Why Give a Damn:

If you die before your big idea comes to fruition – your idea dies too.

The author of this post, Ann Garvin is an author, speaker and professor of health, stress management, research methods and media literacy.

Pursuing health is more important than math. It’s more important than literacy. It’s more important than art or science or spelling. It’s more important than pursuing a start-up that will end Global Warming. 

Come on. Give me a good fight here. Tell me I’m wrong.

Losing your lunch is a great equalizer

But before you do, consider the stomach flu and picture this scenario. You are sitting at your desk working out the math for your big project or you’re reading blue prints or working out the science of how a virus spreads and the Caesar Salad you ordered from the Deli (the one with the raw egg in it) comes back to haunt you.  For the next twenty-four hours all you can do is heave, sweat, and curse the Deli that served you tainted food. You aren’t a world saver any more. You are a sick person just hoping to get through the night.

Losing your lunch is a great equalizer. The flu fells the beautiful and powerful and does not discriminate. You know what else is like that?

Heart Disease

We’re funny little optimistic creatures for having such a fragile infrastructure

Heart disease kills one in two or three people in the United States of America. For you data lovers, that’s every 39 seconds someone dies from heart disease and stroke. Every other person or one from every single family on the planet will succumb to an entirely preventable disease.

Let me put that in your wheelhouse. One in two. That’s me or you and I sleep enough, exercise and consume five fruits and vegetables every single day.  Put your arm on the table. I’ll wrestle you for it.

We’re funny little optimistic creatures for having such a fragile infrastructure. We think because we can’t directly see the damage in our arteries and we can still manage our schedules that we can concentrate on other things.

Consider this. If 470,000 people drowned each year (this is the number of heart disease deaths in America) every child in our country would go to school with swim fins, Michael Kors would design life jackets that look like a tuxedo and women would have flotation devices implanted in their chests (ok, so that was going too far).

If 470,000 people drowned each year Michael Kors would design life jackets that look like tuxedos

Picture yourself, with your fabulous, world-saving idea. You are hot on the trail, indispensable to the project, no one knows more about it or is more passionate than you and then you die of heart disease, the silent killer that was working on you with the same passion. But heart disease has a better record of wins and your idea dies with you.

Embedded in this doomsday prediction though is a phrase that is like a beautiful, glistening artery and that is: heart disease is entirely preventable. Entirely. I’d like to leave you with the phrase that the television series Friday Night Lights made famous: Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose – but I’d like to change it a little to; Clear eyes, clean hearts, can’t lose.

About the author

Ann Garvin

Ann Garvin

Ann is an author, speaker and educator. As professor of health, stress management, research methods and media literacy at University of Wisconsin Whitewater, she has worked extensively in psychometrics, statistics and psychology. Ann is the author of On Maggie’s Watch & The Dog Year (Berkley Penguin, 2014).

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    Whenever I say that health is more important than anything I always think I’m going to have a fight on my hands but I never do…so why don’t we prioritize it the way we should. I make excuses to exercise too, why do I do that?

  • Teju Ravilochan

    I love this post Ann! It’s wonderfully written and very clear. What a great perspective! Thank you for sharing this!

  • Ann Wertz Garvin

    Coming from you Teju that is an enormous compliment. Thank you!

  • Insightful post, however heart diseases are not entirely preventable one of 120 babies are born with a heart defect http://www.merckmanuals.com/home/childrens_health_issues/birth_defects/heart_defects.html

  • Dr. Phyllis Hubbard

    As a Naturopathic Doctor, Speaker and Holistic Health Educator, I sincerely appreciate this post. I used to be in the corporate world, plowing through life and dragging my body behind me until my body gave me a series of wake up calls. Now I dedicate my life to teaching corporate folks (and anyone else who’ll listen) how to achieve/sustain radiant health of the body, mind and emotions. So my clients/potential clients will say “Yes Dr. Phyl, I’ll start taking care of myself – just let me get through the busy season, this next project, etc.” and I always respond “What if your body doesn’t have the energy/resources to get you through the busy season, etc.?” And the debate goes on … Health is our greatest wealth. It is a tough sell in our society but I’m in it for the long haul and I’m grateful to hear you signing my song. Be well and radiant!

  • weidmankl15

    Everyone thinks “It won’t happen to me.” Like you said, “it’s me or you.” That is so true that it actually scares me. I think about all the friends and family in my life and I realize that almost half of them are bound to die of heart disease. The worst part is that you don’t know when it will happen! I really liked how you put into mind that if the 470,000 died from drowning, our lives would be changed drastically when it came to swimming. Yet, that is how many people die from heart disease but yet people don’t care. It makes me wonder what you think it will take for people to finally start taking heart disease seriously?

  • KevinThomson32

    Awesome article! Just because we do not see our arteries filling up with crap doesn’t mean we should go eat McDonalds everyday. I loved what you said about Michael Koors making flotation tuxedos because if we could physically see it happening that percentage would decrease significantly. I think it stinks to that this disease is so preventable, but people are just to lazy to eat the right foods and exercise daily.

  • byrnesbk24

    The question that should be on everyone’s mind is; If heart disease is the number one killer in America (because it is) then why aren’t we doing more about it? The school system concentrates so much on science, math, history ect (not to say that these things aren’t important) when we should be concentrating a little more on healthy living. Cutting the amount of phy. ed. time in schools, for example, is horrible. I’ve also seen some elementary level phy. ed. classes too, they spend about 15 minutes doing actual exercise.

  • stangleram13

    Thank for right this. A useful part is the heart disease. You
    bring up a good point if you had a world-saving idea and you are the only one
    that knows it. You die from heart disease. The information is gone. That would
    be bad. What other factor would go in to pursuing health?

  • lepkowskjj29

    Thank you for this article! I totally agree with you that heart disease is the silent killer, that it is all preventable. I liked the quote pertaining to Friday Night Lights and also agree with you that pursuing health is more important than math and science. I don’t believe just stats along are going to make people change though. What else do you think we can do in order to promote the risks of heart disease?

  • Drew Cox

    I love this article in many ways. Starting with the health is more important than any other subject offered in school! I total agree and cannot wait until the rest of the world realizes this. Not only is Physical Education about exercise and activity, but also about our personal health! It’s amazing how the statistics about heart disease are so surreal! I would love to see what my arteries look like after the years of terrible eating habits. Thanks for such an eye opening article, i hope to pass on the great info presented to friends and family!

  • Connor Driscoll

    This blog is useful to anyone who has dreams or visions of success. It is especially helpful to college students who claim to be so dedicated to their studies that they sacrifice sleep, diet, and many other things for the sake of education and pursuing their goals. I don’t understand why people cannot grasp this concept that health is more important than anything else in life. I believe that perhaps more people understand than I think. Rather, people just choose to ignore it because they don’t realize they are sick until they fall over dead. It confuses me that despite this message being presented in such an understanding way by so many people, many still feel that health education in school isn’t needed anymore (which is extremely sad).

  • jack lomax

    Thanks for the insight! The thing I locked onto in this article was the importance of health education. Going into that field, i strongly believe it, and P.E, are the most important classes in school! Like you said, you can be bloody fantastic at math/science/art etc, but if you can’t look after your body, you are effectively developing a talent that will be wasted before its time. Your stats prove it! We are dropping like flies! 1 in 2! They aren’t fantastic odds! The activity you did in class the other day, where you said “look at the person next to you. Okay, now 1 of you will statistically die from a heart disease” …i don’t like my chances considering the guy has a more athletic background. People need to be educated more on the importance of your health! I don’t want these odds shortening any more then they are or we are all kicking the bucket before our time. What I would ask you though is, how do you get a child to want to put down the delicious slice of pizza, and dip their fork into a healthy salad? Because a teacher trying to teach this to me as a kid, would have had more success handcuffing a ghost. Health education; arguably one of the most important classes in school, but to the kids (and probably parents) all we are doing is pissing in the wind.

  • Jansscor16

    Thank you for the article, I definitely want to share this with my family. In the future I want to build my own business, something related to health. This article is something to build off of. In a article I read a few minutes ago, the author said find a problem and build off of it. Heart disease is a serious problem and it needs to be addressed and the world needs to know! Besides this article, how can we get our family to change their habits so they don’t become the next heart disease victim?

  • Zach Perkins

    Great article. I have been a “health guy” my whole life, but never really took the time to look into or think about just how terribly common heart disease is in this country. The word needs to be spread, and you are doing your job. It’s time we all do our job as well, and inform loved ones, friends, and the general public about this preventable disease.

  • Haley Horn

    Thanks for sharing! I have noticed that heart disease runs in my family on both sides. One of my grandpas has had open heart surgery and the other one died of a heart attack at 42. I am scared and I am preventing it as much as I possibly can. Why would you want to die of something that you could entirely prevent? That’s idiotic. Health is the most important thing in life!!

  • Kait Harman

    Thanks for sharing Ann, I loved this! Obviously this article is super important to everyone hence everyone is at risk for heart disease if we do not do the right and healthy choices for our body. The thing is many people do not know how common it really is. This scares me even! As a health minor I am not always the healthiest person I could be and after reading this I realize I need to make more of the healthy choices in my life. My question for you is do you think in the next few years with all this awareness and the growth of heart disease that over all heart disease will increase or will it keep rising?

  • treehugger90

    Great article! I like how you used heart disease because not a lot people look at it that way. I wish a lot people today would look at the real picture here because heart disease is a silent killer! I try to tell people in my life that working out and eating the proper nutrition is essential because sitting on their butts all day is not going to prevent it. I also agree that heart disease has a better record of wins! Ann I love articles and keep posting great stuff!

  • Mcgrailkk30


    Being an education major I want to focus on a few points you make early on in your post. First you explain that health is more important than literacy, math, etc. Second, you joke that if drowning deaths were as prevalent kids would wear floaties to school. Well I couldn’t agree more. The percentage of overweight and obese children in America is horrifying, but schools want to cut back on PE programs?! WHAT?! Heart disease isn’t a secret. Childhood obesity is real! Why do you think school districts are ignoring these dangers and cutting back on gym time for our kiddos?

  • Sam Kuchenreuther

    Agreed! I absolutely hate being sick!! When I was in middle school I caught Pneumonia and then a few months later I got Strep throat. It was by far the most miserable I have been in my life. I couldn’t do anything I loved and I spent most of my days just trying to find ways to breathe. When I get sick I am willing to do anything to get better. There is a comment below about how schools want to cut PE programs and I think that is absolutely ridiculous. PE programs should never be cut from school, considering how fat America is. As a country we are very unhealthy and PE teaches kids how to exercise. It gets them off their butt and it’s the only time a kid has fun at school. In my opinion, it is more important than math. If PE gets cut, fat Timmy is going to be 50 pounds over weight but thank god he will be able to solve for X. If someone is trying to lose weight, what do you think is more important? Diet or amount of exercise?

  • masterdan55

    Totally agree with you. My grandma was a heavy smoker and in turned passed away from Heart Disease. It’s funny how its one of the top leading causes of death in America yet its the most preventable. In the words of Ann Garvin, “exercise is the pill, it only takes 30 minutes to swallow it.” This quote has really helped me become more active. If your ill all the time you will never reach your full potential and constantly always be catching up. With the information given to Americans about how preventable HD is how come people still fall under the spell of bad eating habits and lack of exercise?

  • Caitlin Snyder

    Reading this just put a staple in the fact that I, like millions of other Americans, need to start taking much better care of my heart. I was born with an extra valve in my heart and had surgery at the age of 19. Since then I literally have a big heart and want to prevent heart disease to other people as well. Thank you, Ann, for this awesome article! My question to you is, with all this knowledge of preventable heart diseases, why do we still continue to abuse our hearts?

  • Kendra Larson

    It is true, many people think that if they cant see the damage on their body, from eating unhealthy, then they are not at risk. It’s denial, that’s what it is. They don’t think that they are going to get sick and die from eating the way they are eating. On a personal note, my uncle had this problem. He ate like crap and started having problems breathing at night. Sometimes he would stop breathing and my aunt would have to make sure she wakes him up, so that he would start breathing again. He gained so much weight from eating like crap, and initially it was taking a huge hit on his body! Every time my aunt would tell him to think about his health and eat better, he would say that he didn’t need to. I’m not saying its just my uncle that has this problem, society has this problem! People think that they don’t need to bother with focusing on their health, and then when they need to, its too late. At the end of this story, my uncle eventually got the wake up call and started changing his lifestyle. And now today he is a lot healthier than he was! Which I am thankful for that! How can we get people to start now on a healthy lifestyle, before its too late? Thank you sharing this article!

  • Collin Smith

    Thanks for taking the time to write! I would absolutely agree that we as individuals don’t realize the high risk of heart disease because it isn’t something we see every day. Rather, it is hidden away in our arteries, and we may feel like we can function but it is so below our actual potential. I think putting it in perspective of drowning is interesting because it is outstanding how quickly people would react and take action. Instead people continue to decide to stop at fast food joints for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Rebekkah Houda

    Thanks for taking the time this is great! Living a clean, clear, and healthy life is the optimal way of living long and healthy. This could be done by making one healthy change per week. How would you suggest going about starting a healthy life style as a college student?

  • Jennifer Lynn

    Powerful! Heart Disease is 100% percent preventable needs to be heard by the entire world. Unfortunately I think the people who read these articles are the ones who already know the steps it takes to be healthy (eating the fruits and veggies, working out, and getting enough sleep aspects). Change isn’t going to happen over night and for stubborn people it might never happen at all, but we have to try and make a change. I could educate my entire family on this topic and they would all read it and understand, accept my grandfather who might be the most stubborn man to walk the earth. How would you go about educating a man who is set in his ways about heart disease and eating a little bit healthier each day?

  • Jessica Andrew

    Thank you for sharing this article! Heart disease is very preventable if you maintain the right diet, exercise, and get the right amount of sleep every night. The problem here is people don’t think that it can happen to them. These are the people who like to be lazy and don’t do anything to be healthy. Heart disease is very common in the U.S. This is one of the reasons that I continue to try to eat as healthy as I can. People need to be aware of this problem because it is preventable! A question that I have for you is how do we get people to realize that heart disease is a big problem?

  • strakaJA01

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could see inside our bodies to see what our bad habits are doing to us? I always think back to the nutrition class I have with you and to all the great examples you give. Like today in class we went over how much sugar is in certain foods. When you see the actual amount, it is scary! I am now more conscious about looking at food labels before I eat or buy something. One question comes to mind as I write this response… do you have a certain food that you love SO much that you simply cannot give it up? I know that everything is better in moderation of course, but do you have that one “devil” food?

