Why Give a Damn:

Sitting will kill you. Americans love pills. Marrying physical activity with the ease of swallowing a pill is genius. Why would you not give a Damn?

The author of this post, Ann Garvin is an author, speaker and professor of health, stress management, research methods and media literacy.

Exercise is the pill, it just takes thirty minutes to swallow it

For years I’ve wished I was the author of that quote but it belongs to Covert Baily author of the Fit OR Fat diet books from the nineties. Decades later, I remain in love with that quote. It has the makings of the perfect tattoo, tweet or Facebook post. It is succinct, informative, and has a certain inarguable quality to it. When I read it I want to do a teen-age fist pump, shout Booyah!, possibly make a gang sign.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the fantastic utility of this quote. Americans love pills, pills being the easiest and most efficient management of our ills. Marrying physical activity with the ease of swallowing a pill is genius. The quote is unspecific about what you might need in a pill, so it is both non-judgmental and discreet. It also speaks to our denial by offering only one pill not the socially unacceptable multiple pills for our several needs. And, finally, it offers time management. Thirty minutes. Who doesn’t have thirty minutes?

Americans love pills

As it turns out, eighty-five percent of the population doesn’t have thirty minutes to bust-a-move. The stats are a little better for the college educated because there is a relationship between exercise behavior and education (for various reasons), but those of us with college degrees should not congratulate ourselves too much. Because while twenty percent of college grads regularly exercise that is the exact same percentage of people who smoke cigarettes in the US.

Twenty percent of the population will pay to pursue illness while twenty-percent of people will engage in a free activity that prevents illness.

20% of the population will pay to pursue illness

When asked why, people say, time is the issue. Lack of time is what people give as the primary explanation for not moving. In response to this reasoning I knew a very thin, very fit professor who was famous for saying, and infuriatingly so I thought, “I know busy people who exercise and busy people who don’t.”

I’d just had a baby, was working as a nurse on weekends, and was enrolled in full time graduate school while working as a teaching assistant. I was stressed, forgetful, anxious, and struggling to make time to do much of anything let alone break an exercise sweat. While fuming about the unfairness of the human body to require so much maintenance especially as I was devoting my life to procreation, health, and education, I watched my neighbor prove my professor’s theory true.

I know busy people who exercise and busy people who don’t

My neighbor, a working mother, had just had her second child, even while struggling with anxiety, depression, high-blood pressure and weight gain from her first. Believing that exercise was the “pill” to each of her conditions I watched the husband pave their driveway with smooth, unblemished concrete. Then, everyday at her child’s naptime she strapped a small baby monitor transistor to her shoulder and rollerbladed up and down her driveway, hard, for thirty minutes. Every day. Even in the rain.

Seriously, entrepreneurs, world savers, big thinkers, dream makers, I’m talking to you. I know busy people who exercise and busy people who don’t. C’mon, exercise is the pill it just takes thirty minutes to swallow it.

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Ann Garvin

Ann Garvin

Ann is an author, speaker and educator. As professor of health, stress management, research methods and media literacy at University of Wisconsin Whitewater, she has worked extensively in psychometrics, statistics and psychology. Ann is the author of On Maggie’s Watch & The Dog Year (Berkley Penguin, 2014).

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  • I appreciate that you address the”lack of time” excuse for not getting moving more often. It is tempting to prioritize work, spending time with family/friends, and one million and two other things over exercise. I believe the reality is that you can only truly be present and dedicated to those other things with a clear mind and happy body.

  • I love to exercise and can’t wait to try the newest class or a fun hike I found out about. Being fit is just as big of an accomplishment as a good grade on test or running errands, we just have to start treating it that way.

  • I’ve got to admit, this is so much easier said than done. Those who said that they don’t have time to exercise is just making an excuse to make it sound a little bit better. To be honest, we all do have 30minute to spare each day. I don’t want to procrastinate and yes, I am one of the many people who said that I’m too busy to spend a little time exercising. It is scientifically proven that exercise actually reduces stress and anxiety. This article opens up my mind though, even the busiest person must have 30minutes to make oneself feel better. Loving the article Ann, I am going to make the change.

  • I certainly agree that most people do have 30 minutes each day to spare, but I don’t think that working out is REALLY just 30 minutes of your day. Extra time has to be added for the process of working out. Getting ready, going to the gym, showering after, and these are just a few of the things that can add time to that “30 minutes”. I think people need to do what your neighbor did and make it a priority, make it convenient, and get creative. I love hearing about creative things people are doing to get their work out in. It makes it fun and more enjoyable to work out.

  • When I read “Exercise is a pill, it just takes 30 minutes to swallow it” I immediately read it out loud to all of my friends because I loved it so much. It is so true that everyone thinks a “pill” will solve their problems. When it comes to being healthy, popping a pill every day will NOT help. I know many people that used pills to lose weight and after it worked and the pills were gone, the weight came back with some additional pounds. Even some of my family members took pills to lose weight and now I can not wait to show them this blog and to also tell them that quote! I love the story about the women that had her second baby and how she roller bladed every day for 30 minutes to lose excess weight. It reminds me of when my friends tell me that they have “no time” workout in their day. Then I nicely remind them that I am going to school, have 5 jobs, friends, and I still have time to workout, so anything is possible! Have you every thought about taking a pill to help with your problems rather than exercising?

  • Awesome! I think that if everyone in the world was to take this quote and put it in the front of their cranial to think about it every time they ate a donut in the morning and then drank some beer at night. Pills are the easy way out but is not as affective as taking thirty minutes to just swallow that exercise. I agree with the excuse that people might not have time to excercise but they must think about the show, My 600lbs life. I would ask Ann in person if she lives by this saying more with the amount of things she does in her life or less.

  • Ah!! You are a genious. I myself am guilty of saying that I am too busy to exercise, when really it is not true. I don’t want to walk to the gym, I don’t want to get out of bed, etc. MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF DAMNIT. Life is so much better in the long run. All of my grandparents are obese with heart problems and guess what? THAT’S NOT GOING TO BE ME. So thank you for bringing this up because I have made the goal to get my ass to the gym atleast twice a week.

  • Honestly, that quote “Exercise is the Pill, it just takes Thirty Minutes to Swallow It” is something that I have been trying to tell people constantly. Too many people think that taking pills are just going to make them feel better or help them lose weight. However, they could never be more wrong. Whether its diet pills or any other type of pill, its not going to do the trick. People need to start making time for themselves, and take the time to exercise. Whether its an hour, 20 minutes or even 10 minutes. A short workout is better than no work out and it makes a huge difference! Exercising is the only key to weight loss, and its a huge component of creating a happier, healthier you! If I could talk to this author in person, I would ask her what got her motivated to write about this particular topic. It is something that more people need to hear about. Thank you Ann Garvin for writing about this particular issue. It definitely left me wanting to engage in more of your blogs.

  • Yes! Exercise is the pill!! I am a pharmacy technician and so many people think that pills are going to get them out of any kind of disease! Which is wrong! We have diabetics that come into our pharmacy and take in insulin, yet still eat a bunch of high fructose crap! I believe no one gets the real picture when it comes to health! It drives me nuts when I see heavy set people taking over 14 different pills and just sit on their butts all day, thinking that their health is magically going to get better because of some pill a doctor gave them. I agree completely that exercise is the pill and will help prevent diseases in most situations!

  • I agree that most people do have 30 minutes each day to be able to work out and enjoy themselves, but when someone attends the gym they are there for much longer than 30 minutes, usually because they have friends they go with and talk with them while working out. I would say a “good” workout consists of at least an hour. Getting ready, going to the gym, showering after, and these are just a few of the things that can add time to that “30 minutes”. People should make exercise part of their daily routine. Like I always say once you get over the “hump” it eventually becomes as easy as brushing your teeth in the morning. A workout should not be the same everyday otherwise your motivation to even go to the gym becomes slim to none…but exercise is a pill and in order to take the pill you must stay motivated with your “routine”.

  • I agree that people think pills are life’s miracles. I was a pharmacy technician for many years and it never failed that when people were given new medicines they thought they were going to be cured. Even when the pharmacist would tell them that eating right, exercising regularly, and getting a good nights sleep would also help, they were determined to believe that the pill could do solely for them. Personally, I believe that everyone has 30 minutes in their day to get some physical activity in. Wake up earlier in the morning, or cut out one tv show after work… everyone has time! One question I would be interested in asking Ann Garvin is why do you think people are unmotivated to work out? We all know that it is good for us to get active, but so many of us just push it to the way side. Why do you think that is?

  • This article is awesome and so true! We always look for the easy way out because “we never have time to do anything”. I believe there is always time to get thirty minutes of exercise a day no matter what it is. The problem is people are driven enough to care. They don’t worry about the risks of obesity until they are already there and that is the problem. We have a mindset of “oh it won’t happen to me” and I believe this is the problem we need to face.

  • Thank you for your post! This article couldn’t be more correct! I know many people who think that taking diet pills will magically make them lose weight, the truth of the matter is, is that you need to get off your ass and exercise as you said “Who doesn’t have 30 minutes to spare”. Seriously, it doesnt take much time to get in a quick work out. Sure there are many people out there who live extremely busy life styles and are stressed struggling with anxiety or depression (or both) but maybe taking a small break and exercising may help them. A question I have for you is, do you really only need 30 minutes of exercise a day, I was told you needed an hour? Many people think there is not enough time in the day to even sit down and have lunch, so I can see why many people completly throw exercising out of the question! Make time for exercise there should be no excuse!!! Unless you don’t care to live extra years! haha

  • This article was very true and great to read. Not only I sometimes struggle to find that thirty minutes a day, especially as a college student, but also know others that say the same thing. I have no excuse though, there is somewhere I can go to work out and it is right on campus, I know I feel good after I get in a good sweat, and it’s just thirty minutes out of your whole day, unless you want to go longer. I do know people that do care enough but just can’t “find the time.” I also agree totally in the quote “Exercise is the pill, it just takes thirty minutes to swallow it” because so many people think that just pills will cure them when exercising for at least thirty minutes a day is the real pill to becoming and staying healthy. I am going to remind my friends and family that you do have time and to make the time for yourself, and going to remind myself that I have no excuse and will continue to go to the gym with this quote in mind. I don’t want to be having to take pills when I am older because I didn’t make time! Thank you so much for taking your time to share this wonderful article Ann!

  • I
    disagree that it is hard to take thirty minutes out of your day to do physical
    activity. If a mother with children can find the time to exercise during her
    child’s nap what is stopping other people from getting out and exercising? If
    you do not want to put in the effort to exercise, do not complain about your
    physical shape as you age. If you would have just taken thirty minutes out of each
    day to just go walk, it would have made a huge difference. Exercise is so
    important; those who make it a priority in their lives definitely see the
    benefits. My question for the author is
    if you could give a speech to the middle aged adults of the United States about
    thirty minutes of activity how would you promote it?

  • WOW! I enjoyed this article so much! So true and has some great, relate-able quotes. It is hard to find time to exercise. I feel the excuse has become a lifestyle. If you listen to other things people say they can’ do, the excuse is always, “I don’t have time.” For me, when this excuse crossing my mind, I make myself take the stairs, even with 12 bags of groceries (not realistic, but seriously) when friends offer me rides around the corner, I make myself tell them “No thank you.” I make myself walk. Even when I was on crutches I used the excuse to get a ride and use the elevator 5 flights up to he 4th floor of my dorm, I still made myself use the stairs. Not only was that a great leg workout, but also a great arm, butt, ab and even balance workout. At the top, I felt great. Tired and maybe a little sweaty, but great. Thanks for the article that I will be sure to share with those excuse filled.

  • First off its crazy to think that the 20% of graduates is the same percentage of those who smoke. Our world is falling fast to the “cool” factor that our society portrays. Who would of thought that exercising would be considered lame or hard to fit in. 30 minutes a day is completely reasonable and thats just the minimal amount asked. My high school coach once said workout for 3 months.. Then your hooked. Meaning after getting into the routine and continue to push through the hard times of not wanting to go, you’ll start seeing results and feel better after you workout! My questions to you is how much time a day do you spend working out? Or being physically active?! Thanks again for the Great article Ann!

  • I couldn’t agree more! Kudos to you for calling people out who think they are too busy. I’ve seen a sign that said “Someone who is busier than you is running right now.” I always felt guilty because most of the time, it was true. Everyone has their own excuses that they think makes it okay. In the end, exercise is what is going to save your life or help you live longer. Exercise is our saving grace, and I think it just takes a bit more for some to realize that. The problem I think society is currently facing is not finding the 30 minutes to exercise, its understanding WHY they need to. It all comes down to the lack of health education and promotion. How do you find time to exercise when you don’t really have it?

  • Awesome article! I totally agree with you on this issue, not having enough time may be the most overused excuse I’ve heard. Like you said you’ve seen busy people take time out of their schedule to break a sweat once a day. Those are the motivated ones that we don’t have to worry about, but it’s the excuse makers we should be worried about. Not having 30 minutes of free time a day is just plain ridiculous, people don’t realize how much free time they really have. Instead of going home and sitting on the couch after why not just hit the gym or do something that burns some calories? You’d feel better about yourself at the end of the day and hopefully turn it into a habit, like many busy people have done.

  • Many people do not have “time”. If it is important to someone they need to make that time. We all use time as an excuse a lot of us including me use it for exercise and thats why it is important for everyone to read this! We all have busy schedules and excuses we could use so next time we think of saying there isn’t enough time, make time. Did you ever use time as an excuse for not exercising and when did you realize you needed to exercise everyday?

  • Nice article Ann. I totally agree with you in how some people have time to exercise and others don’t and its up to them to find time to exercise. I also most feel like an hour of exercise a day shouldn’t be too much to ask but I guess lets not get too ahead of ourselves. When did you finally realize it was time to stop making excuses and that you had to just start making time for exercise?

  • Wow Anne, awesome article! I grew up with a hypochondriac parent, so I grew up around the mentality that “there is a pill for everything”. This article really opened my eyes and made me realize that I need to stop making excuses like “I don’t have time” when in reality, I need to just prioritize differently. How did watching your neighbor find time, impact your choices on exercising? Was it an immediate change, or did you start slowly and make smaller goals for yourself?

  • Great article Ann! This article entails a lot of details about how people make excuses to avoid exercising. One of those people is me i must admit. I try to go to the gym but i always finding myself doing another objective. I feel that exercising for 45 minutes would be a little bit more effective. This article made really great points. On that note did you ever use time as an excuse for exercise?

