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Does Gender Bias Still Exist?

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Does gender bias still exist? If the answer is no, then why is it that women who take charge tend to be called bossy, whereas men who do the same are great leaders?

The author of this post, Sandy Grason, currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief at She’s been labeled lots of things in her life.

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Does gender bias still exist? If the answer is no, then why is it that women who take charge tend to be called bossy, whereas men who do the same are just doing their job as a boss? Or why is it that when mothers are passionate about their career, they tend to be seen as selfish, while working dads are dedicated? It is also quite startling that a recent study said 70% of men feel that women need to downplay their personality in order to be accepted.

One thought-provoking statistic showed that 77% of males and 66% of females believe that men deserve employment more than women — clearly reinforcing that bias exists in the workplace. Research findings show that both genders have prejudices and are prejudiced against.

I’d love to hear what you think. Does gender bias still exist?

Don’t let labels hold you back.
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Sandy is Editor-in-Chief of and the author of Journalution. Prior to becoming Unreasonable, Sandy created & hosted The Road To Fabulous talk show on LA Talk...

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  • Leija2014

    Thank you for sharing this article and video clip. I truly believe that gender bias still exists. Like the statistic you said about how men and women think that men deserve the work more than women, really does reinforce that gender bias does still exist. Just like racism, we will never see an end to it as long as people keep being close-minded.

  • Katie Ackerman

    Wow, it is pretty upsetting to learn that men actually think that women should downplay their personality in order to be accepted. I certainly believe that both genders have prejudices against one another, it truly is unfortunate. As it is 2014 with this still being a problem, how do you foresee us overcoming this challenge?

  • Katie Ackerman

    I couldn’t agree more. The problem is, how do we stop people from being closed minded?

  • Tyler Steinmetz

    Thanks for sharing this video, Sandy! Even though I wish gender bias did not exist, it still does unfortunately. I witness it almost everyday on the college campus that I attend. When I read the statistic that 70% of men feel that women need to downplay their personality in order to be accepted, I had an ashamed “WHAatTtTT?” come through my head. You know, the one that goes through your head after you hear something completely shocking or stupid. This statistic should be 0% not 70%. Yes, I think it exists, but it really should not be as prevalent as the statistics say. I can’t seem to understand why 66% of females say that men deserve jobs more than women. It’s just adding to that bias. In your opinion, what are some things we can do to stop this bias from becoming even greater?

  • treehugger90

    Great video, it was perfect way to describe this world we live in. I agree to not let labels hold you back because labels just prevent you from reaching your dream. If you want something to happen, you just got to go for it. At one of my jobs they have more male staff than anything and mostly all of them have the higher up jobs. But they are getting a little better because they started to talk to me about marketing the place. WOO!

  • Cory Zaeske

    This is an interesting debate. I think that society is really trying to eliminate gender bias but at the same time, certain people don’t want it to happen. It’s definitely obvious that we are making progress but we aren’t quite there yet. I agree that women in charge are considered most of the time but I also think it can be said for men as well. I would say it is just more noticed when a woman in charge is considered bossy compared to a man. There definitely still is a little gender bias in the workplace but I do believe that society is making a push to change it.

  • Jcoppa

    I was actually just having a conversation about this with my boyfriend, who says there is no gender bias. But OF COURSE he would say that, he doesn’t have to deal with it because it isn’t affecting him in a way that would make him notice it; he is blissfully ignorant to this ideal. I notice myself acting meek and modest most of the day when I’m around people whom I’m not close with, because I know more people will accept me that way. I am not a meek young woman; I know I can accomplish what I need to and I’m proud of my accomplishment thus far. But outside of this honest blog comment, I’m not sure I would boast to my fellow class-mates about myself. I see my older brother, who is also a health professional as a determined, hard-working, aggressive professional and he is all too ready to exclaim his newest stepping stone at the family Christmas. Maybe this year at Easter, I won’t downplay my grades or my relationships or my goals and dreams.

    My question, speaking for all woman who face this, is how can we break this glass ceiling, if you will? Is there a possibility for powerful women to be perceived the same way as their male counterpart?

  • natebbeard

    The 77% of men and 66% of women believing men deserve employment more so than women is pretty astounding. I’m sure gender bias still exists, and I can’t tell you how strongly I support the statement, “don’t let labels hold you back.” Do you think it’s getting better though? I’d be interested to see those statistics split into generational segments… maybe it’s the Boulder bubble I live in and the friends I surround myself with right now that tend to push me towards arbitrary notions that millennial might be a little more neutral compared to older generations. I could would probably speculate these statistics and main stream attitudes are averaged over certain geographical regions with stronger preferences over the subject, such as some of my friends back in Alabama and Georgia where it might still be a little more of patriarchal influence… just some thoughts though about the statistics and basic assumptions introduced in the post.

  • weidmankl15

    I believe that there is still way too much gender bias in this world. It is true that when a woman is assertive, they seem bossy. But when a man is, they seem like they are just being in control. The statistics you mentioned sure are ridiculous in my opinion. I wish I could say that I believe it is getting better as the years go on, but do you think that is true? Woman don’t want to just have power, they want to feel like they can do things on their own as well. I know some girls that want everything done for them or want to rely on their man’s employment rather than go out and try for themselves. I also know some women that won’t date someone that has a higher paying job than them because they want to feel like the supporter. Personally, I don’t want to be superior in anything over men, I just want to seem a bit more equal.

  • Janna Bartels

    I don’t really know how I feel about this video. I believe in gender equality as it pertains to valuing and respecting each other. When value and respect are there, everything else will fall into place. I find it interesting that this video only discusses equality in the workforce. What about equality between women: those who work and those who stay home with their children? All women and all men are valuable!

  • turbo_frey

    Thank you for this article and video Sandy. It really touched me, as I do strongly believe gender inequality still exists. Gender inequality can be seen everywhere, from within the working industry to inside the home. More needs to be done to demolish gender inequality, but unfortunately it will take time. The world needs to know that a woman is capable of doing anything a man can do, and is worthy of just as much recognition. Do you think gender inequality will always exist?

  • BartuchGR11

    Thank you for posting this blog. I found this article interesting because I do think that gender bias is still in the work place. All thought the statistic you gave that 77 percent of men and 66 percent of women believe men deserve employment more than women was shocking. I thought for sure we become more acceptable to women working in the workplace but maybe I was wrong. I do agree that when women are assertive they come across as bossy , but when men are assertive they are just doing their job. I know a friend who is assertive when she is at work and people think she is bossy which isn’t true she just want to make sure things are done right and correctly.

  • Anika Rumery

    Great read! As a woman pursuing entry-level employment in the corporate sector, I feel that gender bias does still exist today. It was shocking for me to read that 70% of men believe that women must downplay their personality in order to be accepted. When is the last time men did that? (sometimes I almost wish they would) If men were more supportive of women in the workplace do you think this would be enough for gender bias to decrease? I’m not sure- but it’s definitely a start!

