Shapeshifting Robots that Clean the Oceans (Ep.2)

In this episode a small team of two inventors and engineers explore how their autonomous oceanic robotic drones can be utilized in the Hawaiian Islands to clean up plastic in the oceans. The story of the founder, Cesar Harada is examined as we begin to understand the terrifying truth of the health of our oceans today. In this riveting yet alarming episode, we are exposed to the realities our oceans currently face and the promise of the technologies that Protei is developing.

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  • Courtlyn Carpenter

    I am currently a student studying environmental engineering, so I found this video particularly interesting. I would like to know more about the “shape-shifting robots” that work to clean plastic from the oceans, specifically how effective they are and how many would be necessary to make a significant impact. It was shocking to me to see the endless piles of plastic washed up on the beach in Hawaii, and I agree that this problem should be addressed soon. Are there any other potential solutions you have come up with to cleaning plastic from oceans besides the robots? Thank you for sharing such a touching post and for being so driven to make a difference in the world.

  • WolfgramKA06

    This is a great article. What a cool idea. I am always skeptical of how dirty oceans are and how it affects our health. I really think this could make a great impact on people living near oceans. What other ways can people help out in order to help clean up?

  • Taylor Schulz

    I have heard that plastic in the oceans are a big problem, but I have never really read up on what people are actually doing to help solve these types of problems. I love this idea and I think it is great what you all are doing to make a difference. I believe that it all starts with one helping hand, from there, who knows what can be accomplished. Thanks for sharing!

  • hmcavey

    Measuring the destruction of our environment by our doing by means of plastic seems like a far cry from possible. The idea of putting the focus on the people, not the government body is an optimistic theory! There is much work to be done on everyone’s part. Thanks for sharing!

  • LeiderGM20

    The scene on the beach was incredible! I never realized how polluted our planet is. The depth of that plastic is absolutely crazy. I’m so glad this team is working on something to help with this problem instead of waiting around for the government or someone else to fix the problem! Thank you!

  • EliabethHart

    This video vividly explored the world of damage and pollution overtime, which is a problem no one can deny. However, I would have liked to see the drone boats being tied into it more throughout the clip, or at the end. I think the video could have been elaborated on. It ended somewhat abruptly.
    Also, the quote about him wanted to invent something where everyone can be apart of this change is a great concept, yet without educating everyone, people may not see the need to take it into their hands. More social awareness needs to reach the general public globally for this to occur. This video series concept is a great start, but it needs to be broader spectrum.

  • Brad Moule

    I complete agree everyone needs to stop waiting for the government to fix an issue. we need to stand and come up with new innovating ideas how to solve these crisis ourselves. I don’t believe that having a shape shifting sailboat will do mush it seems they have the right idea as far as pulling a payload from behind to collect plastic however it seems this is completely possible with standard vessels.

  • byrnesbk24

    I remember seeing one of the first “episodes” of Protei and thought it was cool. I am so glad to see that they are still out there striving to reduce the pollution in the oceans and on the shores. I was amazed to see that beach covered in plastic like that. I have never seen something like that before. It seems almost impossible for something of that magnitude to be cleaned up, especially when you have those itty bitty pieces. Where would you start? I am glad that there are people in this world who put there’s minds together to solve problems like this.

  • Glassborow

    I hate seeing things like this, our world is so fragile and we are destroying the beauty of it. I’m glad there are people like this in the world that are passionate about saving our planet and the beautiful wildlife that is part of it. To see beaches like this one covered by human waste not even by a few inches, but meters of rubbish makes me feel so angry at how we have let this happen. I think awareness needs to be raised so people can be educated and learn the devastating effects of what our rubbish does and how this can be tackled and stopped.

  • LindsayDages

    It shocked me that it was not just the surface of the beach that was covered in plastic but the layers of sand beneath were littered as well. Does this issue happen on every major island in the world? I wonder if the there is a way to collect and reuse the plastic that is already on the beach. I am also curious to know what type of plastic product has caused the majority of the litter. If that is known more could be done about controlling that specific product. I am so thankful there are people out there that are working to solve these types of problems.

  • Rick Abbott

    It sad to think that the plastic cleanup business will become a business sector in the 21st century. I wonder about the possibility of recycling all of that material. It seems like they could double their impact by simultaneously cleaning the oceans while also reducing the input for future projects. Maybe they could use the material to build their shape-shifting robots.