Banks Benitez of Unreasonable Institute on Embracing Awkwardness

This post was picked and written by out former Editor-in-Chief, Sandy Grason. She often feels anxiety about being awkward.

I have to be honest with you. I was feeling a lot of pressure about my very first “Editor’s Pick”. It felt like I needed to find something perfect in order to connect with you, our amazing Unreasonable community, more deeply. Daniel kept saying “Just pick something, it should take you 15 minutes.” (the truth is Daniel does a lot of things in 15 minutes that would take most people much, much longer.) So, I’ve been laboring over this decision of what would be the perfect first Editor’s Pick for a very long time.

And then we were having an Unreasonable Family dinner and someone suggested this video. Daniel agreed. Our very own, Banks Benitez talking about “Embracing Awkwardness” at Ignite Boulder is the perfect video to kick off our weekly Editor’s Pick.

I hope you enjoy it!

Awkwardness is when you show your true self but you don’t mean to.  Tweet This Quote

Unreasonable Challenge:

Now, go embrace your awkwardness!

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  • Hanna Boyd

    “Keep going . . . ” -Banks Benitez (the Man, himself)

  • Banks

    Oh Sandy! This may come back to bite me one day, but I will keep going.

  • TallPaul14

    This was a great video and talk Sandy! Solid choice, I think the quote at the end by Dr. Seuss completely nailed it. Finding someone who understands your awkwardness form some of the best relationships. I do agree with the advice to “keep going”, even if you do something that’s awkward, or creates awkwardness, you need to muster up the courage to keep going, because it will only get better.

  • Mahir Haque

    This was an enlightening presentation on awkwardness. The fact that awkwardness is our true self really makes sense when you think about it. As people and entrepreneurs we need to embrace our awkwardness so we feel more comfortable with others and they feel more comfortable with us.

  • “On the other side of awkwardness is awesome”- Banks, my friend, you are SO there already. 🙂 xoxoxox

  • natebbeard

    I feel like I may have lost some opportunities because of my habitual awkwardness wrapped in persistence. The ability to laugh at yourself is a powerful companion to awkwardness though. Thanks for the awesome post and video Sandy and Banks!

  • cordierm

    this was a really great talk and hit on some great parts of awkwardness. Missing an opportunity to connect with someone, because of perceived awkwardness, happens all too often and as Banks said we have an opportunity to be awesome on the other side of awkwardness

  • Claudya Febriani

    I just feel that being akward is okay. Sometimes akwardness will make you able to show your true identity and feel comfortable with it. Never be ashamed to be different that can cause the akwardness.

  • Alexanderia Horton

    Awkwardness = the true you and not the true you you want people to see but the actual true you. Too often we can miss out on a moment, an opportunity, a connection because of what we feel is TOO awkward. What we forget is that the first time is always awkward. Soon that awkwardness will become comfortable and that comfort means being comfortable with ourselves.

  • jbrycewilson

    I like this, especially Banks how you addressed awkwardness in a myriad of settings. Whether among friends, school, work, relationships, there is awkwardness all around us. Avoiding the awkwardness often just makes things more awkward, so I’ll be sure to keep going.

  • ohtanim

    I will admit it I am a very awkward person. At lease in situations I’m not always the most comfortable in. In awkwardness, 50% of it I embrace as apart of my quirky personality and the other 50% I become extremely worrisome about how others perceive me. Obviously caring about how others perceive you is important, because for those people who say they just don’t care at all .. I would say those people have little respect for themselves. However fearing about the littlest things that make me, well me and are out of my control.. is just a waste of time. Thanks for sharing Banks!

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    Every high-school and silent college student should see this. I’m going to show at least 200 of them this tomorrow. I watched this saying to my self, Damn Ann, why didn’t you do this talk? Remind me to tell you my epic awkward moment when we meet.

