How One Woman is Preventing Deaths of Women and Their Newborns

Zubaida Bai is one of three entrepreneurs in residence who joined us for a portion of the program. We learned from their experience and as a community, helped to accelerate the growth of their projects.

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Zubaida is widely regarded as an expert and a leader in the field of engineering design for low-cost health products customized for the developing world. Zubaida’s work at the bottom of the pyramid demonstrates her passion for empowering underserved girls and women. Her company, Ayzh, designs vital healthcare products for girls and women in poverty. She has been awarded the TED Fellowship and Echoing Green Fellowship.

This post is part of a series profiling ventures in the first accelerator program dedicated to impacting the lives of millions of girls in poverty. For more information on the program, check out the Girl Effect Accelerator website.

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  • Jansscor16

    This is a very simple and cost effective way to save millions of lives. I really enjoyed your speech and your healthcare products. I liked how it was only $3, and that money can save both the mom and the baby. I also think it is great that you can employ women and better their lives.

  • Erin Todd

    This is so cool! I cannot believe how easy it could be to save a life with such a simply kit. I really believe in this product and how rapidly it is effecting women and children. This is my favorite product thus far. It takes entrepreneurship and innovation to a new level.

  • Glassborow

    What an eye-opening video, it’s so sad to see that something that is so essential to helping a woman give birth e.g. proper facilities, trained doctors and sterile equipment is not available for them. It’s really great to see however, that something is being done about it and making so much difference to mothers and their baby’s lives and at such a small cost! $3 for all the necessities is such great value and thinking how much it can make a difference makes me really hope this idea can really develop into bigger things.

  • csturk

    I believe future entrepreneurs should aspire to reflect the qualities of Zubaida’s business in their endeavors. Before watching this video, I read the article by Paul Polak regarding the morality in making profits off the poor. At the end, he suggests that the only way to improve life for the 2.6 billion people who live on less than $2 a day is to create profitable global companies that serve poor customers with products and services that help them rise out of poverty. It seems this is exactly what Zubaida has done with her amazing innovation to bring women the simple tools they need to give birth safely and affordably. Not only is she improving the lives of her customers, but she is also empowering the many other women that work for her by giving them the opportunity to increase their income and help women just like them. Her reach will continue to grow and I believe that if people continue to bring life to companies like this one, we may possibly see a change in the worlds poverty rate in the very near future.

  • FalkinerRR23

    This is such a simple and cost effective way to help women and their babies. These simple kits are able to provide mothers with a safer birth for only $3. The fact that the customers are requesting more products just goes to show that they are making a positive difference.

  • Mallory Benham

    I really value the dedication of Zubiada and other companies that have made low-cost medication and health products I think this issue and clean water are two very important and critical issues to solve that will really advance those developing societies.

  • Ashleigh Hartlaub

    I really liked how Zubiada shows how much she cares about making this world a better place. She created such a cheap affordable and creative way to save babies all around the world. This is one step closer to making babies and mothers survive child birth. Also, I like how the company response to the demand of more help with after the baby is born is amazing. The company will be able to reach out more and possibly create new products for maybe other things a newborn might need.

  • rschneider2800

    It’s easy to forget that some don’t get to choose where they give birth to their baby or which doctor gets to perform the procedure. You forget that some women don’t get to have interviews with the delivery doctor or pay boat loads of money to have a midwife assist you in a home birth. I wonder what these women would say if we told them that a US mother may pay thousands of dollars to have their baby at home? I wonder what they would say if we told them that your baby can be taken from you if you don’t get prenatal care in the US? It’s so easy to not know and this isn’t a condemnation of the U.S. because I’m reflecting on myself also. Its just really depressing.

  • pcutinelli

    It is wonderful to see a company such as Ayzh doing so much to help women without the necessary means. These health products and concepts are so beneficial to helping those who are in need.

  • sadeakindele

    I agree, everyone should have access to safe/clean birthing methods which is what Zubiada is able to supply. I just wonder how many times their product can be reused which could give the doctors in the villages an incentive to keep some of their packages on-hand for delivery’s.

  • erinleigh28

    I love how a lot of these businesses are not only providing women with products like these, but also employing those women in the business.

  • Jeremy Rhone

    This is a powerful product that is and will continue to impact the lives of many. Priced at only $3 USD, it’s a steal. To put that in perspective, $3 USD is currently equal to 185 Rs (Rupees). A combo meal at McDonald’s costs 200 Rs. So for a little less than the price of an unhealthy meal, Ayzh is saving lives. That’s a significant feat. I commend Zubaida and the rest of the associated women for their work in making a difference.