  • Wow, awesome article! This is one of the truest things that I have ever read. I myself am majoring in Health and Human Performance with a minor in Health Promotion, so this is right up my alley. There is nothing better for you than exercising, it helps you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Personally, whenever somebody tells me that they do not have time to workout, I ask them if they plan on playing a video game or if their favorite TV show is on after class. Almost every single one of those people I ask can take an hour or more out of their day to sit and play a game or watch TV but can’t get to the gym for 30 minutes?! It blows my mind sometimes how lazy people are, and it makes me sick that we are making these corporations who make these so called “Magic weight loss pills” filthy rich!! 30 minutes a day is not a lot at all. Be a busy person who exercises , and you will be so much more productive the rest of your day. If I could ask Ann Garvin a question it would be, what is your opinion on supplements sold by major corporations such as GNC, and Supplement Warehouse, do yo think it is a scam, or do you think the products will really help you achieve results?

  • Again, this is an amazing blog! I absolutely love that quote and will certainly share it with as many people as I can, as I not only have a passion for my own health but for the health of others. This blog is useful to all people but especially those who claim to be too busy to work out, like one of my friends who I won’t name here. She claims that her television shows are higher on her priority list than working out, which I don’t understand but realize is common for most of America. In response, I encourage her to do exercises during the commercials. If it is a 1 hour show, the commercials likely take up about 20 minutes. Therefore, she could spend 20 minutes working out during commercials and spend 5 minutes before the show and 5 minutes after to add up to 30 minutes. That is the easiest pill to swallow! If communicating with Ann Garvin right now, I would ask: what other advice would you give the individual I just described to make her buy into an exercise regimen? Maybe I should just ask if she wants to live (laughing but serious).

  • Reading your articles are hilarious! I sympathize for the people that aren’t lucky enough to experience your rants on health in class! haha You make it interesting! I completely agree with what you are saying here! Your body is a temple and it needs maintaining! “busy” isn’t an excuse. A 30 minute workout is 2% of your day! 2%! You’d throw 2¢ away like its nothing….same principle! If you work out 30 mins for 7x a week its 3 hours 30mins out of a possible 168 hours! I like them numbers! them numbers help me get to the gym! If you can find time to sit down and watch your favorite series on netflix, you’ve got time to get your arse to the gym!

  • I love how you set up this article! I understand the fact that it is only 30 minutes a day. The line about how it takes 30 minutes to swallow should be on a shirt.I agree everyone should have time to get your daily workout. I do however also fall to the I don’t have enough time card all the time. This article does make me think though.

  • LOVE this article! I believe that a lack of physical activity is a huge issue in today’s society. People are too busy making excuses or looking for an easy way out of exercising. I too believe that no matter how “busy” you really are, there is always room to squeeze in as little as thirty minutes of activity. I think that if people would use the time they waste complaining or trying to find the ‘miracle pill’ that 20% of physically active college grads would significantly rise. I could not agree more with this article. Being someone who is physically active, I cannot help but hope for more people to who are inactive to change their ways; like you said, 30 minutes can go a long way! Thanks for posting Ann, loved it!

  • This was an amazing to read! People always seem to find ways to make excuses to do some kind of physical activity I always try to find some time to exercise each day because it make me feel good about myself. I agree that people need to 30 minutes to exercise each day because it shouldn’t be that hard to some kind of exercise to feel at least active for that day.

  • I agree with you Ann Garvin. Exercise is also my favorite pill. Now, I am not a new mother in graduate school who is working part-time as a nurse and also as a teacher’s assistant, so I can’t really relate to being all that busy. However, if life ever decides to fill my plate that high, I sure hope to keep the same mindset that taking care of the body is the meat and potatoes on that plate. If I had the pleasure of meeting Ann Garvin in person, I would ask her if her neighbor had any recommendations for a good pair of roller blades.

  • Great article and thanks for sharing! Being a college student, my life is busy. I try to make as much time to workout. When I am stressed, getting a workout in puts me in a better mood. I am relieved from whatever was on my mind. I think more people need to realize that working out can do more for you than just lose weight. It can make you in a better mood; it can clear your mind, and let you become healthier. 30 minutes out of your day won’t put you behind in your daily schedule. It will help clear your mind and make you feel better for the rest of the day. How do we get people who claim they are busy to go workout?

  • Ann,

    You have done it again. Yet another amazing article that has pulled me is. I agree with everything you are saying. This is a huge issue in our society today. People ALWAYS try to take the easy way out. I feel that it is almost becoming a part of our culture. People need to realize that there is no excuse that they can make. Every single person in this world has their bad days, the days that they are stressed beyond belief and feel like they don’t have time to do anything. People also need to realize that there is no cheating out of exercising. There is no pill, no detox, no cheating, that will make you feel as good and as healthy as simply exercising and watching what you eat. “Exercise is the pill, it just takes 30 minutes to swallow it.” If you make those 30 minutes a habit, it will become apart of your lifestyle. 30 minutes can go such a long way. Thank you for writing this article! It really made me think about our society today.

    -Jessica Mendoza

  • Jack, first of all, I love reading your comments. They are hilarious! Second, I completely agree with this comment. Just 30 minutes a day in the gym is good maintenance for the body. The numbers are in your favor! There’s always time in the day to exercise, whether it be at the gym or not! 3 hours a week in the gym is nothing out of all the hours in the week. There are tons and tons of pills and supplements out there that celebrities say they use to gain muscle/ lose weight, but do they actually work?

  • Ann, thanks for putting into words what all of us need to hear. I appreciate your directness and your ability to solve a problem in a short span of time. Most of us, and the public know that we need to move more, but we seem to continue to come up with excuses for keep our posterior ends on the couch. I for one, need to hear this message everyday to keep me motivated to move my arse! Thanks again for getting the word out in such away that even us old farts stand up and take notice! Maybe t-shirts should be ordered.

  • Such a powerful quote, and so simple to understand –yet so complex of an idea for people to actually pursue. Everyone knows that they need to exercise, we are all aware of the benefits, but so few people actually do so. Thinking of it as a free “pill” is a great way to put it nowadays. America loves two things: free stuff, and an easy way out. Well exercise can be free and is the easy way out to many things, like medical bills for an example. We have the answer sitting in front of us, now it is time to do something about it. Even if its walking up and down the stairs a few more times than usual… its something. Have you ever thought of setting up a stand, pretending to give away free diet pills, and on the inside its a little slip of paper that says “exercise”? Something to consider.

  • I agree in that people need to exercise even if its only 30 minutes a day. Think about what else you waste time on during the day even when you are busy. Most people will watch TV before bed, so why not run on a treadmill for 30 minutes while you watch that show. Why not listen to a podcast or an audio recording of a book while you workout and combine your time. Then you are doing what you normally do so you are not “wasting” your time when you are “busy.” If you want to be healthy then you have to work for it, it won’t be given to you. However it doesn’t take as much time as other think and if you set up a habit of working out, it isn’t as painful as everybody thinks.

  • 30 minutes may be a lot, but its only 4% of your day! You can do it you just have to find you niche! Whether it be a run, a walk, a trip to the gym, or even just a fitness video… You can do it! How did you start you 30 minute “pill” did you struggle in the beginning with it?

  • Love both the article and the quote Ann. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I can’t even count how many times I have heard the excuse of not having time to exercise. Unfortunately, I myself have used it as well. Like you said in class, we are basically telling ourselves that we are not making ourselves a priority and that it is a poor excuse. Thirty minutes a day compared to the 1,440 glorious minutes we are given in a day is nothing. If we have 30 minutes to watch the news, or 30 minutes to soak in a bath, or 30 minutes to read the newspaper, or 30 minutes to browse the web, we certainly have enough time to complete 30 minutes of exercise. We as individuals need to prioritize our lives to what is most important. We clearly know that exercising 30 minutes a day is more beneficial in the long run than reading a newspaper, so why the hell don’t we do it? It’s because we are lazy and want things done for us because we think we deserve it when we don’t. People are the initial causes of their problems, so they can be the ones who fix it. If they choose to stuff their faces with junk and not make themselves a priority, they can suffer the consequences. Do you believe that pills, fad diets, or surgery should be offered to those who refused to practice primary prevention in the first place?

  • The article is amazing because so many people argue they don’t have time. What does this I don;t have time thing mean? People have time, 30 minutes is nothing. I am a college athlete who hates putting foreign substances into my body, I mean yes I like to have beer now and then but I won’t even take a PILL to cure a headache. I have seen my grandparents putting so many pills into their bodies for years and have wondered if there is an alternative. Ann, I listen to you speak in class three days a week and wonder how you find time, but I realize that we all have 30 minutes a day, does working out in the morning set your mood for the day? When I crank out a good workout in the morning, nothing can bring me down.

  • This is so true. Many
    people I know claim they don’t have time in their day to get out and exercise.
    When I started running cross country in high school my coach would often ask if
    you ran on the weekends. The first person who told her they didn’t have time,
    she would always reply “you can always wake up earlier.” This taught
    me that there is never an excuse that allows it to be okay that you don’t take
    care of your body. This article is great for someone going into the health
    field. It is also important for people who are looking for the motivation to
    work out. How many people do you think would give anything to stop putting
    pills into their bodies’ every day, if they knew exercise was the answer? How
    do we get people to see that smoking and lack of exercise are damaging to their
    bodies? Thank you for this article!!

  • Thanks for sharing your article! The
    problem is people are lazy, not time. They say 20 minutes of a
    workout is better than no workout! People can do the smallest things
    to get more physical activity into there day such as taking the
    stairs, or taking the longer route. I couldnt agree more that
    exercise is the pill! If you want to see a change in your body and
    have a more positive lifestyle, there’s no reason why someone cant
    make time! With that being said, do you think that people should take
    pills to give them that jump start or do you honestly believe the
    only pill is exercise?

  • Your absolutely right when you say time is everyone excuse for not exercising. You can get exercise in everything you do, women with children should stop using them as an excuse. put them in a stroller and go on a walk. Today’s society is so lazy and is always looking for a short cut to success. What they dont realize that daily exercise helps reduce stress when go hand in hand with having an overall better outlook things. eliminate stress from your life and excuses and replace them with exercise. As far as pills go do you beleive that taking a multi vitamin is benifical when you can get all you vitamins from whole foods?

  • Sometimes surgery is the only option to save ones life. But surgery should be the absolute last option, so many people are taking the easy ways out by going in for surgeries rather than eating right and exercising. In my opinion I think certain people should be denied in getting surgery, but at the end of the day it’s their health/body not ours.

  • Thanks Ann for this great article! I could not agree more. A family member of mine was struggling with high cholesterol, weight gain, and depression too. We started walking every day this summer, and I tried to help her make healthy lunches. She ended up losing 30 pounds and feeling so much better! It’s amazing what exercise and a great diet can do for you. My question to you is, for a full time working mother, what is the best way to keep energy up throughout the day and to still be willing to work out after work? It seems difficult because I know work can really tire you out.

  • I was also wondering about supplements. I personally just stick with protein and pre workout, not really sure how reliable some of the other stuff is. A lot of supplements are actually worse for you than better, but there are some hidden gems that actually work. Before buying any supplement you gotta do some research first, get some opinions, and read reviews.

  • I agree that people always are making excuses about exercise. It drives me nuts! I am just like you when it comes to working out, when I do it I feel good. I know when I am not working out that much I feel like absolute crap! I think when people start actually doing it and get that good feeling, they might actually keep up with it.

  • I am a little hesitant to say this but i don’t agree with everything in this blog. It is a great blog with some really good points. I think exercise is important and I think if you can fit it in your day and you have the energy to do it, then you should absolutely do it. But I don’t think that everyone has time for it. When I’m talking about everyone, I mean college students. Some students have to go to class and work in order to pay for college. And after their done with school and work, they’re either too tired to work out or have to study. I guess what I’m saying is, it might be too time consuming and energy consuming for a full time college student to work out.

  • I absolutely agree! People think finding time to workout is so hard when actually it can be pretty easy. We can workout while doing almost anything like watching TV, working, cooking, even studying! We just need to be able to keep moving and doing small exercises. If thirty minutes of exercise out of a 24 hr. day is all we need, I don’t understand how people can not have time. How can we get people to rely on exercise the way many rely on pills?

  • To answer your question, people do know that with healthy eating and exercise, pills wouldn’t be necessary. The problem is they are LAZY! Unless you have tried exercising and seen the multiple benefits, a person would rather take a pill than work hard. There are so many people in my life that ask me why I workout everyday or why I eat so healthy. I return with the question, “why not?” When it comes to someone not having time, I always find something they are doing that is unnecessary and where they could fit exercise in. I am DEFINITELY that obnoxious friend that doesn’t shut up about healthy habits, and honestly, I don’t care! In the long run, I am just helping people, whether they see it that way or not is their own problem.

  • Thank you, Ann, forsharing your blog with us. “Exercise is the pill, it just takes thirty minutes to swallow it” almost seems too good to be true. I was raised in a
    house with a mother who was addicted to alcohol and then switched to pills. I
    watched the pills slowly destroy my mother, which was scary and really tore the
    family apart. When I was in middle school, my mother actually convinced me to
    give her some of my medicine; pills really love my mom. Even today, she pushes
    me to give my children medicine, and I continue to refuse. As an adult child of
    an alcoholic and drug addict, I now no longer take prescription medicine. I’ve
    had 10 surgeries in my life, and after every single surgery, she would leave
    messages with me on the phone or via text telling me to not throw away my
    medicine. I continue to refuse to take medicine even when I’m in a lot of pain,
    with the exception of aspirin.

    (drive to doctor’s office, drugstore, and back home) + EXPENSE = 🙁 HEALTH.


  • I know that if it says “Proprietary Blend” on the side of the supplement that what they say is in there is not necessarily in there. Also if you look on the side of the supplement every single one will say that the statements made were not regulated by the FDA. This goes to show that some companies may not care about your well being but more so the money that they can scam off of you from a sub par product.

  • I agree with you completely. Nothing makes me angrier than when somebody says they do not have 30 minutes a day 3 times a week to work out or do some physical activity. People need to understand that there are no shortcuts to any place worth going in life. Put in the work and enjoy the results that you get.