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    This was an incredible pick, Sandy. Rock-on

  • William Savoie

    Being awkward is more or less an instinct or reflex that humans have. When we are presented with a situation that is unfamiliar, sometimes our reaction is poorly timed and our efforts are uncoordinated. This video/article presents a good perspective about “embracing our own awkwardness” and realizing that humans are not expected to be graceful at every single juncture. The examples given are awesome as well! The character of Michael Scott in The Office is a really good example of being awkward all the time!

  • arober44

    I am undoubtedly uber awkward; and often at the worst possible times. The worst part about my awkwardness is that once it starts, it quickly and continuously spirals further and deeper into what I call “straight up weird.” For example, if I’m speaking in front of classmates and slip up on my words, rather than recovering from my error, I begin to stutter. Then I start feeling myself get red in the face; then my body temperature begins to rise; then I start to feel faint. And by that point I’ve completely lost my audience, as well as the topic we were discussing. Awkward.

  • nguyenb7

    Being human means having awkwardness or revealing our true self is a very beautiful and meaningful piece of understanding. And I love your quote from Dr.Suess. The awkward that you mentioned is the authenticity, the courage to step out of your comfort zone, the will to connect to others and lastly, the moments that you’re not lying o yourself. All of that have made your speech very true, very wonderful and very inspiring. And lastly, I’ll remember your amazing advice “If it is awkward. Keep going!”. Hope that I don’t turn into another Michael Scotts (my favorite character) 🙂

  • Cory Zaeske

    I thought this was a very entertaining and useful video. Everyone has their awkward moments and quite frankly if they don’t keep going like the video advises, you become more awkward. It isn’t always a bad thing to be awkward and it makes you who you are. This was a much more comical video than I expected and my one question is how did you think of such a perfect clip for your first editor’s pick? This blog was great!

  • ignatius epriladinata

    This video shows us that being awkward is not a big
    deal because being awkward means you are being yourself. This video shows us
    that often times we face the awkwardness and it’s all depending on our attitude
    toward that awkwardness. How we are going to react to that awkwardness
    situation by being our true identity and make it to be comfortable to us.

  • IndartoEpriladinata

    I think it is true that awkwardness is common. It is also
    part of the learning process because most of the awkward moments happen when we deal with the uncommon things and stand outside our comfort zone.

  • lamt5

    Banks’ new definition of awkwardness, “when you show your true self, but you don’t mean to”, was spot on. Banks shows how comfortable he is in his own skin, because he has been able to embrace the things that make him unique.

    I will often times do all I can to avoid an awkward situation, but by doing so I know I’ve missed out on a lot of things. I’ve got to begin to step out of my comfort zone and embrace what makes me different. I need to be a little more awkward.

  • chrinsmas

    This talk has very strong message about communication.
    I am awkward. I am the ‘work in process’. Therefore, I am a human. My awkwardness is a connection to others. I am ready to share awkwardness with others.

  • Sara Sanchez

    I love Banks Benitez’s quote “Awkwardness means that we are human”. I have noticed over the course of my years at school that people are more timid to show their true selves, making the statement, “well this is awkward”. I have an attitude that I do not care if I make something awkward, I say what I feel. Not everyone has that attitude though. I’m not saying people should be more like me, but don’t think over your mistakes too much- that’s what makes things awkward. It’s ok to make mistakes, that is what makes us human and is nothing to be ashamed. Like Banks said, “just keep going.”

  • jsuuu

    This video is so funny and intersting. I really like this new definition “awkwardness is when you show your true self when you don’t mean to”. This definition is really true, and communications between people will be much easier if all people embrace awkwardness.

  • nornesa

    Embracing awkwardness is embracing life because it
    forces you to confront your thoughts and feelings and find a way to move past
    it and head to the next challenge, and hopefully another awkward moment. That’s
    where life exists because as Banks so brilliantly stated…on the other side of
    awkward is connection. That is so
    true. When you embrace the awkwardness and
    can find a moment of frivolity in it, it breaks down the awkwardness into
    manageable and memorable pieces with stories to tell for a lifetime. What a gift that is for you and for me.

  • nguye107

    I agree with the speaker that more awkwardness means less opportunities to connect; however, awkwardness is a part of human. Sometimes instead of hiding your awkwardness in order to blend in with the crowd, “keep going” would allow you to express your true self.