  • John Mulhern

    What an innovative product and I’m extremely impressed at its cost efficiency and its availability. What an inspirational woman in an impressive leadership role. I’m looking forward to what else this company is going to be doing.

  • aburns002

    Human life is sacred. Anytime an organization or individual can save lives, they are acting in the highest possible good. It is phenomenal that Zuibaida is able to provide health products to women that would otherwise not receive necessary treatment.

  • jsims001

    This is a great product and reason for creating a business. The fact that nearly 1 million babies die every year in India as a result of unsanitary birth conditions is terribly sad. Two things I’d like to bring up for discussion are the ideas of over-population and malnutrition. India is currently the most populated country in the world containing 1.252 billion inhabitants with an annual growth rate of 8%, and 212 million of these people are undernourished. Almost 50% of Indian children are underweight and more than 70% of the women and children have serious nutritional deficiencies. While every person has the human right to procreate and every baby deserves a fair chance at life, does anyone else see how this product, and its ability to save babies lives, could have negative impacts on the current Indian population as a whole in terms of accessibility to the limited resources of food, water, and shelter? If the country is unable to provide for and support the people that are currently alive and living there, how do they plan to support and sustain 15 million new, unanticipated babies in the years to come? My point is that over-population and malnutrition are the root causes of more deaths in India, and around the world, than any other cause. Before we start saving too many lives, we ought to make sure that we can sustain the people that are already alive and suffering or else the suffering will multiply and spread, leading to way more than 1 million lives lost annually in the long run. This is just some food for thought and discussion, I’m not trying to take anything away from this woman and the positive impact she is having in the lives of women and children in India. She is doing great work and promoting life, but we can’t ignore the realities of over-population and malnutrition when thinking about the increasing population of India.

  • SGustin

    This is an amazing solution to such a horrible problem. Thank you Jeremy (below) for putting the $3 cost into perspective. For less than a combo meal at McDonalds; lives are being saved! This website is so inspiring. I wish there was a way for me to help all of the company’s who’s videos I watch.

  • JuanFonseca1995

    Zubaida has provided a solution that can protect mothers and their newborn babies. The cost is affordable and it helps mothers and their children by giving them cleanliness and a safe package that will keep the baby alive and healthy. The impact the package has had is phenomenal and many more lives will be positively impacted by this solution. Newborn babies can have larger lifespans and mothers have help with affordable healthcare. There will be more life in India and the rest of the world should support this great idea because it has made many mothers happy and their babies can live out their lives.

  • amandaclaire94

    Wow.. not only are they helping women by providing them with a wonderful kit, but they are also providing them with jobs. I think that is great it is working both ways and can help a wider range of women throughout india. It blows my mind that just $3 can help save their lives…yet I spend more than that on lunch.

  • Lauren Schlicht

    Its crazy to think how something so simple can make all the difference when it comes to life or death. $3 can save a mother, its just unbelievable. I think this product is an amazing concept and truly is changing the world one mother and baby at a time. The idea to create such a kit is just brilliant.

  • pach8453

    I find it very inspiring that such a simple and inexpensive product is saving millions of mothers and babies. These products will never go unneeded in their market providing a stable source of revenue for the company as well as a constant demand in India and possibly other deprived countries as the company goes more global. I also think that this product that saves lives is very humbling for the more fortunate people provided with fully equipped hospitals and stores like Babies R’ Us to provide a healthy life for a mother and child. The production of this product is also very beneficial because it provides jobs for women in a safe and healthy working environment.

  • amykahl8

    That’s a good way to put it into perspective. It’s crazy that things that can cost so little to people that are middle class Americans can mean so much to people that are lacking in resources. It makes me happy that people can use the technology we have today to better lives and not just use it for entertainment.

  • Katie Larson

    You bring up a very interesting and complex moral dilemma. With modern technology, no mother or child should suffer such unsanitary and unsafe birthing conditions. Conversely, exponential population growth is a real issue, especially in developing countries. I don’t believe we should delineate a point where we should save a life or not when we have the means to save it. Instead, Ayzh might consider partnering with governmental or nongovernmental programs focused on health and sex education to help change the cultural norms about early and excessive pregnancies.

  • Katie

    I was saddened to learn that 1 million women and babies have died from lack of care during childbirth. This number is eye-opening, and I think that Ayzh is a great company that can help mother’s and their newborns get the treatments that they need and deserve. Zubaida states that 15 million mothers and babies will be saved, showing that this product is necessary and very beneficial.

