Fastest Growing Mobile Learning Company in Africa Leverages Tech for Girls’ Education

Eneza Education is the fastest growing mobile education app in Africa with the mission is to make 50 million kids across rural Africa smarter. Today, they are the fastest growing mobile education application in Africa. Eneza’s educational content is aligned to the local context, and the company uses one of the most common forms of technology in Africa, the mobile phone.

Two out of three students don’t make it to high school. This is the norm in Kenya, but there is hope. Tweet This Quote

Eneza’s mobile platform educates out-of-school girls and provides those who are attending school the ability to ask a live teacher questions that they were afraid to ask in class. Via this mobile platform Eneza promotes delayed pregnancy, increased academic performance, and greater economic opportunities for girls in rural Africa.

This post is part of a series profiling ventures in first accelerator program dedicated to impacting the lives of millions of girls in poverty. For more information on the program, check out the Girl Effect Accelerator website.

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  • Matthew Montoya

    I think this organization embodies what it means to analyze and take advantage the resources present and make an immense difference in the lives of others! An article from The Gaurdian mentioned that, “In five years, the research predicts, voice call traffic in sub-Saharan Africa will double and there will be an explosion in mobile data, with usage growing 20 times between 2013 and 2019, twice the anticipated global expansion.” This explosion of mobile use means that this organizations focus on education through the mobile platform will be even more effective as students in highly rural areas will have access to vital education opportunities! When I first watched the video and read the excerpt I was worried that perhaps utilizing the mobile platform would single out individuals without access to a mobile device (due to mobile bills and other financial issues, while benefiting those students who could afford mobile use. However, now that it is evident that the mobile platform is growing at an extraordinary pace, the concept of economies of scale applies. The more the access of the platform grown and the more people who gain mobile plans, ultimately the cost of access will be a lot cheaper. This means students who normally could not afford access to a mobile device and service will be able to, which makes this organizations plan very effective! It is awesome to see a company utilize a fast growing platform to touch the lives of so many students! I am excited to follow their progress as the access to mobile devises and services grows in Africa!

  • aburns002

    There are advantages and disadvantages that go alone with the use of mobile phones. However, if used the right way, rapidly improving technology allows mobile phones to be a valuable asset to the improvement of one’s education.

  • Mallory Benham

    I totally agree. The use of mobile phones is such a hit or miss with helpful applications for certain things, especially in school systems. I personally go back and forth on whether I think electronic use in schools in beneficial.

  • John Mulhern

    Technology is only moving forward. Although I agree with you that there are plenty of drawbacks to this system that only utilizes mobile systems, I think that for a country that already has the infrastructure in place (95%) that utilizing that is brilliant. I think thins company can make a true difference especially as the technology in Africa improves.

  • kschwein

    Although people tend to nit-pick the disadvantages of technology in the classroom I think that this opportunity is fantastic because this can vastly improve the quality of their education and Africa as a whole.

  • kgallaher

    I think with the right intentions, these mobile devices and technology could be great for African students. However, there are many distractions that can come from technology, but I think if each student uses them properly it could really change the African education system.

  • Gaby Perez

    I agree with you, Mallory! I think the use of technology in schools can really be a really great thing or a bad thing. I feel like technology really changes the student’s learning style and also the way in which the professors teach. It may be taking away the uniqueness and quality of education.

  • Katie

    I think its extremely important that each child in school gets the attention he/she needs to succeed. Because children in Africa are suffering because of lack of attention, I think this app is great because it gives a 1 on 1 experience for the student. Because technology is so prevalent today in our lives, this is a valuable app and asset to each individual. This can be a helpful tool for these students to become successful.

  • Katie Larson

    I believe that the alignment of this mobile app with the “local context” is a key factor in the success of Eneza Education. She identified a problem and then used her ability to perceive the environment in which this problem was occurring to create a solution that would be successful to the specific circumstances found in that environment.

  • rschneider2800

    If girls have a hard time in some parts of Africa just getting access to light at night to do their homework, then how much harder would it be to get equal access to a cellphone? I think that I’m a little confused by the priorities of the community. 95% of the population of Kenya has cellphones…Why isn’t a portion of this money going into a new salaried position for a teacher or buying their children a textbook for school? The app is great but if the parents and communities don’t have a deep desire to start improving their education system, then whats the point of providing a few students with an interactive study app.