  • mollymorrisey

    This was a great video. I think awkwardness is important to be embraced when it is what is fundamentally human. However, there are some types of awkwardness that should be avoided.

  • byrnesbk24

    This was adorably funny and true. I wish more speakers would take this approach. Its funny because its true and keeps your attention. This type of truth is helpful to everyone because everyone has felt there face get red, there heart pump fast and that feeling in your stomach I like to call “bubble guts”. Plain and simple, everyone feels awkward at times in their life and if they would take the approach that Banks explains here, it could in turn, help them to not feel awkward. I like the analogy of the two men peeing next to each other at the urinal. Banks says that “this never happens”, I disagree. I personally have never experienced even standing at a urinal because I’m not a man, but I have heard many of my man friends talk about how this has happened to them and that its weirdest, most awkward thing. Any time this happens, the same thing is running through their head, “why? out of all places, is he right next to me?”.

  • duongh1

    That is an outstanding presentation. There are many awkward moment in life like meeting with new friends or talking with other people. I must thank the video for showing me the way, I’ll keep going.

  • Jazmine Williams

    Of course people need to embrace awkwardness! If we didn’t we’d beat ourselves up by overthinking how ” weird” we are and we couldn’t break boundaries; there’s no fun in being perfect. The speaker was a great inspiration by pointing out how the little things we stress about can be embraced to create laughter and joy rather than pure embarrassment.

  • GrycowskAJ17

    I completely agree!!! I found this article hitting so close to home. I always say, “it’s only awkward if you make it awkward.” Being comfortable enough with yourself to show everyone without hesitation is very hard for a lot of people. I hope more people will find that we are ALL awkward. Hopefully people will then be more willing to show their true colors.

  • DrivenbySuccess

    This was definately a good video for people to see because it teaches everyone a little bit about themselves in “awkward” situations. People dont realize that they are awkward in a ton of instances and they probaly do not know how to deal with it. I was an awkward person when I was younger and it was driven by insecurities. I agree with this video about 3 times as many people avoid awkwardness than embracing it. I am someone that embraces it and it is a great way to live my life.

  • DrivenbySuccess

    The question that I would ask if I met the author in person would be what kind of reaction did he get from his mother!

  • Anthony Urbanski

    Really enjoyed the video, very eye opening. I have to say I don’t 100% agree on the whole “keep going part.” To me by embracing the “keep going” attitude you will come of as a bit creepy. However, I do think awkwardness is natural and does not need to be seen with a bad connotation. Great Video!

  • justin bowers

    This was a great video because for anyone who knows me, I can be pretty
    awkward. And that’s only because some people are afraid to show them
    true selves, which he mentions, so being around someone who isn’t quite
    as closed up can be a little awkward for them. But I feel like this
    video made being awkward “less awkward”. No matter what you should
    always be the real you. And the real you comes out when you’re awkward.
    Banks gives a new perspective and meaning to the term awkward and truly
    shows what it really is and that is that it’s human and it’s
    everywhere. So embrace it, be awkward, and connect with someone that
    you may have not otherwise connected with. One question I have is “How
    can you overcome that fear of being who you truly are when the term
    awkward is generally stigmatized?”

  • Chris Williams

    wow! I’m happy I took the time to view this! Awkwardness is a big part of everyones everyday life. I can’t even count on my hands and toes how many times I portray being awkward in a matter of a couple days. Embracing Awkwardness is an awesome way that allows you to be your self. As Banks says “go with it”, I picture someone embracing their awkwardness and not stoping or hesitating to stay them selfs. My question is; why do people avoid that awkward moment? Everyone always is sacred of being awkward or scared of being different. I think the definition of being awkward should be changed! It should be defined as being a normal and awesome person!

  • anp042

    Interesting take on awkwardness that I like. My favorite point is the fact that we’ll no doubt miss out on opportunities to connect with people by avoiding awkwardness. I think I’ll carry this practice in to my everyday life and see how it pans out.