  • turbo_frey

    Ann, your articles always make me quiver with the disgusting, but true statistics. Two out of three people is an extremely large number for such a disease, but I feel most people strongly believe they remain in that one untouched third of the statistics and continue on with their daily lives while thinking they are immortal from all diseases. It truly makes me mad that heart disease is the number one contributor to death in the U.S., yet not much has been done in schools or public places to promote and educate health early on in one’s life. Math, science, art, Spanish, band, and choir are all classes offered every day of the year at schools for full credit, but most times health education classes are only required for one semester for half a credit. This amazes me and makes me wonder when more will be taught and health than how to figure out the logarithm of an equation. The importance of learning such logarithms is what? I know for a fact that I will use more health practices on a day to day basis for the rest of my life than I will ever use a limit of a number. What do you think needs to be done to increase education about health in schools?

  • Anthony Urbanski

    The drowning quote gets me every time. It’s so true. How do we get people to realize this? You don’t have to stress the importance of health to me but millions of people are ignoring it. Other subjects areas are important but you’re putting the cart before the horse. Nothing can be accomplished while in poor health!

  • Amanda Laatsch ?

    This article is so true. How do you expect to save the world if you won’t be around to do it? You have to keep yourself healthy in order to maintain living. If you aren’t healthy enough to get up in the morning and constantly be on the move you won’t be successful. What are your suggestions for someone who is constantly on the move to stay healthy and active?

  • Leahrebout

    Very true thank you for sharing! Our health is the most important thing in determining how we live our life. How energetic, how happy or miserable, how fulfilling, how long, can all be improved if we would put our health higher up on our priorities list (#1 is a good start). However, it is very hard to know what is healthy and what is not especially with all of the opposing studies done that go back and forth. How would you recommend getting someone to change their lifestyle habits to get them to be healthier?

  • sarahbrooks

    Thank you for sharing your article!
    Health is the most important thing anyone could have. You need it
    throughout your whole life. People should be well aware of the damage
    your body could face from having a poor diet and lack of exercise.
    Do you think that people will try to live a healthier lifestyle and
    heart disease will go down, or remain the same/increase.

  • sarahbrooks

    I have also been healthy through out my life and never noticed how common heart disease was either! I agree that it is important to spread to this our friends and family. Health is so important in life, and I think that is something a lot people forget since obesity and diseases are such a huge problem. How do you plan on spreading the word?

  • ghilonipt09

    Well if someone changes there overall lifestyle I think this could have a huge impact on if the person may eventually have heart disease. In today’s society the healthy lifestyle is not what most americans want. Most americans want as much food as they an get for their buck. Great example is McDonalds dollar menu, you can go to the grocery store and get hamburger and a bun for less than a buck a burger, even if you were to buy in large quantity. But truly does the average american just get 1 burger when they go to McDonalds…absolutely not!

  • Tammy Hartmann

    Love this article! Thanks, Ann. Interestingly, maybe measurements are the answer? According to THWORLDPOST. Europe uses the metric system.
    All people using the metric system have to do is to multiply by 10, and
    they get to the next highest unit. Boom. Done. American measurements can be
    overwhelming (tsp., tbsp., cup, pint, etc.,and inches, feet, yards, etc.).

  • weidmankl15

    Exactly! So many people don’t worry about their health because a lot think “well those bad things won’t happen to me” when really, if you don’t treat your body right, bad things will happen. Your health should be your #1 priority. It is very true when you talk about not really knowing what healthy is because of all the different studies done. Something I like to live by when it comes to choosing healthy foods at the grocery store or anywhere is “count the ingredients not the calories.” The more ingredients, the worse it usually is for you.

  • ZakFritz

    I like this post. It puts things into perspective that are extremely important to helping out. If you do not have your health how are you going to help someone else’s? If you are sick you will not be able to help out because you will be able to get out of bed.

  • Jack Delabar

    Nice adjustment to the Friday Night Lights quote, Ann, and overall good article. As a future physical educator, I have come to realize how important my health truly is in the recent years. If I am not living a healthy lifestyle, what qualifies me to teach others to do it? Thank you for the post.

  • LaurenSE

    Great article! You are nothing without your health. It’s that simple. So many people think they are invincible and that this thing called heart disease wouldn’t dare touch them. But with the stats the way they are, one in two dying from heart disease, that attitude needs to change. People need to learn how to start caring for their bodies. Heart disease is 100% preventable, it just takes a small amount of effort; 30 minutes a day, 5 fruits and vegetables. Lets get it together people. Lets give a damn.
    Just one question, Ann, what else can I say to help people start caring about their bodies? Any advice?

  • sarahbrooks

    I agree with your response. Nobody seems to think about heart disease even though it is the real risk. I dont necessarily think that people do not take it “seriously”. I just think they dont think its going to happen to them! Just like texting and driving. So many accidents happen because of that and until they get in one, or someone close to them does; then they will realize the real risk of it! What do you think?

  • sarahbrooks

    I agree with your response. People do not seem to being talking about health enough compared to other subjects. Cutting the amount of physical activity in school is not right and it really does need to change. To make people realize that health disease is a huge problem they need to start teaching it at a young age to students, and start giving the school healthy food and drink options. For people outside of school; they know the risk of eating fast foods, and not getting proper exercise. They need to stay active and make the change in the kitchen! If they dont, then they will watch how heart disease will affect them or someone they know.. what do you think?

  • Cory Zaeske

    It is amazing that a stat as astonishing as 1 in 2 Americans will die from heart disease can go nearly unnoticed. We think I’m America that there are bigger problems to solve than that of heart disease. If this was something like west Nile disease or swine flu there would be a world wide outrage. But it’s heart disease an for some reason that doesn’t phase many people. We need to become aware of this issue as a group and start tackling it. Baby steps is still progress.

  • Sam Kuchenreuther

    It isn’t shocking to me that 1 in 2 Americans die from heart disease. But earlier in the article you implied that you can’t do what you want to do if you are sick. You even said, “give me a fight.” Well here you go, an example that you can still achieve greatness while being sick. Because I believe there are more important things than health, you just have to want it bad enough. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEwEsdKrNcM

  • AmandaBrom

    I enjoyed this article. Last night in class we talked about the differences between men and women. My teacher then asked what do you think the number one cause of death is in women.I knew the answer was heart disease but I was surprised when many of the students answered breast cancer. With heart disease being the number one killer you think people would be more aware. My teacher made a good point. He said that every one knows about breast cancer because every October the NFL wears pink and its advertised often. I feel the same should be done about heart disease. People should be educated about how common it is and real it can be. Thank you for this great article!

  • sarahbrooks

    I agree with you. Basically people just want to get there money’s worth for their food. Not only for the dollar menu, but also for buffets! Whose gonna go to a buffet and only get one plate? Probably no one. If they are, they arnt doing it right!

  • sarahbrooks

    I agree that health is the most important subject! That’s a real big reason why I decided to teach health education. I think children should know how to take care of themselves physically, and mentally. If you were going to teach students, what subject would you shoot for?

  • Drew

    Hey Sarah, teaching health eduction is a degree to get into. What ideas would you bring to the table in your community? I know that in whitewater we have the W3 are you familiar with this organization? But yes i do agree that children need to focus more on their health. It may not show now, but what they do to their bodies show up in future years without a doubt!

  • sarahbrooks

    I havnt got a clue what W3 is Drew. Please tell me more!

  • sarahbrooks

    I havnt got a clue what W3 is Drew. Please tell me more!

  • Ryan R

    As an avid fan of the game of basketball, I love this counterargument to Ann Garvin’s kind words. Maybe if everyone in the world was as much of a freak of nature as MJ, Ann Garvin wouldn’t have herself a very good argument. However, I don’t think many of us are Michael Jordan, so I think I would take the advice of the ever so wise one.

  • Ryan R

    I completely agree with your sentiments, Ann Garvin. As a mathematics major, I would love to sit here and tell you that math is more important than one’s health. But 1) I would be telling a false statement, and 2) I would never try to win an argument with the infamous Ann Garvin. If I had the pleasure of meeting you in person, I would ask you if you’ve ever been the victim of a Caesar salad with a raw egg.

  • pinsolera

    Don’t get me wrong, a McDonald’s burger sounds absolutely delicious and I could probably eat five of them no problem. But people have to weigh out, “how is it going to me feel?” The answer is it’s going to make you feel awful, as we all know. But most people don’t think about their health and only think about the immediate satisfaction. Every once and a great while, okay fine. But Americans, bottom line, and everyone around the world, have to do better about portion size and control. That alone will make a big difference in the obesity epidemic. And it really isn’t too difficult.

  • Drew

    Really, I’m surprised that you haven’t gotten an email being in the health field! i can most definitely send you a link and you can look into it! It’s a great opportunity and they set up a ton of great events for the community! http://www.w3wellness.org check it out!!

  • Sam Kuchenreuther

    I’m not saying we all can be like Mike. She just said give me a fight earlier in her article about how no one can do what they want if they are sick. So I posted this. Because this is someone who is still achieving what they want while being sick. But my point is just saying that if you want something bad enough (it doesn’t have to be the NBA Championship) sickness isn’t a factor.

  • sarahbrooks

    Oh wow! Thanks so much. I’ll be sure to look into it. Are you involved with this?? If so, what events do you participate in, Drew?

  • Drew

    I was involved in it! It is a great program to get involved in. They put on so many events for the community. Its great to get involved with the community don’t you agree. I was involved in a couple half marathons as extra help! The experience is like no other! What have you done around your community to help out or get involved.

  • sarahbrooks

    Wow! That is great. Sounds like you really contributed a lot within the community. I was involved with habitat of humanity, so I would do community service sort of things!

  • pinsolera

    That was one heck of a game. He was about ready to collapse, it was that bad. But, instead of backing down, he chose to fight for what he wanted. And I agree with you. Sometimes, you do have to sacrifice yourself in order to get one more step ahead, or in Michael’s case, a championship. Have you had times where you sacrificed your body to get farther in life?

  • pinsolera

    I do agree with you on this issue. Sometimes in college and life in general, we all decide to forgo even going for a walk to get our work done. It is the sad truth, but sometimes, we have to do it to get ahead in life. Although, it really stinks because we may slowly be gaining the risk of heart disease by sitting around trying to get our work done. I hope for a lot of Americans this will change and we are able to find more balance between our work, social, and health.

  • Sam Kuchenreuther

    I had pneumonia back in 7th grade once. During this time my club soccer team had a championship game in a tournament. During the game I was hacking up mucus the whole game but our team went on to win 3-0 [I had one goal and one assist. 😉 ] What about you?

  • pinsolera

    That’s awesome. And yes. During high school, I ran track and field and cross country. During the track season, I would get my body beaten up during the week from the meets. And there was especially one meet where it was over 110 degrees on the track and I already ran a couple times before that, and I was running the 4×400. I was so warm from the heat and exhausted, yet, through all the troubles, I ran a PR. I”ll remember that the rest of my life.

  • Jake Eckhardt

    Interesting article. Makes me wonder how many great ideas have gone down with people who have died of heart disease. Maybe some of those ideas could have positively affected the lives of all of us and now we will never know.

  • Jake Eckhardt

    It definitely is about a balance. It seems to me that most people who get incredibly stressed out don’t have a healthy balance of all aspects of life.

  • Jake Eckhardt

    That’s interesting that a lot of people think the #1 killer of women is breast cancer. I guess it makes sense seeing as how the NFL makes a huge deal out of it, and that most people are at least somewhat involved in the NFL.

  • Jake Eckhardt

    Well, if MJ wasn’t sick that game, what would he have accomplished? He probably would have done even better.

  • Jake Eckhardt

    I think it’s because we know what we can do about heart disease. The harsh reality is that people just don’t really care or are too lazy to prevent it. West Nile and the Swine flu are things that we can’t really purposely prevent, to the extent that we can with heart disease. The world makes a ton of money off the whole heart disease thing, too. If everyone started eating healthy and exercising, a lot of huge companies would take a it. It’s almost encouraged to eat like shit nowadays.

  • Jake Eckhardt

    I would just start with the basics of what is actually proven to be healthy. The big things like getting enough sleep, exercising, and generally eating non-processed foods as much as possible. Then kind of build upon that base as you go.

  • Jake Eckhardt

    I was just at a school for a health fair yesterday, and it made me happy to see that their vending machines didn’t have candy, and there were no soda machines. It’s good to see schools starting to be proactive in this regard.

  • Jake Eckhardt

    It would be very interesting to see a progression of the condition of our organs from the side of eating healthy as opposed to unhealthy. I think something like this would be able to convince a good amount of people that their little bad habits everyday add up to big problems later on.

  • Jake Eckhardt

    Exactly, imagine if there way a way to show people how they would feel if they were performing at their utmost potential compared to how they feel right now. It would likely make people want to become the former version of themselves.

  • Jake Eckhardt

    We live in a society where stuff like that is encouraged. You’ll rarely see commercials for something that is good for your health. It’s all about the crap food that’s inexpensive to produce and tastes really good. People just go buy what they see on TV.

  • Jake Eckhardt

    It’s very disturbing that schools want to cut back on PE programs. That is one of the most important things for kids to have is that exercise. Not only do they feel better physically, but mentally as well.

  • Jake Eckhardt

    This is me as well. I lift and kind of equate looking good to being healthy. The reality is that while looking good probably does have some kind of correlation to being healthier, there are a lot of other things I should be doing to help my body fend off heart disease. Cardio being one of those things.

  • Jake Eckhardt

    That sounds like a very rewarding job being able to help people achieve a higher level of health in all aspects. I bet it feels great for you when you notice a change for the better in these people.

  • Mcgrailkk30

    Jack, that is absolutely correct. There is a lot of research out there right now supporting “brain gym” activities, and discussing the important of exercise and movement in developing students’ brains. I think this research has done a lot to help counteract administrative opinions to cut back on PE and recess.

  • Mcgrailkk30

    When you encourage the people in your life to be active and eat a nutritious diet do you often get ridiculed for it? I find it strange that some people will mock people who are “health freaks”, but no one would think it was weird if you tried to convince a smoker to quit smoking. Heart disease is as real as lung cancer isn’t it?

  • Mcgrailkk30

    Since your surgery have you had to take extra precautions to maintaining a healthy heart? What kinds of limitations did the surgery leave you with? Your question to Ann is a great one and I think part of the reason we continue to abuse our hearts is because we 1. have an optimism bias that “it could never happen to us” and 2. because we don’t look at the damage we do in totality. Instead we say “well this one doughnut won’t hurt” or “just a couple cans of pop is alright”, but when we look back over our lifespan or even just a few years the junk food can add up.