  • Marian326

    Yes! Without thinking twice my answer is a resounding yes. The rest of my answer will not sit well with most people, especially women. I believe that there will always be a gender bias simply because men and women, males and females, are different, and those differences do at times cross over into the work place. Women feel pulled in many directions. I believe part of the reason is that most women receive satisfaction from the home they build, whereas most men gain their satisfaction from their job. This is my short answer. Do I think that women who choose to have a career should be penalized for that? NO! I have been labeled the bitch many times in my life. I have been told I am too bossy, too pushy, and too passionate, that I’m too direct and honest. Are these qualities embraced in men? Yes they are. The men that have a difficult time dealing with strong women are typically lacking in self-esteem. That is a topic for another post, another day.
    Thank you for the question, and I trust I have not offended anyone with my honest and direct approach.
    Armed with the knowledge that there is gender bias will allow women and men to be more prepared for the culture of the workplace in their future.

  • Marian326

    You touched on a very important topic. The topic of equality between women. I was one of those women who chose to stay home to raise my three children, and I took that job very seriously. As a non-traditional student, I am most proud of the fact that I raised three responsible adults. You are so correct that when people respect one another everything should fall into place. Unfortunately, respect is not always practiced in the real world. Maybe we need to be more concerned with the lack of respect being shown to each other, instead of whether or not gender bias exits. Great point Janna.

  • Marian326

    It is possible for powerful women to be perceived the same as men, but it needs to start with women treating each other the same as the men. I also do not think gender bias will ever be non-existent.

  • tjbaumeister08

    Thank you for sharing this. I definitely agree that gender bias still exists. It’s shocking to see that 77% of men and 66% of women think that men deserve employment over females. This is shocking because I didn’t expect the women’s percentage to be that high. Women should be thinking of themselves as equals to men. How do you think we can get more women to?

  • Mcgrailkk30

    I would have to say absolutely. Gender bias exists in many aspects of life. In the video it showed that the man who was confident was “smooth” but the female was a “show-off.” Women who are outgoing or outspoken are obnoxious and loud, but men are respected for those qualities. Men are threatened by successful independent women and therefore perceive their successful qualities as nuisances. There is also a stereotype that if a man and women hold the same status in an organization, then the man worked harder to get where he is and the women received help or breaks to get to that point in her career. Acknowledging this bias and refuting the many stereotypes is the first step to making the workplace more gender neutral.

  • MeierKM23

    Thanks for sharing this. I definitely agree that gender bias still exist. I think it has gotten better as I have gotten older, as women do hold a lot more of those higher positions now than before. I still found it shocking though that 77% of men and 66% of women think that men deserve employment over females, because as women’s numbers are getting higher in leadership positions, more people are seeing that women work just as hard to get those positions, but to see that high of a percentage is crazy to think that women still believe that. The video also opened my eyes but I hope we as a nation can eventually get passed this in the future, although I think it will last a long time. How long do you think this gender bias will last? What is your take on this?

  • AndreaBehling

    Kelly, your comments are completely on point. It amazes me how prevalent these biases are in our everyday lives. In my team building class, one of the texts we’re reading includes a section about gender roles and a role playing dialogue between a man and woman. It absolutely infuriates me, because the responses reinforce stereotypes we’ve been working for years to break down. I hope to someday live in a world where my future daughter is not confined by the gender stereotypes our society as so steadfastly put in place.

  • justin bowers

    Thank you for this article. I hope that this makes both men and women think of about the gender bias more than they do or don’t already. I most certainly agree that it still exist. Although I do believe that women have come a long way in the world in terms of becoming leaders and gaining equality, but it’s still an underlying issue in almost every profession and in just ordinary daily life. It’s bizarre a high percentage of women believe that men are more deserving of employment. That could be due to the fact that this demeaning representation of women has taken an actual effect on women’s perception of themselves and it’s awful that some women belief they aren’t worth more than or equal to a man. How long until we realize woman are just as capable as men?

  • justin bowers

    I definitely agree that we need to acknowledge this bias, both men and women, otherwise it’s going to continue to be this way. Of course women will continue to make progress, but without people truly understanding that this bias and unfairness exists, women will never be given the amount of credit they deserve or will deserve.

  • justin bowers

    I really like the issue you brought up about the equality between women who work and those who are stay at home parents. I think we forget that people are individuals and should be able to do whatever they desire, no matter the stereotype it may bring forth. You’re right in saying that all men and women are valuable so as long as they are doing what they love and doing it was passion and dedication. Whether it’s running a business or running a household.

  • strakaJA01

    i agree with what you are saying. I feel that the change in growth of women leaders has been a positive one the past few years and I hope that number keeps growing! I find that 66% of women that think men deserve employment over women to be sad. Women need to be the biggest advocates for themselves…but this number is not showing that. I have always believed that the most qualified applicant should be the person that gets the job, but I know that there is bias in any situation. My question is the same as yours, how long will this last? Are there things we are doing ourselves that are hindering this? Thank you for this article, Sandy!

  • ZakFritz

    We just talked about this in one of my classes. I think gender bias still does exist. Some of the things we talked about in class proves that. According to one of my professors females only make 80 cents to the dollar that men make. I have also heard stories my mom has told me. Some of the things she has said is ridiculous. It is not fair to her because she is one of he smartest person I know. Do you think it will ever be equal?

  • kalscheuar30

    I’ve seen this video before. It brings up interesting points. However, I don’t quite agree with all of the labels, but I see the point the making and I personally think they could’ve definitely made it longer. Gender bias still exists unfortunately, and in order to COMPLETELY get rid of it, our society would have to start completely new, wipe out everyone and start socializing men and women way differently than we do now starting as babies. It’s unfair and unrealistic, I know. Think of how we treat baby girls vs baby boys, and how at an early age we “know” what types of jobs men and women are supposed to have. That goes also for “correct” behavior for a male vs a female. It’s f*cked. The world also will never be non-prejudice as well. However, in my statistics class the stats on the types of jobs men and women tend to have and why. Which also throws off the stats as well.

  • GraceFelion

    I’ve seen this video before and while I hope those biases are not true, I know that some people still hold them. I want to be seen as a strong, independent woman and not be judged for being a woman who works hard at her career. I think that it’s important to embrace and love yourself no matter what people are going to think. The more we embrace differences, I think the more people will accept differences and see that it’s okay to have women in positions of power. For a shampoo commercial, this definitely is something that can get people talking!

  • Leahrebout

    I do think that gender stereotypes do seem to be improving however it is sad that they still exist at all. At this point in our society we’ve seen a lot of successful female mentors yet they still are not receiving the same acceptance in that role. I think that gender stereotypes are something everyone needs to just keep working to overcome. This was an inspiring video and article thank you for posting Sandy! How have you overcome these unfair stereotypes in your own life?

  • Evan Hibbs

    I believe gender bias still does exist but our society has come a long way and has tried to get better. To speak for myself, I definitely want my future wife to work if she wants, have a college degree or have taken some college courses, and pursue a career that she will love. If she chooses not to work and become a stay at home mom, I will certainly try my best to support my family by being the primary breadwinner of the family. I will support what she really wants to do. Also, I believe that women taking charge has nothing to do with tone, but dedication. My sister is a kindergarten teacher and straight out of college, she found a job. She took charge in that manner and I respect women who do that. When women are not nice, they might be labeled bitchy, when men aren’t nice, they’re assholes. I think it goes both ways. If a girl is nice, she’s sweet, if a guy is nice, he might be sweet as well, or even labeled a push-over. I do believe gender bias still exists, but women still have a lot of opportunity and can become very successful in today’s world.