  • James Callahan

    Zubaida is an inspiration both in her vision for her business, but her ability to use her business to save and change lives. It’s amazing that, for less than a Big Mac or a Starbucks coffee, a product can be purchased that will dramatically lower the mortality rate of mothers and babies.

  • karnold001

    Really great comparison! It is shameful how easy it is for people to spend $3 USD on an unhealthy meal when that money could be spent on saving both a mother and child’s life. Many people spend double that amount on a single meal… I hope this video reaches millions of viewers who can learn how easy it is to save a life

  • dannyjoseph14

    What a great idea, a product that not only greatly reduces infection and death for both the mother and child during childbirth, but also creates jobs and stimulates the local economy by producing the kits locally. Its really cool to see how large of an impact such a simple and inexpensive product is having in these areas. I believe that Bai’s inventive and affective business model could be applied to many low-cost, basic-needs, hygenic and preventative care products around the globe such as mosquito nets, water filtration/ sanitization products, contraceptives, ect.

  • Jack Strader

    Amanda I think that remark about the $3 cost is totally relevant and totally mind blowing at the same time. What a great point to reveal that most of us can spend that or easily more on lunch but there is a product going for that same amount that is saving lives and having a positive impact on the environment (biodegradable bags), the women that work for the company and the future youth of India. Well commented.

  • Abbusse11

    This was a fantastic idea. It is amazing how this product is so inexpensive and valuable. I would hope that in my search for an idea to help with some idea to make life better for others that I am able to create something as wonderful. Life is a precious gift and every mother deserves to live and see her child grow as well. Congratulations to Janma for making a difference.

  • kgallaher

    I find it awesome that three dollars can save lives! It’s great to see a woman working towards helping women and providing them with jobs. Women in India need our help.

  • kt_ford

    I agree that this is an amazing idea! I also think that it is awesome how a product that is so valuable could be so inexpensive and could help thousands of women across the world. I think that it is also really cool that they are helping provide jobs for these women as well!

  • Halea McAteer

    Looking at it from this perspective only makes this product even more remarkable. A meal at McDonalds is more expensive than a kit that could save a human being’s life, crazy. It’s hard to think of issues like this having grown up in the United States. There are many fears we face before delivering a child but sanitization of the delivery process is pretty far down the list for most I would think. It’s amazing to think that Zubaida is saving lives left and right, giving so many a shot at life that they may have never had before women were exposed to this product.

  • Gaby Perez

    This is truly a Girl Accelerator Effect product– it is made by women for women. For just $3 dollars a package they are saving both women and babies! My only question is: where do they purchase the sanitation kit? Any convenience store? Overall it’s a great product.

  • James Sullivan

    Its amazing that only $3 dollars can save a mother and her child. This product reached out to 70,000 people? That’s crazy, saving so many lives and hopefully many more to come with their predictions. An other improving situation is the job development, for women, creating kits to save women’s lives. The only question I have is how are these women picked to create this kit and how much do they get paid? Great way to make a difference with only $3, providing a safe birth package for women for don’t have the needs.

  • storres001

    I totally agree, helping not only by cutting down deaths and costs by by creating jobs. It’s honestly insane to think of for less than a Starbucks drink, people are helping change how babies are born in underdeveloped countries. We can’t help girls thrive if they’re dying either being born or giving birth.

  • zoeantonow

    I like your idea of expanding the product horizon by applying the business model–imagine if other life-saving products could be sold for such a small price and made by the people themselves…it’s just such a great and effective/profitable idea that it could set the stage for many other companies and/or products in the future.

  • Alex_C_B

    I hope the brand can continue to grow and provide other inexpensive items for mothers and families. Any company that would offer such an inexpensive yet crucial item would have my lifelong support as a customer.

  • CCzuchra

    This is a great idea and it’s humbling to see her sincerity behind the results being the representation of the companies success, not the profits. I think there opportunity to look at another side of the equation though. They are working hard to help the birth side, but I think it’s also worth it to look at the pregnancy side. If these regions have limited access to birth supplies, then they probably have no access to birth control items. Even if 1% of the pregnancies were unexpected, working to help that side of the equation could save a lot on the back end. Contraceptive devices could cost a fraction of the birth kits, saving money and possible dangerous situations if birth kits are unattainable. She is doing amazing work though and I’m curious to see what else she does in the coming years.