  • The key element is getting over your 2 week hump…this year I was determined I was going to get over the hump and I did…just like taking pills it becomes a daily routine after you get over the “tired/sore” hump. Exercise is just like a pill, take 30 minutes out of your 1,440 minutes you have in a day to simply exercise. Don’t go all out the first couple of days pace yourself. Eventually in no time it becomes a routine just like taking pills.

  • This is so true. It’s only 30 minutes and yet people continue to find excuses not to do it. Time could be the problem or it could be that people would rather not sweat, they would rather take the easy way out. The problem with taking the easy way out is that it comes back to bite you later in life. The same goes for eating. I have a friend on the track team who eats like garbage and says he never gains weight. I try to tell him that it’s going to catch up to him later but he just doesn’t listen. We need to get people to invest in the bodies for the long run, not just for today. Then exercising will be easy.

  • Reading your comment, all I can think of is “excuses”. If you truly believe that working out and being healthy is a priority and you care about yourself, then you will find the time and energy to work out. Those that can’t find the energy to workout are lazy, and those that say they don’t have the time are just making excuses. I apologize if this offends you, but if a person truly cared about themselves they would workout each day. If you have ever had a class with Ann, I think she reminds us almost every day that exercising each day actually INCREASES your energy level. So maybe give it a try! 🙂

  • I love how you are just straight to the point and honest. Sometimes in today’s world we almost have to be. It’s so true though whenever I feel stressed or down I hit the gym. I lift for an hour ride the bike or run for as long as my body can take it after lifting and I feel great. My body feels like a slug and doesn’t want to move after words, but mentally I feel amazing. It’s crazy to realize it takes 30 min out of a 24 hour day to feel good for 23 1/2 hours. I beleive life is a mental game and in order to feel good mentally you have to do something physically.

  • Very good point about the fact that 30 minutes of exercise makes you feel good for the other 23 1/2 hours. No matter what kind of exercise, it still makes you feel really good. Like what Ann says, exercise helps education. It mentally makes us stronger.

  • Yeah your’e totally right about the FDA not regulating any of the supplements. Its sad that the huge supplement companies would rather make a quick buck rather than make a dependable supplement we all can benefit off of. But like I said earlier there are hidden gems out there you just have do a lot of research to find them.

  • I guess it just comes down to what you think is important in life. I believe that I am a young college student and should try to do what makes me happy. And working out and eating healthy doesn’t make me happy. I enjoy watching Conan at night while eating a fat greasy pizza. I enjoy sitting and talking with my friends. I also find making money to be pay for rent and making sure I get good grades important too. And if all this takes up my time, then no, I don’t have enough time to work out. At this point in my life I’m not going to make time for something I hate. Once I am older and have to be more conscious of my health then sure, I’ll find time to work out. But right now it’s all about having fun!

  • Also, I am on the Men’s Soccer team at UW-Whitewater, so I do give working out a try. BELIEVE ME, it does not increase my energy level. The only thing soccer work outs do is make me want to take a nap afterwards, which I also love!

  • Basically what you’re saying is “I want to be sick” and you know what, that is fine if that is what is best for you. Just realize that you can still do all those things, but if you add a little exercise in there just maybe you will be happier and live a little longer. Someday you will find being healthy a priority, just don’t wait until it’s too late.

  • Like TeamGarvin said below, I love how straight forward you are. Sometimes blunt honesty is just what people need to here. But I too know of those busy people that manage to workout for 30 minutes every day, as well as, those that say there’s no way they have time for that. It seems that the people searching for the magic pill spend more time looking for it (the pill), instead of just exercising. I just think to myself, you could have spent less time on something that actually works, and is the only thing that works. Stop wasting your time. What would you say to those that, even after reading this article, still say they don’t have time for exercise?

  • I’m not saying I want to be sick. I’m saying I want to have fun. I do add exercise with my soccer team and I don’t feel happier at the end of it. I’d be happier if I could stay home and hang out with my friends. And yeah maybe someday I’ll find the time. But I’d rather live to 60 being happy than live to 80 being miserable.

  • I seem to find excuses sometimes too, but who doesn’t? Like your friend on the track team, my roommate is the same exact way. Eats garbage all day, everyday. A lot of our mutual friends say “she is so lucky that she can eat whatever she wants and not gain weight”. The funny thing is, it’s going to catch up to her. I tell her that too. She doesn’t care. She said “well it’s working for me now”. I think people our age know better. So they will do what they want, and I’m assuming they know the consequences.

  • Everyone has time for exercise there is no such thing as “no time” because most college students have a ton of time, yes you do need to manage your time but I think 30 minutes of exercise is doable for most college students. What do you think you can do to make your schedule available to exercise at least 30 minutes a day?

  • I enjoyed all of these examples to incorporate exercise in your daily life. So many individuals make excuses to why they can’t get in 30 minutes per day of physical activity. These claims may be valid, but if you make exercise a priority, there are always ways to make it a part of your life, no matter how little time you may have.

  • Nicely put. As a future physical educator, I would definitely agree with your article. I believe that if we truly want something, we will go for it, whatever the costs and how busy we truly are. When my dad was running marathons, even as a busy dentist, he would get up very early in the mornings and run and do weights. And he was and still is busy. That is the dedication that also proves your professor correct. What are some things that I could say to people that say they have no time for exercise?

  • It is very true. As I said above, I think we all make excuses when we can’t exercise because of time. Sometimes, we truly just can’t exercise because of various reasons, but for a lot of people, they can. They just don’t have the motivation.

  • Its totally true, we are all very busy with our lives and yet there are some people who make working out happen and those who use it as an excuse to not workout. I mean if people really wanted to lose weight, or get in shape then they would and they wouldn’t find a million excuses about why they can’t workout but instead make it a priority.

  • I agree that many people use excuses to not workout and instead they should make it a priority. I find myself using excuses sometimes. But I am an incredibly busy person that finds at least something to do active everyday. Which I think a lot people need to make lifestyle changes to make it a priority.

  • And I see your point because when I would come home from work during the summer after a full day, I did not feel like working out. But, even when we’re tired, sometimes we have to make a choice and just do it. Or, we can get up earlier and sacrifice sleep. It is a horrible thing to deal with sometimes, but if we want to work out, sometimes we have to make those very difficult sacrifices unfortunately.

  • I agree. Surgery sometimes is the only option in most severe and unfortunate situations. However, things could have been done to prevent such measures being taken. In the end though, the individuals who made those unhealthy behaviors will have to live with the consequences of those actions. We need to better educate people to practice primary prevention rather than to rely on tertiary prevention to improve their overall quality of life. I also agree that certain people should be denied surgery, but that is not in our hands and ultimately they will have to pay for it in the long run.

  • I agree. Even for some of us “young farts”, we constantly need to be told this message to help us realize the importance of eating health and exercising on a daily basis. We often become lazy when we take for granted technological advances or medicine because we ultimately believe that they will solve our problems for us, when in the long run, they don’t. We need to better educate individuals on the importance of health so that more healthy behaviors will be adopted and practiced on a regular routine. T-shirts would also be nice!

  • I hear you on that. I did that yesterday, but I realize that when I don’t workout, I do not feel great and have a lot of pent up energy. But like you said, it’s good to try to do a something that is small and active everyday. Even if you go for a small walk, at least you’re doing something that someone that isn’t exercising isn’t doing.

  • I agree. A half hour out of your 24 hour day, is not asking too much. If people care about their health that much, then they will take the time to exercise. But for others that just don’t care. They rather make money and not worry about their health.

  • HAHA! I love this post! The story about the mom rollerblading really touched something in me. People who are moms are my heroes because parenting is hard! To read that she cared enough about her health to do something that may seem silly to the peering neighbors is incredible! Shame on me for ever saying that I don’t have enough time in the day to exercise. What a lame excuse!

  • Ann, I think the neighbor rollerblading when she had probably her only 30 minutes of peace to herself a day, but instead of sitting on her butt and watching TV, she got up and got her exercise in a day proves to everyone that you can get your exercise in, you just have to be creative. Too many people, myself included at times, make up excuses on why they can’t work out today, when in reality you just have to be creative with it. Do you recommend any pills? Like a multivitamin?

  • This is a very huge topic. No matter what filed you are studying, it seems like they’ve created a pill that they say is “proven” to make life easier. I am a psych major and understand while some pills/meds are necessary, others are not. I have come to a conclusion that these “Pill-making” companies are a bunch of crooks. They know people want to be happy and health and they take advantage of that. They know that most people will pay almost anything to look and feel their best.

  • I have seen this way to many times in college, especially before the coming months of spring break. People always ask the health and P.E majors what is the best diet pill. HA HA I tell them not fast food and work out. I think some of our nation is so lazy and always wanting the quick fix. well i am guilty of that to. I love the quote used throughout, “Exercise is the pill it just takes thirsty minutes to swallow!” I wonder how much money is spent researching weight loss alternatives? I wish we could take that money and give it to the people who are constantly working hard to maintain their healthy bodies.

  • So many people don’t think they have time to exercise because they can’t make it to the gym for 30 minutes a day, but the reality is you don’t need to make the trip to the gym. Simply MOVE for 30 minutes, it could be anything, anything at all as long as you are getting your body moving. Pick something you actually enjoy doing and try to do it for 30 minutes a day, I mean really who can’t find (or make) 30 spare minutes to do some activity? Get creative if you have to, your body will thank you later.

  • A thirty-minute pill is pretty cheap. I don’t even have to show my Health Insurance prescription card to get it.
    In the 1990’s, I noticed several of my coworkers were losing a lot of weight. Turns out they were taking Ephedra diet pills, which are now banned thankfully.
    The coworkers who were losing weight were also getting very irritable. When one of them went to the doctor, he found out that his blood pressure had gone up tremendously. The word spread and they quit taking the diet pills. They also gained back the weight. I hope the costs associated with their actions were not long-term.

  • To exercise is to understand that it is healthy for your body and will only help it. Yes, maybe a fluke accident will happen sometime and a person will be delayed to return to exercises but the real accident is to skip out on it on a daily. The idea of a substance or pill to help fat loss, muscles gain or other stimulants is bizarre unless you work with the substance. If you take something but put nothing else into it, the substance is pointless and a waste of money. Now if you buy it, use it, and choose to exercise and eat well, then maybe it’ll do its real job for you. Protein shakes don’t just make you get muscle, it is a substitute for getting protein in foods or milk.

  • This is a great article, Ann. Being busy is not an excuse. A lot of people who are busy incorporate activity into their day. That can mean taking the stairs, parking farther away, basically anything that creates more movement for them. What are some other ways that you have heard of people incorporating exercise into their “busy” work day?

  • I believe the biggest key to exercise is developing a routine. If every day at a specific time you set aside time from your daily routines to workout I believe you will do just that. However, if your mindset is I will work out if and when I have a gap in my day, is something that will hardly if ever work. I was in that mindset for a period of time until I decided that at 6am just about every day of the week I have nothing going on. So I dedicated that time to going to gym and made it a routine. Sucks at first but after a while you do not think twice about it.

  • I couldn’t agree more with you Aaron. I know I am a creature of habit, and developing a routine was the best way for me to make time to workout as well. When I was working 3rd shift I began working out in the morning after work, and while many times I saw it a much easier route to pass the gym on my way home, once I kept up with the routine I found myself feeling better, and in a better mood on a regular basis.

  • Exercise is the pill for every sickness and the substitute for any pill out there. Exercise cures anything and can be fit into every routine. Everyone is busy, but everyone has at least 30 minutes of every day to exercise. It is all about time management. Every one also spends at least 30 minutes a day sitting and watching TV, so why not take your daily pill and exercise? People take their usual pills in the morning or before they go to bed, so why not have a designated time to exercise as well?

  • This article hits it right on the amount of pills for everything has gotten out of hand. people being prescribed blood pressure medication, and high cholesterol pills when the majority of the time if you would spend 20-30 minutes a day exercising you could avoid all of that on top of that you would feel better throughout the day and enjoy your life a lot more and spend less time at the doctors talking about the meds your on.

  • “Exercise is the pill, it just takes 30 minutes to swallow it” That quote is perfect. Yes, people are busy but if you take the time to get excerise into your everyday routine, it is very possible to do everyday for just 30 minutes. People don’t realize that once something becomes “routine” it is no longer a hassle to do because it has become a habit and you would feel out of place if you didn’t exercise.

  • As stated in a different one of your article, if you asked a crowded room of people how many think that exercise is good all of them would raise their hands, but if you asked how many actually do exercise 3-5 days a week, only 20% of the hands would stay raised. This is so true to why everyone wants to take this “magic pill” and fell better. Why not take a pill when most Americans love pills anyways? Because exercising, eating healthy, and sleeping the right way are easier to remember than a pill you take every day.

  • I never really take into consideration the amount of pills Americans use – I think of our poor health as a lack of acknowledging and changing our bad habits. But this is a great note to take away, that we are simply covering up a problem that (a majority of the time) exercise can help solve. While it’s daunting in the short term, it’s so simple in the long run.

  • I think one of the biggest obstacles people face are bad habits and bad planning or priorities. If one makes exercising a habit it will become addicting and they will continue to want the positive benefits regular exercise brings. Bad planning/priorities is not making time for exercise and prioritizing other activities. Like your previous article stated, if someone does not prioritize their health, eventually the body will force them to prioritize due to sickness.

  • I agree if people would spend the time to exercise and benefit there lives americans would not being having to take so many pills in the first place. Exercise is not all about going to the gym and working out like a mad man it can simply be playing catch and just moving around in general.

  • i must say your professor was right in her statement of busy people who do exercise and busy people that don’t. Its all in your head; your perception of your life and all your priorities is what determines if you actually have time to exercise or at least ‘make time’. I know personally that i make it priority to make time for a regular workout between 30-50 minutes. Doing so has helped me manage my stress that develops from keeping so busy. You have to think of your workout as your break time:) its time to give yourself a break from your un healthly lifestyle.

  • This article makes me feel like a lazy piece of crap. I am mildly busy, working and taking summer classes, but not nearly as busy as I am during the semester. I definitely have time to work out I just don’t for some reason. I think I’m scared of the getting back into it part. It’s always the hardest for me because I start working out, then think about what I used to be able to do and then I get discouraged. I’ve been trying to tell myself that I’m okay with not working out but I know I really need to start again and make it a lifestyle this time.