  • Mcgrailkk30

    Rebekkah, the best way for anyone to make a lifestyle change is to start small. You need to have a plan of how you will start small and once you become successful you can add more changes to your life. It is also important to understand that most habits will not go away cold turkey. Ann said in class once “relapse is a part of behavior change,” but being able to fight the relapse with strategies for behavior change will keep you on the track to maintaining the change.

  • Drew

    It was an experience anyone who wants to be a teacher should go through. It helps you act crazy and spontaneous without a care in the world. On top of this the runners love the louder and more cheerful you get! It was awesome. Hey at least your getting involved! It’s better than half the other students at our school can say!

  • sarahbrooks

    Thats true! Students need to take advantage of being involved as much as they can with school! It is a great way to meet others and looks great on the resume! I should have joined W3, but at least I took advantage of Habitat. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Drew

    Yeah I agree, we must get involved as much as possible to create memories and experiences! You really should of but since your transferring have you looked into anything they offer there? There has to be organizations anywhere you go. Specially with you being new to the area. Great friendships are built through organizations such as community enhancers!

  • sarahbrooks

    No, I havnt look yet but I cant wait to see what La Crosse has to offer! I have to meet to new people and make a positive impact on the university! 🙂

  • Caitlin Snyder

    Well since the surgery I definitely have to exercise differently. It takes me a little longer to get into and stay in shape. I can’t drink caffeine anymore, although that might actually be for the best. I’m glad I won’t turn into one of those coffee obsessed adults. I guess the main thing is that I’ve been much more aware of my condition and understand that it could have been worse. I’m still in the habit of abusing my heart, but definitely not as bad and I’m working every day to stop. Since my surgery I’ve decided to go into the field Cardiac Rehab; mostly so I can help people who were like me at one point. Thanks for your comment, Kelly!

  • Drew

    Yes such a great opportunity that has come your way! Getting involved there will have so many benefits! You should stay in touch so that we can chat more about your experiences and involvement you create when there! What type of organizations would you be involved in when arriving? Another habitat one or something new?

  • Sam Kuchenreuther

    The only objective of the game is to win. Which he did. You can’t do better than winning.

  • Jen McKiernan

    It makes me so sad that the number one killer in America is completely preventable. The worst part about it is that before becoming a Health and Human Performance major I had no idea that this was the case. I see so many of my friends and family members eating terribly and never exercising and it is so hard explaining to them that if they continue down that path it could lead to heart disease. Everyone has the mentality that they’ll be fine and it will never happen to them. I know in class you always say it’s hard to make someone care until it happens to them which is so true.

  • Collin Smith

    Don’t you often feel this way? Every morning I wake up sore and hurting. It makes me wish I could go back to the days of sleeping on a couch and waking up great. Age – it finds us all!

  • aulm92

    Thank you for this article. It honestly makes me upset that so many people die of heart disease because it is 100% preventable. Not only is it completely preventable but in most cases but it is caused by being selfish and lazy. Personally, I view heart disease caused by obesity and lack of properly taking care of themselves the same as lung cancer caused by Smoking. Yes, I understand food and nicotine are both highly addictive, I just believe when It comes to friends and family and the possibility of losing them and how they will feel when they lose you. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh, But I know I would be very frustrated with a loved one if they died from a completely preventable disease. Okay, My rant is over.

  • Daniel John

    I agree that you would never win that argument against Ann. A persons health is the most important topic many Americans struggle with today. As a future mathematics teacher, will you try to incorporate exercise in your classroom?

  • TeamGarvin

    This might be my favorite blog you wrote. I read them all and this one backs up what I’m saying everyday. I have told multiple health professors that health education should be included in our gen eds. We learn about things that will help us in the future like basic math, English, and communications. Yet where does wota come in or trigonometry to my phys ed and health degree. People who do need those for their major great yet they are not learning about health. Something that can affect their daily living. Something that they will need to know for the rest of their lives, and they will have no clue. Ya they know the basics, but sometimes that is not enough. Some don’t even know the basics. Thank you for this article at least I’m not the only one that feels health is the most important to our daily lives than just math skill we need to make money.

  • Leahrebout

    That is an awesome point! General education should include a health class because it is something they can apply to themselves and others in order to live a longer and healthier life. The only difference is not everyone needs math later on but everyone needs health. I absolutely think they should implement this into the mandatory gen eds at universities. Who knows maybe it will help lower the obesity or heart disease rates that are so common today. 🙂

  • TeamGarvin

    Thank you and your right who knows. Honestly it does not hurt to try our society could use a change and maybe this is the change we need.

  • pinsolera

    That is very true. I’ll admit, there have been several times that I have not been balanced with my life and as you guessed it, I was stressed. There moments in your life this has happened?

  • pinsolera

    That’s surprising, I had no idea. Hopefully, their lunch options were as healthy because there are many schools that do not give out healthy meals for breakfast or lunch.

  • pinsolera

    That is so true. For some reason, our country is becoming even larger than ever. To think about that is ABSOLUTELY crazy. We all know the information, yet, it still is very prevalent. It’s actually saddening because we’re helpless trying to help people. It is truly up to them if they want the help. But hopefully, those baby steps will happen and are probably happening as of now.

  • pinsolera

    Of course. I’ve always thought about that. I think that if we were able to do this, we would get a lot of people away from terrible foods, although you would still have some people not swayed. Either way, that would be incredible.

  • Steven Bichler

    I agree 100% Paul. I am too a college student, and sometimes I have to cancel my workout because I have important papers to write. It’s a sad truth. I for one would have a tough time giving up my good health and passing away by the age of 50 due to a hearth attack because I decided to take the path with a lot more hours which affected my lifestyle. I hope this country wakes up to this problem of heart disease and does something about it soon before it becomes any worse than it is.

  • Steven Bichler

    Heart problems is the biggest problem in the country, and yet every time I go to a family reunion it seems like someone is having new heart problems. Yet they wonder why when the food they eat is terrible for them and they don’t do any exercise. I try to help them out and give them ways to help and fix it, but it almost seems to late. Thats why most of motivation before becoming a PE and health instructor will be to try and change this nation-wide trend in our country away from heart disease.

  • strakaJA01

    I know, right?? I feel like the people who wouldn’t be swayed are for example, people that smoke. They get addicted…and even though we can actually see what smokers lungs look like etc…that doesn’t stop them! Addiction and habit for that matter are scary things!!

  • strakaJA01

    Oh for sure! But then again…there are those people out there that even through you show them all the evidence and it is stacked up against them…they just don’t care. But then, I guess you have to look at it as part of a personal choice kind of thing!

  • stangleram13

    I do agree on the heart problems are a biggest problem in this country. I think you are do a good job on try to have your family exercise. I think it a goal to help our country with this problem. You can help one people at a time. thank you

  • stangleram13

    I like you point and I do agree with it. We do need a health class as a general eduction class. I just wondering why have they not put it in yet and look how are country is now. thank you

  • stangleram13

    I do agree on your point I feel that some of the population don’t know there is a case. The field of health ed. is really new and some people dont know if there are eatting right. I also agree the point it is head to help people to eat right when they don’t ask for it. thank you

  • stangleram13

    I do agree on the point on skiping a walk to get work done. I do think it stinks on that we might have a heart disease because we are just sitting around trying to get work done. thank you

  • stangleram13

    I do agree if you are a physical educatior (i going to be too) you get to practice what you teach or the students will not respect you. thank you

  • stangleram13

    I somewhat do agree on the measurements on maybe that is why american have heart problems but is there actual data proving this. thank you

  • stangleram13

    I do agree on the point that people should be well aware of the damage on your body. There should be programs that teach adult how to eatting health. thank you

  • stangleram13

    I do agree I think millions of people be ignoring health and just do the some old work. thank you

  • stangleram13

    Will trying save the world, I think a big job. I think trying to help one preson is good also. I do agree on if you are not healthy enough to get up in the morning then you won’t be successful. thank you

  • stangleram13

    I somewhat agree on your point but if you are make a healthy change pre week you might get overwhelmed. I think the healthy change is ongoing so by the end of the month you have 4 think that you have to keep up with. I think 1 healthy change per 2 month is a little better. thank you

  • stangleram13

    I have not looked in to common heart disease myself. I do agree on your point we have to do are job. thank you

  • Janna Bartels

    Thank you for your post Ann! It’s amazing to me that people don’t see the importance of diet and exercise when the statistics are so high and showing us that it should be important… at least if we want to live. I enjoyed reading this post because you made it so personal. Everyone, including me, needs to be on guard for this silent killer because it impacts not only our well being, but also the well being of the things we’re passionate about.

  • Tyler Pierce

    Ann, this is scary to think how true it is that if you are sick you can’t perform no matter how smart you are. So yes, your health, should be the top priority on everyone’s list of things to do. How do you tell people who have unreachable deadlines to meet to worry about their health first? That if you aren’t alive the deadline doesn’t matter?

  • Jeremy Demos

    No one understands this concept better than those of us who have been overseas and have lived off the dreaded MRE (also known as “Meals Rejected by Ethiopians”) and chow hall diet. Having that drag on you not only hurts your productivity on whatever business you are in, but for those in the armed forces, the consequences can be as fast as a speeding bullet – literally. They have made an effort to improve the quality of the food we got over there, and I have seen an improvement between my first and last deployments. But really, putting ‘fresh lobster tail’ on the menu in Kabul? We all know there’s nothing fresh about that.

  • Nathan Gillette

    Pursuing health is more important than math. It’s more important than literacy. It’s more important than art or science or spelling. It’s more important than pursuing a start-up that will end Global Warming. I am a strong believer in this because like you say all the time your health is the best thing you have been given and you got it for free. With heart disease killing off people left and right i don’t get why people don’t want to cure it. 100 people in the room all say exercising is good for you yet only 20 people actually do it. Hello dumb, I love when you say the most deadly disease is preventable, because it is with a little exercise. What event needs to happen that people start realizing the significants of exercise? Like you said if everyone was drowning we would all wear life jackets but yet people still want to supersize their fries.

  • Reece Raethke

    It always surprises me how no one pays attention to heart disease despite the fact that is kills 1 in 2 people in America. 1 IN 2! That is absolutely horrifying, yet we continue to stuff our faces full of saturated fat and get zero exercise (besides lifting the cheeseburger and 40oz soft drink to our lips.) The worst part about it is that is really is not hard to prevent this disease, eat more vegetables, eat less saturated fat, control portion size and get 15-20 minutes of exercise on most days of the week. Just adding 15-20 minutes of exercise (it doesn’t even have to be difficult, it could be a walk outside) has HUGE health benefits, yet no one does it and no one cares about their health…until its too late.

  • kkachel

    Even people with an immediate family history of heart disease can be in denial about their risks until they have some kind of heart scan, stress test, or symptoms of heart problems. Also, others tend to think that mostly old people die of heart disease. Most adults know that obesity and heart disease are closely connected. I am not sure whether this connection is discussed very often with young children while they are in grade school. I hope this would be part of the curriculum at every grade level. More and more schools are reducing or eliminating recess because of increased requirements in math, reading, social studies and science. This is a large medical emergency that should be taken seriously in all areas of life.

  • Kyle moore

    Heart disease needs to be looked at right now in the world especially if the odds are 1 in 2 people die from it. What causes this? Maybe the fact that in the 1980’s the government allowed companies to put corn starches in their products which leads to fats. Soda, fast food, you name it they have it. Obesity as well is a large concern for Americans because of the statistics of the upraise in the numbers of overweight to obese people is abnormally large. Obesity as well needs to be fixed and helped. 3 things to help with this, lower saturated fats, increase fiber, 3 cups of milk a day. Bam! There you go, problem solved.

  • hensella

    You bring up such a great point Ann about how important health is. It’s a shame that some of the higher ups don’t feel the same way. It seems that the majority of states are starting to cut physical education and health education in school. In fact they should be doing the opposite. With as many people that have heart disease, that trend should be changing.

  • Aaron Ackerman

    Reece sums it up nicely. No body realizes it until it’s too late. I think awareness for this should be drilled into kids brains as early as kindergarten. Have schools do there part by only offering healthy options because a lot of families may not be able to afford those kinds of food. I really think this as to be an entire lifestyle of healthy living and there is no better way to have this take off then to start it early on.

  • Robert Murdock

    Heart disease really hits home for me, having a grandfather that passed away from heart disease and now my girlfriends grandfather just had a stroke and is in very poor health. It’s frustrating that not many people look at heart disease the same way they look at shark attacks, burglary, or kidnapping. I know that there is the Truth movement to combat smoking, so why can’t there be commercials for all the people sitting at home on their couches with something simple as a blank screen says “1 in 2 people in the US will die from heart disease…Look around you…Look in the mirror…be prepared to say goodbye…” I know this may be a bit dramatic but to change a culture sometimes a system set in its ways needs to be shocked. Don’t you think?

  • Sharmaine A.

    Heart Disease is something that could possibly be prevented. If you eat healthier, exercise regularly, and get an adequate amount of sleep, your chances of dying for heart disease are reduced. It is clear that health is the most important thing to always maintain. I wonder why, we as people (who wants to live for a long time) neglects to do so? Many people have made the comment “well whats the point, we will die anyway”. It’s definitely a carelessness. And I am realizing that, in most cases, it has a lot to do with lack of knowledge.

  • Eric H

    Heart disease should be looked at differently among all people. We look at heart disease as almost an afterthought, but are afraid of robbers, catastrophes, and other things that rarely happen. Heart disease is way more prevalent than any of our fears, and the thing is, heart disease can be prevented! We just choose to ignore it. If more people would start taking it more seriously, maybe more people would be healthier and the obese rates in America would drop instead of rise every single year.

  • Travis Ricci

    I found this to be truly amazing that we can avoid the worst thing in the united states simply by being healthy and taking care of our self’s. That sounds like the easiest thing in the world to do workout every day make sure you sleep is proper and you waking up refreshed and keeping a proper diet with the foods you can still enjoy. This seems like the easiest thing you can do in life and the fact that 1 in 2 don’t do it is purely amazing and is leading us down a road that we shouldn’t be on.

  • Justin Shelton

    I feel that this article should really push people to begin to make healthier lifestyle choices. As stated in the article, the rate of heart disease is insane. The even more insane part about it is that it is preventable. I just think people beleive that it will never happen to them so they just ignore it. They should think again about that one.