  • SteinyTy

    Thank you so much for posting this video and restating the quote that was said in the video, people can learn a lot from this. I think a lot of people consider awkwardness as a bad thing and that no one should feel awkward. Everyone is an awkward person during their life depending on a situation that could arise. I completely agree with this video though, being awkward isn’t a bad thing, it is a situation where you are being your true self. Awkwardness is when you really want to say how you feel but sometimes can’t and just imagine the feeling you could get after the awkward stage if you speak your heart. Hopefully this video will show people that being awkward is okay and that it is a natural human feelings. EMBRACE AWKWARD!

  • Brittney Glende

    “Awkwardness is when you show your true self but don’t mean to” I think this says it all. There will be times in your life that you will be put into uncomfortable situations and you will have to get up and deal with it, and yes you may feel very awkward doing so and almost embarrassed but at that point in time your true self will come out. Feeling awkward at times means you are human it is natural to feel like this at times, according to Banks. The goal in life is to KEEP GOING, when you are in a awkward situation, KEEP GOING. After watching this video, and reading Sandy Grason’s article I have a new outlook on life. I am always trying to avoid awkward situations, and when I am in one I don’t know what to do, now I am just going to embrace it and KEEP GOING. Thank you.

  • Janna Bartels

    This video was so funny to watch because it discusses things that are so true! Being awkward is something that people often times look down on others for. Unfortunately, many people are stereotyped based on how awkward/ un-awkward they are which then leads to decreased interactions. The truth is, everyone is awkward in their own way. What is “awkward” to one person could be “normal” for another. For example, here’s something I do that can be considered awkward: I ask someone “how are you?”, they say “fine” or “I’m okay”. Instead of going on with the conversation, I will pause and wait until they give me more than a one word answer. Basically, I wait until they break the awkward silence I made. Do you think that’s awkward? What is something that you do that is “awkward”?

  • Amanda Laatsch ?

    To start off, I loved this talk because I find myself to be awkward in many situations. I think this is a great idea to think about because it poses the question, what is the right way? What is the right way to act in public, what is the right way to dress, what is the perfect height, weight..there is no definition for any of these. I think this is a great think for anyone to read, including entrepreneurs, middle schoolers, college students, grandparents, professional athletes, anyone. Although I think this is a great idea, most people have a hard time accepting this. Everyone wants to be like everyone else, they want to be the social norm. So I think it will be hard for people to embrace the awkwardness in their everyday life. I think my favorite part of this talk was when he brought up the part about hitting reply all to an email…We have definitely all done that. What comes to mind for me is when you accidentally text message someone you were talking about to someone else! We all can say we’ve never done it, but awkwardly, we all have. I think this world would be a much happier and greater place if everyone would just embrace the awkwardness and like he said, “KEEP GOING!” Thanks for sharing, this has been one of my favorites so far!

  • Jen McKiernan

    I really love this video, I think it has a really great message. Someone used to tell me “things are only as awkward as you make them.” I always tried to remember that but there have been so many awkward situations that I have been in where I think nothing could be worse. This video is a great reminder that everyone has their own embarrassing and awkward moments and it just makes us into the person we are. I think the line that really shows that is, “awkwardness is when you show your true self but don’t mean to.”

  • Drew Cox

    This video is a riot! Thanks for bringing awkwardness out in a positive way. Showing people that our awkwardness is actually who we truly are. It’s how we act when we are with our friends compared to how we act when we are trying to impress someone. Why change for people, so that they like us, when we should find someone who likes us for who we really are as awkward as that might be! As quoted by Dr. Suess “We’re all a lithe weird. And life is weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutual weirdness and call it love!” That quote is amazing and completely true. I have always felt that being awkward was bad and weird, but after this short clip I no longer fear awkward situations. Rather embarrass them and encourage others to do so. What was one of your most awkward encounters this past year?!

  • jrmsmlbg

    In all honesty I’ve never heard anyone of embracing awkwardness, BUT I think it’s awesome! I agree with what many are saying in the comments, where if that’s who we really are, why change?!? As someone below has stated, it’s only as awkward as you make it.