    This is extremely empowering. I particularly love when Zubaida says, “our biggest success has been that the poor are not poor in mind.” Providing the opportunity and education to women about safe birthing techniques and potentially saving 2+ lives (if the woman continues to have more children and those children later have their own children) is priceless if you ask me. But for the real price to be merely $3 USD is absolutely mind-blowing. I mean, that’s less than most Starbucks drinks! Ayzh has done everything right this product, and I think it is about to have a huge impact on the Indian population.

  • AFraley

    This is an incredible and efficient way to help save so many lives while also providing jobs to those women whom need the help and assistance to provide for their children. Kudos to Ayzh I felt the passion in Zubaida’s speech and how simple it really is to help save so many lives. I think as an American we think this is so simple because we are lucky to be here and don’t see how truly difficult the world really can be and take advantage of each one of these items while those much less fortunate lives truly depend on these supplies that we easily just waste or throw away on a daily basis. excellent way to use $3.00

  • Matthew Montoya

    I think it is deeply inspiring how when faced with or when witnessing a true problem, these individuals such as this speaker take a stance to do something about it! I think all to often when we see big problems, such as millions of mothers and babies losing their lives, it is easy to think about how complex it would be to solve the problem. However, these individuals understand that by simply making an effort Amazing things can happen! In terms of the product, I am blown away with how a $3 kit can make such a positive difference not only for the mothers who use them, but for the women who work to make and pack them! From reading other comments, I am curios to find out if there is a donation process that allows individuals to purchase kits to donate to mothers. If so, I think it would be awesome to be a part of this Awesome cause! Once again, absolutely amazing!

  • malopez93

    This is such a strong video. I was just reading one of Dave Ramsey’s books and he was discussing that the most important part of a businesses goal is not to make money, but why they are doing what they are doing. If a company can express their why, that is a company that can go a long way on so many levels. I see that this company has the potential of really making a difference in the world. It has a lot to do with their why, they want to help women and children, they want to help give them a better start to this beautiful thing in life called child birth. To provide life through a complex yet simple product is incredible. I found it a little funny that she listed off all the things provided in the pack like it was common sense, I do believe it is a little more real and understood where these products are needed. I do hope that there is at least a little bit of training when it comes to using these products.

  • kschwein

    This is so cool to have a product that can purchased for such a small amount reach so many different women and have an immediate impact on their lives. How they can provide them with this kit for such a little price is beyond me and I think that it is wonderful for this to be happening. It’s amazing how far a few bucks can go.

  • kbell003

    I love how this video is refocusing back on the theme of girl effect. I love how this product has everything that a women needs to be healthy during childbirth while also is pretty. I think that this is a very important thing to consider. Women need to be able to have access to the products that they need but also want to live in style and feel valued. This little big gives women dignity during childbirth and has helped so many people.

  • epmcinty

    It is so tragic and really hits home when she opens the discussion with a comparison of the death of women/babies in developing countries to the entire population of San Francisco. We live in such a bubble and do not realize the REAL problems occurring outside of our country. For only $3- money you spend on energy drinks, fast food, and other negative products- you could be saving lives across the world. In addition, this is creating a lot of economic success/jobs. This may truly be the start to stopping deaths of mothers and children during birth throughout the world. Thank you Zubaida for your efforts!

  • mpierson19

    Wow, this was amazing. I really like the quote, “We exist as a commitment to save lives and change lives one product at a time, one happy woman at a time”. As I grow up I thrive to make every persons life better as much as I can within the time period that I know them. So this quote stood out to me a lot.

  • Beniamin Martis

    i totally agree to create Jobs, and also to help people as much as possible, acts of kindness should always be appreciated and encouraged.

  • Dena Keizer

    I really like when she said “we exist as a commitment to save lives and changes lives one product at a time, one happy woman at a time.” Its very inspirational to know that an action so small can make such a HUGE impact on someone’s life.

  • Katelyn Vaughn

    In America, we live such fast paced lives and we do not slow down to look at how lucky we really are. Many people do not realize or understand the difficulties women go through around the world. When a woman goes into labor here in America it is normal to bring that individual to a clean hospital where there are trained professionals who can assist in child birth, yet in India,if the women are lucky enough to get into the institutions, they are still not guaranteed that their baby will even survive (let alone themselves) due to the lack of birthing materials. The fact that one million women and babies in India have passed away due to the lack of hygiene products and cleanliness during child birth is SO mind blowing. But with the newer product Janma, only being $3 I feel that the price makes this product even more marketable. I really think that the individuals in America need to be educated about this situation in India and about how this product has positively impacted these women, then maybe this product could become even more popular. People in America can spare $3 at Starbucks and McDonald’s to help Zubaida save more lives! This was really eye opening for me, really makes you realize how lucky you are to live in this country.

