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Watch as a Botswana Startup Scales into China (Ep.4)

Tendekayi Katsiga and his team created the world’s first digitally programmable and rechargeable hearing aid, the Solar Ear, in a small village in Botswana 12 years ago. Now, their products are sold in over 40 countries, and they have manufacturing sites in Brazil, Botswana, and most recently, China. In this episode, we followed Tendekayi as he visited the new manufacturing facility in China, which is employs all deaf workers. Not only does Solar Ear give deaf people around the world the opportunity to hear again, but it also empowers its employees the opportunity to achieve their biggest dreams in life.

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  • Taylor Schulz

    Solar power is amazing to me. The fact that such readily available forms of energy can be used for so many different things is truly eye opening. Using solar power for hearing aids is an amazing innovation, love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • hasselbemj31

    What a great thing they are doing. They are giving people who are deaf an opportunity to live their lives and make something out of themselves. They are able to live their dreams now. I loved the poster that they showed in the end of the video. ” deaf people can do everything but hear.” So an amazing quote and so true. So glad that solar power has come up with such an amazing innovation. Love the idea.