a change on our earth, world and people. Not only did they find a need they are working hard to get it cost effective and create jobs. Its just a mind set of getting people to do it. Just got back from Netherlands was astonished how many people ride bikes, loved it. Would be great to see this in United States..

  • What an ingenious invention!
    It is amazing how many positive changes can come about with this new
    method of transportation. While this
    electric bicycle helps solve many problems, it seems to be a little
    inconvenient for transporting families or a group of people at one time. However, this entrepreneurial innovation is
    definitely inspiring! And if the goal is
    to drop the price down to $500 in the next year, then I am for sure going to
    want to drive down to Mexico and get one!

  • The smell of fresh grass in the morning after a midnight rain storm, the feeling of a soft cotton shirt fresh out the dryer, the ocean breeze on a brisk morning, cuddling.

  • This is a great idea that can change a lot of things in the world. It reduces reliance on cars- as well as maintenance etc. And it is way better for the environment than automobiles

  • This is a great concern. Or maybe it could get more people who used to only drive, into biking and maybe make them decide that while they are on a bike they might as well get some exercise. All in all, a great invention

  • Cayte, this was an awesome article! This electric bike can be very useful in the lives of many people in Mexico and I’m happy in the upcoming years they’re going to try and drop the price down. Cayte, any chance we’ll see you riding one of these in the near future?

  • I agree Leora, this is an innovative invention that will fix the problems of many people in years to come. I hope this invention really makes it big!

  • It is amazing how a simple invention can effect so many people in a positive way such as the way electronic bikes does. especially with the going green that people have and the carbon foot print, i think this is a great idea. the bike also has incredible benefits such as creating jobs, healthier living, and less traffic. if i had one, i would ride it everywhere.

  • Like all emerging countries the CO2 emissions are increasing and this idea is very interesting. It uses solar energy, one of the most promising renewable energy. Like in a lot of big cities in Europe or the US electric bikes can solve a lot of problems.

  • Transportation is really important and we do do it everyday. I agree that it is a really good idea. This will potentially change the lives of so many.

  • I agree that this invention would be a big help. This electronic bike will help the global warming. It also would help the traffic jams in big cities like NY, Seoul, and Tokyo.

  • Thanks for the article! After I read this article, I felt encouraged. The fact that people are doing different things to not only make transportation more efficient, but also more economically and environmentally friendly is a win win situation. I think the idea of change is difficult for everyone, for some its easier than others. But change happens, we can not help that, and in fact if we use change in a positive way, we are doing a better job of growing.

  • This is such a great idea! He’s created a product that can have so many benefits. It’s efficient, eco-friendly, and it encourages a healthy lifestyle, and if it becomes successful it will also become more affordable. It fixes so many issues that countries are facing, I think we all need one!

  • It is a good way to encourage the development of the country and specially of the city. However, it does not look that would improve the health in a big scale, once the bikes are electrics (chemical energy) and not moved by the mechanical energy of the riders.

  • I think this is really awesome that they are doing this and taking their economy into consideration at the same time. I think this will benefit everyone and everything.

  • This is such a awesome invention. It will provide such benefit for the earth while saving some money at the same time. I hope to see these around Wisconsin in the future. This will provide our planet with so many benefits for the future. I believe this will also help with how much traffic people deal with on a daily basis in larger cities. I think it would be a lot of fun to cruise around on one of these. I question I have is what is the top speed these bikes travel. Thanks for posting.

  • I agree with you on the traffic jams. I think people would be able to get around cities so much faster. It would take some of the big bulky trucks off the road as well. Do you think traffic accidents would decline of a majority of people used these bikes on a daily basis to get around?

  • I really think if these bikes were displayed at a reasonable price they would fly off the shelves. I bet they would be a lot of fun to cruise around on to.

  • I agree man, The U.S. should definitely hop on this new innovative form of transportation! if Mexico can afford it im sure we can too. A great way to make people and transportation more efficient. A great way to be eco friendly as well!

  • These are amazing for that area of the world. I would love to see the frame work on them. Not only are they amazing but they can provide good exercise at certain points.

  • It is such a great idea, not only for Mexico but also for the environment. Using less fuel and adding in the solar power is the way to go. Hopefully this catches and we start to see the use of these by many other places.

  • I totally agree. How much fun would it be to ride around on a rechargeable motorbike? never have to worry about filling up with gas. Sounds like an all around good idea.