  • Kevin Semler

    This article is very eye opening and you have great attention getters all through out its points. You made it so funny, and it’s so sad and true to hear, that if everyone cared for heart disease like they do to their images (clothing/implants/etc), that one out of every 2 people ratio would change so dramatically. It’s scary to see how many people will die from this, when it is the most preventable way of death 100 percent of the time. Life is too short and there are too many ways to die by accident in this world, so why not do yourself a favor and look at the big picture next time you say, “it won’t happen to me”?

  • Sydney Sipos

    After hearing Ann lecture about this, every time I watch the news and hear of a strange and freak accident that caused someone to die, I want to yell at the news anchors about heart disease – “THERE ARE SIX OF YOU – DO YOU REALIZE 3 OF YOU WILL LIKELY DIE OF HEART DISEASE?! COVER THAT!” I still can’t believe that the general public likely doesn’t know this fact.
    Side note: if the chances for us drowning were that high, you’d better bet I’d invest in some floatie implants. Just saying. I guess that puts heart disease into perspective, and the things we should do to avoid it, doesn’t it?

  • Brady Sexton

    Like the article says, people only tend to care about what they know or see. The fight against cancer is a big topic and people are very aware about it. People do not care nearly as much about Heart Disease as they do cancer research or research for other popular causes. I have heard people talk about their cholesterol, blood pressure, or other health symptoms and though they are at risk they seem to shrug it off until they are hit with a heart attack or big problem. They only want to treat the problem and not focus on preventing it from ever occurring.

  • Ronny

    It is so true that people care only about what they know or see. in Ann’s lecture I did not know heart disease was the leading killer. I also did not know that it is 100% preventable to be honest.

  • katrina brown

    I recall you talking about this issue in class. We had mentioned how cool it would be to be able to see through your skin, so that you can be aware of the truth behind your health and your daily actions impact on it. I feel like we all just need to take a step back for a second and look at our actions and think realistically about how our decisions impact our health. But how do we become informed enough to be completely effective in this?

  • Brooke Gregory

    I never knew how prevalent heart disease was until this class. I have a lot to look forward to in my future. It looks bright and fun and I don’t want it to be cut short by a heart attack. I can honestly say that if I were to continue the way I’ve been eating this summer I would most likely attain heart disease. I need to make a change.

  • Nicole Myers

    I do remember you saying this in class. Thank you for sharing this info with others. I do feel that the words heart disease still does not frighten people like it should. I think you do a great job at getting your point across and engaging your audience. We all need to do a better job at taking care of ourselves whether that means eating healthier,exercising or just getting more sleep. As a college student, I know how hard it is to find time to do any of these but we must make time. I really enjoy your writing and also your lectures!

  • warnlofjc20

    This article raises valid points but I do disagree with it in that I don’t think health is necessarily the most important thing out there. Thats not to put health down or anything but in the beginning of the article it says that health is more important than basically everything else. If we are always so focused on our health how will we ever get anything else done? By that same token focusing on other things could lead to developments in health and make us all healthier people. That being said I think it is important to highlight heart disease as it is one of the biggest diseases out there, I can think of at least three or four people I’m related to that have it. Thanks for posting!

  • earose14

    Knowing how many people die from heart disease every year is a scary thought. No matter how healthy you are it seems people are still bound to get it no matter what. We think we can plan around getting a disease but it doesnt work that way. Once your sick your just waiting to get through the night to hope to see another day. I just dont get why it happens to those who do no harm to there body? Why do some of the bad things happen to the best people. Living by clear eyes, clean hearts, can’t lose is something very powerful! Thanks for sharing this was very eye opening!

  • HelpHealth002

    Thanks for writing this blog Professor Garvin! I believe this article will help many others as it did so myself! I tend to let school get in the way of working out and this article made me realize how important it is to exercise daily, even when I have to study, because it directly affects my life now and in the future. The test will come and go but I have this one body my whole life and I need to continue to take care of it even when I’m stressed from classes. What’s your advice for college students trying to remain healthy but still balance school and work in the process?

  • Hannah Leggett-Hintz

    Definitely love this article specifically because of the Friday Night Lights quote at the end. Literally an amazing show, and I also love the way the quote was altered to fit in a health scenario. It then becomes understandable and more of a direct clear when specifically tied to something I personally understand. I remember Professor Garvin saying the flotation device line in our lecture and it cracked me up just as much then as it did rereading it now. I can’t say she’s wrong in saying so, because I’m sure there would definitely not be a person out there without a floatie if so much death was caused by drowning. That goes for anything. If it was caused by people choking on Snickers bars, Snickers may just go out of business. We aren’t an aware society about our health and the precautions and benefits they would give us in the long run. Shame. I wish everyone had to take Professor Garvin’s class. Talk about the use of a GenEd.

  • Catey Navarro

    That statistic is so frightening. It is a terrible number and it is terrible that people do not take it seriously. Since reading about that statistic I have started to adjust my daily routines so that I am making better choices, choices that will hopefully prevent me from getting heart disease in the future. Our country needs to become more aware and by that I mean other ways of spreading the information then the news reading off a list of numbers and people who are affected. Restaurants need to take it into their own hands and help us. If the bad food isn’t an option people don’t have the temptation.

  • Ananda Conlon

    Its amazing how clueless our society is. Just because a lot of the damage is hidden when we are young, it does not mean that it is not happening. Eating a diet that is high in saturated fat will catch up to Americans. Heart disease is just as avoidable as drowning. Like you stated, if drowning were the problem, I would definitely be rocking the Michael Kors vest. Unfortunately, Michael Kors cannot solve this problem, but WE can. We can easily chose a diet that will not only make us feel better in the future, but also in the present. We can also Michael Kors while doing so; he just won’t solve the health issue.

  • hasselbemj31

    I will admit that I am one of those people who are more worried about drowning then getting heart disease. A lot of this has to do with the fact that I never see the news talking about heart disease and how horrible it is or my parents scaring me silly saying “you better not eat that because you will get heart disease.” What you do hear them say is, “you better wear these floaties or you will drowned and die.” It is crazy how many people die from heart disease and we as Americans don’t seem to be doing anything about it. Another reason I know I have never thought about it is because I have always looked skinny and in shape but guess what, I eat fast food pretty frequently. It doesn’t matter how skinny you are though. If you eat fast food you are more then likely to get heart disease, I mean look at those statics. I want to start to change my habits and not be someone who is effected by this!

  • Aarynn Bosshart

    My question for you is, what about the kids who grew up with parents who don’t have the money to buy healthy food (enough fruits and vegetables) for their five kids? What about the adult man who changes his ways too late? I feel for these people who may have done damage early one and now it could be too late, or at least they perceive their situation as too late. How do we, as health educators, motivate them to change? What I hear way to often are comments like, “Well, I’m going to die from something anyway; might as well enjoy my time on earth” or “I’ve been living like this all of my life. It’s pointless for me to change now” or “My father ate terribly all of his life and lived until he was 85″… Those are just some examples. I often find myself struggling to motivate those people, because they just don’t seem to care. Maybe it’s immaturity on their part or lack of experience as an educator on mine. Any suggestions?

  • Natasha Tynczuk

    As the article states, heart disease is the leading cause of death, and it is 100% preventable. However, not many people realize this and act accordingly to prevent it. In my opinion, one of the reasons why people don’t seem to care is that they don’t know anyone personally who has died of heart disease. It seems like most people decide to get their life in order and make health a priority once something traumatic has happened to them or someone they know. Hopefully by raising awareness, more people will try to prevent it before it happens.

  • mankobj22

    Heart disease is a very real, and deadly health concern, especially with the majority of the food consumed in our nation coming in the “fast” and heavily processed varieties. Heart disease is entirely preventable, which is great news for all of us, but the causes of heart disease are so heavily ingrained into our daily lives that our preventing its development will be hard to accomplish (even with the alarming statistics that you have provided in your article). The majority of the population lives with the “I know that people die from heart disease, but it’ll be the next person, not me” mentality. This mentality and the eating habits of our nation must both change if we ever want to cut down on the prevalence of heart disease.

  • Nathan

    Thank you! I do not understand why the government hasn’t required physical education in every school, every day. To prevent heart disease we have to inform people and the best way to dohatbis in the schools. If everyone could read a food label then we would see change in the heart disease casualties.

  • Jessica White

    Oh my goodness! “Every 39 seconds someone dies from heart disease and stroke.” That means, 2 out of the 4 people living in my home could die of heart disease at any time. That is just plain shocking! Believe me, I’ve worked quite hard to get my family to eat healthier and to get them moving so they aren’t a part of this statistic. It’s quite difficult when they are set in their ways. No matter what, nothing seems to make the statistic matter… Aside from statistics, does anyone have any suggestions on how they made the facts matter and helps someone change their bad habits? I care about my family. I don’t want them to become a statistic.

  • CoachDavis24

    I loved that show. I’m not big into drama, but It was about a football coach and I coach football. 496,000 a year, that’s insane. I would like to know how that compares to the rest of the world. We are fat, ignorant, stubborn, unhealthy people, generally speaking. There needs to be a lot more ads and promotion for heart disease. Where is national heart disease prevention month? I think people understand the breast cancer thing by now. It’s gone a little over the top. If heart disease is the number 1 killer, why isn’t everyone talking about it. Money… So much money is made from people eating unhealthy. Does the the government truly care about the health of this country…. truly. I doubt it.

  • karinaz10

    The physical welling being of Americans is a great concern. As stated in the article, “Every 39 seconds someone dies from heart disease and stroke.” That is a ridiculous number for such a preventable cause. Both my grandparents suffered stokes as well as my mother who had a TIA about four years ago. It was life altering for her. She quit smoking cold turkey and started leading a better life style. Although my mother’s incident did serve as a wake up call, it should not have taken a TIA for her to realize she was unhealthy.

  • Mitch Sween

    Thanks Ann for the post.
    You raise the attention to how preventable heart disease is but failed to mention that genetics also play a very large role for those who suffer from cardiac conditions. Although healthy choices can dimension the chances of disease, there is just as many cases who are inclined to these conditions due to their genes.

  • Luke Drumel

    Your last phrase says it all, people need to get off the American treadmill and start caring for themselves. So many don’t realize how serious heart disease is and how it takes the most powerful & smartest people on their backs. Without our health we can achieve nothing but making it back to the toilet.

  • knapprl17

    I agree with you. Heart disease in the United States is a serious problem. If people want to save the world and spread their ideas, they need to get off the American treadmill and start focusing on their health. Without your health you won’t be able to accomplish much.

  • ReneeBinder

    I really liked this article it was short and sweet and to the point. This is something, after learning more about that really scares me. It is something I want to work to prevent in my life and in my family’s life. I think as motivation I am going to put your quote from class up, “you need to get off the American treadmill”. I think this rings true for not only heart disease but for taking care of your self in general.

  • Skowronssj06

    I completely agree with your response. I am one personally who does not know anyone who has died of heart disease. So I have never thought about it as a leading cause of death. But being aware of it now, reading the stats and knowing it is 100% preventable gives me a new understanding. Your health is a priority over everything else because it can make or break your day and even life.

  • Brad Vogel

    Here’s a beyond unreasonable idea: Maybe if we took the job training aspect out of the university’s hands and start letting industry leaders grant organizations accreditation to certify prospects in their chosen professional career field then maybe we could afford healthier food and gym membership instead of having to work ourselves to death and have to settle for packaged foods with poor nutrition. I know it won’t happen but I guess neither will the rate of heart disease the more we ignore it the way our government and society does.

  • Glassborow

    Thank you for writing this article, I always fail to understand why health is such a big thing in the world, yet the real problems are never addressed. If heart disease is such a big killer, why has nothing been done about it? I think the main problem lies with the companies that supply the processed foods…they don’t want to lose money so why would they change anything? People need to be educated more on healthy eating and not to be sucked in by media advertisements on ‘low fat’ and ‘low calorie’ foods.What small changes would you advise to someone for improving their lifestyles?

  • Chris Williams

    Great article! I like how you used heart disease because not a lot people look at it that way. I wish a lot people today would look at the real picture here because heart disease is a silent killer! I try to tell people in my life that working out and eating the proper nutrition is essential because sitting on their butts all day is not going to prevent it. I also agree that heart disease has a better record of wins! Great article! thank you.

  • Matthew Manley-Browne

    thank you for the article! I feel that this article is useful to anyone who is interested in maintaining their overall health. I’m not sure I agree with the idea that even if you eat right, exercise and get enough sleep, you still have the same chance of getting heart disease as everyone else. I think that if you actively maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will be at a lesser risk for heart disease.

  • Steffiheuer

    Thank you for your article. I found this article really powerful not only because of its strong message but because my grandpa died of heart disease. He died too young and what was worse is that I never really got to know him. I heard he never really took care of himself at all, and only drank yoo-hoos. Now that is how I try and push myself to do what is right with my body, but I fall into my bad habits every now and then. The statistics in this article really make me think about how I should improve in some of my lazy areas in life. I really enjoyed this article.

  • Ryano313

    I too think that our personal health should be the number one priority in one’s life. The major components to accomplish this would be eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep. Those three things are what I focus on to ensure that my overall health is in check.

  • Kent Miehe

    I agree with your view on this topic as well. Without being healthy, you won’t be able to carry out much of anything that you want to do with your life. People have to realize that in order to carry out their goals and aspirations, you have to have some good standing health to have a realistic chance of achieving them, because you never know when it’s going to be too late. What is one easy habit someone can do to start this new lifestyle of healthy living?

  • Sam Kuchenreuther

    I agree with you that heart disease is a huge problem. It is something that I have to be conscience about because my family has a bad history of heart disease on both my mom’s and dad’s side. I try to live a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy but it is hard because healthy food is expensive. I also think that plays a role into it. What advice would you give someone who can’t afford the healthy foods?

  • Trista Radloff

    One easy habit someone can do to start a new healthy lifestyle is to do something that will work! This seems very simple, but many people put these wonderful diets, sleep, exercise plans in place and then follow them for a week. You need to find something for you that you will actually do. I haven’t been drinking enough water in my day. So I started buying water bottles. That still didn’t help me drink more so I put a mini fridge right in front of my front door as I walk about stalked with water bottles. This works for me.

  • Tracy_Werner

    I don’t know if it is just because of the classes I take and the people I hang out with, but I hear about heart disease and am aware of how prevalent it is in today’s world. I know the causes and I know how preventable it is. How do we get people to see this though who aren’t taking 18 credits of health classes? I was thinking about commercials I see on TV. The commercials that stand out to me are ones for Anti-smoking, Living Above the Influence, and not texting while driving. Where are the commercials that are anti-heart disease and pro-exercise?