  • This article simply shows what people are like today in our society. This is a very useful article in many ways. It lets you know that only a half hour of your time is the magic pill. Exercising or doing some type of movement for a half hour allows you to get healthier without taking a pill. I dont quite agree to a certain extent that everyone has a half hour out of there day to exercise. People who work two jobs back to back dont have that time to get healthier. I still find it hard to find time to exercise in college and I am not currently working. Thank you for sharing this blog with us.

  • I love that quote as well. Too many people want a quick and easy fix, which they think can come from a pill. Everyone has a busy life and it’s all about making your health a priority and making the time to exercise even when you don’t want to.

  • The fact that people say they are too busy to workout is absurd. The half hour they sit on the before bed could be spent going for a solid run. If its not convenient then majority of people aren’t going to do it. That’s the mindset of people these days and it shows. There’s no pill that can supplement an active workout.

  • A pill is over the counter, easy to get, and more so easy to take. Americans love pills just as Garvin said because they cannot get those 30 mins to do the jog they thought they would be able to do. It becomes a lifestyle. I was told pills never cure, only masks. It is interesting only a small amount if people would be likely to pay to cure an illness. Thank you for this eye opening article!

  • I completely agree with you that not everybody has time to work out especially college students. Like you said some go to school full time and then have a job on top of that. After work there is inevitably going to be homework and once the homework is done it is probably about that time where the student should be going to bed in order to get enough rest to keep themselves from getting sick.

  • I can openly admit that I have said I am too busy to work out today. Although I know that when I do work out I seem less stressed and can get more accomplished in the day. I feel better about myself and I am happier throughout the day. I think that a pill would not have the same effect. How is a pill going to give you that same high that a work out does? Thank you for the post, Ann!

  • Thank you for your article. I would be lost with working out if I did not have gymnastics. I spend most of my time in the gym only because I have to. If I did not have to I would probably have another job and be even more busy than I am right now. This article will help me when I am older and out of gymnastics. Just remembering to make the time to exercise no matter what, like that mother who roller blades.

  • Thank you for writing this article Professor Garvin! I love the point made that you “know busy people who exercise and busy people who don’t”. I’ve heard the ‘no time’ excuse by many people and I’m ashamed to say it, but I’ve used it myself at times. I tend to use the excuse of homework/studying to come in the way of working out and this article helped bring it to the forefront. I’m determined to make a schedule that will allow me to have at least a half hour to exercise everyday. I think this is a great article to read for anybody who has ever used time as an excuse for not exercising! It really makes you realistically look at how you spend your time and how easy it actually is to fit in even a half hour workout a day. What do you advise people do to keep themselves from going back to the mindset that they are ‘too busy’ to workout?

  • Time. Time is such a sucker for all things. I almost feel sometimes that I’ll never get it right. I’ll never find that perfectly happy medium where I can do all the things I need to do, and successfully, in a day. I almost feel like my life is a constant circus act where I’m twirling plates on sticks in every corner of my life. And my hefty goal is to keep them all spinning away. It’s stressful and sometimes that becomes beyond overwhelming. What’s the point of being constantly stressed about things? I have faith, and isn’t that supposed to be enough to solve all of the problems I may ever encounter in my life? Sometimes, it just doesn’t feel like that. I crave perfection and have for most of my life. I know it isn’t a legit craving, and that nothing will ever be perfect in this lifetime or the next. I just want to constantly do the best I can. Where I need to realize sometimes to do my second best and let somebody else do the best for me every once in a while. Breaks and naps are good, I’ve come to realize.

  • Your past after you had your child seemed hectic and I feel like that is going to be me. I want to go to meical school after I finish my undergraduate degree. While in medical school I want to multi-task. I want to go to school full-time, get a job that will pay for my living and eating and do internships on top of that. It stresses me out so much thinking about when I will have time to exercise and let alone sleep. Reading the story about the mother who rollarbladed was enlightening. It shows that even though you are a very busy person- you can always make time to stay healthy. It will be a journey as I move forward and I will find my own tricks to fit health and fitness into my schedule.

  • That is amazing that your neighbor did that. In high school I didn’t think that I could just take a pill and everything would pan out the way I wanted it to. Now that I have taken classes on health and the body I realize that I was clearly wrong. Our bodies are so efficient and amazing that I would never want to put something in it that would do any harm. And because the answer isn’t as easy as just taking a pill I know that I have to work for my health and fit it in because it is that important.

  • I want to go to veterinary school after I receive my bachelor’s degree, and I feel exactly the same way as you do. I worry about it so much and it stresses me out. Knowing that there are people out there who can fit exercise into their busy schedules gives me the motivation I need. I figure if they can do it, so can I.

  • I really like that quote as well because humans in today’s society are always looking for the easy way out. They don’t want to wait out that cold they want a pill to take it away quick and fast. I love how this quote says exercise is the pill but it takes 30 minutes to swallow. That is just pure genus. People complain all the time that they are fat and don’t have time to exercise but all you have to do is simply take 30 minutes out of your day. I will admit that I am one of those people who say I don’t have enough time. But you are right there are people who are really busy and make time and those who don’t. It all depends on who you want to be and how healthy you want to be. I am only hurting myself by not being creative and trying to fit it into my day. Exercise is simple all you do is have to take a pill that takes 30 mins to swallow.

  • Amen sister! I wish the medical field admitted to this more often. I do not dismiss the need for medications, but I wish people would focus less attention on treating their symptoms and more attention on treating the cause of their symptoms. For many medical issues, a regular exercise routine could help greatly. I hear you on struggling to find the time though. It’s tough when the busy people that do exercise make it look so easy and effortless. Do they sacrifice sleep? Do they neglect their children? How do they find time? I think the truth is that EVERYONE struggles to find time. It simply comes down to priorities. Do I prioritize my nightly TV show over my daily exercise? If so, maybe I need a priority check, or maybe I need to do some combining of the two. You described a particularly busy time in your life when you found it hard to exercise. How did you end up getting through? Where you able to find a time and a way to exercise?

  • Thank you for the post, Ann! I think it is very easy to ask someone to exercise for thirty minutes a day. Were not asking that they do heavy lifting or run a world record mile. Just simply get out of the house and do SOMETHING. I think it is very simple and very rewarding. It’s amazing how your body feels after you work out. Not to mention how you feel emotionally too. How would someone go about finding an exercise that they enjoy?

  • Its the American way to immediately go to the doctor once you begin feeling a sore throat coming and demanding an antibiotic. We hate things getting in the way of our normal way of life. If there were a pill that would help lose weight, I guarantee that everyone would camp out for days to get their hands on that pill (myself included). Unfortunately, that does not exist. Additionally, there are so many other benefits to exercise that many do not take into consideration. Even if there were this magic pill, I would continue my regular exercise plan, not to maintain my weight, but for the added benefits of taking time to exercise.

  • Health doesn’t come in the form of a pill. Health is taking care of your body, monitoring what you eat and receiving the right amount of exercise. I know that must people blame their lack of daily physical activity on their lack of time (myself included), but like we mentioned in class the other day, it’s not that we don’t have time, but rather we are deciding not to prioritize our physical health.

  • My belief is that there are enough hours in the day to anything and everything that you could ever hope to do. So why do people still say that they don’t have enough time to exercise and eat healthy? It’s because exercising and eating a healthy diet consume vast amounts of our physical and mental energy. Living a healthy lifestyle is HARD TO DO! So yes we all have enough time during the day to engage in physical activity and consume a healthy diet, but the truth is that we often times just don’t have enough energy to do it. In order to combat this problem we need to start thinking ahead, and planning out our schedule throughout the day before hand. Put exercising and eating a healthy breakfast at the very beginning of your list. This allows you to get your day off to a great start while you still have the energy to do it.

  • Thanks Ann.
    I don’t really believe in medication, not that i wont take it if I really need do but I try to stay as healthy as I can without having to put any medicine in my body. I think this is true for not only me but people who are educated.

  • Before I started working out regularly time was my biggest excuse and I would justify it by telling myself that I had too much homework, I had to go to class and that I work too much to make time to go to the gym. I think that starting a workout regiment is the worst part about working out but once you’re into it, it’s actually really easy to do and like you said in the article, it can just be for 30 mins a day., which a lot of people don’t get. You don’t need to kill yourself working out for hours every day, even as little as a half an hour every other day could really turn it around for you. Thanks for posting Ann.

  • Thank you! Everyone is looking for the quick fix and people think that pills are the answer. 30 minutes is such a short amount of time. If you tell the average American to track how long the spend on Facebook or Twitter in a day I bet that it would be moe than 30 minutes. I do not understand how people can’t “make time” for excercise when excercise jade so important.

  • Everybody has at least thirty minutes a day to workout, but there are people that want to get healthy and exercise, and then there are the lazy people that make excuses. And the excuse makers always have an excuse for pretty much any situation so they don’t have to do something. It is a shame, but some people are just more dedicated than others.

  • I love that quote! Thank you for commenting on the many excuses that people make for their 30 minutes of exercise that they “can’t do.” The big thing that I tell people regularly is that the 30 minutes doesn’t have to be one full block of time. Take 10 min out of your lunch and walk in the building or outside if it is nice. Walk the dog 10 min after work or 20; by then you would have not only made your goal but the dog is happier too! College students take the stairs, walk between classes, get a friend to join you on a walk in the morning. Having someone wait for you may be the motivation you need to get some exercise! 5 minutes at a time, 10 minutes at a time or 30 minutes at a time still counts as the 30 min per day! Come on, who doesn’t have 5 minutes to walk around in the house or to the end of the driveway and back. No excuses! 🙂

  • I just tweeted the quote. I want to make t shirts of it. Seriously… People have excuses for everything. It’s really annoying. I mean c’mon, 30 minutes is not that much time if you space it out in multiple sessions. Heck, you might even find out that you have more time to walk, jog, bike, or rollerblade than you thought. Make it fun, make it contagious and bring a friend or a neighbor to go for a nightly walk. You can chit chat or vent about a bad day. You might find out that you need that daily walk to release some pent up frustration. Get someone to walk with who is a good listener though.

  • Thank you Ann for your post! I feel that this article could be important for busy people as well as those who are just willing to make an exercise commitment and take the 30 minutes out of their day. I agree that college students are more likely to exercise, however I have many friends that spend hours and hours playing video games instead of going for a bike ride or even a walk.

  • That is a great quote! I believe that everyone can make 30 minutes in their day to exercise if they really want to. If you’re really busy you can exercise in chunks during breaks you have or when you do take a break from homework instead of going on twitter and facebook like usual you could get up and go for a 5-10 minute walk for a couple times a day. If a person really wants to exercise 30 minutes a day it is possible!

  • I really like the story about the rollerblading lady at the end. It shows that if you make it priority and make it work in your life (no matter how crazy it may seem) it will pay off. This is something that I am currently working on in my life. The quote mentioned at the beginning of the article is something I need to keep in mind. All it takes is 30 minutes a day.

  • There is no doubt that pills are significantly overrated in many instances. There is no doubt that exercise is a much better medicine than a pill. There is no doubt that many of us don’t always have mounds upon mounds of time to devote to exercise. But what this article does not mention is that not having enough equipment to variate the types of exercise that are done and that even if we did have all that time, we can’tdo the thing over and over without boring ourselves or causi ourselves overuse injuries.

  • Thank you for writing this article, I am one of those people who uses time as an excuse not to exercise a lot, but this article has made me think about it differently. I liked how you used the story of the woman who roller-bladed on her drive, even in the rain. It proves that even if you have a busy lifestyle you should and can always be able to make time to exercise…30 minutes can make all the difference. Health should be a priority to everyone.

  • This article is awesome and so true! We always look for the easy way out because “we never have time to do anything”. I believe there is always time to get thirty minutes of exercise a day no matter what it is. The problem is people are driven enough to care. They don’t worry about the risks of obesity until they are already there and that is the problem. We have a mindset of “oh it won’t happen to me” and I believe this is the problem we need to face. Thank you for a great article!

  • I completely agree. We think that we are invincible to very serious, common issues like diabetes. I also think that it is America’s view and how we are raised that also affects how we act. How many diet pills are advertised to us several times a day, whether on the internet, TV, and magazine? Our culture idealizes easy fixes and tries to discover the newest and greatest way to achieve the look by a pill.

  • I agree with your view on this. So many people want to “be healthy,” yet they’re not willing to put in the time and effort it takes to get there. With so much social media, people are consumed in electronics for hours a day. We do have time to exercise, but aren’t willing to give up our time in useless things. It’s time to do that now. When we do start this new habit, how can we continue this and not fall back into our usual habits?

  • When I read this, I just think about all of the people I see walking outside at lunch time in their dress clothes and running shoes.. These people are the ones who choose to take a walk during their lunch break to get in some exercise. I think the problem isn’t that people don’t have time for exercise; it’s that they don’t want to make time for it. It would be so easy for college students to wake up, go to class, go to work, come home, eat dinner, do home work, and go to bed (or go out depending on the day). Instead of this though, many people choose to set aside time in their day to work out. I know people who even work their class schedule around when they want to work out. Like the woman who rollerbladed while her kids napped, everyone has time in their day, they just have to find it!

  • I like the idea of your personal exercise is your pill, you take your pills at the same time every day. you do your exercise the same time. I have a lot of people say they do not have the time to exercise or enough money to set aside 1% per pay period to save for retirement, children’s college. Excuses are easy working at it is hard.

  • Thanks professor Garvin. This article was a reality check for me. I am one of those people who complain about not having time to work out. But by reading your examples of people with a busy schedule they do 4 times as much as I do in my day. So if they can make time I can make time. Do you think people use the excuse they don’t have time but their real reason is they are lazy and don’t want to go? I ask that because some days I feel that way but I just say I don’t have time.

  • Thank you for sharing this information! You are correct when you say American’s love taking pills to take care of ills. Everyone needs to read this article you have written because I feel that no one is educated on how to usually see results when they want to loose weight. It takes 30 minutes to swallow it, not a few seconds out of our busy days. I used to skip working out because I was “too busy” with school work. Working out gives me more energy and I am able to get my homework done twice as fast because I feel so wonderful after I work out. I have one question and that is do you have any recommendations about how to manage our time better?

  • This is an excellent point, Kyle. I see people all the time just take supplements and not work out. They don’t realize how bad that is for their body. All those supplements just turn into fat and you will not see any results.