  • WolfgramKA06

    This is definitely still an issue. I notice the
    ones where women are called bossy in the workplace pretty often. Also when they
    are seen as show offs or just dressing to outshine others, whereas men are just
    “smooth”. It is really sad, especially since there are more women’s leadership
    roles growing today. I wish men and women could both see each other as strong,
    but there is still a lot of gender bias. When do you think this is going to
    stop? Or do you think there will always be gender bias?

  • Kyle Schiedemeyer

    This video is true to an extent. I believe that the people who are making the labels are generally females judging other females. Dont get me wrong, there are men who are pushy, and bossy when they have power. I personally just believe that women are harder on each other and judge more when somebody has a lot of power over them. If I could ask Sandy a question it would be do you agree with my comment that men can be pushy and bossy too?

  • Ashley Nicole Rietbrock

    Thank you for sharing this article I found it very interesting. I do believe that gender bias still exists in many aspects of life. When thinking of big company most of the big CEO’s are man how are in charge and not many women are in charge. There are many stereotype for men and women. That men work harder to support there family, women aren’t strong enough, or they can do a man’s job. I think the world has gotten a lot better about that however, there is still that men are better for be bossing and in charge of stuff. I think in the future it will get a better because the world is always changing. Thank you again for sharing this article.

  • Ginosko

    Yes, I do think that gender bias exist, but I think that in this discussion the fingers are automatically pointed at men in society that are guilty and are primarily accused of this. to this I say that at face value this is true, but like anything if you wish to find truth one has to dig for it. Dont you think that both men and women are perceived in either light based on HOW they carry themselves in that role or HOW they communicate both verbal and non verbal. lets take the boss vs bossy. I have personally known both men and women to live in both catergories based on their ability or lack there of to effectively lead. the way they say things or dont say things. again i think that gender bias exists, im not ignorant to that, but I also think that it is really easy to reach for the gender card and not look at underlining issues or the lack of. Also although I firmly believe in equality of gender, the fact is that women by the way they are designed are just better atsome things than men are and the same with men. This is not a negative thing when looked through the proper perspective.

  • Kait Harman

    Biases will always exist especially gender biases in work places. I believe biases are something we are taught from society, just like racism will always be an issue. To be honest I know being biased in any way is wrong and I shame our society for teaching us it but it is truly based on opinions. Being biased is an issue we need to work on as a society and over come what we keep teaching the next gernerations. The real question is how can we over come all biases?

  • kolinjk29

    I believe that this is an issue that still exists in todays society. I believe that women have come along way with the way society thinks. Both men and women should have the same status in the office because everyone can represent equal qualities that everyone should stand for. Thanks for sharing

  • Jessica Andrew

    Thank you for sharing this video. I think that bias in society still exists today. It is something that everyone still needs a lot of work on. Women have come along way from what society used to think. They do still make less than what men make and stereotypes are put on them for them to seem inferior. Some men don’t like taking orders from women. How can we change society to being unbiased?

  • Jessica Coder

    As a female entering the workforce, this video brings up several good points regarding the way women are seen in today’s society- especially the corporate world. So far as a student, I don’t think being a female has held me back at all, but I do experience gender biases and it is important for me to take note of double standards in the work place and not allow myself to tolerate it.

  • Katie Ackerman

    I like how you compare gender biases to racism and that they are taught in society, I completely agree.

  • Haley Horn

    I believe gender bias still exists. It always has existed, and I feel like it always will. It is like a racial bias almost, I believe that it will forever exist. I don’t exactly know how to make the world unbiased, but we can always strive to make everyone equal. Have you personally been a victim of gender bias in the work force?

  • aulm92

    Thanks for the article. I would have to say that gender bias most certainly still exists. The norm of what is expected of men and women is completely different from a career, parenting and sexual point of view. I feel as though when some women try to be the boss they come off as “bossy” because people aren’t used to seeing it or dealing with it. On the other hand, I feel as though some women attempt to over do it while trying to prove that women can be the boss. Do you think gender bias can be fixed eventually? Or are there always going to be people who believe in the gender bias?

  • laurenkraft

    Thank you for this post. I definitely would have to say gender bias still exists not only in the work place but in many aspects of life. The video clip you shared was so perfect. Women in the workplace versus men in the workplace is a huge difference and that is just so sad to me that society has made people believe that there is a difference between working men, and working woman.. both are very capable of being dedicated and hard workers as well both can be selfish and a show-off. Just depends on what qualities and traits they own, not on their gender in my opinion. The statistic you shared at the end, where 77% of males and 66% of females believe that men deserve employment more than woman is very shocking to me. What is your take on this?

  • schrammjm26

    I definitely believe that gender bias is very alive in some geographic areas or specific companies but has a much smaller presence than it has in the past. I very well could have a naive perception because of the area I am in I see everyone treated equally for the most part. As a man I can tell you I have no problem having a female boss, I test her out as I do with male bosses to see what her personality is whether that be strict, compassionate, etc. however treat them no differently based on gender and I haven’t seen my peers do so either. At the same token I find it disgusting that the majority of people believe that men deserve employment more than women. People should be in positions that suit their characteristics whether it be a a female CEO or a male stay at home dad.

  • Caitlin Snyder

    I think gender bias definitely still exists. My mother used to own her own company so obviously she had to be stern and bold, yet many people, especially men, called her bossy and controlling. These men were just threatened by the fact that she is an independent and successful business woman. It is a real shame that this type of thinking still exists in today’s society, especially in the business world.

  • Caitlin Snyder

    Kelly, i completely agree with you! I saw first hand gender bias towards my mom my entire life. Being a woman and owning your own construction company is absolutely not a walk in the park. Men are just threatened, and I hope one day these type of people can see that anyone can be successful with a good work ethic and a strong head.

  • Max Rude

    I believe that it does. I have seen it happens in the work force. I have seen it before but the women stood up for herself. After that I never saw it again there so I do believe it can be stopped.

  • Willie

    I think your views are right on point. If there is gender inequality I have yet to see it, at least here on campus and in my community back home. I also agree with your views on the fact that even women believe that men deserve employment more than women because some men are lazy and don’t want to do anything so why should women be penalized for that?

  • Amanda O.

    There is no doubt gender bias still exists and may have worsen in many cases – and in many aspects of life as well. We’ve been trying for generations to break the stereotypes and to find equality in not only the workforce but also in our everyday lives. How do you think we should go about that to change these stereotypes? Thank you so much for sharing! It’s a great read!

  • Kevin Weber

    There is no doubt that gender biases still exist and I believe it will be difficult to change. With the way our society has become, I feel like changes will create arguments. I believe gender bias is big on opinion, which is wrong. People view gender bias as more of a social aspect, instead of a dedication. Women are just as hard-working as men, and deserve fair treatment.