  • Charles Fischer

    I agree that most people do not take care of them selves, they think that they have tomorrow to work on them selves. But if you have a 50-50 crap shoot why take the chances?

  • Kyree Brooks

    I agree with the quote “We’re funny little optimistic creatures for having such a fragile infrastructure” because it is clear we have an imbalance when it comes to health. You can put many things before your health and be at risk for something you do not want. It is amazing that this article can describe in detail the statistics of heart disease and at the same time show that this imbalance of health is linked to various things in our lives. Thank you

  • danac501

    I love how you point out the obvious things in life but for some people they have never heard of it before. The example you use with every 39 seconds someone dies from heart disease. People need to pay more attention to their health then making sure they watch their favorite TV show every week. People need to realize you have one body. That one body does everything and a lot of people take advantage of that. I am guilty of taking advantage sometimes. Do you think the news should tell the public about health deaths like they do about car accidents and stabbings?

  • Theresa Fitzsimmons

    Thank you for this article! My favorite part about it was when you described how we don’t directly see the damages we do to our body when we are harmful to it. I agree with this because we don’t necessarily have to be talking about heart disease but anything that we do to our bodies that is harmful. I used to be a smoker! I only smoked a pack a month but it was still harmful to my body. I didn’t realize the damage that was happening to my body until I saw the damage that happened to my fathers body from smoking for years. He was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away after three months. This goes to show that humans are not affected by things until the physically can see it in front of them. We need to listen to the pay attention to the facts even if we cant see them physically on our own bodies. What are great ways to avoid heart disease?

  • Kaylee Raucci

    Thanks for the post! It’s hard to stay on the healthy train, when there’s so many distractions and advertisements all around you. I am one to choose the healthy option over the junk one, but it’s not always that I do that. Sometimes I slip, and sometimes it’s more than once. I’m just wondering where these health people get there will power from? Because at times it is really hard to stay on track, I just want to know what pushes them harder to not give in or give up? I try hard, but it’s not sucessful 100% of the time. It’s frustrating when people don’t think/know that heart disease is the number one killer in America. It’s true about drowning that if it was more of a problem that it is we would do something drastic about it, and we would ignore what’s already killing us because we don’t want to stop eating those treats and feeling satisfied when we do. We need to fix this, and soon.

  • Hillary12

    Heart disease and stroke have occurred in my family. It really is crazy to think that eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercising can prevent these. Prevention of these isn’t something that comes up as we are eating roast and potatoes at Christmas. Prevention of these isn’t something that I feel comes up ever. It’s just a known fact that heart disease is a big killer. That’s the end of the story most of time. Thinking about how I could be preventing myself from getting heart disease while I choose salad over pizza is quite the motivator, why isn’t it talked about more?

  • Amanda Wood

    Its crazy to think that I did not think about heart disease EVER till I took Ann Garvin’s class. Now, everyday I floss my teeth hoping it will help lower my chances. This article really keys into what she believes and I enjoyed reading it because I know that not only is she writing it but shes saying it to us in the same way. Sickness really brings us down inside and out and without our health, our future will be extinct.

  • tyler

    I too never really thought about Heart Disease. I also never noticed how deadly heart diseases are! Every 39 seconds, that is just outrageous. How to prevent this problem is something that I can honestly say has never came to my mind until even reading this. Just trying to eat right, exercise, sleep regularly all can help. I have such a hard time sleeping regularly, and I think that is one of my main downfall. But we really do have to take care of ourselves in order to be the best us we can be. We can never achieve our fullest potential if we are so sick. I really appreciate you sharing this insight with us. I actually am going to look up more about heart disease just after reading this because I really am ignorant about it. I can thank you for that! A question I have is how can we really make people aware of these problems in a more up to date way rather than just showing them power point slides or giving a presentation. We have to show people this in a way they will retain right?

  • LeiderGM20

    Yes! Absolutely. I will graduate in the spring with a major in secondary math education… but I want to make a difference in the world, even if it’s just with a few people. And I believe the way to do this is through health…not with my math degree. When people are sick, no matter how brilliant they are, they have to stop what they are doing to get better. But if they are able to take care of themselves from the beginning…they wont have to stop as much

  • Alise Brown

    A lot of people are living in the now, but what they don’t realize is they can make their now more meaningful and have a longer one. Just because the effects don’t take part on you right away imagine what people could do later in life, and a much longer life, if they were able to avoid heart disease and take care of themselves.

  • Travis Mattice

    It is easy to relate to this article when someone in your family has had a heart attack.. When the Doctor shows you a picture of your heart and what is wrong with it that is kind of an unsettling feeling. Since it is so common for people to have heart disease you would think that more people would be doing something about it. Too bad it takes a heart attack for them or someone they know for them to make a change.

  • James

    Can’t change the world if you aren’t about it. People always give this advice but never apply it to health “fix yourself before you try to fix others”. I have heard this often and try to apply it to my health the best I can. the fact you can’t see it happen and the amount of time it takes it to finally affect you also plays into it. No one truly will ever care about your health as much as you care about your own.

  • d_millyy

    Thank you for this article. I completely agree with this because it’s almost like life is more important than the little things, it’s more important than money. Everyone thinks the A+ or the big project is going to matter even just a year from now but it won’t. The thing that’s always going to matter is your mental and physical health. So my question is why are they important things in life the things that are going to matter in a few years or the things that you can’t take to the grave with you.

  • This was yet another great blog. I thought you were dead one with the flotation joke. I’m sure that plays in to heart disease some how too. Maybe added strain on muscles or some guy with heart problems seeing them and having the last-good-look before biting the big one. I agree with you though, health IS more important. And as long as there are people it will CONTINUE to be the most important subject, period. I tell all of my friends that have science and communication and criminal justice majors. Does that make me arrogant if I rub it in a bit? Oh well.

  • Adam

    Great article. I couldnt agree more that health IS the most important aspect of our lives. Without good health what kind of life is there? I think we all chase so many tangible objects like wealth and forget to take care of the thing that means the most, our bodies.

  • Abbey Stibbs

    I really enjoyed reading this article because it brought back several memories. My grandfather actually passed away this past May from heart problem. Since he was a smoker and a drinker, that probably led to his death, but him also having a poor diet did not help either. After seeing what happened to both of my grandparents this year, my eyes have opened to what a poor diet and no exercise does to your body; it kills it. Now after reading the statistic that was in this article that “Heart disease kills one in two or three people in the United States of America”, I am terrified, but I am partially relieved. Since the death of my grandparents, I have made a complete 180 to my daily habits. I eat more fruits and veggies, I watch my portion size, and I exercise and watch my caloric intake. I even bought a FitBit to track my walking and the number of calories I burn. Although my grandparents had a wonderful life, I want to have a better one, a healthier one then they did. That may sound selfish, but I think that their quality of life could have increased if some simple changes were made.

  • Taylor

    First off I am watching the series Friday Night Lights right now and I got really excited when I saw the title of this article. I worry about heart disease a lot especially because my family has a history and some of my family members really do not take care of themselves. Now I always think of you saying how one of the most common symptoms of heart disease is death and how true that statement really is. I hope that by sharing this article with my family they might become slightly more conscious about the way that they treat their bodies.

  • Leahrebout

    That is a very good point your teacher made that so many organizations emphasize breast cancer. With heart disease being the most common form of death, why isn’t there a heart disease awareness month? I think this could help a lot.

  • Leahrebout

    Very true thank you for sharing! Our health is the most important thing in determining how we live our life. How energetic, how happy or miserable, how fulfilling, how long, can all be improved if we would put our health higher up on our priorities list (#1 is a good start). However, it is very hard to know what is healthy and what is not especially with all of the opposing studies done that go back and forth. How would you recommend getting someone to change their lifestyle habits to get them to be healthier?

  • LeiderGM20

    I liked the way you put this. Very short but has a good powerful message that everyone can understand. But as you say how can we get people to take care of themselves and a heart they cant see?

  • B Keng

    This was a good read! There are many ways to prevent heart disease and yet so many people don’t know the first step in preventing it. If more people looked at their health as the most important part of them, then there wouldn’t be any deaths. But you can’t always get people to hear the message and it saddens me.

  • shackletka05

    Thank you for sharing! People end up with heart disease because they do not recognize the damage they are doing to themselves day to day. It is important to start living for a healthy lifestyle that will lead to longer happier lives.

  • Andrew Bliefernicht

    This article rings true on so many points! The fact that health should come first in schools and everyones life (I wish) was common knowledge. I wish it was included with all the other core content areas because without health they live a shorter life and all that work put into the core content areas is all for naught. We need to live long, healthy, and happy lives to achieve success in all areas of life and that begins with proper health which is introduced in school far to late.

  • Andrew Bliefernicht

    Very true! Just like in the article I wish people would recognize what is happening around them. If they can’t see the physical damage (what is going on inside their body) they tend to write it off and forget about it. When there is a huge uproar for a disease out there, for example a popular one right now is ALS, there is all this talk and fundraising and awareness going on. All these terrible things happening around us go unseen until someone makes it seen/heard. I guess we’ll just have to wait for Heart Disease to be in the spot light. It seems like then and only then will there really start to be a change.

  • Leahrebout

    Health is so important it’s crazy they don’t have it as a necessary. requirement already. Even in high schools they only have to cover health for one semester if they cover health at all. I think if kids are educated younger on the importance of health we could start seeing changes in unhealthy/disease patterns we currently see.

  • Schudakp21

    This article really spoke to me because i am a math major so all of those facts really shocked me. A person really dies every 39 seconds from heart disease? That is absolutely crazy to me. I think since heart disease is such a slow process and you dont really recognize when its actually happening. Heart disease is a very important topic to me because i have had a couple of family members pass away from heart disease and i know how serious it can be so thank you for writing this article.

  • Leahrebout

    Good advice! I think that would be a good starting point for everyone to start understanding how important health is for them. Plus not pushing them too much right off the bat can prevent burnouts and them getting overwhelmed or frustrated and quitting later on.

  • Garrett Nelson

    Well said! Great read, thanks for the post Ann! I think the more people become aware of the causes of heart disease and see it right before their eyes, the more effect it will have on them, in terms of changing their habits to prevent it. Obviously the resources and availability of poor food choices and such are a huge contributor, but I think lack of knowledge plays a big part in heart disease as well. What do you think is the most effective way to reach out to people and make them realize that heart disease is preventable by simple changes in our life we can choose to make? Is there one specific strategy that is most effective or is there a number of strategies that could work together? Thanks again!

  • Nicole Myers

    Health is so important and a tough concept to stress. People don’t want to listen or put it off for another day, typically saying, “I will go on my diet tomorrow.” It is frustrating so how do we solve this?

  • hirthjp18

    It never usually a priority until its actually happening to us. We often think we aren’t going to be affected and it’ll just happen to the next person. We should concentrate on health just as much as other things. When people are aware of the importance in health they are more likely to prevent these diseases such as heart disease.

  • LeiderGM20

    I agree our society goes through “crazes” of awareness. Although ALS is something we should be aware of, I feel the diseases that are killing many, many people each year need awareness too just like you said.

  • Andrew Bliefernicht

    I get what you are saying. I just wish we could focus on all the terrible things in this world that everyone approaches and helps out. Not just see one thing, help out, forget about it, and then wait for the next trend to come along.

  • LeiderGM20

    Completely agree. But the question is how do we do this? It seems like something everyone should take interest in; your own health, and the diseases that could affect you the most. It’s great we’re caring about other people and helping raise awareness for others don’t get me wrong.

  • Andrew Bliefernicht

    That is the million dollar question. Probably billion dollars actually. I honestly don’t know. But, I can’t wait for the day when someone figures out the answer to that question.

  • Kaylie Mae Kuhnke

    exactly my thoughts we never think about the underlining issues the bottom of the iceberg, on the surface we look fine but underneath just a big mess that is about to sink our ship. i feel that heart disease is a problem that is well known and people are aware of it but they feel like they have all the time in the world to fix it. no matter how big of a deal heart disease is america is not going to care enough to try and prevent it all together.

  • hicksjd11

    This illness is often overlooked and people assume that it won’t happen to them. However, this disease is extremely common and needs to be recognized as a threat to everyone.

  • hicksjd11

    I agree, it’s important that people become more informed about how to prevent this disease so we can reduce the amount of lives it takes.

  • ReneeKirch19

    I really enjoyed this article, thank you for sharing! I agree with you, health is more important than math, and I hate math. It is amazing to me how many people don’t care about health, or even learning about health. I don’t understand. Why would someone not want to learn about health when it is the most relevant thing to them, Like you have said in class, if you have a body, you should want to learn about health. Without health education, the health of many people will continue to decrease, and we don not want to live in a world where health is last on the list of priorities. How do you think we can get this point across to others?

  • ReneeKirch19

    I agree, it’s so sad to see how so many people are killing themselves because they don’t know what they are doing to their bodies. I think if people saw just how badly they are damaging their bodies, they might make a change to their daily habits. It’s amazing to me how many people could care less about the health of their own bodies, it is definitely something that needs to be changed!

  • Eric H

    I agree with this. Thanks for the post. People put little to no emphasis on their health and well being. They focus more on other aspects of life, but the reality is that your body is your life. Without health you would always be sick and get nothing done. If we focus more on health we can reduce heart disease and save our country lots of money.

  • Eric H

    I agree. Thanks for the post. Heart disease is extremely prevalent among people in the United States. Even though we might think we are healthy, our body might be crumbling inside and building up plaque around our arteries. People do not understand how deadly heart disease is and since they can’t see the short term results, they push it aside.

  • I really appreciate they way you write your articles! They are definitely attention-grabbing and are really good at communicating your messages.
    I find it terrifying that heart disease is so pervasive in today’s world. And it is scary that we tend to believe that we are not susceptible to this condition because we cannot see it or feel the symptoms of it until it is too late, but we could very likely be harboring the disease inside our body. Like I have said in response to other articles, it is difficult to communicate these messages to other people when they choose to remain ignorant and stubborn.

  • hmcavey

    Being able to control and better your health is an amazing, no better than amazing, life saving miracle! You can definitely live without knowing calculus, unless that’s your job, then you should probably learn it. But why don’t we make health our jobs? Our own personal jobs that we owe to ourselves. Some people choose to have closed eyes, and their outcome is an unclean heart. It’s sad but you cannot physically thrust health upon someone.

  • Cossioj14

    Weve talked about heart disease hundreds of times and people always talk about cancer, aids, hell even ebola! Youve almost got as good of a chance as winning a $100000 scratch off than catching ebola. HEART DISEASE 1 in 2! I tell people this all the time and they just shrug it off its disgusting! SOmething that we have so much control over yet its the biggest thing we struggle with.

