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Unreasonable at Sea Begins! (ep.1)

This is the first video in a series of short webisodes that followed the story and journey of Unreasonable at Sea ( In this introductory video ( “Episode 1″ ) the founder of the program, Daniel Epstein describes why he believes the world needs to bet on entrepreneurs as he outlines the promise of this unique program and highlights the power of what he calls, “the island effect.”

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  • Luke Drumel

    What an amazing video and voyage they are all about to be apart of. This information becomes important because it will truly define what will and what will not work in foreign markets when it comes to entrepreneurs. One question I have is what is overall goal when their adventure ends?

  • fertope0128

    OMG what an amazing experience for all of these entrepreneurs. I can only imagine what it would be like to interact with multicultural differences and network to find solutions to the problems this world phases. Is there more information or an application process to be part of such great voyage? Is there any way for an opportunity for students to experience as an entrepreneur student to observe influential leaders such as the ones on the boat? If so I would love more information.
    Fernando Topete