  • Brittney Glende

    I very much so agree that gender bias does still exist but I do believe that women are becoming just as equal to men now a days… It isn’t as obscene as it used to be and maybe thats just what I see but thats how I feel. The statistics that you presented us with is very shocking to me and almost upsetting. I love to work and to be successful and to make money its what makes me happy. The fact that there is that statistic out there stating that we all believe men deserve employment over women is crazy. I do not agree with that at all. Women work just as hard as men do according to their ability. How do you feel about that statistic? Do you feel Men deserve employment over us women? Thank you for writing this article as it was very interesting to ready and to think about.

  • Frank_Stanek

    Unfortunately I would most definietly have to say that gender bias DOES still exist. I find it incredibly sad that we have yet to move past something as archaic as believing that one gender is inferior to the other, or at the very least that women cannot be judged in the same way as men. Growing up in a family of three sisters and a mother I have always had a very strong respect for the strength of women and have never doubted that women are just as capable as men in anything that they want to do. This is why a topic like this is so frsutrating to me and why I have zero tolerance for people who still can’t see beyond someone’s sex.

  • Kendra Larson

    Gender bias still does exist today. Just like in your video, men are looked at higher than women in society. Initially, society continues to portray women as if they do not contribute anything to society. In your video it showed a man being the boss of his company, and then it then it showed a woman who was in the same position, but instead she was portrayed as bossy, rather than a woman in power that is just trying to do her job. I think that gender bias is never going to go away. It has been present throughout generations and continues to get worse. What do you think? Do you think that gender bias is going to start to fade away? or is it going to become worse? Thank you for sharing this article.

  • John Harbaugh

    I think gender bias’ still exist in the workplace today and will for the immediate future. Men and women have been treated un-equally in the workplace due to the values and foundation our descendants have lived on. The only way we can begin to go against this vicious cycle is by reinforcing the equality between men and women’s work. Equal skills and qualifications justify the means of hiring and retaining employment, your gender should have no stake at all.

  • KevinThomson32

    Gender bias absolutely still happens and it is a shame. People think women are less educated and should stay home and do those types of chores, but in reality, I have learned more from my women teachers than I have my male teachers. I know that is a small aspect of your life, but I am just saying without them I would not be who I am today.

  • KevinThomson32

    Thank you, this is awesome. Men and women should take on equal positions in the work place and have the same responsibilities. We live to far in the past and until we realize that this isn’t 50 years ago I do not see it changing.

  • katie yanke

    I think gender biases definitely still exist, but I think
    society is changing. In my women’s studies classes we are learning about what
    it was like for women in the 1900’s and how different it was for them compared
    to now. I am hoping in a couple years there will be no gender bias but that may
    be wishful thinking. I was born in the 1990’s and I can see a complete change in
    media representation of women in Disney movies for children but also government
    positions, and that is just in two decades. It makes me feel hopeful that gender
    bias will become a thing of the past. Thanks for the video Sandy!

  • Zach Perkins

    Despite the fact that it isn’t really spoken of much, I would definitely say that is does exist. This is something that women who aspire “leading” careers often will encounter. I think many women don’t really comprehend this fact, mainly in large part because it is all they have ever known. When did you start to realize that gender bias existed?

  • katie bartlein

    In many work places, gender bias still exists. Although during this day and age I think many companies are trying to equalize the problem. I also think that in some settings it isn’t the companies fault, but societies in general. As a personal trainer many people would rather spend their time with a male then a female. I believe this is due to the muscle gains of a man vs. women. However, my boss treats me the same as any body else in the company. At this rate, I would blame society and the pressure they put on the fitness world. I am sure in other situations different from mine, the gender bias is situational. I like how the video encourages women to keep going and strive for what they want. How can we get society to change their opinion on the gender bias? I mean 50% of the population is women, we must do something about it.

  • Keal7685

    I completely agree that gender bias still exists, and I am not just saying that because I am a girl. At my old work my boss was a woman and she was very strict but ran a great business. Employees would talk about her behind her back and call her rude names. Our boss before that was similar but a man and no one said anything about him. Just a small observation but this article and video reminded me of it. Gender equality has come a long way from the past though and I will fully admit that.

  • Amanda Laatsch ?

    I would say definitely yes, gender bias still exists. It has gotten tremendously better throughout the years, but I think it is going to be something that always exists. Men will always be looked at as superior, even if a woman is better qualified for the job. But it also goes both ways. In some cases, women are looked at as better for the job. For example, in nursing or in teaching. Most people think that woman are more suite for the job in teaching and in nursing, and especially in nursing, it is looked at as strange if a man is a nurse. I think that is mainly because men are supposed to have “manly” jobs, but there is nothing unmanly about a man being a teacher or a nurse, in my opinon. I believe that gender bias will continue to get better as we go along, but I do believe that it will always exist, unfortunately.

  • sarahbrooks

    Thank you for sharing.Yes, I would say gender bias still does
    exist. I think that it is just easier for women to see compared to
    men, because it happens to us. It’s just like people being racist.
    African Americans are more likely to notice that they are getting
    treated unfairly, or looked at differently, because it is happening
    to them. Where as nowadays, some people think that it does not happen
    as often. For women, with all of the signs and labels of them being
    bossy or why they should not be the boss, is due to society’s
    expectations in a man and women role. Woman are supposed to work at
    home, and take care of the children and house. Where as a guy is
    suppose to work and take care of the bills. They are characterized as
    the dominent one. What people havn’t realized is that times have
    changed! Do you think that people will always be bias about women, no matter how much time goes by?

  • Anthony Urbanski

    Yes the gender bias does still exist, and it needs to be changed. The video was very inspiring, it shows what needs to be changed. Although women have made a ton of progresses there is still a ways to go. How do we get more people to recognize this?

  • Jessica Aschenbrenner

    Yes, they do! Labeling women does exist, and that video says it all. It’s unfortunate that women see the need to match men’s performance or personality and then when they do, they are seen as pushy or bossy or whatever comes to mind. How do we stop this? And if we don’t let labels affect us, then would that be considered rebellious?

  • Logan Dohmeier

    I certainly would agree that gender bias does exist in many facets of life. But, the level of bias that exists now is absolutely nothing near what our history represents. Women have come a long, long way in society in regards to their own representation and how women are as equal as any other person on the planet. I think that men and women both are gifted with unique qualities and skills that can contribute to a greater whole when put together. The one thing that I get bothered by is the finger pointing. History has shown that when there is a problem, finger pointing and straight up accusations of another race or sex only causes greater resistance from those representing the “other side”. For instance, there are men who are blatantly sexist and are clearly negatively contributing to the issue, but at the same time there are also women who go to the extreme and represent some of the posed stereotypes. To solve issues such as racism and sexism I think it is going to take more time and more of a community effort in dissolving the current stereotypes to move forward. Racism and sexism are constructs of learned experiences usually derived from a child’s parents or society. There is too much emphasis put on showing the inequalities displayed through these stereotypes and this can only reinforce them for certain people. We have to stop looking at differences altogether and focus on similarities. There are a lot of different opinions on how to approach such a sensitive topic, but I think it is going to take less finger pointing and more cooperation in understand what makes us all so great as human beings.