  • Abby2017

    Pursuing health is way more important than math! I love that phrase so much! The better we take care of ourselves the better chance we have at living a long healthy life. Not everything in life has to do with math. Yes some does, but overall in the big scheme of things math doesn’t have as much of a value as your own health. I like the facts about heart disease. We should all be aware of heart disease more than we are now. A good diet is also important as well.

  • Bjackson5

    This theory is applicable to many of the diseases and chronic illnesses that threaten the lives of the ones we love everyday. It just so happens that we overlook those risk factors just as much as we overlook the ones for heart disease. Since “home is where the heart is” it happens to begin where good homes provide good-health and wellness practices. Its unfortunate to state, that even homes that provide proper nutrition don’t always offer the best emotional sanctum. It may be safe to say, every thing has its downfall.

  • Michellelele123

    I also agree that health is more important [and interesting!] than math! You said you’re amazed at how many people don’t want to learn about health…..well when I was in high school we only had to take ONE semester of health, that’s not even 1 full year….yet we had to take ALL four years of math…I think we need to start educating earlier than this of course but also continue the education and make it mandatory like math classes

  • DuchAM21

    There are so many illnesses and diseases to there that can be preventable. Dr. Garvin brings up a good point that even though we cannot see our arteries clogging, they will continue to if we continue to eat poorly, and this goes for many illnesses/diseases. I know that I am guilty of living a lifestyle that can cause illness; I spend too much time in the sun over summer, and I occasionally use tanning beds during winter. I am practically asking for skin cancer, but I cannot see it damaging my skin, or causing wrinkles, so I have continued to do it. it is important to treat your body well to prevent illness, because once you catch the illness, it may be too late to go back.

  • Caroleigh Perkins

    It is true that is so easy to assume you are healthy when on the outside everything looks good. I’m one who hates going to the doctor and likes to just assume everything will sort itself out. Heart disease is something I should be more proactively trying to prevent and this blog really helps bring that awareness.

  • AndreaOlsen22

    The point that really hit home for me was how if people were drowning left and right we would invest in some type of life jacket. Why don’t people invest in a healthier lifestyle when that high preventable statistic of people getting heart disease is completely true? We think “it’s not going to happen to me”, but it you indulge in unhealthy behavior I can assure you your chances of acquiring heart disease in your life is high. Pursuing good health is the most important thing in the world, because without living a healthy lifestyle what can you do? Nothing. If you get sick during one of your biggest opportunity, whether it’s a huge exam, a speech at a job, it can all go to waste in a blink of an eye. When you become ill and are told you only have a few months to live, what can you do about it? What can you do once you’re dead?

  • BastarKm06

    Clear eyes, clean hearts, cant lose. Agreed. If we know what we want and how to get there, and then we do the things to our body that we know are right, then we cant lose when talking about health. I love that saying, its so true.

  • Sarah Kasiurak

    I agree with you! I have always dreaded going to the doctor since I was little. This article also helped me realize that even though everything on the outside seems okay, getting checked out should be a priority. Especially when Heart disease is one in two people. I think we all need to realize our unhealthy behaviors and try to fix them. Trying to live a healthy lifestyle can only help us!

  • Kendra Larson

    I agree, we only have one body, and one heart. We need to take care of the only body that we will ever have. Through seeing those type of statistics about heart disease, and not wanting to change your lifestyle, is beyond crazy…you are completely right. There are so many people who are in denial, and have this assumption that it could never happen to them. They think that they are untouchable, but in reality they are! This disease is no joke! This disease kills, and it is a serious problem and something needs to be done in order to get the message accross. Something needs to be done, before it is too late.

  • Kayla Martin

    This stat about heart disease scares me to no end. I have so many people in my family who have died of heart attacks. It is a scary thought for me because I don’t want that to be how I go. It sounds painful and no were near cool enough for how I wanna go. I have had this fear of being fat and having heart problems since I was a child. My dad’s side and mom’s side have had a lot of people pass away from diabetes and heart disease. Such a scary thought I don’t want that to happen to me.

  • milleram97

    I agree that heart disease is a huge problem, especially here in the US. It is the leading cause of death according to the CDC, but that doesn’t mean that the other causes should be put on the backburner and ignored, such as Cancer (which comes in at number 2), lung diseases and mentality.
    People are dying every day as well from things that are explainable, like accidents and unknown diseases that have no viable explanations.
    Even with that being said, it is still important to maintain good health for looking, feeling and being better, as long as other factors are also approached and taken care of as well.

  • Alexa A Dralle

    Heart disease is such a huge problem in America, and yet people ignore it. I like how Ann puts this statistic in drowning and states that flotation devices would become a fad, because if you think about it, that probably would happen. Because it would be profitable! But why cant we Americans make healthy habits profitable instead of chain foods? Every block a beautiful park, or an orchard, or maybe a vegetable garden instead of McDonalds, Wendy’s, and Burger king. We need to make health the new fad, because if we don’t, half of us every year is going to die just from that rush of eating a greasy, fat filed burger.

  • Colin HIckey

    I am one of those people that don’t think about heart disease. I know that it is a huge problem in America and I know that I personally should be worried because I have family with heart problems. I am just at a point in my life where I don’t think about that. I am wrong though. I need to make sure that I do the things that I can to prevent heart disease. I do work out on a regular basis, but I do not eat the way I should and could change some habits. I just think that it is really hard to think about that and not get too scared that I am going to die from it. I’d rather just avoid the situation which is how heart disease is going to kill me. This is just something that I need to change.

  • Jessica Peardon

    I think this really hits home with college students. We pull all nighters studying and eating pizza and coffee all to get a good grade. Well is it really going to matter how well you did in that class if you sleep through all your other classes, or become obese from pizza. We always put our bodies as our last priority. We say “oh well when I have time I’ll get around to that”. We feel sorry for ourselves and that makes eating like crap okay. Well it’s not and everyone needs to realize that. If we are in-sync with our bodies will we most likely be in-sync with our life.

  • struckml03

    I agree! Us college students are too busy focusing on today verses the whole greater picture. We dont look long term and if we for whatever reason happen to, we believe it wont happen to us. Ann is right, we dont see our arteries getting clogged so we dont think about it. I think putting the perspective of life vests is a great way to look at it. It is so scary and sad to know that one in 2 people die of heart disease. Thats one of your parents. This makes me want to save my money wisely and spend it on things that actually matter more – like fruits and veggies!

  • Ashley Gardner

    This article is great! Crazy to think people put health on the bottom of their priority list. If you are not healthy, it will hold you back from your every day lives. You will feel a lack of energy, you could even miss a work deadline because of being ill, and your medical bills will be pricier if you dont feed your body the proper nutrition it needs. I think most people take their health for granted. They do this because of optimism bias. They can’t see their body falling apart internally, and then one day you dont feel good. You then go to the docotor and boom… you are the 1 in every 2 humans that have a heart disease.

  • leeana liska

    This article does a great job of showing how we don’t think of the things we can’t see and things that are not an immediate threat to us. we value our health on a short term basis, like when we get sick and just want to get better, but we don’t value it long term like Garvin said. We need to find ways to put our health first and prioritize it to help us feel healthier longer.

  • Samantha Lavenau

    I agree with you Jessica. With being a college student myself, health is always the last on our list. Freshman year I would stay up past 2 every night, and not worry about what I ate. It was a very unhealthy lifestyle and it took a toll on my body, just to receive that one A in class. Yes, grades matter but don’t you want to live long enough to do something with your degree, and all the hard work you put into those grades. Prioritize your health as number one, and you will see how the rest of your life will gradually become in order. Being healthy rocks!

  • catec18

    I think this article makes a lot of sense, but it is very harsh to realize. We, and by we I mean most humans, don’t like to be told we are doing things wrong. This article basically says that we are thinking about ourselves wrong. We don’t see the damage we are doing to our bodies, therefore we don’t think we are damaging our bodies. It makes sense. Why take your car in to the dealership to get it fixed if it’s not giving you signs that it is broken. But we are not a car. We are much more valuable. And instead of being like a car where we only fix it once it is broke, we need to value our bodies more. Preventative care is better than reactive care when it comes to taking care of ourselves.

  • Lindsay Jakubik

    Agreed!!! We prioritize based off of convenience.

  • Lindsay Jakubik

    It’s so true though! We prioritize based on convenience and not on life long benefits

  • Lindsay Jakubik

    So true! It’s hard to prioritize the life long benefits of how you treat yourself now when we base our lives off of convenience.

  • Lindsay Jakubik

    “out of sight, out of mind” is how people live these days. No one particularly cares about the big picture of their future health when they live based off of what is convenient now.

  • Lindsay Jakubik

    “out of sight, out of mind” Is how people live unfortunately.

  • Lindsay Jakubik

    People don’t prioritize their health because they don’t see the issue yet. “out of sight, out of mind” Is how we live and we do what is convenient NOW rather than what will be convenient when were in our 40’s, 50’s and so on.

  • Lindsay Jakubik

    ^^^ adding to that, people don’t realize how inconvenient it will be for their future with bad health and big doctor and hospital bills….

  • Garrett Nelson

    “If 470,000 people drowned each year every child in our country would go to school with swim fins, Michael Kors would design life jackets that look like a tuxedo and women would have flotation devices implanted in their chests.” I love this example to show how heart disease is not looked at as an immediate threat because you are not “dying in the moment” like you would be while drowning. The way I look at it, heart disease is like a slow drowning that happens over a period of time, versus going into immediate panic mode when drowning. I would say being aware of your health and nutrition is nothing to necessarily panic over, but something to be cautious about. Ultimately you are fighting for you life every day to maintain a healthy status, so why do we abuse our health a prioritize it below other things that apparently mean more to us? Great article, thank you for sharing Ann!

  • Garrett Nelson

    I agree with you, it is pretty harsh to realize, but it is good to be aware of it. I think so many people prioritize health as “something they will do later,” which is not as much of a problem for some people as it is for others, but ultimately later on in life, poor decisions and actions may lead to the demise of your own self. I was always told since I was a kid, “it will catch up to you one day,” whether they meant the food, drinking, partying, sports, or whatever it may be that could deteriorate my body faster, BUT it has not yet which I am grateful for. It is pretty harsh to think about these things, but one day I believe it really will catch up to me unless if something is done about it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Garrett Nelson

    This is true, there are a countless number unexplainable deaths that occur every year in the world, but understanding that it is important to be aware and maintain good health is something that can decrease your chances of being one of those unexplainable deaths. We strive in so many other things, such as business, professional sports, entrepreneurship , etc., that are prioritized above health that sometimes we forget to strive at health each and every day. I think many people just hope that their poor decisions won’t catch up to them in the long run. Instead of hoping, they should be aware and conscious of what is happening to their body. Just something to think about, thanks for sharing!

  • Dena Keizer

    I am in one of Ann Garvin’s classes right now and she has talked a lot about how we don’t see health as such a huge issue until it becomes a problem that we can see or feel. Health can’t go unnoticed. We need to constantly be taking care of our bodies and thinking about how we treat it. Little by little, i have been changing my eating habits and thinking about the healthy body that i want to obtain. Being a student in the health, human performance, and recreation field not only teaches me how to care for my body but how i can help others too. Thanks for posting Ann!

  • Anthony Davis

    I really feel that this is something that our nation and our world needs to look into more. If people don’t have the want and the will to stop others from feeding them poison(fast food, high fructose corn syrup) than who will step up and say that this is enough. Something needs to be done about the foods and ways of life that we all go through blindly. Heart disease is a problem and people need to step up and confront it just like any other epidemic that is going on in the world.

  • Emily Krueger

    I agree with you that this article is great way of showing how most college students but our bodies through so much in one day.

  • Alexa A Dralle

    yes, and even more so “It’s not going to happen to me”

  • byrnesbk24

    “if your not pursuing health your pursuing sick” a pretty frequent term used by Ann. I totally agree with her. You don’t always think about eating healthy, getting enough sleep or exercising regularly until one day BOOM you feel sick and then comes the “shoulda, woulda, coulda,” comments. For me its more on the nutrition side of things. Sleeping and exercising are my strong points. Is anyone else similar in this?

  • Kendra Larson

    I completely agree. As a nation, we are getting very sick from these bad calories. People need to stand up and say something before things get a lot worse. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in this world and in order to decrease the risk of heart disease, we need to do something about this food system. We need to speak up and demand that these high fructose corn syrup foods be banished. We need to push for good healthy food in order to live longer, healthier lives.

  • Kendra Larson

    I could not agree with you more. You are right, we do not think of things that we can not see, that are a threat to us, and that makes it a lot easier to not vaule. If we saw what the kinds of foods that we were eating was doing to us, maybe we would think twice about what we are putting into our bodies. It is true that a lot of people do not value their health long term, and then eventually it ends up catching up with them. How can we get people to value their health? How can we encourage people to make their health a number 1 priority?

  • Lindsey Kessler

    Getting the right nutrition is probably one of the hardest things out of the three. I don’t get shunned when I get enough sleep. People look up to me for the running I do. But I always get made fun of for saying no to pizza and fast food and eating six small meals with lots of fruits and veggies. People don’t understand it, and they think I’m crazy or they joke that I’m extreme or anorexic for not eating a triple cheeseburger that is probably 1500 calories or more.

  • Julia

    I love how Ann Garvin just tells it how it is! This is so true. People do not realize the importance of health and the high percentage of getting heart disease in our country. Taking care of ourselves is more important than anything else. I find it interesting that we treat our bodies like it isn’t worth that much. Our body functions for us regularly and we do not even notice it. The issue is HOW do we get through to people. It is difficult and until they hear the words “you have heart disease,” they probably won’t change.

  • Kyle Gettelman

    What about the genetics that play a key factor in heart disease? I know a very fit, healthy individual who was one million times more health conscious than myself (and it drove me nuts how bad it was), whom turned out to have a heart attack, because it was genetic. Now granted, yes many people can avoid this situation, but as I sat here reading this blog, I realized that we are just moving to the opposite end of the scale and not giving everyone the opportunity to realize the truth. What we should be promoting is the TRUTH. Give more information on genetics, on a easy scale for people to understand, so they understand all aspects of what they may or may not have coming.

  • Radaya123

    Worried about what you gone wear you better worry about your heart. A well heart is the goal.

  • Chelsea Haffele

    This relates to many of her health articles. It is important to be healthy so life threatening illness doesn’t happen in your life. I agree that many are more worried about little sicknesses rather than the real things that will actually kill them.