  • I definitely find myself thinking about the things I could be doing while I’m in the middle of a workout. Sometimes planning that 30-60 minutes a day for exercise is a lot of time to sacrifice when you feel overwhelmed with things to do. But to be honest at the end of the day when I have a lot of stuff to do I’m still happy I exercised. It helps me feel better and practice my time management skills.

  • Thanks for the response! I was hesitant on saying this because I know a lot of people disagree. So also, thank you for agreeing with me.

  • Exercise can be time consuming, but I feel like it is not as bad as people make it out to be. I exercise for no less than an hour at a time 5 days a week. I am a full time student with 2 jobs and training for professional football. Talk about having free time? I can’t even spell “fwee tyme”. But I do make my life and my health a priority. My goals and my health are linked and therefor I kill two birds with one stone by training and staying healthy. For those that are REALLY pressed for time, I tell them to work out three times a day for ten minutes each time REALLY hard. It’s better than nothing, right?

  • I like this article because I do think that Americans are too dependent on pill-popping. Basically every women in my family has issues with anxiety. Most of us have been medicated to control it. It worked after time and with other side effects. I tried to take anti-anxiety medication my freshman year of college and absolutely hated it by day 2. I didn’t feel like myself and I certainly wasn’t going to wait the “3 weeks to adjust”. I simply started making time for myself to do things I truly enjoyed, I started taking naps during the day in place of consuming caffeine, and I started exercising more regularly. I now have the most controlled anxiety out of all of the women in my family without a pill.

  • This article is spot on. I fully agree that Americans are pill-poppers because I am guilty of it. Headache, stomachache, etc, I pop a pill. It feels like the easiest way to deal with something because I can just keep moving forward with my day, but the truth is that it comes back to haunt me. Soon enough I realize that Advil do not take away my headaches and my stomach problems are just all in my head. I finally realize that its stress and life that are causing my health problems. Both my doctor and this article really emphasize the idea that exercising for even just 30 minutes can change everything. I also like that this article talks about time because I know that I am busy a lot so I do not want to take 30 minutes out of my day, but if 30 minutes can be squeezed in and change my life then why not go for it? what do I have to lose? nothing. I would only gain.

  • Loved the story of your neighbor! Goes to show you that if you get creative, anyone has thirty minutes to spare to exercise.

  • I love this saying as well, unfortunately people don’t always take the time to swallow that pill. If you counted up all the time you have in a day i’m sure you could find just 30 minutes to dedicate to yourself.

  • Great article. It couldn’t be much more true. However I feel that the excuse of “not having enough time” is crap. It really just comes down to they don’t want to exercise. Like most of the comments on her say “Who doesn’t have 30 minutes?” that is true. You just have to make that time and actually want to exercise.

  • Thank you for this amazing article! The best part about this pill is your not putting something foreign or poisonous into your body! What you’re doing is getting anything bad out of your body and creating your body to work! I love this because I’m not someone who will take a pill to replace anything because I don’t want to put anything bad in my body. So having exercise as the “pill” is amazing because it’s you taking care of your self. My question is people can become addicted to pills can people become addicted to exercise?

  • Agreed. I too believe that the “I dont have time” phrase is crap. So many people I know say that they are just too busy but they are watching 2 hours of tv a day or have class at 10am and wake up at 930. There is always time in the day, you just really gotta want it.

  • I really enjoyed reading this article a lot! I enjoyed it so much because I am one of those complainers who say that I don’t have enough time to exercise. Instead of doing it everyday like I should be, I only do it a few times a week, and it is not even vigorous! I need to step it up! Figuring out how to exercise and what works best for you is also quite difficult. At this point in my life, I am just doing a lot of walking. I track my walking with my FitBit, and I do basic stretches and weight lifting, but nothing too crazy. Although I am a part of the group that does complain about not having time, I still manage to fit even 10 minutes in there to do something that is active. Once I get in the swing of things though, I think that I can be really successful!

  • I know busy people who exercise and busy people who don’t. I like this quote! I do know people who are busy and workout but only for 30 minutes a day and some people that exercise is just a huge hurdle in their day. Are you going to take the time to swallow a pill especially if you make it seem like its too big?

  • Very true! Exercise is the answer to a lot of health problems. So all we need to do is get into the routine of doing it regularly just like medicine. It’s so hard to see how naive people are bout this.

  • I absolutely agree! People think finding time to workout is so hard when actually it can be pretty easy. We can workout while doing almost anything like watching TV, working, cooking, even studying! We just need to be able to keep moving and doing small exercises. If thirty minutes of exercise out of a 24 hr. day is all we need, I don’t understand how people can not have time. How can we get people to rely on exercise the way many rely on pills?

  • I very much agree with this article. I think a lot of people undermine the values that exercise can actually bring. Exercise is they key to a lot of things and I don’t think some people are yet to grasp this. I like your interpretation of how you used exercise as being your pill. My question for you is why do you think people lack the initiative to exercise is it their laziness that gets in the way or is it other factors that influence them exercising?

  • Thank you for sharing! I truly do enjoy that quote because it speaks very loudly. Using pills to try and make up for time people believe they do not have is taking the easy way out. I understand busy schedules, I really do, but it is either saying you do not have time or making the time and creating exercise to be another major priority in your daily life.

  • I always hear you say this quote and it speaks volumes! People always look for the easiest way out, but what they think is the easiest way (pills) is not a healthy choice at all. 30 minutes a day is all it takes. You will always be able to find that time for that. It is inspiring to read about the lady with the baby monitor roller blading. She isn’t taking the “easy way.” She is taking the correct way and I wish others would understand and follow her lead.

  • SO true. We can work out where ever we have the opportunity to even if that means at the office. There are many ways to do exercise and who doesn’t have a spare 30 minutes in their day to do some sort of physical activity?

  • Exactly there’s 24 hours in the day, it’s hard to believe nobody can find at lease 30 minutes a day to exercise. Especially when it doesn’t have to be all in one clump it can be spaced out. It almost seems too easy. Hopefully we can make this a common thing soon!

  • This was a great analogy. Americans are always looking for the next diet pill. Why cant you just think of exercising as a pill? It should be so easy to take 30 minutes a day to take the time to exercise but its not. It is an overlooked necessity in our lives that gets pushed to the bottom of the totem pole. We always plan plan plan but we never fit exercising into that plan. Taking a pill would be easy and since its not in a pill, people think of it as such a pain so they dont exercise.

  • Right! We need to help get the word out to help people learn how to work out and what is out there as far as exercise. A lot of people don’t realize how fun exercise is so we need to use what we have learned and help out!

  • Agree with you 1000% percent. It’s the people that sit around all day that look for solutions to being overweight that have been wanting some sort of “health pill”. Get off your butt and go exercise!!!

  • Who doesn’t have enough time to put in a simple exercise a day? It’s the people that “need” this type of pill that have all the time in the world to eat healthier and go out and go for a run.

  • I mean it should be easy but people don’t think it is. I like your point about people looking for solutions instead of actually doing. Think of all of time people are wasting SITTING looking on the internet for the next best exercise that can give them the most bang for their time instead of just standing up and doing something that help them. I honestly believe some people actually spend more time researching for their new exercise plan than they actually end up working out.

  • I have to agree with you on this. People spend hours a day on facebook, twitter, etc. when they could be out just taking a simple walk. It’s surprising how taking a 30 minute walk a day for an extended amount of time can change you physically and emotionally.

  • Also people do not quite know how much you can do in a half hour. Like taking a walk, I’m sure people do not know that if you walk at a relaxing pace you can walk two miles in thirty minutes actually fairly easily. So if you take 30 minutes of your twitter time to walk, not only can you get some nice exercise but you actually start to feel much better about yourself.

  • I agree. People have become too comfortable with living a sedentary lifestyle. There are no quick fixes. If you want something, you’re going to have to work to get it.

  • I believe time is huge factor for most people, actually let me rephrase, it is their best excuse they use to avoid exercise, but in reality I feel like it could be their lack of motivation to live longer and live healthier. I really think it depends on the setting they live in and their surroundings that contribute to their overall decision to exercise or not. If everyone is out exercising daily, then maybe it would help motivate those who don’t, but when you don’t see anyone out and about (especially during these bitter cold Wisconsin winters), then I feel like it is hard to get that motivation to stay active. That leads to my question, what are some ways to motivate people who are not active? What simple things can us educated college students do to help improve the amount of exercise in communities that lack the activity it needs? Thanks for the post Ann!

  • agree with you 100% i lie and say i dont use that as a excuse its my biggest excuse oh i have a paper due in a few days or something else but i end up sitting in my bed watching netflix. that being said with what you are saying i also do have lack of motivation to “live longer” i feel like right now in the middle of college i dont want to do anything but school and tv and one day ill make time for a healthy lifestyle but it probably be to late i need to take it upon myself and kick start a healthy living now.

  • Many americans says they don’t have time or I’m to busy which quite frankly a lot of them are but honestly we all have thirty minutes a day that we owe it ourselves to make sure we get our pill. The mother that you talk about is an inspiration no doubt for she did the impossible everyday and gives no excuse to others that it can’t be done. Its all a matter of how bad do you want your pill!

  • Great article! You know it is sad to me that so many Americans claim that they do not have time to exercise. Thirty minutes a day is really not that long. I would guess that people are on their phone longer than thirty minutes a day, which means that people are using their smartphones more than they exercise. What has our world come to? Personally, even though I don’t always enjoy it, I make sure to make time to exercise multiple times during the week. I would admit that I enjoy it some days more than others, but I always feel at least a little accomplished when I complete my own thirty minutes of exercise.

  • I agree! I found that even if you exercise for 5, 10 minutes at a time, those little steps that you take can add up to make a big difference. Doing something is better than nothing. People spend so much time watching tv, being on their phones, and other things like that. We do have to make sacrifices, but I still think that if we take just a small amount of time out of our day to exercise, it will definitely pay off in the end.

  • I totally agree! Pills are not the healthiest alternative. Say, for example, someone takes a protein pill every day. An egg is one of the better foods that have the most amount of absorbable protein in them. I know not everyone has time to make eggs, but taking the pill isn’t going to do wonders as the egg would. The same goes for exercise. Just taking a small amount of time out of our day might not seem like a lot, but over time, your commitment to wanting to exercise and making time can make a substantial difference in the end.

  • Thanks for the article. The idea of exercise being a pill is spot on. So many people look for quick remedies and are willing to swallow up to ten pills a day! That’s insane. A lot of these pills are useless especially if we do nothing for our bodies. Just by exercising we can stop taking all the pills and do it naturally. 30 minutes a day is not too long and everyone has this time each day. You just have to dedicate yourself to it.

  • I agree. Thanks for the post. The number one excuse for people not exercising is time. Assuming someone sleeps 8 hours a day and works another 8, they still have another 8 hours of downtime. Nobody can say they do not have thirty minutes.

  • This is a terrific article! In all honestly, it drives me crazy when people say that they do not have time exercise. It is pretty much impossible for a person to be constantly busy for 16+ hours a day. Sure, a person might not actually have a half an hour chunk of time that they could spend exercising, but even exercising for 20 minutes, 10 minutes, heck, even 5 minutes is way better than not exercising at all! I believe it all comes down to motivation. A person needs to be aware of the amazing short-term and long-term benefits of exercising, and must have the desire to improve their health and longevity for themselves. However, finding ways to help a person develop that motivation is so extremely difficult.. If only there was a pill for that.

  • Exactly! For ever single pill there is and what it is supposed to give you, there is probably a healthy food out there that will give you that exact same amount of nutrition while also helping out in other areas. Like you said the about the pill and the egg. You can either take the “protein” pill or you can have an egg and get the exact same amount of protein along with other vitamins. It may the easier to take the pill, but clearly it is healthier to make and eat the food.

  • Everyone has time to workout. Its all about prioritizing and MAKING time to workout. Exercising for any sort of time is still exercise, take it where you can get it and stop making excuses.

  • I agree with how everyone has time in the day where they can workout for at least 30 minutes. Except a lot of people are just lazy and don’t want to make time for that. They should though if they care about their health

  • Right? You literally need to workout for 30 minutes, that isn’t long at all. I believe people don’t do it because as a society we are becoming much more lazy when it comes to doing things

  • Many people do argue that they never have any time in the day to workout. Even if they are walking during their jobs that is a good thing that people do not realize. I walk all the time on campus and I have lost too much weight from it. Sometimes we exercise when we do not realize it. I like how part of the message from the article says you have to be devoted.

  • I loved the ending statement of this blog “exercise is the pill, it just takes 30 minutes to swallow it”. I know the feeling of not having time to exercise as I am a full time student, a senior, with two jobs. Stating that I “have no time” however would be a lie. I somehow find time to check my social media sites several times per day. There is time during the day for everyone to participate in physical activity, its just that it takes self discipline.

  • Another quote I love is “If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse” and I believe this holds true when it comes to exercise. The 30 minutes doesn’t even need to be consecutive….wake up 10 minutes early and do some jumping jacks/push ups,..take the stairs,..spend half of your lunch break eating the other half walking,…. movement can be squeezed in throughout the entire day, and if you say it can’t, it’s probably just an excuse.

  • I simply love the quote. Busy people must take breaks within the day and one of those breaks could be a great workout. I understand that people with hectic schedules just want to relax when they have a little spare time on their hands, but exercising can improve your motivation to get through your day. Exercising can be an escape from your day, clear your mind, and can help you feel better about yourself and your body. Once you complete a workout, you will feel like you can accomplish anything else you must throughout your day. People who claim to “not have time” must remember our body is the most important thing. Without it, we can’t do a single thing, so why not take care of it?

  • Many people may blame energy as being a factor, others may say that lack of time, but these all are excuses. “Excuses are monuments of nothingness that build bridges to nowhere,” is an anonymous quote that I learned back in elementary school and it has stuck with me to this day. Exercise may be more work added to a daily routine, but the amount of benefits outweigh the energy loss and time taken from a workout.