  • Jcoppa

    This talk was somehow hilarious and yet, so meaningful. I find myself saying and doing awkward things almost everyday, then kicking myself afterwards. In doing that, I feel embarrassed when I should just try to laugh it off and admit my awkwardness to myself and to others. In our society, we are pressured to act and look perfect, when in reality, we weren’t created to be perfect. We are human, and that is something we all tend to forget.

    My question to this presenter would be how to laugh at our awkwardness, how do we truly embrace it? It is one thing to admit your awkwardness, but when something awkward happens how do we negate that awful embarrassment?

  • Robyn

    Great talk! We went to see “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” as a family when my son was 10, and several scenes- including the one posted above- were AWKWARD. Fast forward to my now 13 yr old son coming to the breakfast table with an erection. As a mother I tried to rescue the moment (while also making sure that his older sister didn’t see him). He shivered slightly, and I enthusiastically suggested he go put on his robe. When he stood up, he became aware of his condition. As he turned down the hall, I heard him say, “Don’t act like you aren’t impressed” with perfect timing. That ability to embrace awkwardness with a sense of humor helped him mature into an amazingly self-aware and empathetic young man.

  • PKroening

    This video is awesome. Everyone has their own awkwardness no matter who you are and I love how he says to embrace it and just keep going. Although, If I could ask the writer something about this video it would be what are some ways that she has just kept going? Mostly because I have been in situations where I wanted to keep going but I just haven’t been able to.

  • Kait Harman

    Awkwardness is a part of everyones life, it happens to everyone. This is helpful to people who try and avoid the awkwardness anytime they can. I am guilty of being awkward in an elevator most the time. I am pretty out spoken and when I do feel awkward I sometimes just start talking a lot. This video shows that everyone feels this way and we need to get past those moments and like he said in the video embrace the awkward moments, if we all do this there won’t be many. My question for the author is how did the guy in the video embrace he’s awkwardness? He said “keep going” but what does that really mean to him?

  • Connor Driscoll

    This blog is awesome because EVERYONE can relate to it! Anyone who says
    that they cannot is lying, period. This blog is useful especially to
    adolescents searching for their identity, as they are guaranteed to go
    through many of these awkward moments. For example, I know I was awkward
    when I first started dating in high school. If I could ask one question
    it would be at what age did you realize that embracing awkwardness was
    the right thing to do?

  • jack lomax

    hahaha quality! Came here because of Ron Burgundy, stayed because the presentation was hilarious! I thought the message you were getting across was absolutely brilliant, and I completely agree that people need to embrace their personalities (flaws and all) and not change for others. You change for others, you have a ton of friends…but the quality of those friendships are not as strong as those who are the same sort of awkward. Quality over quantity any day! However, when someone takes the urinal next to me, when there is a clear selection of other urinals they can choose from…is an awkwardness I shall not be embracing anytime soon! You know the rules! No dice kimosabi lol

  • Joseph

    Not going to lie. While watching this video i had my headphones in and was around my family. I found myself laughing out loud hysterically. My family asked what i was watching. I threw this video up on the T.V and they loved this video. My family and I were all laughing very hard to this video.
    In someways I think to myself that I am an awkward guy. My brother and I love to quote movies. We have been doing it for a very long time. So when i meet new people I catch myself quoting movies and I can just tell what they are thinking by their expressions on their face “What is this kid talking about?” But I don’t care what they think. It’s a way that my brother and i communicate and I love it. I am not going to change it just for some random people, its who I am, so take it or leave it. My friends are starting to pick up on it and when the opportunity is there for them they like to throw in a couple of lines from movies as well.

    Great video, very funny. Thank you Banks and Sandy!!

  • Daniel John

    This was a great video! My favorite part was the quote by Dr.Seuss about love. the overall message i got from the video was to just be yourself no matter what the situation. Thank you for your post.