  • Jen McKiernan

    Although I think it has gotten better, I do believe that gender bias still exists. Women have stereotypes about them that will be hard to break. I think that the video shows some great examples of this that are still very common. I think that it is most common in the work force. Women seem to be taken less seriously than men especially in a high up leader position. I also think that women are judged by their outfit choices more often than men are. Gender bias is not something that will disappear soon but I think it is something that we must continue to work on.

  • hanzimm23

    I wish I could say
    that gender bias is non-existent in today’s world but that just is not the
    case. I feel like gender bias will always exist just like racism still exist,
    it will just get less pronounced. It is true when you said, why is it that women
    who take charge tend to be called bossy, whereas men who do the same are just
    doing their job as a boss,” and it sucks that this is the reality. Gender Bias
    is definitely getting better than it was hundreds of years ago but it is still
    lurking in every workplace or just anywhere really. Like women’s basketball for
    example: women’s basketball never gets the credit it deserves and is very over
    looked by many people. I hope we will continue to extinguish gender bias and
    get to a better tomorrow with more equality among men and women.

  • Jessica Walker

    I absolutely say that gender bias still exists. We have all played a role, and continued this thought that women are below men. We come off as being annoying, having an attitude, trying too hard to get attention. It was interesting to see the part where the man was walking across the street and the label was “smooth” and the woman who walked across was labeled “show off” just because she had fewer clothes on. Although her clothes weren’t revealing, that is what we see it as now –“oh she’s trying to show off her legs so she can get more attention” or to get the new raise she has been looking for. In all reality, if women all dressed in suits and we didn’t do our hair and make up, we are then considered to look like a “slob” or similar to a male. It is hard to find a happy medium being a woman. Where do you think this bias started from? Do you think it will ever end?

  • Josh Pritchard

    I agree with you Anthony. I think gender bias does still exist and yes, it does need to be changed. This was a great video and once again, i agree with you. Women have made a lot of progress but there is still things that need to be changed. What can we do as a society to get rid of this bias?

  • clemonsel02

    I completely agree that there is still gender bias when it comes to the world today. Just the statistic that 77% of men and 66% of woman still believe that men deserve employment over woman. This reality is completely awful. I feel that everyone needs to learn to fight for what they deserve and never give up because of what others are going to say. Why do you think our world is still this way? Do you think woman will ever truely be equal?

  • PKroening

    Thanks for sharing the article! I do believe that gender bias still exists not only in the workplace but in other areas of life as well. I think one thing that really popped out to me would be the statistic where 66 percent of females think that men deserve employment more than women. What do you think is a good way for a woman to be in charge but seen as less of a “bossy” person.

  • PKroening

    I agree with you completely. I read that you think that companies are trying to equalize the problem. Do you think they really are giving a solid effort to equalize the problem or do you think that the big companies are just saying that as a cover up?

  • PKroening

    The way you said this is perfect. Gender bias has become an opinion. Also, I agree with you when you said that it would be difficult to change. Having the “top dog” in a company be a man has sort of become the norm. It would be really difficult to have an in charge woman and have her workers not see her as bossy.

  • PKroening

    Saying that gender bias has almost become the same problem as racial bias is spot on. Just like different races, different genders are seen in different ways in the work place and it will definitely be hard to change that.

  • Jack Delabar

    First of all, I am an old school kind of guy, so I won’t express my opinion and stir the pot too much, but of course gender bias exists! I believe it will for as long as I live at least. It is similar to racism in that some people want to say and believe it doesn’t exist anymore but it simply does. There is no way around it. Even if a woman was elected president – the most respected and highly coveted position in the country, bias would still exist. If she made a poor decision, it would be “because shes a woman” to many members of the nation. So I would challenge someone to find a solution or at least a a temporary fix for the ignorant people, because they are definitely around. Thanks for the post Sandy.

  • Jazmine Williams

    I completely agree with you! Sure, today there are so many
    women that do what men are “supposed” to do, and vice versa, but the
    negative reactions will never stop occurring. It seems like we are programed to see certain characteristics of men and women as normal and if they go against that….all hell breaks loose. Gender roles are what is causing this bias and people don’t like to see what isn’t normal, so of course seeing a man stay home to watch the kids rather than work is a big slap in the face. Honestly, as long as the individual knows what they are standing for the biases should not

  • Keeli Gilbert

    Oh, there is not a question in my mind that gender bias’ still exist. My mother used to run her own company and is now traveling up the mountain to the top of a a company, but in her own business because she was female she noticed that the men of other companies if she would do a training would not listen to her because she was a female. Some men wouldn’t even take her seriously. In the food industry, there’s no time for these bias’, people are becoming ill because someone hasn’t done the right thing because they didn’t listen to the right person.
    It is so interesting to still see that men are potentially threatened by women because we could be taking their spot one day. Thanks for the article. I feel that it is a good thing to keep in mind when you are traveling to the top of the leader board. As a female, good for you. Go get it. Prove everyone who ever doubted you, dead wrong.

  • lex_alwaysMIA

    Yes! In the year 2014 unfortunately it does exist. Gender bias is something that all women will face if they choose to enter the workforce. Also if they do anything involving trying to better themselves. With society still dominated by males, women face this bias and some prejudice due to this factor. As women we know that there is a double standard. Even though that standard exist does not mean we have to conform to this idea. As a young woman of color I am going to strive to be the best woman that I can possibly be. I am not going to allow society decide my future because I am a woman. I am woman and there is no other way I would want it to be.

  • Tyler Steinmetz

    Awesome end to your comment!! It’s awesome that you are so confident and passionate in the person that you are! I hate that gender bias exists today and I agree with you that society is dominated by males and females have that bias and prejudice. Women are looked at as not being able to lead or not being a strong individual. When you get down to it, we are all human, and I believe that should always be how it is viewed.

  • Caleb Trantow

    I think gender bias does still exist, but I dont think it should purely be seen as women always getting the sour end of things. Now I do believe that overall, gender bias happens to the disadvantage of women, but sometimes in trying to seem unbias, a backlash bias can happen as well. I believe that if this issue is discussed it needs to be discussed to show that there should be equality for all and that every story is unique. Generalizations are bad and is a lot of the reason why sexism and racism is still seen today. I believe in some areas of the world a negative bias towards women is much more prevalent than others, yet if the only message we hear is fighting against extreme bias as if it is everywhere and not recognizing success in the progress we have made in reducing this bias, then things will never be truly equal and isn’t that the overall goal? Please don’t hurt me haha : /

  • byrnesbk24

    I have heard a different term used instead of “bossy”….”bitchy”…..women in power are totally looked at differently then men in power. Take Hilary Clinton for example. I am in a recreation/ phy. ed/ sports type of field and it is dominated by men, especially the sports side of it. Hopefully this can change in the near future.

  • Brandon

    Thanks for this article!! I think there totally is some kind gender bias today with women they have to almost a role model to set examples for others which is important. Sometimes men just think women can’t do the same job as them which isn’t always true and we need to acknowledge that.

  • lepkowskjj29

    I totally agree even jobs nowadays that have always been for men like firefighting now have women firefighters.

  • AmandaBrom

    I really enjoyed this video. I feel like it has a strong message and it is clear to see. I think we still struggle with gender bias today. Women have made huge progress in the work environment but they are still seen as these labels. I feel that once someone creates this label or puts it on you it is hard to remove. This is something women struggle with everyday. There are labels based what women wear and what they say. This is a big problem that we face today because if the bias continues we can never move forward.

