IMPORTANT: First Thing To Do To Get Customers
IMPORTANT: First Thing To Do To Get Customers
2 minutes 11 sec
The Biggest Blindspot (Yet Greatest Asset) When Building A Dream Team
The Biggest Blindspot (Yet Greatest Asset) When Building A Dream Team
1 minutes 16 sec
Why You Need A Board That Challenges You
Why You Need A Board That Challenges You
2 minutes 17 sec
The Importance Of Leading With A Global Perspective
The Importance Of Leading With A Global Perspective
2 minutes 33 sec

Watch – What You Need to Know About Sales, Hiring, and International Business

You want people on your board who think differently, but who have aligned objectives.  Tweet This Quote

Bio: As President & CEO, Sue is responsible for corporate vision, strategy, execution, and capitalization for BioVantage. Her prior experience spans numerous roles including CEO, Founder and Corporate Executive. BioVantage is Sue’s fourth startup, three of which she led. Her most recent company, Solidware Technologies, Inc., was acquired in 2008. Prior to founding Solidware, Kunz was a Director of Marketing and Business Development for Sun Microsystems, and served as Six Sigma Deployment Director and Outbound Marketing Director. Before Sun, Kunz sold digital imaging solutions in Germany and held various marketing positions at IBM, also in Europe. Her international stretch started as Kunz helped set up the European offices for the Colorado-based startup, Precision Visuals, Inc.

Most businesses today are global from Day 1. Anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.  Tweet This Quote

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  • natebbeard

    “What’s the time to revenue,” is sometimes hard to remember when you’re falling in love with the product that you’re building. Basically I’ve heard that it’s a lot easier to focus on sales when you realize straight from the start that revenue is the lifeline of your startup. Hopefully you have investors and people to be the checks. Sue, what’s the hardest part you have found when talking to customers? What biases do you see and how do you navigate them in order to look at the information objectively?

  • mcniffm

    This is so helpful, especially now in my capstone class. This is a great guide in helping our team’s entrepreneur build his business and create a business plan.

  • linhvu1411

    This video is really helpful. However, I cannot see how the contents mentioned in the interviewdifferent for domestic business.No matter you work internationally or domestically, listening to customer and understanding their qualifications are all critical.

  • Hanna Boyd

    When you believe a candidate is a strong fit for a position yet colleagues disagree, trusting their opinion over your own – as Sue Kunz mentions – speaks to how much she values their opinions. But beyond that, her confidence that she is surrounded by the right people in the first place; ones who understand the vision of the company and how to best attain it.

  • duongh1

    This video is really helpful. often hear customers choose companies but now I know that is partially wrong. Companies also have to take initiative, choose their customers and decide are they worth doing business with.

  • Palecekb

    This was in interesting video because I was able to see through they eyes of the owner rather then through my own eyes, as the possible customer. I do however wonder if they do not only attract customers with money. What about those who are extremely interested in the company but do not have the money to help push them in the direction. How are they added into the equation, maybe those who can help spread the ideas of the company by marketing or even word of mouth?

  • lex_alwaysMIA

    I agree with you all the way but 9 times out of 10 they are going to side with their colleagues. Even if they had the best qualifications, companies tend to stick together similar to the code of blue. It’s a nice perspective but it doesn’t happens often.

  • Kait Harman

    This video is interesting to me because I do not know one thing about businesses. Its cool to learn about the approaches people take when they are starting up a business if they want to become successful. This reminds me of my first job I ever had as a hostess at a restaurant that was starting up. I had 3 bosses/owners of the company and there business became a success because one of my bosses did listen to people more then he talked. They are great owners. What other things help when you are trying to start up a business?

  • vitalecm03

    This is interview is interesting to me because I work in the restaurant industry and I am not the greatest at sales because I hate pushing things on people that already know what they want and what they came for. Reading people and what their personalities are like i believe goes hand in hand with sales. Some people enjoy upsetting and giving them more options and could care less about the money but others are very firm and do not like to spend a lot of money.

  • kabbasuf

    I agree for the most part with what the author has said. The bottom line is capital and the end of the day. You need a source of revenue, hence a better chance of succeeded. Also, having multiple investors is key.

  • schrammjm26

    This just goes to show how important planning and experience is. When you get to really know a company or anything else and you truly believe their mission you are often passionate about that mission and the company’s other goals. That is not enough for success though, as the video stated experience and resources are just as important if not more important. If someone has the resources to take actions it shows that they have planned for that moment to take action and have prepared for it. As for experience, rarely is someone exceptional at any action they take on their very first try, having experience further prepares you for future ventures in whatever you decide to pursue.

  • Zintia Martinez

    Wonderful, unfortunately not every company works the same. I liked that you mentioned “references” I believe this is an important step in the hiring process but a lot of people do not think is important when the candidate had a great resume and great interview. Also, thanks for saying that you will not hire someone that the team does not like, managers sometimes forgot about this. They need to investigate a little bit more about this before hiring them as they may bring a good point that may change the way you look at the candidates.

  • ali Alamri

    great points to be considered

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