  • katie yanke

    In the pie chart from Google I am defiantly in the category of avoiding awkwardness. I hate to feel awkward, my face will become red and I start smiling which makes the situation even more awkward. After seeing this video I don’t think I will be farting in a crowded elevator anytime soon, but this video has convinced me to take a chance in relationships. If it turns into an awkward situation I just have to keep going! I thought it was a funny yet inspiring video. Thanks for the video Sandy!

  • TeamGarvin

    This is awesome! He addresses basically every awkward moment in a person’s life. My family is the opposite they like to make everything awkward, which I am slightly the same. When it comes to the bathroom and there is no stall to use except next to another man then I use it no shame involved. I like to look at all awkwardness as a way of, everyone has it and we are all just trying to do the same thing. So why let it be awkward?

  • Austin Dorman

    I really enjoyed this video! It was very funny and entertaining. I also liked the message of the video to embrace awkwardness. I feel that too many people avoid certain situations because of the fear of being awkward. And I fully agree that people need to break out of there comfort zones, but I’m wondering how you get people to build up the confidence to get over that hump of awkwardness? Just saying, “Go do it!” works for me, but there are many people out there that are terrified of awkwardness.

  • Samantha Smith

    As an aspiring teacher this video was perfect. I am an
    awkward individual and I know that there will be many awkward situations during
    my career. “Awkwardness is when you show your true self but you don’t mean to.”
    But I also believe that Awkwardness can also be when someone is not ready to
    show others who they truly are yet in that case we should embrace awkwardness even

  • Taylor Schulz

    Love this article! (great pick for editors choice) My friends can vouch for me when I say that I am an extremely weird, “awkward”, person at times, so I can definitely relate. I think that being weird or awkward just makes you a much more fun person to be around. I know plenty of people who are easily embarrassed and do not try to in any way, shape or form, embrace their awkwardness; but i ask myself, whats the point? Being who you truly are is what life is all about after all! Although nothing like the plane incident has happened to me personally, plenty of other awkward things have, so making the best out of it is my go to! thanks for posting this fun video!!

  • schrammjm26

    Great article! I have to say I was very awkward back in high school and just couldn’t get words to come out of my mouth properly! When I went to college I completely changed and pretty much did what the author said and it has worked out great! Moral of the story is everyone should embrace themselves, if you filter who you are how is anyone supposed to know the real you and make a real connection? Like the author said awkwardness is when the real you seeps though and it’s something to embrace. Fell comfortable with yourself and let the real you show through!

  • Tkachukme11

    One line that I hate that a person can say to you is “well, this is awkward.” No, it is only awkward when you make it awkward. I was dying laughing in my room by myself while watching this video and did not find it awkward for my roommates to listen to me. They know I am having a good time and being myself. I really do think that most people are afraid to let their awkwardness out and that results in unhappiness. Be with people who bring out your true self and let go of the ones who don’t allow the awkwardness to happen! I would love to hear any awkward moments that you have experienced or why others think you may be awkward. Or what is your weirdest and most awkward habit?

  • GraceFelion

    I love this! As an awkward person, it is nice to hear that what I’m doing is looking for real connections with people. It definitely makes sense. I try my best to embrace my awkward but it sometimes leads to anxiety. I will try to further embrace my awkward and see where it takes me. I wonder how many people consider themselves to be awkward people when in reality others simply view them as normal.

  • laurenkraft

    Thank you so much for posting this video. I needed this reminder it’s ok to be awkward. I absolutely love his definition of awkwardness- when you show your true self but don’t mean to. That is so true but sad at the same time. I think so many people could relate to this post. I can only imagine how many people feel that they are awkward. If I could ask you one question I would ask you this, I have had over a handful of people tell me that I have no filter should I embrace my awkwardness or work on that?

  • vitalecm03

    This is an awesome video! I can be awkward at times but I also enjoy embracing the awkwardness depending on the situation! I like to make people laugh especially those whom i share common interests with. I’ve learned to not care what other people think and to do what makes me happy whether awkward or not. It’s okay to be awkward because who cares who judges us and what other people think. Opinions are like assholes right? So be awkward and move on!

