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Shapeshifting Robots that Clean the Oceans (Ep.2)

In this episode a small team of two inventors and engineers explore how their autonomous oceanic robotic drones can be utilized in the Hawaiian Islands to clean up plastic in the oceans. The story of the founder, Cesar Harada is examined as we begin to understand the terrifying truth of the health of our oceans today. In this riveting yet alarming episode, we are exposed to the realities our oceans currently face and the promise of the technologies that Protei is developing.

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  • Courtlyn Carpenter

    I am currently a student studying environmental engineering, so I found this video particularly interesting. I would like to know more about the “shape-shifting robots” that work to clean plastic from the oceans, specifically how effective they are and how many would be necessary to make a significant impact. It was shocking to me to see the endless piles of plastic washed up on the beach in Hawaii, and I agree that this problem should be addressed soon. Are there any other potential solutions you have come up with to cleaning plastic from oceans besides the robots? Thank you for sharing such a touching post and for being so driven to make a difference in the world.