  • Lindsey Kessler

    What I also like about this organization is that you know exactly where your $3 is going. Some companies catch you during your fast paced lives and get you to donate some money to go to their cause, but sometimes, only a portion of the money goes to the cause. This is a wonderful, mind-blowing organization.

  • MeierKM23

    I think this is great! One-they are helping women by providing them with a kit to possibly save there newborns life if it gets sick or has infections, and two-it is giving providing women with jobs in which they are making more money. From the pictures of the hospitals in India, I am blessed to be able to go to the doctors and feel clean and safe and not have to go to a place like that. It puts a smile on my face to see that just three dollars can help save their lives, and are looking into saving near to 15 million lives in the future of this product! How awesome, thanks for sharing the video!

  • fkrutsky

    It always amazes me when someone can find such a specific problem with a simple solution and make this great of an impact. By focusing on such a specific problem it has allowed this company to save many lives while providing an income to many families. While clean running water and better health facilities is needed it would take so much more time and money to provide and instead Azyh is making a much needed immediate impact. This product doesn’t only provide the equipment needed for a safer more higeinic birth but also may end up educating people on the need for sterilization.

  • mleano

    While I think that this is an amazing product (simple, cost effective, and elegant), it opens my eyes to the lack of medical infrastructure there. That lack of medical infrastructure is terrifying. While this product helps to solve the problem of sanitary complications during childbirth, what happens to pediatric care during the next few years? It seems like a band aid solution to a serious problem and I hope that it helps the community recognize the need for at least better medical clinics with trained personnel.

  • 204Ted

    While it is certainly great that we are able to save these lives from unnecessary complications from unsanitary births it is also important to recognize where it developed. Since she was able to go out and see it in person, she was able to recognize a problem and work to come up with a solution. Without our creative global economy this just wouldn’t be possible. And the best part is that more solutions to widespread problems can be created with hopefully just as simple solutions.

  • ali Alamri

    excellent work

  • Will Carter

    I was thinking this also. I mean, full credit to her and her product, because it IS awesome, but there’s so much more need. I also wonder (at the risk of cold, calculating thinking) what the impact of so many more children will be on the area in about 5-10 years. Can the people and the economies support an increase in population growth, or will this lead to a compounding of poverty? Obviously there is A LOT of need for more work to be done.

  • glmcguir

    I completely agree. It is baffling that $3 can help save a life while we go about our days and spend more then that on our daily meals. This woman is amazing as she is able to come up with a product to help save lives in such an affordable way.

  • Brooke Bower

    Wow, I found this video very empowering. Here in America, I never seem to worry about women and child birth because I am used to seeing women go to clean hospitals to give birth or have a home nurse at the home while giving birth. I believe everyone should see this video and face the reality that women around the world and their newborn babies are dying during childbirth because of the lack of equipment and sanitary places. It’s amazing to know that all it takes is three dollars to help save a woman’s life and her child’s life. Today, people are more than willing to pay twice that on a special coffee. Imagine if once a week everyone who bought that high priced coffee, bought that starter birth kit for three dollars instead. Think of how many lives we could save.

  • JConklin805

    Wow, this makes me look at $3 differently… I am impressed how they gathered all the necessary items for child birth in a small kit and made it extremely affordable. This is a great idea! It inspires me to discover solutions to common problems in my area.

  • Slajoie23

    It’s absolutely amazing that this woman is working towards something so moving. Crazy to think that the cost is so low. What a selfless act.

  • Jennifer Diaz

    This woman is amazing! Who knew $3 can do so much. Just goes to show you can do so much with so little. Everyone should take that into consideration.

  • spitfireneil

    Just wow… I’ve been to India once before when i was young and my dads side is all Indian. Not often, but i did hear stories and see for myself the unsanitary and unsafe condition a lot people there are in. This product will have a significant impact on death from unsafe pregnancy conditions. I hope this product is quickly distributed without political bull.

  • Morgan H

    Incredible! I can’t believe that 1 million mothers and babies die every year from child birth. It’s great that you have created a product that can save them both while only being $3. And you’re creating jobs for women too! I would like to know more about your new product as well! Keep up the amazing work!