  • LaurenSE

    I love this video! I totally agree… embrace the awkwardness! I can be an awkward person, and I tend to be involved in awkward situations, and I do my best to make the most of it. I’ll admit, I can feel uncomfortable, but that’s when I laugh, it lightens life up a bit. Things can’t always be so serious. Like Banks said, keep going! I agree, I think everyone should embrace their awkwardness and keep going. I also like the question below… what did your mother say?!

  • Luke Drumel

    After having watched this video clip, which I found hilarious for all the right reasons. Being awkward and weird is okay and its okay to express it and keep going with it. For if you keep going one can discover something you never thought imaginable would have happened if you didn’t continue to be awkward. The question I would ask if I met you in person is do you embrace being awkward?

  • Evan Hibbs

    Great video, thanks Sandy. I agree that we all have to embrace our awkwardness more and we don’t. Humans are flawed, we strive to pretend not to be but we are. We spit, stutter, get nervous when we shouldn’t, and say inappropriate things when we shouldn’t. It’s a part of being human that makes us who we are. I loved the Dr. Seuss quote, and I think that’s why I feel so comfortable with my family. My family has seen me sad, happy, angry, etc. They know my weirdness and awkwardness. What is a common scenario that always make you feel awkward?

  • Branden Unger

    This is such a great video because it brings attention to something that everyone can understand, but it’s something many people don’t openly talk about. I can think of time after time where I have done something awkward and you just immediately think that the other people around you can’t understand how someone could be so awkward. In reality, everyones awkward at some time. Just the other day I was at the gas station buying a soda and at the end of the transaction the cashier said “here you go”. Expecting him to have said “have a nice day” I replied to what he said with “thanks, you too”.

    I think this video is great because it helps us remember that it’s okay to show our true selves because sometimes it means being awkward.

  • Sam Kuchenreuther

    This is a great article. The video is one of the most relatable videos I have ever seen. I have been in more awkward moments than I would like to admit. However, after those awkward moments with those people, we became closer as friends. My best friend is the person who I’ve shared the most awkward moments with. From now on I’m going to try my best to embrace the awkwardness. My only question is, should we really embrace all types of awkwardness that Banks says in the video?

  • Mcgrailkk30

    I absolutely love this! Banks give us such a powerful message and I love that he does it with humor. People love to laugh. People feel less vulnerable when they are laughing and having a good time, and when they are less vulnerable they are
    more likely to embrace their awkward selves! I love what Dr. Seuss says
    about weirdness and love. Banks’s message is so simple yet powerful. Just keep going through the awkwardness. In my opinion, I find when you embrace the
    awkwardness it actually makes things a little less, well, awkward. Would you

  • DuCharmeDR11

    Love this! I am such an awkward person in general and I could relate to just embracing it. I think this is a message people need to hear in order to have more confidence, take risks, and just be bold for what they believe in. You have to stand for something. Being genuine is what others appreciate, not the words that come out of your mouth. Live it, love it. How have you been awkward this week?

  • WolfgramKA06

    Thank you for this amazing video! I loved every single second of it. I can totally relate. I used to feel awkward in elementary school. I was the tallest girl in my class, and i hated it. I am now 5’4 and don’t think much of it. The point is, it really didn’t matter. I just grew faster, and everyone has awkward moments. I love how the video said that awkward means gaining connections. I like to see individuality and uniqueness in people. It’s a great way to stand out and to enjoy people for who they truly are. My question to you is, what is your most “awkward” situation that you’ve been in?”

  • Matthew Gust

    This video was very enjoyable. I must say that I seem to always be one those people that avoid
    awkwardness. I think a lot of it had to do with me feeling embarrassed for
    whatever happened that felt awkward. I will say that since I’ve gotten to
    college it has changed quite a bit. I realized that it wasn’t just me who was
    afraid of embracing awkwardness. There were so many more people! I agree 100%
    that if you embrace awkwardness you increase the possible connection with
    someone. I found out that I was holding myself back when I felt awkward. I
    would also say there is a connection your self-esteem and embracing awkwardness.
    The more you embrace the less you care about what others think. You become
    comfortable in your own skin. Thank you for this video. I can empathize with
    some of your awkward moments in your life as well!