  • THE PILL: It’s the US’s ‘microwave society’ social norm of needing everything fast. The idea that “one pill a day keeps the fat away” or the “quick fix” mentality is plaguing Americans today. Another plague is Big Pharma: the greedy sons of B’s who think making a dollar is more important than actually helping make a person better instead of a dependent. Pills are the new wave of health just to counteract the effects of BS food, usually modified, and bad habits so your body won’t explode. LOL

    Let’s put it into context and focus on time exclusively:
    Plan B One Step- THE PILL is an over the counter pill used to prevent pregnancy.
    You go to your local Wal-Mart or Walgreens/CVS about an average of 20- 25
    minutes away to get THE PILL, take THE PILL and not have a baby. The
    alternative is scheduling an appointment, getting the appointment not to conflict
    with other life issues or duties, go to appointment once it is made, and wait
    to be seen. Then get seen by three different people who isn’t doing the
    procedure of preventing pregnancy, finally see the doctor, have the procedure
    performed after you have told all your business, and not have a baby. THE PILL
    option takes minutes to solve, the latter, not so much.

  • I love the first quote, “Exercise is the pill, it just takes thirty minutes to swallow it.” I also agree that people who are busy do or don’t make time to exercise. People have the tendency to blame many things on why they do not exercise and sometimes it just seems to be excuses. It might seem like a lot of time to add into people’s busy schedules but the outcomes are completely worth it!

  • Pills seem a little bit like magic to me. I like how this blog connects pills to exercise, it’s like connecting magic to exercise. That is not a far stretch either, 30 minutes of exercise a day can do wonders for your body. The article puts emphasis on taking the easy route out and how actually the easy way out is surprisingly 30 minutes of exercise!

  • I am not a person to like to take any sort of pills for anything. I know there are natural ways to deal with problems, and sometimes they work just as well as a pill. But I agree, exercise, sleep, and eating right is better than any pill anyone can come out with!

  • Although time is always an issue, and always will be, exercise is still going to be an easy solution to many problems in the day .It seems like I hear about a new gym or fitness center that is being built. During winter months these are great places to exercise, but I also feel like people are stuck on the idea that to workout they must go to a gym. There are other ways to exercise than going to a gym (like the woman did with the roller blades). Although time is an issue, people can exercise while they do things they have to do anyways like making food or brushing your teeth.

  • This article was FANTASTIC. I loved the enthusiasm from the start “Yelling BOOYAH!”. That just cracked me up. Okay so now to the grit. There is nobody who can not work out. Saying there is a time restraint is what people love to tell me, when I ask them. What I really hear is…”I’m poor at time management with my personal life because I would rather have work be my main and only focus, and I am just giving you an excuse to get you to leave me alone.” I have helped people out who say they had no time. I would literally sit down with them and go through their daily and weekly routine, accounting for EVERY SINGLE MINUTE. It is amazing how much time you find that can be pushed back or removed because it is doing nothing for you. There was one individual who was full time student, was in extra-curricular activities and wanted to join the military again. She was out of shape, unable to pass her PT test and also having problem focusing on the education testing required. She asked me to help her get in shape, because of my future aspirations for being a personal trainer. I agreed to help, and she thought we would just go running. I decided to make her lift weights more than cardio because of her mindset. She saw the struggle and it didnt take long for her to realize that she was able to overcome it. The soreness eventually didnt hurt as bad. The weights seemed to be easier to move over a course of time. Then once she did that I started giving her timed running sessions. Setting a goal. I let her fail a few times and she maintained the positive thought process. She drove on, and next thing that happened was she walked up to me, gave me a hug and said “I made it”. The mind will be the initial cause for failure, and the repeat offender for completely giving up. My favorite quote, is by my fitness role model whom recently passed away, Greg Plitt. He would say “…it’s not the genetic guy that wins, or the guy with the most potential that wins, it’s the person with the greatest perseverance that wins.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38aJ-ehAoIE

  • I think anyone can make time in there day to work out. You just have to want it. The people who want it will find time to do it. Like your neighbor. It doesn’t have to be 2 hours in the gym to workout it just has to be enough to get your heart-rate going and be able to sustain it for a period of time. I understand that it is hard. My parents until my sister and I went off to college didn’t work out except on random occasions when I would say hey lets go to the gym. They have recently started to work out every day for about an hour a day. Which is great for them, I think they had enough time all along they just didn’t organize their time well enough. instead of going straight home to watch a show on tv they could have recorded it and watched it after they got back form the gym. They have started this now, and I am very proud of them for it.

  • I agree, you have to want it! You will make time for the things you truly want. Its obvious, that example is shown everywhere. If you want to go to the store, you will. If you want to see your friends, you will make time. If you want to work out, you will! Nobody can tell you to do or want something, you have to crave it yourself. Starting small is a great idea – 30 minutes is great. Even if you start out with just 15 minutes, thats fine. You are getting there! I know things get in the way during your busy day, but 15 minutes doing something that is healthy for you is reasonable. Instead of those few extra minutes checking social media, or laying around, watching tv; prioritize your time.

  • There really is no excuse not to make anything exercise. A lot of people complain because it requires “going out of their way”. Well, for a very small number of people that may be true, but for most, there are options everywhere.
    In developing countries, many don’t have to worry about death via obesity, inactivity, or medications, they have a much greater problem-starvation and violence. If this is the case, and we’re here in a very privileged country with access to health care, buffets of food, and locks on our doors-why are we making excuses not to help ourselves and others? “Not having enough money” is an excuse that has long run it’s course when it comes to personal health because as Ann says-“your body is the best gift you’ve ever been given”. And you can prevent yourself from a whole lot of trouble later in medical costs, time and fatigue if you get off your butt and actually start taking care of that gift.

  • I was in a personal training class and we talked about how if you start with 15 minutes of walking and slowly add on you will eventually get it stuck in your normal daily activity. You could always decide to do push ups or crunches during commercial breaks when watching tv. Or put a stationary bike or treadmill in front of the tv. There are plenty of options specially if you get bored while you work out.

  • This is well stated. I agree fully that it is important to exercise every day, but I also fall in the category of those who sometimes say “I don’t have time”. It really is hard sometimes to get up and exercise when life seems to be extra busy and stressful. I think that the Most important thing here is that the exercise days obviously surpass the lazy days, unfortunately that is not the case for most americans.

  • I completely relate to the story and this post. I also want to continue my education after my undergraduate program and I want to work on top of that. I can understand the stress and lack of time that goes into this. I think everyone can learn from that rollerblading mother that there is always some extra time to work out.

  • We all make time during our day for our top priorities. Whether it be eating, or watching tv, or even seeing our friends. If we really want to make exercise a priority then we would find time somewhere to do it. The library now has a treadmill desk, so you can study while walking! Everyone has thirty minutes for exercise, they just need to find it.

  • I could not agree with this theory more. You hear the excuse “I don’t have time to exercise from people all the time.” And yes, I said it, its an EXCUSE. You do have time to exercise, because your body needs it! I’m not sure if these people are unaware of that, if they just don’t care or what the deal is, but they need to (insert one of my favorite lines here:) FIGURE IT OUT. Or, they won’t, and they will live a very unhappy old aging process. Plain and simple. Just do it, (your welcome Nike.)

  • I honestly hate when people use the excuse that they are too busy to exercise. I think of it as either two things- 1. you are lazy or 2. you have bad time management skills. It is possible to work out thirty minutes a day. If you can sit down and watch your favorite television show for an hour, then you can definitely fit in time to exercise. I am a busy college student with two jobs, but I figure out ways to be active at least five times a week. We all have to figure out what is best for us and our schedule, but also understand that our health is important above all.

  • Exactly! I personally like the idea of a stationary bike in front of the T.V. Some people may argue that they do not want a bike in their living room but thats the perfect opportunity for spare rooms that you do not know what to do with to turn into a little exercise room. Getting a small TV in their with some equipment is prime! If someone does not have a big enough house to have a seperate room for a stationary bike, then keeping it out in the living room is not the end of the world. It still motivates you to use it, and if anything – shows others a great example as well of what they should be doing to better their health!

  • I agree with you on how many people use the excuse that they are too busy to exerise. I think this is a lame excuse. I believe if we can educated people on better time management skills also give them tools in the types of exercise they would like to do then they would more likely to do workout on a regular basis. Many people are afraid too exerise due previous injuries or planly they have not had the experience exerising in the gym for a long time. So we could tell them we can start slowly with 15 minutes then work our way up to an hour workout in the gym or in the home.

  • I couldn’t agree more. There really is no excuse as to why an individual can’t fit exercise into a daily routine. I think there are many underlying reasons as to why people aren’t getting the appropriate amount of activity in a given day. I believe that some people may not understand how easy it is to commit a small amount of time (30 mins+) of exercise a day. For example: I do HIT (High Intensity Training) and I’m only at the gym on average for about 30-40 mins a day but I don’t talk to friends, I have a plan going into the work out, and I jump right into it. I’m not saying this is the solution for everyone but if people can find alternative ways to change their daily life’s when concerning exercise, (for example: taking stairs instead of riding on the escalator) then an adequate amount of exercise can be reached.

  • Time is the easiest excuse to use when it comes to exercise. The world is busy today and no body has time to spend hours in a gym. But, exercise doesn’t need to be time consuming in your day. Just like Ann demonstrated, Busy people can find time. It is more about motivation and having the will to do it that is stopping people. Find a way to incorporate exercise with your work, if there’s a will there’s a way.

  • Health should be your number one priority, and with health comes exercise. Working out for an hour a day should be mandatory in your schedule. We need to be selfish sometimes, and look out for our well-being as a main concept. Everyone should be able to get up off the couch for an hour, and dedicate it to working out. We at least owe ourselves that. Exercise has many benefits, and will help with work, school, and keep your stress levels low.

  • I’m glad you agree with me. I wonder if there is a way to get people out there to understand that this is one of the best things for them? It maybe expensive to get a stationary bike but then there are other things people could do crunches aren’t hard anything body weight isn’t hard. Going for walks with neighbors or a dog could be your cardio. There are plenty of inexpensive ways for people to work out if that is the issue.

  • You don’t have to convince me that exercise is good for my health or that I have the time to exercise. I think I have lived long enough to realize that at this point. And I’m not saying I don’t say the words out loud. But I think my real excuse for not exercising is actually embedded in my actions. I say I don’t have time, but you will definitely find me on Facebook or Netflix way more often that you will find me standing while I am doing either activity. I agree with almost everything in this article, except maybe what it is trying to convince me of. All these things, I think, everyone knows. Yes, there are busy people who exercise and busy people who don’t exercise. That is not something I need to be convinced of. I need a way of changing my habit. If I could exercise when I am triggered by whatever it is that triggers me to pick up my phone and check Facebook so many times a day, I think I would be much healthier.

  • Every day I see individuals who say that they are too busy for the gym and exercise especially in rough times like exam time but at the same time they will pursue a drink on the weekend or making time to go out to eat with their friends. I feel like the first step in being able to exercise is to start valuing it as the stress relieving, confidence changing activity that it is instead of being to busy for it. People need to realize what is important and change their time management skills.

  • It reminds me of the video we watched in Stress Management, when Dr. Mike Evans asks, “Can you at least limit your sitting and sleeping to just 23.5 hours a day?” Why can’t we just get up for 30 minutes and exercise? It sounds so easy when putting it this way. He really put it into perspective how little time we need to dovote in our day to exercise, and how anyone can make time out of their day to do it.

  • I thought of this video as well when reading the article. It’s a very true point however. Being in college we easily get at least a half hour because we walk to class every day.

  • This is a really interesting way to look at exercise. Humans are always looking for the quick and easy way to get what we want. In terms of health, taking a pill seems so much easier that exercising regularly. However, if we start presenting exercise as a quick and easy way to stay and remain healthy, we can start inspiring people to take more control of their health, rather than having them invest in “magic pills” that may/may not work.

  • Anybody can take a least 30 minutes out of their day to exercise it’s just a matter of fact if you reallyy want to or not.

  • I love this blog. Everyone can make time to exercise in their life if they truly want to. Whether you go to the gym or do it at home, 30 minutes is not a lot. All it takes is some mental motivation. Once you get started you will feel great. I always say, you will never regret a workout. People should tell themselves that more often when they feel tired and do not want to get their butts moving!

  • I agree Ashley, and I feel that if individuals are willing and able to go to the gym or do some sort of workout then they can definitely fit it into their schedule. I believe that the people who convince themselves that they have no time are just comfortable in their lives and don’t want the change until they have to.

  • Saying that you don’t have enough time is a bunch of b.s. I am guilty of saying that but not with exercise but with other things like clubs or homework. We spend so much time on social media and Netflix that if you cut that down you can totally find time to work out. Or you can watch an episode of Friends on your phone while you bike. win win

  • This blog is too true and I have been guilty of this before. Throughout high school I was an all season athlete which meant I had to workout every single day and I had never felt better than I did during that period of my life. Now that I’m in college and work I’ve definitely made excuses for myself but I’ve recently started working out like I used to and I remembered how good it used to make me feel.

  • This article grinds my gears. I can’t stand when people say they don’t have time to work out. Honestly cut the time you watch tv by 30 minutes and there is plenty of time to work out. I understand that the conditions are different once people get older and have a family but then make it a family thing and involve everyone. Or break it up. I find it very hard to believe that people can’t find twenty-thirty minutes a couple times a week to be active and improve their health.

  • It’s so easy for people to make excuses as to why they “can’t” exercise. And in the fast paced world in which we live, I think blaming a lack of time is the easiest way out for people to avoid facing the fact that they simply prioritize other aspects of their life over their own health. Being “too busy” is an easy justification for people to give for a lack of exercise, but the truth of the matter is that no matter what the situation is, everybody can find thirty minutes to incorporate more exercise into their lives than they currently are.

  • Yes, integrating exercise into daily life is very important. I’ve learned to park far away from my classes so I can walk that extra distance and I usually take the stairs every chance I get. That 30 minute pill can be spread through a day of good exercise habits.

  • i agree with you that people blame lack of time for an excuse to not exercising more often than anything. everyone has thirty minutes in their day no matter how busy they are. Even if you are watching tv, you can easily do simple exercises in between commercials.

  • I agree, Jeremy, and I think something as simple as exercising between commercials as you mentioned is a great place to start. It’s simple, attainable, and a baby step in the right direction. Especially since the thirty recommended minutes a day do not have to be consecutive, sneaking exercise into your daily activities like that is an excellent place to start in my opinion.

  • There is not a person in this world that isn’t busy. We are busy in our own way, whether we are ACTUALLY busy is a different story. But excuses are easier to make if you’re “busy”. People that exercise on a regular basis put that time into their schedule. Even if they ARE busy, they find time…they put it into their own schedule and make it a priority. They are keeping their lives in their own hands and are trying not to be just another statistic. If they are trying to be a statistic, they’re trying to be on the living end of it and making a difference now, and making it a lifelong priority.