  • sarahbrooks

    I agree with you that it is not fair. That is just how the world works. Its the same with skin color. I dont think it will ever be 100% equal. As time goes on I believe it will get better but will not change completely. What is your opinion on it ever being equal?

  • ZakFritz

    I think it will get better. The idea of equal gender is relatively new so it has not had the time to perfect itself yet. Our parents were raised one way that is not necessarily the right way, but that is the way it is right now. Once we start working it will get better I believe.

  • Sam Kuchenreuther

    I agree that it definitely exists. Even though that’s hard for me to say because if my boss or teacher shows they know their profession, I really don’t care what their gender is. I think that a gender bias still exists though. One of my biggest pet peeves is when a woman feels they need to be more bossy in order to be taken seriously. I understand where she is coming from but if she knows her material, I’m going to take her seriously if she’s bossy or not.

  • LevenhagAL14

    It definitely exists! I’m a journalism major and I had a man in a broadcasting class of mine tell me that I can’t get involved in sports journalism because only men are passionate about sports. I could hardly control my emotions! I’ve played sports my entire life, and watch more baseball than some men that I know, but the man told me that because of my gender, I would lose credibility (because women aren’t passionate about sports) in the circumstance of sports broadcasting. I’ll never forget that. There are so many other circumstances; being a woman sales associate at my part time job, I have remarks made to me all the time that either you can be a woman sales associate, or you can be a gay male associate. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous the way that society still addresses gender roles but I am hopeful that my future children won’t have to experience the same disrespect that I go through on a regular basis.

  • Amy Rink

    I loved this!! It is so true, being a women in the field of business I do believe they get looked at different by society just like the video showed. People give them a negative meaning when that shouldn’t be the case at all! How do we try and overcome this stereotype for women though?

  • KJ

    Gender bias exists even before the workplace. Go to any college campus and you see more men in leadership positions or in the business and engineering fields. I think it will take time to level the playing field but it is getting better.

  • Adelin Soelaiman

    Women and men are so different, and of course they and their roles are
    perceived differently. I am sure and I am agree that gender bias still exists
    and it is still a rather delicate question which can be seen from different
    points of view. Everyone is a part of society and has to play his or her role.
    Do you remember W. Shakespeare? “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. So, we play the role which is convenient for the society and for the majority of people. If someone is not satisfied with it and tries to change something, this person often meets a lot of obstacles. Unfortunately, the majority of them are connected with prejudices and stereotypes.

    Maybe woman is still seen like an inappropriate person for leadership because of her femininity. Good leader is associated with strong, sometimes aggressive, even rough character, and it is maybe untypical for women to show such features. From the other side, if we imagine man who doesn’t have such a brilliant career plans and doesn’t want to achieve success, he also will be criticized. For example, if man is better in some sphere which was associated with women, it would be strange for the society to accept it. I think it is the serious problem. It should be changed. It is great that there are people who don’t afraid to try to challenge common views.

  • turbo_frey

    It is sad that so many people still believe in this today when it fact, it is become the exact opposite. More and more women are seen graduating college with bachelor’s degrees today than men, and are therefore more likely to attend and commit to college or grad school. Women today are seen taking over the workforce, but are still being portrayed as less superior than men. The gender roles are reversing slowly, and hopefully so will the stereotypes in the near future. A woman can do anything a man can do if she puts her mind to it. We are all created equally.

  • turbo_frey

    More and more women are seen graduating college with bachelor’s degrees today than men, and are therefore more likely to attend and commit to college or grad school. However, as you stated, men are more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree in a field seen as masculine than women. Even though women today are seen taking over the workforce, they are still being portrayed as less superior than men and are only beginning to take over CEO positions. As I have stated in a recent post, the gender roles are reversing slowly, and with time, so will the stereotypes.

  • kristinwagner32

    This is completely accurate. Yes I believe gender bias exists in many different situations in our lifetime. The sad thing is, is it does make some women really think they cannot achieve something or do what the guy did. Constant stereotypes can either make or break a person. My favorite two were “persuasive” versus “pushy” and “boss” versus “bossy”- no matter what in life women are always considered the (you know whats) when trying to voice their opinion. However when a man speaks up some people bow down and its like he tames them. Suggestions to solve these assumptions though is a hard concept..what do you think??

  • Taylor Schulz

    I think that gender bias will always exist, whether we want to accept that or not. Stereotypes and biases based on gender show up in many different aspects of life. From the workplace, even to the media, it is there. I think that men have had the upper hand since the beginning of time and society and norms have kind of just followed along. Not that it is true that only men are leaders and are successful, but it is true that people think in that manner so the bias will always exist.

  • Mcgrailkk30

    Yes, I am glad you put it that way. The bias does not necessarily prevent women from succeeding (although in some cases it certainly does) but it takes away from the “credit” they deserve for working hard and being successful.

  • Mcgrailkk30

    Do you think there will ever be a time where gender bias will not matter? Looking over the course of history, we have come quite a long way. Do you think that even in 30 or 40 years we can completely eliminate gender bias?

  • Taylor Schulz

    I think that gender bias has definitely decreased with time but personally, I think it will always be there somewhat. Who knows, maybe the gender bias will switch roles. Maybe the women will begin to become the persuasive ones and the men pushy etc.

  • Jessica Mendoza

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this story Amber. It is a great example of gender bias and shows how much women are degraded. It is so ridiculous the way that society still addresses gender roles, but I am hopeful as well. I think that if we lead by good example, great things can happen. Don’t let who ever told you you can’t get involved with sports journalism get you down! You are capable of anything that you set your mind to!

  • Jennifer Lynn

    Of course gender bias still exists! This article even leaves statistics to support the idea. As a college student who is about to get her degree I am going into a field that is female driven (teaching). I think we all see the gender biases we are just afraid to admit that they are real and very prevalent in our lives. Do you think gender biases will ever be nonexistent?

  • Katie Ackerman

    So because you are “an old school” kind of guy and you realize that a gender bias still exists, does that mean you agree that it is okay to pay women less? (I enjoy stirring the pot, as long as I am paid the same as you.)

  • Katie Ackerman

    It’s pretty ridiculous that this still exists. I just want to shake people some times! Men should be threatened by women. We’ve fought before and we will fight again for equal rights AND pay.

  • Connor Driscoll

    Thank you for posting! This topic is relevant to everyone because I certainly believe that gender bias is alive in today’s world. For example, someone once told me that the female working at the weight room I attend at home shouldn’t be employed there. When I asked why not the person simply responded with “because she is a female.” This type of response left me confused at how to respond without losing my mind. How do you combat such ignorance?

  • Palecekb

    Yes, This is exactly right. Michelle Obama and strong women such as Beyonce are working on a new campaign to end the word “Bossy” because it has shown to discourage outgoing, strong young women to hold back and not take leadership positions because they are seen and bossy and pushy by classmates. This video captures it perfectly in every way, politically and socially. Thank you for the post, what other ways do you think companies, organizations or even society will encourage young girls to take leadership roles?