  • zoeantonow

    I like your concern about distractions, though it makes me wonder how different the culture of texting and cell phones is in Kenya (I assume everyone isn’t scrolling through Facebook on their iPhones/Androids all day). In the case that it is used mainly for communication, this app would be awesome–especially if the students could just text their tutors whenever they have a question and get more one-on-one attention. It’s amazing how creative people get when limited only to certain resources…

  • sadeakindele

    As is evidenced through the constant reiteration of platforms trying to better the education in African countries, I do not feel that it is a lack of desire that is preventing them from moving forward, but rather ability or knowledge on how to do so. Eneza Education is a means to how they can better their educational system, using the tools available to them rather than just throwing money at the problem. Not sure what you mean when you connect the population of Kenyans with cellphones to salaries for teachers??

  • rschneider2800

    In most countries teachers are paid by the entire population. Whether you have children or not, you put your money in a pot to spread out the cost of salary for teachers. I agree that ability and knowledge does hinder progress but desire is a key part of that too. These programs are a start but eventually something more is going to be needed for long term success for all children to succeed and it can start with a program but it needs to be the entire Kenya population that stands behind it.

  • karnold001

    I agree. Technology opens up a whole new plethora of information to these children and could educate them in a way that they have never experienced before. However, since these students already have a tough time getting access to textbooks, I worry that they will have an even harder time getting their hands on one of these mobile phones.

  • pcutinelli

    I agree, technology within the means of education is a medium that can easily be taken advantage of, but in this situation and its role in aiding the education of these students in Africa is a good thing. It is being used for the good of educating many of these children most efficiently.

  • Erin Todd

    Gosh this is such a cool idea! This is innovation. Finding any way necessary to help education reach as many kids as possible!

  • Halea

    This is such a great idea by using a technology that is already popular and of use in these areas to help those struggling with education, especially with it being at such a reasonable price.

  • kbell003

    I agree that this system will be key to help girls succeed in school in a place where not all are allowed to. My question is how does cultural constraints affect a girls accessibility to a phone or having time with their family phone? My other questions is does this city have the infrastructure in place for everyone to be on this system at a time. I know that when a lot of people are using phones in crowded areas the signal gets jammed, so will this affect the students learning?

  • jsims001

    The fact that 95% of Kenyans have cell phones but only 33% of their children advance into high school is shocking and shows how technology has spread all over the third world faster than many more important things like education, clean water, sanitary pads, medicine, etc. This app is a great idea and has the potential to educate many more Africans than the school system can reach.

  • l2yza

    They should start some kind of old smart phone recycling program here if they haven’t already.

  • kt_ford

    I agree with you. I think this is an awesome idea and it could really help education reach many people, but I also think there may be some set backs and maybe some technical problems but it is a good start for now.

  • Spencer Rafii

    Education is obviously a problem in Africa and other third world countries. Eneza is bringing so much value to African communities. Its cool to compare Eneza to Pack Back Books that is an American company that works on bringing textbooks to University students in a cheaper way (pay as one uses). Education is being benefited all over the world by technology.

  • Abbusse11

    What a wonderful organization. I wonder if our kids here could see this type of video would they then understand the true benefit of education. I think that mobile learning is fantastic. I am a full time business owner and would not be able to continue my education if it weren’t for online schools. Thank you technology innovators obviously if I am able to obtain my bachelors degree online, we should certainly be able to get education to children at the elementary and high school levels. This is just amazing the mobile platform is a proven positive benefit to the young people of Africa. Potential to be anything you want to be exists.

  • amykahl8

    I am normally a person that is kind of against technology use, but that’s because I see how people in the U.S. overuse it and let it ruin face to face interactions. But in this situation I am all for it because these people are using it to better their lives and create more opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

  • Rvann1

    Like anything in this world there are pros and cons. This is great that this organization is using technology to educate those would otherwise not have access to those resources. I disagree with the notion that we overuse technology in the US. If it weren’t for technology we wouldn’t be able to collaborate and brainstorm weigh people across the world. Maybe we aren’t using technology to its fullest potential a lot of time and maybe some people have forgotten how interact socially because of it. But that doesn’t mean that technology is a bad thing. How it is being used is more of the issue I think.