  • I was the same exact way…3 sport athlete and practicing all year long for each sport. It almost seemed like a full time job that I had to take care of every day after school. I didn’t have a choice, but it didn’t feel like job because it was something that I enjoyed. It was easier for me to exercise when it didn’t feel like exercise. It’s hard for me now that I’m in college now that I am busy all the time, and in high school I had that outlet of sports to keep up with exercise. Running on the treadmill or lifting weights don’t appeal to me as much as playing a pick up game of basketball or something along those lines. I would much rather do that than go workout for an hour. But that’s just me..

  • This is an important article because it makes you understand how hard people try to get out of exercising. People will do all they can and as stated in the article, just refer to some unnatural diet pill that is supposed to help their body when realistically they can be hurting it. This quote is a very important and I wish everyone could read it and understand it.

  • I am often one who falls prey to the thinking that I’m too busy to simple go walk for a half hour or to go for a run. My roommate and her fiance also have difficulties with this as well. I would talk to her about the things we were learning in our nutrition class and about how it’s important to eat plenty of fruits and veggies and exercise. Instead of trying to do these things or trying to incorporate these things into their day to day lives a little more, they decided to take Hydroxycut pills because that would be easier. After some months, without seeing any results, they stopped buying and taking it. It just goes to show that taking a simple pill doesn’t necessarily work the way that you want.

  • I often feel like I “don’t have the time” truth is I am sure I could find the time. Get up a little earlier, stay off my phone and get my work done sooner and go workout instead. Over the past few months I have made these changes. I have made time. I have put health as a priority. Some days I still struggle deciding if I am going to the gym or not. I don’t want to drive there. I am too tired. I have so much homework and studying to do. The days I get to bed at a good time, I can wake up earlier and have an extremely productive day. Some days I take a nap and can’t fall asleep at night and an awful cycle begins with always feeling too tired. If people more busy than me can do it, than so can I.

  • exercise truly is a fountain of youth. No one is too busy for exercise it all comes down to how bad you want to be healthy and/or become healthy! its crazy what dedicating yourself to 30 minutes of exercise a day can change your life

  • People will come up with every excuse in the book to avoid exercising. The time they spend thinking of these excuses can be the time they are actually exercising. I’m not bashing on people who don’t exercise because “they don’t have time” because I’m definitely that person. I know that exercise is good and necessary for a healthy lifestyle but even after knowing that and being constantly reminded of it everyday, I just always use the excuse “there’s not enough time”, especially between being a full time student and having two jobs. After being in Ann’s class I am more aware of my actions and have been trying to schedule a time to exercise during the day so it becomes more of a normal routine.

  • I agree! Particularly since the recommended thirty minutes doesn’t have to be consecutive, squeezing bouts of exercise into your day can make a huge difference. But people have to be willing to do that. I think if you show somebody how easy it can be, they are more likely to make the change. But I think people often get set in there ways and think there is absolutely no time to even think about exercising. In reality, however, regular exercise will physically and mentally help them keep up better with their current activities.

  • I agree. Particularly since the recommended thirty minutes doesn’t have to be consecutive, squeezing bouts of exercise into your day can make a huge difference. But people have to be willing to do that. I think if you show somebody how easy it can be, they are more likely to make the change. But I think people often get set in there ways and think there is absolutely no time to even think about exercising. In reality, however, regular exercise will physically and mentally help them keep up better with their current activities.

  • People can come up with all different kinds of excuses why to not exercise, but one I do not agree with is that there is a time issue. From my education, I have learned that yes 30 minutes a day is key for good health, but that does not mean 30 minutes at one time. This could be 10 minutes 3 different times of the day. Or 5 minutes 6 different times. Everyone can squeeze a short 10 minutes into their day 3 different times. It gives a nice break from whatever work you are so busy doing, and will actually help you then be more productive coming back to work. Exercise is definitely the pill.

  • I agree that people love to say that they do not have time to exercise. But it’s honestly not about having the time, it’s about making exercise a priority and fitting it into your schedule as if it is a non negotiable task that has to be accomplished every day. On my busiest days, I still have time to exercise. It’s really just a matter of using that 30 minutes to take a break and relax for a second or going to the gym. Sometimes I choose the gym, sometimes I choose Netflix. I definitely like the quotation because it has become our nature to try and find the easy way out of things. The quote makes exercising seem so simple by comparing to just taking a pill. I’ll keep that in mind.

  • I think we make a lot of excuses for not exercising. I know people that are extremely busy all day and still make time to exercise. I’ve realized that over the years that exercise has to be a priority in your life. Some people make it a priority to go to the bar every weekend or see a $5 movie every Tuesday. I am trying hard to make exercise a priority in my life, because I know it will affect me later in life. From my experiences, I have learned that it’s hard to get an exercise routine going. I’ve made countless excuses about why I cannot exercise. Once I complete a 30 minute workout, I feel so much better. I don’t understand why I burden myself with all of the guilt and the excuses.

  • This is so true. People spend way too much time checking Facebook, watching Netflix, and wasting time, when all of that could be spent doing homework, exercising, or even sleeping so you have the energy to get more done later. We have become so accustomed to having to multitask in today’s society, but we spend a lot of time multitasking with things that aren’t productive.

  • I think you talked about something that is a major contributor to why people aren’t motivated. You see so many times where people are excited about something at first but lose motivation. The media and society, especially when it comes to exercise, makes it seem so easy, when it actually is the opposite. They lose the will to do it, and then give up as they are getting to the part where they start seeing the results. if people really want it, they need to find a way to push through, and I think that is a tough concept for many to grasp.

  • I liked the story of your neighbor that you shared. That was very inspiring. I also find it interested that people with higher education tend to exercise for more often. I really don’t get why more people don’t exercise more often. Not only can it help your overall health, it can make your body appearance look better too, not to mention all of the other benefits exercise has.

  • I definitely agree that everyone should take 30 minutes out of their day to workout. Most of the excuses I hear as a college student why others can’t work out is because people have to much school work and are too stressed. If they took only 30 minutes out of their busy schedule, I bet their stress level would go down and they would feel so much better about the work load that they have to still do. Working out is important and can make a huge difference in your daily attitude.

  • It’s so easy to make excuses to get out of exercising but I know that if I ever skip a day at the gym then I get mad at myself. Exercising is so important and keeps me on track with my daily schedule. It not only helps me lead a healthier life, but a happier one as well.

  • I am the exact same way in that I do have a daily schedule where I fit in some time at the gym, but sometime I do struggle whether I should work out because I am too tired or busy. But I always try to remember that I have to prioritize my health and if I want to live a healthy life, then I need to keep my workout schedule on track.

  • I agree! No matter how busy someone is, they should take a little of their time and put it aside for the gym. It will make a person feel so much less stressed about their busy day and I know the gym always puts me in a good mood after I go. It’s only 30 minutes so I think everyone can take that little bit of time for a workout.

  • I completely agree! I know I’m not the only one who spends hours on social media or Netflix so we should start being more productive with that time we’re wasting with nonsense and out it towards the gym. It’s easy to make excuses to not go to the gym, but actually going to the gym always boosts my mood and I always feel so much better about myself. It’s worth it to take time to work out.

  • I agree Anthony! I always regret a work out I skip so I need to remind myself that I make so much time for other pointless activities, that I can definitely take some time out of my schedule to go to the gym. Time management skills are very valuable in every day life and I think creating a schedule and making a time to go to the gym or a walk or run around the campus is a great thing to do.

  • I agree I know I need to too. The struggle is actually following through on it. I have recently been trying to get up early and just workout then because then I don’t have all day to convince myself why I don’t need to. Seems to be working well so far. I just need to get to bed earlier ha.

  • I strongly agree with this article. There is sometimes that it seems difficult to find a way to do some kind of exercise, but you just have to find a way to enjoy it. Do something that you like, bring some friend, establish goals.There is many things which could motivate you to be healthier.

  • I agree with this article because, yeah sure there are a bunch of pills that can help you but is it going to help in the long run? Probably not. Literally, make yourself get up and exercise because no one ever regretted it! I am a full time athlete and yet I still manage to hate running but guess what, I get my ass up and do it anyways. After my run, I ALWAYS feel great afterwards and glad I made myself run. Like Ann says, 30 minutes thats it.

  • Thank you for sharing! With people everywhere often short on time, they look for the easiest way to stay healthy. This leads to the purchase of medication, pills, and other unnecessary products. The magic pill for a healthy life is not in a magazine or in a store. It is a lifestyle that may seem hard to adapt to, but really isn’t as challenging as most people think. There are many ways we can make being healthy a fun experience for our entire lives, and that is something magical in itself.

  • I totally agree! I feel that people who say they don’t have time to exercise are the ones that don’t want to take the time to exercise. People aren’t willing to take the first step because of how hard it is to make a significant change in lifestyle. Even though it can be challenging, once people realize how important it is to make those changes, I feel that they will start to see their health isn’t as hard to improve as they thought. Thanks for sharing!

  • couldn’t have said it better myself. people look for the quick fix these days, and 90% they dont work. health pills help but only as long as you are taking them and they cause serious health issues. and the moment you stop taking them you go back to the way you used to be.

  • I think that its really interesting how much college changes our priorities. Many of the things I participated in everyday in highschool I don’t even have the opportunity to do now, at the level I did in high school, solely because I chose to not pursue college athletics. This led to me changing my hobbies as well.

  • That is really interesting that you even told them some simple things you have learned in nutrition class that most people really already knew. It just goes to show how even information we are told works and to be true (eating fruits and veggies) it seems to be too simple for people. It is like we think it needs to be more complicated to eat healthier.

  • People will use any excuse they can find to get out of exercising. They rather just take a “magic pill” that will harm them when they should just eat better an exercise. We don’t need a magic pill to work.

  • I feel like many use the excuse of not having enough time when in reality they likely do have enough time, it is energy that they don’t have. They don’t have the energy to workout.

  • Yeah I thought the information was important to know and I figured that she would hear it and try to make at least one change. Oh well, I guess it’s important to at least try and to keep trying, hopefully something will click.

  • I loved this article! People really don’t take the time to sit down and look at what they could do to fit in 30 minutes of exercise. I know from my stand point being in college, working, and having to partake in college organizations has made me think harder about my health since I don’t even have that much time to watch my favorite TV show. But having my pill for my health be exercise is what is the healthiest thing for me! I don’t want to mask future health problems when the current pill of exercise could help mask all of them the rest of my life!

  • How sad it is that we have the same percentages of college grads working out and smoking cigarettes. It’s like part of the people got the right message and the other part received the opposite. 30 minutes of exercise really isn’t a huge chunk out of my day right now. I treat myself to a netflix episode while running on the eliptical and if i’m anxious to see what happens next, I watch the next episode while still running or biking. I have a rule that I can never watch more episodes in a day sitting on my butt as I do being active. It helps pass the time while running, and sitting on my butt watching it leads to a sedentary lifestyle. I have a pretty busy lifestyle, so I fit in my enjoyment with my exercise and it makes for a happy girl after an hour or so of exercise! And I’m always sure to be over the 30 minutes everyday because an episode is average 40 minutes which is awesome!

  • I think that scheduling it into your day makes for a great routine! Mine has it’s own highlighter in my planner so I know it’s nonnegotiable such as my meetings, work,and class. It’s great and although I am a busy person, I find a way. 6 am workouts, cycling classes, etc. Not always the most “fun” thing to see after a long day because 5:30 am comes quickly, but not as quickly as heart disease and an unhealthy future. I’ll thank myself in the long run

  • I think it is amazing what people will but to try and make a healthier life attainable. I see so many taking pre-workouts to lift for 30 minutes, and the top ingredient in most pre-workouts is caffeine. It’s a waist of money in my opinion. You’d be better off to eat plenty of carbohydrates to fuel your lift at a much less price.

  • I like your idea of watching Netflix while running on the eliptical. The running may suck, but at least you’re still being entertained. And, I agree that it is not hard for most people to find 30 minutes of exercise, especially for college students.

  • when looking at the US it is one of the most obese countries in the world and it is disgusting and terrible. We do not really realize it because we just assume the rest of the world is out to get us and we are just conceded and want to think we are the best. it is really not that difficult to fit a half hour of exercise in to our schedule but most of us push it off because it is not important at that time. when in reality our body is way more important than anything else. Even major corporations realize this and know that the most productive works are the ones that are fit. They are all starting to higher personal trainers and add gyms to their work places so that they will have healthy and productive workers.

  • its really that easy sam! just get that good one hour a day and youll be fine! Health should really be more of a priority for everyone. Being healthy can make every other aspect of your life easier/more enjoyble. when things arent going so well in life its good not to have to worry about health

  • In reality almost everyone has 30 mins a day to spare for a workout if it was important enough to them. But not having enough time falls down to not having the energy to make the time to workout. Where does the energy come from? Your diet, if you don’t fuel your body with the proper food of course your not going to want to go workout.

  • Well, you told her the information that she needed to know. Now it is her turn to either do something about it or not. It seems like she rather not right now. Maybe someday when health really becomes a priority and she is thinking about the family she may want to take care of in the future.

  • Definitely. I think now it’s up to her to decide what she wants to do about her health. Like you said, I think that once health becomes more important to her and the world, she’ll be thinking differently.

  • It just kind of amazes me that even after having that information she doesn’t change. After learning so much in class I feel silly that I believed some of the things I did. It is now like a no-brainer for something. But like we said, her choice, you can force her.

  • I agree!! I’ve learned so much from class and I too often feel silly or stupid that I could have possibly thought some of the things that I did about health. I think that once she thinks about it, she’ll feel the same way we feel now about some of the things that we believed.

  • I am glad I don’t feel alone here. I hope for her sake and her health that she does come around. I kind of feel annoying when I say things that I have learned to people that are making those mistakes, but I care about them so I want them to know too.

  • I hope that she comes around too, if you she doesn’t, I fear for her health. I completely understand, I feel that way sometimes too but I think that you should still keep telling them the information.