  • sarahbrooks

    Thank you for sharing this video, I
    really enjoyed it! I think that this was such an important video to
    share because it relates to anyone and everyone! I agree with the
    fact that we are not human if we have not been awkward, or in an
    awkward situation ourselves. It is pretty safe to say that we all
    experienced some type of awkwardness in middle school! Do you think
    that some of the best relationships come from being awkward?

  • GrycowskAJ17

    I really wish people weren’t so worried about other people’s opinions. Just be yourself!!

  • Palecekb

    This is inspiring by showing that awkward situations happen to everyone and that you can learn from situations such as that one. I think that this could help young people or every age for that matter to be ok with being yourself.

  • Palecekb

    yes acceptance can be the hardest thing to earn, and you rarely earn it by being the goofy, weird, awkward person you truly are, but the sophisticated person society sets you up to be, which should never be the case.

  • GrycowskAJ17

    Unfortunately it all comes down to society’s stereotypes.

  • Palecekb

    Yes, and it looks as if it will be a very long time until we will be able to change them.

  • GrycowskAJ17

    Unfortunately I agree. But what do we do short term to start to eliminate these stereotypes? Is there more we can do besides lead by example?

  • Palecekb

    I think that the small things I do somewhat make a difference. I don’t invest in magazines that show such stereotypes or behavior. Or laughing in support of an awkward person and embracing them rather then pointing and laughing at them with friends. I think there are times I put myself in awkward situations and open them up so that they are comfortable for other people to feel welcome and being able to be odd themselves without feeling judged. Does that make sense? Like sticking up a conversation with someone you are walking next to who you’ve never talked to and make it seem as if your friends.

  • GrycowskAJ17

    Yeah I really think that is great and that is what we have to do! By doing that we are going to make a difference, regardless of size.

  • Palecekb

    its the small things that always count!

  • sgawinski

    Honestly, I used to have anxiety about being awkward. Now, it really doesn’t affect me at all. I think it’s funny to talk about, and I think it’s funny when others feel awkward but I really don’t. I just smile and sometimes laugh. There’s nothing wrong with it!

  • Alex Prailes

    I have come across many different situations where I find myself being very awkward. I don’t usually consider myself an awkward person, but sometimes my shyness comes off awkwardly. This is something that I’ve learned to start embracing, mainly because it makes me who I am.

  • Beniamin Martis

    I think this is supposed to be on the funniest videos. We should definitely care about how we present ourselves in public.

  • syla6029

    This video really caught my eye because of the name. I was not expecting the video to be so eye opening. I think that more people should embrace their awkwardness, especially in the business world. The more awkwardness that is free flowing the more creativity and openness a company will have. Everyone is awkward, so why do we hide it? If everyone showed their true colors in a work environment (appropriately) then people would be more likely to resolve conflict between each other because they would feel closer to coworkers. Overall, this is a great video that everyone should watch, but could also be a great business tactic.

  • LindsayDages

    I know that most people are awkward on a pretty regular basis but that
    doesn’t stop me from being self-conscious when I am awkward. And of course when
    you are self-conscious about being awkward you get even more awkward. I don’t like to pretend I am someone I am not, but I do find myself avoiding social situations when I feel like I won’t be able to “play it cool”. So I agree we should all stop worrying so much and try to be real with each other more often. However there are social norms and boundaries for a reason and some sorts of behavior are not conducive to productive interactions. This video has definitely made me feel less alone though!

  • l2yza


  • l2yza

    Great video, this person needs to think about getting into standup comedy.

  • Matt Goodman

    I strongly agree, incorporating a culture that embraces the awkwardness which essentially removes barriers between people could be very fruitful. Im very grateful I ‘kept going’ in middle school and will continue to keep going. I think this is especially applicable in the communication of new ideas; creativity is a careful process which at times can be awkward. If everyone in the workplace was more comfortable I think, as you say, ‘the more awkwardness that is free flowing the more creativity and openness a company will have’