  • sking4air

    I think this is very impressive. I can’t believe that 95% of the population has mobile phones. Since they do this is a great method to reach out and teach the children. From what I hear the biggest problem is alloying the young girls the opportunity to learn because their parents have other ideas on how they should be spending their time. I wonder if this 50 cents a month allows for more than 8 hours on the mobile education platform.

    The hardest thing I have in understanding is how can the individuals be so poor and yet afford cell phones. In the US this astonishes me that people have flat screens and 300 dollar phones and no job. However, that is because the US govt gives away money which is not the case in Africa and most of these impoverished nations.

    Keep on educating our youth in functional successful methodolgies.

  • David Ingerman

    I have personally am a big fan of mobile learning. I actually go to online school and do a lot of research on my mobile device. It is amazing that Eneza Education has been able to use technology to their advantage to teach these kids in Africa. It is quite amazing of how many people own a mobile device in Africa, but it just goes to show how wide technology has spread its roots.

  • Ashley Nicole Rietbrock

    Thank you for sharing this video with us. I find it reallly amazing on what you are doing to get children the education that they need. Everybody deserives to get an education and this one way to get kids enjoying school and learn at the same time. The country is relaying very much on technology and wouldn’t be surpise if all the education would be on phone and computers soon. The only question I have is if they have enjoy money to get a mobile phone why isn’t there enough money to get text books for the kids to get in the classroom? Thank you again for the video it is really great on what you are doing.

  • Jessica Andrew

    Thank you for sharing this video! This is a really cool product that was made to help people get a better education. I really like how it is affordable too! It is great that it connects students with teachers and their parents so they know how they are doing in the classes. It is cool how they are able to quiz someone from their phone too. This is a cool product and I can see it being very successful. Thanks again for sharing!

  • jvlewis1

    I like this product because it enables a student to get an education where ever they are because it is on a mobile device. I am really interested in how the education is? In other words, what things are these children learning? And also, do they get to at least talk to their teachers and connect with them?

  • fkrutsky

    With a lack of textbooks, this seems like a very smart idea. Not only is Eneza Education providing education right to a child’s hand but it also brings in a creative form of teaching that gives a student a new way of understanding. With the site it looks like they get immediate feedback as well as seeing there progress grow right in front of them which can be very motivating. The sms question seems almost like a trivia game which can keep a student focused, especially if they don’t get nearly enough attention from a teacher. Sound like an amazing product! It is affordable and is provided through resource that a child already has!

  • Abby2017

    Education is really important and not everyone has the money to go. The speaker said that there was not enough textbooks in some classrooms. This will impact the students and the economy. Everyone should deserve and get the right to a good education. Everyone should get a chance. The mobile program is really neat because it is cheaper and it still helps educate. Getting to see the student’s progress is amazing and really cool.

  • awither1

    I am very happy with this product because it allows people to get an education. Education is very important because once you learn something nobody can ever take it away from you.

  • Lauren Schlicht

    So many people take their education for granted. I am a strong believer that education should be seen as a human right. When you have the ability to learn about the world, you become a part of it & can be part in making a change. Its horrifying to hear that the ratio of teachers to girls in Kenya is 70:1. With such big classes and not enough staff it is obvious some students may fall between the cracks and not get the attention they need when it comes to understanding and comprehending what is being taught. 2/3 students do not proceed into high school in Kenya…I think the online tutoring via cell phones is an amazing idea because not only does it allow parents to get involved, its a strong key for teachers to be able to monitor the students work…its even more amazing that the product is only .50 cents! Amazing idea!

  • Lauren Schlicht

    Coming from a generation where everyone is constantly on their phones, I think that the idea behind having online tutoring via cell phones is an amazing, innovative idea! Not only does it increase the amount of study hours students are lacking the program gives them outlines that teach what they should be learning and the main topics that need to be learned. Such a wonderful idea!

  • Thumbs_up

    Totally agree with you. The impact that this company is doing in the lives of those poor girls is enormously huge. And it is possible for a price that is accessible and affordable for everyone as the own presenter said.