  • Palecekb

    Sam, I think this is a really good point. Gender should not matter, what should matter is if the material and knowledge is known well enough to be respected. I think of the saying “practice what you preach” when talking about this. If you know what your talking about and you follow the meaning or rules of the topic, your gender should not get in the way of the information provided.

  • Palecekb

    Zach, you say that it is not spoken of much, do you think this is because it does not apply to you? So that it is not brought up in conversations as much? The reason I ask is because it is such a big deal that there is a new campaign called Ban the word Bossy. They feel that young girls are discouraged from taking leadership roles because of being called bossy or controlling by classmates. Do you think that you were unaware of the topic of the campaign because you are the opposite sex?

  • Jane Strode Miller

    The bigger question for me is this: how do you overcome a label to be comfortable as the great person you are? I don’t think labels will ever go away, so how do we not let labels define us? There is a very powerful self-confidence when you can be happy in your own skin. A little refresher is my favorite poem, IF, my Rudyard Kipling. Written 100 years ago, it is still relevant today:

  • Adelin Soelaiman

    Women and men are so different, and of course they and
    their roles are perceived differently. I am sure and I am agree that gender
    bias still exists and it is still a rather delicate question which can be seen
    from different points of view. Everyone is a part of society and has to play
    his or her role. Do you remember W. Shakespeare? “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. So, we play the role which is convenient for the society and for the majority of people. If someone is not satisfied with it and tries to change something, this person often meets a lot of obstacles. Unfortunately, the majority of them are connected with prejudices and stereotypes.

    Maybe woman is still seen like an inappropriate person for leadership because of her femininity. Good leader is associated with strong, sometimes aggressive, even rough character, and it is maybe untypical for women to show such features. From the other side, if we imagine man who doesn’t have such a brilliant career plans and doesn’t want to achieve success, he also will be criticized. For example, if man is better in some sphere which was associated with women, it would be strange for the society to accept it. I think it is the serious problem. It should be changed. It is great that there are people who don’t afraid to try to challenge common views.

  • chikahendrawan

    In my opinion, gender bias will always be present in many aspect of life. Families, friends, and coworkers. Even though the tolerance of gender differences is much lower than it was few decades ago, it has not been completely gone.Probably, in the US gender bias or discrimination is lower than more conservative countries, such as, asian countries. I come from Indonesia and I can tell you that women who has a higher position / salary in work compared to her husband is usually judged as a “ruling” wife and will take over family’s decisions. I personally that way of thinking is just sooo yesterday.


    There is no doubt that the gender bias still exists. Many companies relish the opportunity to work for a male and sometimes women have to work harder to prove themselves in businesses. Because there are many people think women are inferior to men. As a matter of fact, women around the world are still prevented and discouraged from receiving an education, especially in Asia. However, in my point of view, gender should not matter. Today, there are a number of women do well in many aspects. Obviously, women’s capabilities are often underestimated. Actually, women are no less capable than men. If they are provided more opportunities, they can performance great as well

  • Andersonjc16

    Even though i feel many of us would like to think that in today world we would be past this but it is still obviously there. Many just choose not to talk about it, I have seen it very often were i work and even just hear it from others we tend to make quick judgments or allow others to influence how we feel. We let words and our own insecurities to allow us to belittle or label others who mostly likely are just working harder than us.

  • vitalecm03

    Love this short video! Absolutely it still exists! In my workplace I was told that i could not move up to a management position because I am too emotional but then two guys I work with were given the opportunity I wanted because they were not emotional. As a result I sit back and watch how this plays out seeing as I have worked for this company way longer than either of the men who got the management position, and watch the cookie crumble. They do not know what to do in certain situations and are scared to make a decision because they do not know if it is a wrong one. I’ve worked long enough for this company to know how to handle situations but I am still over looked because Im and emotional female.

  • jkailing

    I think that gender biases still do exist even if people don’t
    think that they do. I think that it may exist and be alive in today’s world and
    people might not even notice it because it’s so ingrained in our society. I
    know that there are jobs that are still considered to be for men only, or that
    women wouldn’t be able to handle to work. I think that teaching elementary
    school kids has a gender biases towards women doing it, I think that in my entire
    time in elementary school I only had one male teacher. One question that I would
    ask the author is that do you even think that gender biases will be eliminated
    from our society?

  • Andrew Lauw

    In my opinion, gender bias has decreased over decades. I don’t agree on some of the “stereotypes” that the video shares, but I agree on part where a female leader is often called as “bossy.” This could be caused by a long history of female being “housewives” and male being “the worker.”

  • Mcgrailkk30

    I agree with you and that’s an interesting idea, but I do agree that it will most likely be there if not always for a very long time. Gender bias exists in so many aspects of life and until they can all be addressed, I do not think gender bias in the work place will be erased. The biggest bias I can think of that will always be present is the issue of safety. Women are inherently afraid of being attacked by men, but men are most afraid of being embarrassed by women. In this aspect women may always be seen as “weaker,” and as long as this bias still exists other biases will too.

  • GrycowskAJ17

    I agree that the gender bias has decreased, but it definitely has not gone away. The bossy vs dedicated difference in men and women is so true, yet sad.

  • GrycowskAJ17

    I feel that most of us here in the United States feel that the biases still exist, but think of some of the third world countries. Our goal should be to change that too, but we need to change that perception in the US first.

  • Alyssa Borgrud

    So many gender biases still exist today. It is a shame that women are still seen under men. It is 2014… when are we going to see change? I think that too many people are still stuck in their ways and do not give women the respect that they deserve. If women were given the opportunity to accomplish tasks that some think of as “manly”, I think that most would be surprised that we could do it, too.
    Also, I think that women do fall into the “blame” category sometimes too. Depending how we are raised, we (women) are sometimes taught not to take part in “manly” tasks. I hope that these predetermined stereotypes are soon dropped and there is equality for all.

  • Jack Delabar

    I don’t necessarily agree that paying women less because they’re women is the correct thing to do. I believe that if a woman works as hard as a man and produces the same results as them, they should be paid the same wage.

  • Jack Delabar

    Fight as you must, but I think that the few are ruining the fate of the many in this circumstance. Unless you fully understand the issue, (not implying that you don’t) you should stay out and let the more politically learned individuals dispute their case.

  • Katie Ackerman

    I hope to be your boss some day.

  • Katie Ackerman

    Unfortunately those politically learned individuals aren’t as “learned” as they should be.

  • Connor Driscoll

    I agree with you that the problems in different countries are significantly different. I would also agree that we must focus on solving our own problems first because it is something we have far more control over. Alex, where do you typically see such biases in today’s society?

  • jkailing

    I think that some of this is true, but I also think that it works the other way as well. I think that teaching young kids such as elementary school teacher is considered a women’s job and not many men pursue a degree in elementary education. I never had male teachers in elementary school. I agree that these stereotypes need to be dropped soon as it would open up more career opportunities for both genders.

  • Tammy Hartmann

    Sandy, thank you for sharing a strong and clear message about gender bias. I agree, and even if this is not new information to me, I continue to see the existent patterns. I especially agree with, “Don’t let labels hold you back.” Honestly, what can we do about this? People can quarrel about whether or not biases still exist. Modern-day generations of women often find this kind of conversation a turn-off, and ignore doing whatever needs to be done. Eventually, men find this is not true and respect woman more. I know it can be very exhausting.

