Prakti Puts Their Stoves to the Test in Myanmar (Ep.6)

WHO (World Health Organization) reports that smoke from cooking fires kills over 1.6 million people every year. In rural areas, women spend an average of 20 hours per week collecting wood and spend up to 40 percent of their income on fuel. While accommodating traditional cooking techniques, recipes, and fuel, Prakti stoves cut fuel use in half and reduce the smoke emitted by 70 percent.

After working full time on stoves for eight years in 15 countries, Prakti has the key to be the first enterprise to unlock the global stove market.

Today, 250,000 people living in 4 countries and on 3 continents around the world eat their meals each day cooked on Prakti stoves. But that’s not enough for founder Mouhsine Serrar. To gain empathy and insight into Myanmar’s market, we followed him as he visited a rural village in Yangoon and let a local restaurant owner put his stove to the test. Mouhsine’s findings may surprise you.

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  • Taylor Schulz

    I really enjoyed this film. Such a great way to save fuel over a period of time. I hope to hear of updates on the progress! thanks for sharing!

  • hasselbemj31

    I love how all these videos the people are so passionate about making a difference in peoples lives. I show another video on this websites about these stoves as well. I loved watching this video as well. It is crazy how the many people die over cooking.. Who would of known? I loved watching this video as well as the other one because this one actually brings you into the lifestyle. It shows you the country and shows you the experience they went through to make this happen and how to save lives.

  • hasselbemj31

    I would agree as well. I first learned about this on another video on this site. You should go and watch it. It was a tedtalk. I love how something so simple saves so many lives. What I liked about this video over the other one is that is brought us into that lifestyle. Showed us what that country looked like and how people lived. Would be great to hear from users of the stove as well. That would make the video so much better than it already is.

  • thank you for share!

  • KE7JLM

    $60 seems fair for a stove. As an entrepreneur I don’t know how I would feel about profiting from those who have very little to spare. I hope the stoves are built to last.