  • This is fantastic and sois Covert Baily’s quote!
    “Americanslove pills, pills being the easiest and most efficient management of our ills.” Ain’t that the truth!
    It really is amazingly ridiculous all the things most of us are willing to try when all we need to do is
    exercise/move around and eat fruits & veggies.
    That roller blading mom is dedicated-that is so awesome. We all need to be way more conscious of the
    decisions we are making and make sure we are prioritizing the right things. We need to make time for health instead of wasting time looking for a “magic pill.”

  • I agree. I think that scheduling it in and knowing to always do your exercising then is important. For example, I go to Zumba every Wednesday at a certain time and I plan other things around it so I can go. I also think that you’re at least making time for it if you plan it. If something comes up last minute during the day where you go for a walk or play pick up basketball, then you can either shorten or eliminate the workout you had planned.

  • I agree that many people have 30 mins to spare but that doesn’t necessarily means that they want to do it. I believe people push excercise to one of there lasts things to do during the day because of lack of energy or drive to do it and like you said eating better will improve your energy and make it more likely to workout.

  • I love it. the pill only takes 30min to sallow. We all have 30min if you say you do not you are lying plan and simple. It must be hard listening to all the excuses and then hearing people complain that they are not getting healthier.

  • I completely agree. Everyone does have 30 minutes to spare. Ill be honest though, I find myself making excuses for not going to the gym but in reality its only 30 minutes out of my day. And I complain to myself when im not getting the results I want but in reality i just need to stop making excuses and get my butt up and go!

  • I agree with you on how many people use the excuse that they are too busy to exerise. I think this is a lame excuse. I believe if we can educated people on better time management skills also give them tools in the types of exercise they would like to do then they would more likely to do workout on a regular basis. Many people are afraid too exerise due previous injuries or planly they have not had the experience exerising in the gym for a long time. So we could tell them we can start slowly with 15 minutes then work our way up to an hour workout in the gym or in the home.

  • You think so? I wonder how much more good it would actually do. I do fear for their health and that is why I do it. Also it reminds me about all of the stuff we have learned. It keeps health a priority to me. Maybe I will become annoying enough to the point that people know that they can actually ask me questions.

  • I’ve never heard the quote, “exercise is the pill, it just takes 30 minutes to swallow it” but I’m glad I now know it because I absolutely love it. So many people make excuses when it comes to their health. We live in a culture that is constantly trying to push pills down our throats. I feel like every time I turn on the TV theres some commercial for a diet pill or some fad diet that promises you a hot bod. Funny joke marketing companies. Everyone knows that working out is the best possible way to lose weight, along with eating right, however, Americans are lazy and do nothing but make excuses. Sure its not always easy to find time to go to the gym and work out to shred some pounds but in all reality once you figure out an activity that works for you, something you really enjoy doing, it will feel like the farthest thing from exercise and you’ll get to rep all the benefits!

  • I’m with you on that Paige! I’m sure many others can also relate. Its hard to get into the swing of things after a really long day at school or work. I’m sure a lot of people would agree that the last possible thing anyone would want to do is drag their butts to the gym to run for 30 minutes. However, what people need to understand is that working out doesn’t always need to be done at the gym. Theres hundreds of activities people can participate in that doesn’t need “workout equipment.” One of my favorite things to do now that its nice out is go to hiking. Not only does it help clear my mind but it gets me moving!

  • I really liked this article. I think everyone has made the excuse every once in a while that they just don’t have time to go and get a workout in and that is why we see so many commercials for weight loss supplements that suggest you just take the pill and don’t change any of your daily routines and you are guaranteed to lose weight. And I think people should really believe that the only pill to health is a 30 minute workout.

  • I completely agree that we need to make exercising a priority and fit it into our schedules. What I like to do when I am scrunched for time and don’t have time to go to the gym. I like to workout during my favorite tv show because it keeps me motivated to keep going until it is over and it is also entertaining. This way I don’t skip out on a workout!

  • Exercising isn’t about finding time, it’s about making time. Just like the mother who roller bladed on her driveway, anyone can make time in their day for some type of exercise. On days that are super busy, I always try to make time for exercise, whether it’s riding a stationary bike while I study for an exam or doing sit-ups and squats while I watch Netflix.

  • I have a roommate that constantly complains that she’s gaining weight and hates her body, yet she spends hours of her day napping or laying on the couch watching TV. I can’t stand it! Don’t complain about something if you aren’t going to do something to change it.

  • I agree that a huge part of people not getting enough exercise is a lack of energy. This reminds me of what Garvin told us to do in class: Do your most important tasks during the times you have the most energy. She said she has the most energy around 5AM so she gets up and exercises at that time. People should work with their energy levels to be more productive during the day.

  • I completely agree with you that all these fitness supplements and mixes and drinks and powders are all just a waste of money. Go to the gym, work out, sweat, and you’re done. It’s as simple as that. You don’t need magic pills and $60 protein powder in order to see results. You need a good workout and a good balanced meal.

  • I do the same thing when I don’t have time to go to the gym! It’s so easy to get a workout in on the living room floor while watching tv. There’s tons of at home workout videos on youtube and a million different ab exercises that can be done.

  • Agreed! People make it so complicated. Eating fruits and veggies is SO simple. Then people say it’s too expensive. I’m like – If you have money to buy poptarts then you have money to buy apples…

  • No kidding. I do understand to a point. Like sometimes when people say they want to be healthy, but don’t have the money. Then I see them buying new clothes or going to concerts and the worst one was when someone bought a new car. Like you can afford brand new car payments, but not fruits and veggies?! Or better yet, the ones who can buy these new expensive pets, but cannot buy healthier food. It just goes to show where priorities are.

  • Yeah, I would just try giving the information or explaining it in different ways. Ann talked about it in class that she often tells us the same information but in different ways. She said that she figures if she tries it a few different ways, that it should click at least once.

  • Yeah, I feel like she knows so much than she is able to say it in all kinds of different ways. I guess it will just have to be something that takes practice.

  • Yeah I know what you mean and I totally understand what you’re saying. I’m not really sure how exactly to do that but I’m sure if you every need help Ann can give you some tips and advise.

  • for some people I don’t think its lack of time because if you really wanted to do something then you make time or find time, I thinks its more lack of wanting to exercise but people choose to just lay around on the time off they have. Just like the person below me said stationary bike, sit-ups and squat or something, that’s not too hard or bad just have to stay consistent when you set your goal

  • I agree with you Paige that I always make excuses for not going to the gym even though it is not hard at all. It is easier when one of my roommates is going and I will tag along because she will push me to go. When I start going to the gym I obviously feel better about myself but there will always be those times where I make excuses and regret it later on.

  • I think that’s a great plan. Maybe even try what Ann does and sleep in your workout clothes and have all of your gym stuff packed the night before. I believe a huge aspect to success in healthy habits is preparation. If you take the time to prepare ahead of time, it’s one less step to do when you may not really be in the mood to hit the gym! Meal prep is also something I have found success in. It’s so much easier when you have a healthy option ready to go.

  • That’s just how society is now…. if it can not happen in under a minuet then we do not want it. the worst is how it takes six weeks to see body results but most people quit around then.

  • People who believe they lack access to health most likely are not equipped with the creativity or motivation to think of a way to make it work. As said in the article, I myself know many busy people. The ones that make it work no matter what the circumstance, show determination. Doing what is convenient or easy will give you results that reflect that effort. Going above and beyond shows the most impressive change in overall health. More people who take on shortcuts such as supplements should take the time to analyze the reason they feel entitled to that shortcut and if doing the real deal is actually too far out of reach.

  • I have the same situation! I have a roommate that complains she is not loosing weight but then she will end up buying fast food at least three times a week. its hard to feel sympathy for someone like this.

  • Even though our society is helbent on pills and what they can do. Some people can find that magic “pill” and find a way through things. This article really shows the will of people.

  • “When I read it I want to do a teen-age fist pump, shout Booyah!, possibly make a gang sign. ” That is hilarious! I agree with exercise being the “pill.” Everyone should be able to find time to exercise, even if exercising isn’t the only thing you are doing at that time. For example, when Ann said her neighbor rollerbladed with her baby strapped across the chest. Multi-tasking is very important to getting that time to exercise in and being productive.

  • In a world surrounded by get healthy quick schemes and everyone looking for the next “pill”, this article nails it. The only true way to fully acheive health is tjrogj exercise. Sure, some supplements can have their added benefits, but they’re nothing without proper exercise.

  • Everyone should have time for exercise! It can just be as simple as walking instead of driving, stairs instead of elevator, and the list goes on. No excuses!

  • I myself can relate to this. I am a very busy person during the week and sometimes find it difficult to make time for a workout. I will do everything that I can do to make it happen because when I skip a day or 2 I definitely notice the difference in my motivation and energy levels. People need to take some time out of their day to get in a exercise. This will help you manage your stress and help you accomplish what else is needed for the rest of the day. Exercising gives me a great spike to my energy levels when done on a regular basis. Finding the time even if you can’t get in the gym such as doing a workout at your office. Body weight exercises are a great way to get a workout in without needing a lot of space or expensive equipment.

  • You have a great attitude. I find myself having a difficult time finding 30 minutes to exercise during the day. Cutting down on TV time or just not playing with your phone are great ways to get a workout in.

  • I have read a couple of your articles and I really enjoy them because you incorporate them in class and it makes them very relevant when I read them. When I think about all the time I have to put into school and work, finding 30 minutes a day for myself doesn’t seem all that difficult.

  • It is really hard to try and get away from all the “get healthy quick” supplements and exercises and I agree with what you had to say completely.

  • So true, especially in today’s world, I think we all need to become good at multitasking and adding in the extra exercise whenever we can.

  • I completely agree with the reasoning behind why we love pills: they’re easy and quick. The majority of people don’t take the time to prevent illness, because they can just swallow a pill in a few seconds once they get sick. The belief that treatment is easier than prevention is a mindset among many of us that needs to be changed.

  • I like this article a lot. It’s the truth Americans love to rely on their pills for everything in today’s society. Exercise is just a different type of pill. For some it’s easy to swallow, while others need to cut it up into little pieces to swallow. No body is to busy. There is always an extra 30 minutes in a persons day where they can complete their exercise. Now it’s just what type of exercise? Be creative if you have a tight schedule, maybe you dance when brushing your teeth, or take the stairs instead of using the elevator, or even ride your bike to work. The key is to find the easiest pill for yourself to swallow and your life will keep moving forward in a positive direction if you can take the pill every day!

  • I love this article. People are always looking for a quick and easy fix to their problems with the minimal amount of effort. It isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. Just 30 minutes. According to a Baylor University Study from 2014, college students spend upward of 8 to 10 hours on their phones everyday. We can somehow do that but we cannot get up off our butts and run around for 30 minutes? rediculous.

  • Its impossible to get away with. You really can’t. Those schema are only good for making money.

  • so true! all of us really do have 30 minutes-we just need to make the time. it’s all about what people prioritize and exercising tends not to be one

  • oh that is so annoying! yes it is horrible to listen to people complain when they do nothing to change it. I am always trying to make sure that i do not do that and if I have something to complain about then I try to find a solution

  • I agree. I don’t like to take medication and pills unless I am really sick. I feel like medication only makes me feel worse and I don’t like the medication side effects. I’ve learned the hard way that diet pills aren’t effective for everyone. I hate those commercials that promote weight loss simply by taking a pill. The adversing is so false it is unreal. It would be interesting to sit down with those people who do the commercials and see how they really lost the weight.

  • I agree. I don’t feel like working out after I ate a whole pizza. I don’t feel like doing anything but sleeping and laying around. If I have 30 minutes a day to watch tv or play video games, I should have enough time to work out. It’s easier said than done at times. I just have to get my priorities in check. As I get older, my priorities change.

  • I think that is a great idea. I downloaded the Couch to 5K app on my phone. I will put an episode of my show on netflix and I won’t stop working out until the work out is over. Sometimes the episodes are an hour long, so I am forced to stay on the treadmill until the episode is over. I had a cousin who didn’t have cable at her house. She went to the gym solely to work out and watch her television shows on cable. She lost a lot of weight and she was very motivated to keep working out when she saw results.

  • That’s why heart heart disease will take over the number one death of Americans. Most of us need to relise everyday adds up.

  • I think this article does a great job with putting exercise into perspective. America does seem to just want to be able to do one thing to fix everything, and exercise is the simple answer.
    But at the same time I don’t think Americans are really as ignorant as we always pretend to be; Americans KNOW that exercise pretty much is the fountain of the youth that they are looking for, but they refuse to accept those termed because that would mean that they would be held respmosble for being incredibly lazy and never ever getting off of their couches to go for a run.

  • I have seen so many times people will notice you have lost some weight and ask you what are you doing or using? And the simple answer is “eating healthier and exercising.” They always assume you are on some sort of weight lose supplement because how could you do it all on your own.

  • I agree that Americans are lazy and all we do is make excuses and that is why we see all the diet pill commercials because we want something that is going to happen fast. I think that it is important that we just take 30 minutes out of our day to get some exercise. i dont think that is to much to ask. And people don’t even necessarily have to go to the gym, they can go and walk for 30 minutes that is better than sitting on our butts watching television.

  • I have noticed the exact same thing, Sarah, and I believe that is what is wrong with our society’s view on health today. It is extremely frustrating and saddening for me to see how overcomplicated health is in our society. It is difficult to watch people miserably struggle with their health goals as they bounce from one diet supplement to the next. In reality, however, health is fairly simple if only people are willing to prioritize it and not look for an easy way out by taking a pill or drinking a shake.

  • I completely agree with you. In the fast-paced society in which we live in today, people find it so much easier to swallow a pill than to actually invest time into prioritizing health. That is a fundamental flaw that so many people make when trying to be “healthier”- they take the easy way out. Swallowing pills will never solve the obesity epidemic, and unless people begin to truly make an effort to prioritize and invest time into their health, improvements will not be made.

  • Great point, Timothy. I am so disgusted by weight loss commercials and how they advertise people losing among other ridiculous amounts, “10 pounds in 10 days!” For one, losing that much weight in that short amount of time is not healthy, and for another, it is not sustainable. Taking a diet supplement alone does not teach any real health habits, which is what disappoints me most about people resorting to them.

  • I agree, Tyler. It’s sneaking even the smallest bouts of exercise in throughout the day to add up to at least the recommended thirty minutes a day. One of the biggest culprits for lack of exercise is people complaining of having “no time.” We are all busy, and it takes people prioritizing their health to find the time to get enough exercise each day.