  • Faisal AH

    I really liked this article, Clear eyes, clean hearts, can’t lose. I totally agreed with this. If we know what we want exactly and how to get there so there is nothing to lose.

  • mindhamrr11

    I agree that heart disease is a terrible disease, and that people need to be aware that it is preventable. I thought it was clever to change “full heart” to “clean heart” in the Friday Night Lights phrase. However, I think you should introduce the best ways to prevent heart disease and discuss what the causes heart disease.

  • MattDennert

    It doesn’t make sense to me with all of the statistics out there about heart disease how much people still don’t know or care about it and still how many Americans are dying from it.

  • byrnesbk24

    That’s interesting, for me its a mix of comments and opinions. Some people are amazed with my work out regiment and some think I’m obsessed. I will also discuss the fact that I go to bed at 9 or 10 at night and people think that’s way to early and call me old, but I am getting the sleep that I need so it can be annoying to hear that. When it comes to nutrition I am normally surrounded by people who eat similar to myself, I’m not a health nut(nor would I make fun of one) but I don’t eat crap 24/7. I just believe in moderation and having a treat now and then is fine.

  • gaulrappkj17

    It is rather striking how many people act as if heart disease was just a thing that happens to some people, and not them. Heart disease is, a silent killer. But, why must we let it make it this far in our bodies, it does not make sense! We are in charge of what we put into our bodies and how we take care of our bodies. Look, we only have one body, one heart, one mind, get it right.

  • Sara Fuller

    Wow those numbers are crazy! However the main message I got out of this article is that if you don’t take care of yourself you won’t be able to accomplish your goals. Unless your goal is to die of heart disease. This also makes me wonder how many great ideas or people who could change the world have died because they didn’t focus on their health first.

  • RadebaugVP02

    Our health should always come first, although many of us don’t put it this way. As you stated there are so many deaths solely because of heart disease, you would think this would make us realize that we need to prioritize things better first. I’m interested to see what this world would be like if we could all change our ways and put our health first.


    Wow. To be honest, I’ve never thought about health in this light. I am guilty of prioritizing my goals over my health, and I know I’m not the only one. Ann truly put that into perspective in this article in reference to heart disease. I study health because it’s my passion, but I also wholeheartedly agree with Ann that it is the most important thing to focus on in comparison to all other aspects of life. Because the truth of the matter is, if we don’t have our own health, we don’t have anything. And if that’s the case, we surely won’t be able to accomplish our dreams.

  • whwatkin

    I really love this article’s message, seeing as I have just started taking my health more seriously. If you are not mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy then you are not going to be able to perform at your highest potential. And if you do not reach your highest potential then you are robbing yourself of the life that you could possibly have.

  • wegener61

    I thing this article has a great message, and you should obviously put your health first over many things, but the global warming example got me… If you have potential to save millions/billions of lives by ending something like global warming, I’d contest that one person’s health and wellbeing is secondary; provided that you are not the only person with the tool to end such a large scale issue.

  • Erin

    I agree that our health should be our number one concern because it really does effect everything else. We wouldn’t be able to do our daily tasks without our healthy body. The statistics you shared are very intense. One in two people dieing from heart disease is crazy. And thinking that every 39 seconds someone dies from this disease is unthinkable. It is hard to believe that people can read an article like this and then go eat a whole pizza. People just seem to care about what is happening in that moment and don’t think about how it is going to effect them in the future. But we all need to be looking at the bigger picture and if we want to accomplish our life goals in work and school then we need to first accomplish our health.

  • Erin

    I totally agree with you! I find it hard to believe that Americans haven’t gotten the picture yet. But the other thing is, is that it needs to be advertised better. I really don’t think that people know enough about the severity of heart disease. People who study health do, but the average american probably has no idea. The importance of your daily routine and diet needs to be more advertised. No one sees food as a killer.

  • Jessica Peardon

    I really agree with you that we need to live long enough to actually use our degree. Also, what employer is going to want you if you are sick all the time. So many more businesses now are using health incentives. If you track your exercise you get a bonus at the end of the year up to $100. Sign me up!

  • JeremyWahl

    Looking back, i put my priorities infront of my health all of the time whether it be not exercising or grabbing fast food because i need to go somewhere fast and it is convenient, which is a big cause of heart disease. I also agree that if you are not mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy, you will not will not be at your best and if you are not going to give your best, why do it at all.

  • flaschbm09

    I completely agree with you! People outside of those involved in health or those who take classes in health really know the staggering statistics about heart disease. I think may people know that it’s bad and know at least one person who has had a close call or who has had heart disease or symptoms of it. I think that in order for people to fully understand the severity of the disease, people need to make it relatable or give examples that are shocking, like how Ann did with the drowning example.

  • rntom

    Those statistics are unnerving and yes it’s an epidemic, but America doesn’t care. They care about ruining the race for Hillary Clinton or slandering President Obama. If America cared about this we wouldn’t be talking about it or there wouldn’t be 500 McDonald’s in a one block radius.

  • kwit21

    I really like this. I think about the people I know how are so busy with work and what is going around them they forget to take care of themselves. How do we get people to stop running around and see how important it is to keep themselves healthy? How do we get people who say they know they need to be healthier, to become healthier?

  • Austin Jones

    putting priorities before health is something i catch myself doing sometimes. Ill grab something to eat at Mcdonalds because its quick or ill skip a workout because i think im too busy. once in a while this isnt a bad thing but little things like this can easily become habit.

  • Jaglerjn22

    Once you figure out the answers to those questions…please let me know! I always feel like I’m running around like a chicken with my head chopped off! I am always that person to get sick towards the end of the semester no matter how hard I try to avoid it! I try to get enough sleep. I try to eat healthy. And a lot of the times, it doesn’t always work out in my favor. I somehow tend to get sick when my stress level is through the roof and when I need to be at my best. This normally doesn’t happen because when my body is going in hundreds of different directions and I have so much to get done at the end of the semester…I always end up curled up in my bed, trying to get rid of that nasty and preventable cold.

  • Jaglerjn22

    It’s crazy to think about those statistics…I can’t imagine being that 1 in 2. Although I feel like I could definitely be on that track to being just another statistic, I will try my hardest not to be. I need to figure out how to put my health first instead of my schoolwork sometimes. There is always time to finish homework, and a lot of teachers are somewhat understanding of certain circumstances of being and whatnot. I wish I put more time towards my health and made sure that I was at 100% more of the time than I am now. I feel like at this point in the semester I never feel like I’m feeling as good as I should be. There is not a day that I have felt completely refreshed or healthy since at least February. I know Ann always has ways for us to avoid the end of the semester sickness…but I still can’t seem to avoid it!

  • Jaglerjn22

    First off…that was very clever of her! I believe that there are obviously more ways than one to prevent heart disease, but the overall and best way is to take care of your health. However, there are various ways to take care of your health. Eat better, exercise more, etc. All of the typical tips that everyone says will help are really starting to sound redundant. A lot of people don’t ‘have time’ or don’t ‘have the money’ to eat healthy and exercise. These are just excuses that are being made that the individual will obviously pay for in the long run…when they’re dead.

  • Jaglerjn22

    That quote is definitely used by Ann quite often, and it is 100% true. You could miss so much by getting sick and by not taking care of yourself. Whether it be something important to attend to that day, or something in 50 years that you might miss because you didn’t take care of your body 50 years ago. Health issues can be prevented by starting small and working towards the things that you CAN control. A lot of people probably now this, but do they utilize this information? Absolutely not. Me included. I try at least though…

  • Jaglerjn22

    I agree with you as well…it’s harder to believe that something could happen to us when it’s not something that we can physically see. Having clogged arteries is obviously something that we can avoid, however, it’s not something that most people pay attention to. It’s kind of on the back burner, and what we focus on are the aspects of ourselves that other people see. Most of us probably try to be people pleasers. Whether it be trying to please ourselves with how we look or for society. It’s tough to put the deeper issues into perspective when we have so much going on around us outside of our body.

  • byrnesbk24

    I totally agree. The things you can control are what you should focus on; not smoking, being active, eating right because there are things out there you cant control; your age, family history/genes ect. So in other words you need to control the things you can to help yourself out because there are so many things out there out of your control. Do you know what I mean?

  • FalkinerRR23

    I agree with you. When people are so busy they don’t even think twice about prioritizing their health. Their health gets put on the back burner until something either major or minor happens and at that point it’s too late to make a change to whats already happened.

  • Michellelele123

    I definitely agree with you and this applies to my life because I was a smoker and my lungs were so filled with gunk I could barely walk up stairs without panting, so therefore I never exercised and it was a downhill unhealthy cycle, so I took control and started changing the things I could!

  • barema28

    I am often “too busy” to get a good meal and will settle for something that is entirely bad for me. While I may not save the world or find the start-up that could end Global Warming, I still need to prevent the preventable and take my health into consideration when I am making my food choices.

  • Jaglerjn22

    Completely know what you mean and completely agree! Focusing on the things you control is a great start. Taking care of yourself first will ensure a safety feeling for future generations of your family. I can’t imagine dying from something in 50 years from something that may happen now. I want to be alive to see my children, grandchildren as well as great grandchildren! That wont happen if I don’t start taking care of myself now!

  • Radaya123

    Does anyone have any preventable ideas concerning food to stay healthy? I eat breakfast; I am at least trying not to kill myself. I also like to eat oatmeal and Wheaties LOL

  • Elaminsj25

    I am the first person to admit that I eat terribly. I can’t even tell you the last time I ate vegetables unless you want to count corn which we all know does not count! I exercise sometimes but definitely not regularly. It’s scary to think that I could be slowly killing myself. If you were to tell me that 1 in every 3 people will die from drowning, I bet you would never see me near water again. And yet I’ll probably still eat McDonalds or Culvers for dinner tomorrow. Definitely gives me something to think about.

  • Timothy Joseph Basaldua

    I always tell myself that I will make better food choices tomorrow or next week Monday or the start of the month. In the back of my mind I know that I make poor choices and a lot of excuses. It’s scary to think that I could develop a life threatening illness or disease. I don’t always think about the longterm effects. Diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease are all avoidable. It is up to us to make better life choices and stop with the excuses. I don’t ever want it to get to a point where I am hospitalized for a disease or a condition that could have been prevented.

  • Sarah Reynolds

    I do the same thing and many people say if you want it you’ll start now! It is scary to think that by not eating healthy or exercising regularly that there are so many health problems that can affect you. I think it is smart to keep these things in the back of our minds when we get discouraged with our diet change or exercise plan and say hey, remember you are doing this to keep you alive and healthy!

  • Samantha Lavenau

    First of all love the title! I am a big Friday Night Lights fan! and with this article, it definitely opened my eyes to what I am doing to my body. I am all for being nutritious and know what I should be putting in my body. The only problem is I do not always do that. I know eating Culvers or McDonalds is really bad for you, but I somehow find myself in the drive through twice a week. Knowing the facts about these fast food places can really open your eyes and I hope to overcome my food addiction very soon, because in the end it could be killing me.

  • ryanstorto

    These articles are all eye opening and life changing. We can be so busy with our lives and we focus on the wrong thing. This article helps make me realize what is actually important and how I can become healthier and treat my body how it needs to be treated. I was also unaware of how many people die from heart disease and wish that the statistics could be shared with everyone so they can improve their lives.

  • byrnesbk24

    EXACTLY! Its hard to think about things that far into the future but you don’t want to set yourself up for failer. I see so many kids these days doing it all wrong; nutrition, sleep exercise and its sad because a lot of it is what they see there parents doing. We really need to educate people on the things we are doing right now and how they can effect you down the line.

  • byrnesbk24

    That’s awesome. Congrats on being smoke free. That is defiantly an area that a lot of people have trouble with but its such a huge health risk. Did you quite cold turkey or did you use anything to help you?

  • Jaglerjn22

    Yes! Educating the youth NOW so they don’t end up in the same boat as their parents LATER is something that should be high on the priority list! We all know it’s not…which is sad because these kids are our future! We should be showing them the right things to do so they can live a long healthy life and not have it be cut short because of heart disease!

  • Jaglerjn22

    Yes congrats on making that change! Only you can control what happens to your body…and if you put that gunk into it, then there is nobody left to blame but yourself! Taking control of your own life and making sure that you stay in the driver’s seat can make all the difference!

  • kwit21

    Which is so unfortunate. I wish it was easier to actually think about while it is happening. I am trying to do that. I tell myself that if I can keep health a priority while I am busy, than I can keep it a priority the rest of my life, so just to do it.

  • kwit21

    Yeah I feel really sick at the end of the semester too. I usually try to just push through it. Which is probably way worse. I always try to get close to enough sleep because I know that is the one thing I cannot do without.

  • Austin Jones

    Girl i am in the same boat! i swear at the beggining of the week i am so dead set on eating healthy. By thursday im trying to find anyone who will go get triple butter burgers with me! and lord knows that triple butter burgers aint no good for the heart. Wanna get a triple with me sometime??

  • Thumbs_up

    Awesome! Awesome! Excellent data basis. This article falls in a concentric point again which is: Take care of our health is the key to be able to keep persuading the success and happiness. You will just be able to accomplish your goals if you be able to.

  • mindhamrr11

    I also think more people need to know the statistics of heart disease. It is a preventable disease, yet it is amazing at the amount of people who die from it, and if they could have just eaten healthier and found more time to exercise, they could have added on several more years to their life while also making their quality of life better too.

  • Jaglerjn22

    I wish there were a way that I could avoid getting sick towards the end of the semester…once it happens. I know there are things that I could do to prevent it earlier! But when I’m sick, all I can think about is how crappy I feel and how I can get better. I definitely push through which without a doubt makes it worse for me personally. But then, once I’m done with my last exam for the semester I feel a HUGE weight is lifted off of my shoulders!

  • McKenzie Foster

    I really liked this article because the first sentence mentions that pursuing your health is more important than pursuing math and I couldn’t agree more! Not to mention that I hate math and will never be good at it but it is true! Pursuing a healthy lifestyle is important and it should be the number one priority to do. I mean lets look at it this way, if your health wasn’t good you wouldn’t be able to your daily activities. Clear eyes, Clean hearts, can’t lose. focus on your healthy lifestyle!

  • Kent Miehe

    Thank you for sharing! I totally agree that pursuing health is more important than anything we want to accomplish. We fail to realize that if we don’t put health first on our priorities list, then it can be nearly impossible to achieve our goals in life. You don’t just have a healthy lifestyle to stay fit and well, but to be able to prepare ourselves for the future so that we can do what we want in life. I hope more people realize the importance that their health plays on their goals of the future and that they strive to make a change to have that healthy lifestyle.