    Do you think there is a bias against the male gender?

  • Amy Rink

    As sad as it is, you are 100% on point. Women are trying to make a stand and when they do, like the video said they come across as pushy, selfish, or vein. Many women just want to make a name for themselves and to prove all those people who told them they couldn’t that they actually can.

  • GrycowskAJ17

    There are so many but an easy one that comes to mind is working out. It is perfectly acceptable for males to go lift weights but commonly you will hear someone surprised when a female says she is going to lift. I have even heard “Lift? Do you mean run?” I can’t believe it.

  • jack lomax

    I’ve been trying to word my argument for the past 10 minutes, then scrolled down to your comment and you nailed it! I completely agree with everything you’ve said. I’m not even going to try make a comment. It’s just going to get shamed by this in comparison.

  • Katie Ackerman

    It’s definitely an interesting take on it, never really looked at it like that.

  • Palecekb

    yes I agree with you in the fact that it is sad. Women should not be seen in leadership roles as any different then men leaders. Dedication is a good trait to have, but it is being negatively labeled.

  • Palecekb

    I correct myself, Michelle Obama is just a supporter in this, and not a activist like other females such as Beyonce or Sheryl Sandberg.

  • GrycowskAJ17

    Dedication is dedication, it doesn’t matter who does it!

  • Chris Williams

    I definitely believe that gender bias is very alive in some geographic areas or specific companies but has a much smaller presence than it has in the past. I very well could have a naive perception because of the area I am in I see everyone treated equally for the most part. As a man I can tell you I have no problem having a female boss, I test her out as I do with male bosses to see what her personality is whether that be strict, compassionate, etc. however treat them no differently based on gender and I haven’t seen my peers do so either. At the same token I find it disgusting that the majority of people believe that men deserve employment more than women. People should be in positions that suit their characteristics whether it be a a female CEO or a male stay at home dad.

  • Angela Hoch

    Jack, I literally was just thinking the same thing. Adelin completely nailed it right on the head. I loved how you separated the two arguments and broke it down for others to understand what you were saying. Great points! Honestly!

  • Jcoppa

    You’re right. Women may have a way of accidentally keeping that ceiling there. Women talk down to each other, sometimes it’s hard for women to encourage each other honestly, so that all shows when trying to thrive as a woman.

    We need to understand that this is not an individual race, it’s a group marathon!

  • Palecekb

    it is a trait worth looking for in employees along with compassion and hard work!

  • GrycowskAJ17

    Yeah, except when you fill out a job application there are no boxes with compassion, hard working, or dedicated. It says male, female, or does not associate.

  • John Darrow

    I believe gender bias’ do exist. It’s unfortunate but in my opinion it’s related mostly to gender roles and what men or women may or may not be “responsible for” in daily life. It’s something unspoken more times than not, the elephant in the room if you will. However, it has been a topic that people have become more comfortable with but has it in fact began to not be an issue? I can’t say I believe that to be true. Human nature is having your own opinion and thoughts about roles of men and women and evaluating how those are done. Having said all of this I think men and women hold a lot of responsibility in this world and both will continue to be successful in all ways.

  • wdjaz313

    I believe that gender bias starts even in kindergarten. Girls who take in charge are called “bossy”, but no negative title for boys doing the same thing. I also believe that those perspectives come from their parents because thats where kids learn things from. When people see a dad taking care of kids, people appreciate it but no one does that to moms. When kids see and hear those gender bias things, thats what they also say at school. I think it is really importatant for us not to be gender bias, so our kids can have no gender bias world.

  • Danielle Hernandez

    No matter what the jobs qualifications and duties required are women will always be undermined in the workplace. These labels are going to exist forever even with popular debate over women been seen as equals because everyone wants to think of women as sensitive caring mothers not as their boss.

  • Samantha

    I think that if gender bias still exists, it does not affect the way that people are hired, therefore it is simply a non issue at this point-and therefore should stop being discussed. Men and women are different-it is a just a fact. Just like people of color are different from white people. I would like to put on rose colored glasses, skip through a meadow and pretend we are all equal-but then I would live in the YA novel The Giver and wouldn’t that be awfully boring?

    As long as we live in a colorful world, then well, people are colorful. If it does not affect the hiring and firing and treatment of people, then we need to stop this discussion-because if we stop it, it kills the fire. There are ALWAYS going to be bad eggs in society who treat others badly because of silly reasons, but hopefully those people are not making executive decisions anymore-and if they are, we will be able to spot them and weed them out quickly. Frankly, by whining about gender bias, we do exactly what the old stereotypical woman would do–whine about gender bias, and I do not like it. Man up women in the workplace, strap on your heels, go to work, and be glad that you are being called bossy, domineering, and other manly adjectives–it means you are finally being treated like a man.

    Women are already more enrolled in more Ivy League universities than men, they are soon on their way to more spots in better job positions, and they are doing it all while looking better dressed. And hey, not bad for only having the vote for less than 200 years!

    Chill out women–go with the flow. We are okay! Chill with the adjectives. (unless of course its that time of the month.)

  • Jaelyn Edwards

    Gender bias in the work force is simply an extension of the expectations of gender roles in everyday life. Women are thought to be bossy when they stand up for themselves because they are expected to be subservient to a degree. For women they are often placed in a loose loose situation. Hopefully one day women will only be able to win the battle of bias.

  • http://Unreasonable.Is/ Cat George

    thanks for sharing Jaelyn! Do you have any thoughts on how we can most effectively and quickly evolve society to a place where women are no longer confined by this lose-lose scenario?

    p.s. if you are passionate about inspiring women, you should check out Unreasonable’s upcoming accelerator program (

  • sgawinski

    I understand that gender bias probably does still exist. I will say this. I worked for a woman who was my manager for about 2 years. She was very bossy, strict, hard to get along with, etc. But she was fair. She was consistent. She, deep inside really did care about her employees. And she was the best boss I ever had, even though it wasn’t always fun working for her. I have an extreme amount of respect for her to this day.

  • mark metz

    Lets be real here on gender bias . First the wage gap . Its a known fact washingtons reports on it were rigged . When a man takes a women out on a date who pays in most cases ?? Men . When a man takes a women out for a drink who pays ?? Men in most cases , who buys gifts for who in many cases ? Men . So what happens to that mans money he is said to have earned more , he ends up spending on the women …
    Next the family court system , men have no rights and its that simple , to say otherwise is to boldly lie to yourself ..
    Clubs have ladies night to enter free of charge , isnt that gender bias , ladies drink free till 11 p.m. again gender bias .
    And last but not least , men at age 18 are to sign up for the military draft !!! When women are willing to get a cru cut hair job and get handed a m16 asult rifle , dropped off in the middle of some desert in a strange land and kill or be killed and risk there lives as men have through out history then we wont have any gender bias . I highly doubt women are willing to do that . All they truly want to do is CHERRY PICK , they dont actually want equality . If they do , pick up a gun and meet us in the battle field and risk your life next to us ladies .. this means all of you not just a select few who already do … many 18 year old girls will buck that wont they !