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Revolutionizing Education in Japan (Ep.3)

In this episode the team from Guru-G explores how their innovative teaching platform can be utilized in Japan’s education system. Guru-G is a gamified teaching, teacher training & open certification software platform that’s been adopted in 10 states across India, and they’ve also established partnerships with foundations & companies that directly support over 3,000 schools and reach over 2.5 million students. Find out if their software platform will be a good fit for the progressive Tokyo International School.

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  • Janna Bartels

    This is such a cool video! I was introduced to this idea of “game learning” by my husband who works for a company (Filament Games) that makes educational games like this. I think it is such a good idea to involve technology for teachers to use in the classroom . More and more cultures are becoming technology based and if education doesn’t grow with the technology trend, it will become outdated.

  • Max Rude

    This video was awesome! I am trying to become a P.E teacher, and live the idea of game learning. My question to you is do you think that game learning is the way of the future?

  • Taylor Schulz

    I love hearing about projects like these! It is so great that so many people are trying to take a step in the right direction in regards to learning and gaining knowledge. I love that the effort to industrialize education is really hitting hard and helping kids and even adults all around the world to get a better education. Thanks for posting!