  • Kent Miehe

    I totally agree. People often think that things “Will never happen to them,” and this never leads to positive outcomes. If they can do their research, the legitimate health information on health risks would definitely open their eyes to that could affect them. We need to be proactive in making our health our first priority to avoid those health risks.

  • ClaytonEI08

    I agree! Being a physical education major myself, I completely understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and what being active can do for one’s self-esteem and outlook on life. I’m a firm believer in the saying, “looking good is feeling good.” When you look good, which many times can be accredited to the time spent keeping yourself in shape through exercise, you feel great. When you feel great, you approach life with a better attitude. It is that attitude that will make you a better friend, a better employee, and a better person.

  • ClaytonEI08

    Absolutely. My issue a few years back was that I found myself consuming alcohol about 2 times a week, which if you know anything about alcohol consumption, you pretty much lose the next day for you’re too hungover or lazy to do anything else. Every once in awhile is fine like your eating of fast food, but it’s extremely important not to make these things a habit, because they can, and fast!

  • mindhamrr11

    I really like how you brought up “looking good is feeling good.” I feel like exercise can not only affect your physical appearance, but also your mental state. For me, lifting weights is my best way to relieve stress which helps a lot being a college student.

  • maxfunny

    I think we also have to have the idea that all food is good food in moderiation. Try to only eat a smaller size once a month to really enjoy it and not to feel guilty either. you could even try walking or riding a bike to really help the heart.

  • Kaila Witthun

    Yes! Once all my exams are done, no matter how sick I had been I almost instantly feel better. One of the best feelings is when the HUGE weight is lifted off my shoulders. Hopefully with finals coming up with the next couple of weeks, I can keep it together this semester. It would be a good test to all that I have learned.

  • ClaytonEI08

    Absolutely. The stress that is relieved by weight training or any other type of exercise is amazing. I’ve found myself taking breaks in the middle of brutal study sessions to go work out and returning to the study session with a lot more energy and focus.

  • Sara_Kay0316

    Very true. Today I presented at a health fair and made sure to make the point that everything really starts will a good, balanced diet. I also made sure to tell them that just because they feel comfortable with themselves on the outside, regardless of what they eat, that that isn’t enough. We need to take care of our bodies in all areas of health, which will create for a longer life.

  • CPanella1

    What makes this article so sad is that Michael Kors comment is so true. The worst part is people wouldn’t buy it to save their life, they would buy it for the logo and the looks of it. Because if they truly cared about their future and health, they won’t spend so much money on a “look good” item. If they truly cared they would be working on self improvement such as swimming lessons. In turn if people truly cared about their health they would work on self improvement, not trying a fad diet and spending money on these because celebrities are featured in commercials and look hot in a bikini. You may want to look fabulous on the outside, we all do, but what is going to give me a better longer life is how I look on the inside as well. Fad diet pills kill all that…

  • CPanella1

    I agree with that because physical health helps improve my mental health. I perform better on projects and in school when I’m in great shape.

  • Timothy Joseph Basaldua

    I agree with you. If you’re not ready to make a change, then you’re not ready. I just wonder how bad things have to get before you make a change. I don’t understand why people don’t take preventative measures prior to learning that they have heart disease or they become obese. I am guilty of waiting until things get really bad before I make a change. I could be at risk of diabetes or other health related problems, because I am over weight. I was really scared at first and got into a healthier routine, because I don’t want to be diagnosed with any health related things that can be prevented. However after some time again, I went back to my old habits and continued down the road to an unhealthy lifestyle. When will I wake up and take action of my life? Probably once I can stop making excuses and make an effort to choose healthier things in my life.

  • mindhamrr11

    I like you idea of taking a break from studying to go work out. I usually get my work done with right after my classes, but that sounds like a great idea because I am the type of person that has to take breaks while studying for long periods of time.

  • Will Ettl

    when it comes to our body and wanting to be in shape we need to put the right materials into it in order to get something productive out. when we just focus on the bad quick meal our body will hate us for it and will actually get mad and make us sick. so when everything comes down to the end we must put the right things into our body so we can get the most out of it. that is why a great well balanced diet is the best thing we can do for our body

  • Alex Marski

    Great quote “looking good is feeling good” this doesn’t have to apply to just health. For sports I know many athletes who wear a bunch of accessories and make sure they have the top of the line gear even though they may not be the best athletes but they have the confidence when they look good.

  • Nathan Tessar

    I thought this was a great posts and I cannot believe that heart disease kills so many people. I’m a huge data guy and to see that a person dies every 39 seconds from heart disease and stroke is unbelievable and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

  • Katie Germain

    I really enjoyed this article because it is so true. We have to be good to our bodies and continue to eat well balanced diets. I always feel my best when I eat healthy and workout. It not only improves the way I look, but improves my mental health as well!

  • Katie Germain

    I am the same exact way. I think it is ok to indulge in foods like Culvers and McDonalds every once in a while if you are not eating them every week, but I also need to focus on what that kind of junk food is doing to my body. If I want to keep my body healthy and in shape, I need to stop eating that and focus on my fruits and veggies more!

  • Leah Renee

    whole plant foods! if it is a whole plant food: fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds, eat it!! if it’s not, try not to eat it. an easy and fun way to check out how you’re doing each day is to log your food into one of the many websites/apps. I like cronometer because it tells you about all the vitamins and minerals you are or aren’t having. pretty much all websites/apps with tell you your % for protein, carbs, and fat.
    (the goal is to be 15% protein, up to 30% fat and the rest complex carbs (complex meaning whole foods with the fiber, not things like white pasta)
    I hope that helps and that that is what you were looking for 🙂
    most importantly, ease into it, don’t put a ton of pressure on yourself, just try to eat more healthy as much as you can, if you slip oh well just on to the next meal/snack 🙂

  • Paige Cuchna

    I completely agree Katie! When I am eating right and exercising I feel my best. We need to help our bodies out not tear them apart. People have the mentality that “its not going to happen to me” but you honestly never know. All we can do is treat our body right by living a healthy lifestyle!

  • Emily Krueger

    I agree with you that this article is great way of showing how most college students. But we should treat our bodies with respect throughout the day by know what we are eating on a daily basis. I like how you break down the fact of heart diease because that is something that we should all know about in detail.

  • mindhamrr11

    I like your saying, “looking good is feeling good.” And, I feel like a lot of people forget that exercise doesn’t only affect you physically, but also mentally. It can relieve stress, and that’s why lifting weights is my go to when I feel really stressed.

  • Desiree

    I agree! Us college students are too busy focusing on today verses the whole greater picture. We dont look long term and if we for whatever reason happen to, we believe it wont happen to us. I agree we dont see our arteries getting clogged so we dont think about it. I think putting the perspective of life vests is a great way to look at it. This makes me want to not eat so badly anymore and eat healthy fruits and veggies more often then I do right now

  • Marlee Williams

    Katie Germain, I could not agree more. Why wouldn’t everyone want to always look and feel their best? Eating well and exercise are the only way to do this! Along with sleeping enough and drinking plenty of water of course!

  • Marlee Williams

    That reminds me of a saying I used to say in high school when I played soccer. “Look good, feel good, play good.” If you look good then you are going to be more confident! This is why people should make choices so that they always look and feel their best.

  • Marlee Williams

    Funny because I literally JUST did this. I’ve been doing homework all day and took a break to go to the gym. I feel refreshed and ready to keep truckin’ along on my homework! Working out is definitely a huge stress reliever.

  • Marlee Williams

    Agreed! Everything is okay in moderation. Going to get fast food once or twice a month won’t kill you (even though it’s not the healthiest option) but having it every day or multiple times a week will lead to serious health issues.

  • Marlee Williams

    Boy I feel you! Monday morning I’m always like “K this is the week I’m actually gonna stick to eating healthy all week” and then once I slip up, it’s just downhill from there. I wish I had better willpower when it came to food but atleast I try my best. PS if Samantha isn’t interested in that triple butter burger party I’m down for the get down.

  • Marlee Williams

    One thing that really helped me make better choices was realizing how good I feel when I do eat healthy. I have so much more energy and am more awake during the day that it makes me want to eat healthy all day every day!

  • Marlee Williams

    Exactly. And once it becomes a habit it’s very hard to break so the best thing someone can do is try to always make time for working out and eating healty. Make it a priority, not an option.

  • Marlee Williams

    I usually feel sick at the end of the semester too because I’m so stressed and busy and trying to cram all my studying and homework into a small amount of time. This usually ends up in poor eating habits and not enough sleep which is very bad.

  • flaschbm09

    I definitely agree with you about needing to keep things in mind when we get discouraged. I know that often times, when I’m not seeing results from exercising and eating right, I often get down on myself and immediately go to poor habits. It’s like Ann says in class that it takes 6 week to see results, but I just want to see the results now.

  • Kaila Witthun

    I know exactly what you mean! Last semester was so bad I promised myself I would not let it get like that this semester. I have worked all semester a little bit differently this time to hopefully be less stressed at the end. I hate feeling like that.

  • afallon14

    I definitely agree that looking good is feeling good, I think a lot of people can agree that when we look at ourselves in the mirror and actually feel good about ourselves, our whole perception of ourselves changes and we start to feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally which is good when it comes to the daily life of a college student. Stress is a big burden throughout college, but if you feel good about yourself and that improves your attitude, only good things can come from that.

  • purperoar21

    To be successful, starts with health. You are the one perusing, you are the one working, you are the one striving for a goal. Your body is your medium of transportation to that goal. People tend to think that they can get by with neglecting their health when it really effects you as a whole. We can’t go above average, if our health is below average. Aside from avoiding diseases or illnesses of which are obviously an obstacle, doing what you can to make yourself the healthiest and happiest version of yourself is going to allow you to be capable of much more.

  • Ryan Dow

    Very interesting take and spin off of the begin statement. Though this is a smaller article, it is eye opening. Especially the statistics that are given.

  • Tyler Hebert

    We make excuses to exercise because everyone wants to look good and feel good about themselves. People see models in magazines and on TV and they want to look like that. We avoid other, probably more important tasks so that we aren’t getting overweight or we are keeping our summer bods. Look good, feel good.

  • Brady

    Why do we think these stats are true? Why do we ignore the big killers? Makes no sense to me. Articles like this really open up my eyes to see how messed up the world is.

  • kgonyo

    I think part of the reason the general population isn’t terrified of heart disease is because it’s too normal (makes zero sense). It’s something that affects so many people that it’s become commonplace and we almost see it as unavoidable. However, when ebola pops up, it’s new and scary and something to distract us from the real killer no one wants to talk about.

  • Steven Hass

    When you word it like that, it makes no sense why people put so many other things before health. When you said we are “funny little optimistic creatures”, it makes a lot of sense. We always have the mind set that these bad things can’t happen to us because we are blind to what is happening inside us.

  • Steven Hass

    It is really eye opening when she put the heart disease statistic into how one in two people will die from the disease and that means it’s between us and her. Pretty crazy if you think about it.

  • Tyler Mueller

    I agree with this comment! Life is a long journey and to many people don’t look forward to the future but instead set themselves up for failure in the future. There is so much that we as individuals need to take into consideration when we are thinking about our over all health. Avoiding illnesses is one little obstacle while maintaining a healthy weight is another obstacle. Over all though you do a good job explaining this in your comment!

  • McKennaKJ29

    Some people say they would rather eat/drink what they want now and they don’t care if they die young because they were happy eating/drinking things they wanted. I think this mentality is rediculous. I question them asking them why wouldnt they want to live long, and they typically say being old would be terrible and hard. However, if you take care of yourself now, it doesnt have to be like that. Life is a precious thing, i don’t understand why everyone cannot see that.

  • Leah Renee

    yes! i love the “health is more important than math” it really is amazing that health is not valued much in America. It is in the sense of everyone is always grateful when they are “healthy” but most people are not willing to do anything to stay healthy. health should be number one for everyone… and most importantly taught to kids!

  • Leah Renee

    something i like to think, when i remember to, is that whenever I am eating something unhealthy, i am taking nutrition away from my body. so when i really want some culvers fries, I think about all the fruits and veggies, and therefore all of their nutrition, that I am depriving my body of because I will be too full off of the junk food

  • Jpl89

    I do have a problem with the shallowness of this current fitness trend in America right now. There defiantly is a fitness trend going on but it is complete fuled by a narcissistic flame. It’s great that people are exercising and being more active, and people will become healthier as a result. it’s a fair trade off though, if people are working out just to look good then that’s better than people not working out at all

  • Wow! Thank you for such an enlightening article! I did not know that 1 in every 3 people have a heart attack for an average of every 39 seconds! Those are stifling numbers!


    Great points, Timothy. I love the quote, “Yesterday you said yesterday.” I think we’ve all been in a position where we have ended up saying we would do a specific thing “tomorrow,” but we end up continually pushing it off, and “tomorrow” never comes. In relation to health, it is astounding to me how many people use the “tomorrow” phrase, or claim that they “will start Monday.” I can admit that I have done the same, and in hindsight, it’s crazy how many days we waste in between while waiting to pursue our goals. If we were ready to make a change, we would start TODAY. “Tomorrow” is a vicious cycle, and only prolongs the time needed to achieve our goals.


    I agree. However, I think balance and moderation can be extremely difficult for some to find. As one that has taken health to an extreme in the past, I think achieving balance sometimes takes trial and error, and people need to be forgiving with themselves (within reason). There is a fine line separating eating healthfully, and taking health to a point where it actually becomes unhealthy. Indulging once in awhile can still equate to health, and I think that is also something important to remember when seeking balance.


    I could not agree more, Clayton! I have found exercise to be my best outlets for stress relief, and I am so grateful for that. When I have a lot going on, physical activity provides a great mental relief for me, in addition to the physical benefits I reap as well! I am so happy to be able to cope with stress in such a positive manner- both for my physical and mental health! It’s definitely a win-win.


    I agree! It saddens me to hear people speak of their life in that manner. I think the main thing that we and the research need to focus on is quality of life. I feel as if people with the “eat/drink whatever I want because it makes me happy and I want to die happy” mindset will not only live a shorter life, but will also do so with a poorer quality of life on top of it all. To have the highest quality of life, we need to be making healthy decisions including a balanced diet and adequate exercise. Eating whatever we want, whenever we want will ultimately lead to a shortened lifespan with a poorer quality of life.


    So true, Steven. One of my friends has an incredibly fast metabolism, so she is able to eat whatever she wants and still maintain the figure she desires. However, I always think about the adverse effects the junk she eats has on her body internally. Unfortunately, I have a feeling her heart will eventually suffer from her poor diet.