Revolutionizing Education in Japan (Ep.3)

In this episode the team from Guru-G explores how their innovative teaching platform can be utilized in Japan’s education system. Guru-G is a gamified teaching, teacher training & open certification software platform that’s been adopted in 10 states across India, and they’ve also established partnerships with foundations & companies that directly support over 3,000 schools and reach over 2.5 million students. Find out if their software platform will be a good fit for the progressive Tokyo International School.

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  • Great video! I liked the soundtrack at the beginning. Is there anywhere I can find it?

  • This is such a cool video! I was introduced to this idea of “game learning” by my husband who works for a company (Filament Games) that makes educational games like this. I think it is such a good idea to involve technology for teachers to use in the classroom . More and more cultures are becoming technology based and if education doesn’t grow with the technology trend, it will become outdated.

  • This video was awesome! I am trying to become a P.E teacher, and live the idea of game learning. My question to you is do you think that game learning is the way of the future?

  • I love hearing about projects like these! It is so great that so many people are trying to take a step in the right direction in regards to learning and gaining knowledge. I love that the effort to industrialize education is really hitting hard and helping kids and even adults all around the world to get a better education. Thanks for posting!

  • I love this video and is very close to my heart because I am an education major. This is something that is such a concern and a huge question, how to be the best teacher you can be. In today’s generation it is becoming so hard for students to enjoy coming to school because they would much rather be watching T.V or playing video games. I love how this idea of game learning and think that this is such a great way for students to want to learn. You need to change your teaching style to fit the century you are in and to be able to connect to those students. By making these games on a computer the students love the idea and most of the time just think they are having fun playing games rather than learning.

  • I love hearing about this as well. I love that we are making an effort to make sure we are stepping in the right direction and moving forward to better our education. Education is such an important thing that we all need to never forget about perfecting. You can do the same thing over and over because anyone would get bored with that. You need to improve as teachers and think out side of the box in order to provide and be the best teacher you can be.

  • Teachers in the generation need to make there lesson plans off of technology in my opinion. This generation has been soely based of computers, T.V’s, video games, and cell phones. These children grew up with technology so by not providing it to them in a learning setting is boring them. As generations grow, so does our education system as well. By using gaming with learning most children don’t even know they are learning they think they are just having fun. This allows them to be more concentrated and think about things more thoroughly.

  • I am as well becoming a teacher. I am becoming a special education teacher. I love that this video is proving and showing that game learning is so successful. To answer your question, I think yes. Our generation has grown up with technology so by not incorporating this into schooling is just boring for them. I think it is a great way to practice the lesson and they are having fun while doing it. A lot of children learn better this way as well. By seeing a hard concept in a more easy context can make students understand material better.

  • I love the idea of learning how to be creative through the act of creating. Creativity is something that we all posses, however some people have been more exposed to creative outlets than others.Standard educational systems lack the creative processes and freedom that are necessary for children’s development and flourishing of creativity. I am so grateful for schools that allow children to be creative and make learning fun through games and hands on experiences.