  • caro5039

    I think that this is an amazing way to create a safer environment for child birth. The amount of women and babies who die each year from the birthing process baffled me. The only thing I would question is the safety of the kit. One of the items mentioned in the kit was a scalpel and while this tool is necessary, most people probably don’t know how to use it properly. This seems like a great product, and I think that it will help millions of women, but it needs the correct instruction to go along with the kit.

  • Persophine Reid Tiapula

    what a great way to help women and babies! it’s so sad how much we take for granted here with the resources that surround us every day but these women and babies are suffering every day – just $3 for a safety kit to help these women create a safer and cleaner environment for child birth. it’s so great to see people helping each other out by creating new things to help change their lives.

  • SitaSantos

    This is a brilliant idea and example of how innovation and the capitalist market can be focused towards promoting social and cultural progress, improving the quality of life for millions of families all the while. What a simple, practical, affordable, and essential product!

  • l2yza

    These kind of things make me really reflect back on how lucky I really am to live where I live. Seeing the “healthcare facility” is just sickening.

  • nsales

    When you look at $3 it really doesn’t seem like much but we’d be surprised by how much of an impact it can make saving others. I respect this woman and what she’s trying to do to help out the many lives that need it.

  • THalter9

    I agree. It really blew me away that something so insignificant to us as $3 can provide a kit that can save the life of a child in these developing countries. It continues to blow me away how entrepreneurs are able to create vital tools at such a small cost.

  • charlaharvey

    I love what she is saying, but I have to point out that in the beginning she says, “Even in countries like India and Africa.” I think it’s really important that we be careful to not call the huge and diverse continent of Africa a country.
    Moving on,
    it is definitely really sad how many children and mothers die during childbirth, the process of giving life. And I cannot believe that homebirths are just as dangerous as institutionalized births where she’s talking about in India–and the biggest difference is that they have to pay more in hospital births. The solution she is advocating for sounds amazing! It is even biodegradable!! For only $3, they can have all the tools they need to have a safer birth. Also, like amandaclaire94 pointed out, these kits are also giving women jobs that have increased their income 20 times!!!
    This is so heart-warming. I would love to meet this woman and help out any way I can!

  • catec18

    I think this product is amazing! For so little they are able to receive so much! Not only does this product help save lives but it empowers others by giving them a job and they know they are working for a good cause. I also enjoy that they are expanding to make more products for women and children. I think something they could add as long as they are growing and creating more products is something that not only prevents death but also improves health. Right now the product mainly focusses on necessity. This is great! But as they expand, maybe including something that could help them in the long run. After the mother gives birth, is there anything that could be included or provided in the package that would help them long term with taking care of the baby such as an immunization or some sort of healthy food?

  • Abby2017

    This is a really really sad thing. I am so glad that someone is bringing attention to this. It was really sad to hear the things that they were using. I am glad that they have the $3.00 birth kit. One million women and children died. That is really astounding and so so sad.

  • Faisal AH

    I really like this article, this women tough me that you can do a lot with little money.

  • Thumbs_up

    I strongly agree. Wow. It is impressive how small things or this amount of money can help the people that much. It is changing lives and changing behaviors through their entire lives. Awesome.

  • Austin Friedman

    This product is incredible. The women Zumbaida is helping in India are
    suffering from a lack of the most basic tools involved in a childbirth that we
    take for granted in the U.S. That she is providing to these women life-saving
    tools for only three dollars also can’t go without huge recognition–the price
    speaks volumes to how easily each of us can contribute to such a worthy and beneficial
    cause. There are undoubtedly more health issues the pregnant women in rural
    parts of India are facing, and after picking up speed with her current products
    and projects I hope Ayzh can find a way—with the help of other charities and
    local health organizations—to eliminate some of these concerns. Looking at the
    medical issues in the developing world as a whole, one can assume the problems
    go far beyond just women in India. Going forward, I wonder how Ayzh can
    continue to distribute critical medical technologies and medicines to these
    women in India at a low cost, while possibly expanding her reach to other
    countries and regions. Zumbaida mentioned that a tube of CHX cream
    (chlorhexidine topical) only costs 25 cents, and I imagine many other antibiotic,
    topical, or other creams are equally as inexpensive. With the help of
    organizations who already have a strong foothold in other markets, work can be
    done to bring basic medicines like CHX cream to the broader populations in
    these areas. I look forward to seeing how Ayzh grows in the future and what
    other medical benefits it can bring to the women in India.