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What Happens When a Spaniard Experiments in Bringing Clean Water to Ghana (Ep.8)

For the past 10 years, Pedro Delgado has been using plants, no chemicals, no energy, to save tens of thousands of lives while turning a handsome profit. His company has installed 100 wastewater treatment systems in 5 countries including Mali, where they’ve provided drinking water to more than 8,000 people, reducing infant mortality by 75% and completely eliminating cholera. During the voyage, Pedro has utilized the aid of the ship’s energetic student community from Semester at Sea to create a new company, Agua, with the intention of expanding his revolutionary biotechnology to new markets around the world.

After months of working with students, Pedro decided to let them experience what it was like in the field. Through hands on learning and empathizing with the needs of the Ghanaian locals, the students realized that Agua is not just about purifying water with plants; its about sharing knowledge, and collaborating with communities.

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  • katie yanke

    What an amazing experience to have for those students. It
    seems like a great opportunity to see a different culture and to experience how
    good we have it in America, especially when it comes to our water. All we have to
    do is turn on a faucet and water is available but for some of those villages
    water its miles away and it is not even clean. It is great that a cheap and
    natural way of filtering water can be used in countries like this. I hope this continues!
    Thanks for the video!

  • Tammy Hartmann

    Thank you for sharing this unfortunately, I am not able to understand a full story of video you posted. Can you please kindly consider add the caption in English.

    What’s awesome idea of your markets around the world. My family plans to stay Ghana for five-weeks, is possible for us experience hands on learning and collaborating with communities? To teach my children how it’s important to be part of the community not only that but teach them take something for granted.

  • Taylor Schulz

    This is such an inspiring story. It is so great to hear about stories like these that take the most simple concept and turn them into something great and so helpful. This project is such an amazing experience for students and really shows the good in the world. Thanks for sharing this story!