Your Numbers Are "BS"
Your Numbers Are "BS"
2 minutes 56 sec
Why Do Start-Ups Fail?
Why Do Start-Ups Fail?
3 minutes 19 sec
Hire People Smarter Than You
Hire People Smarter Than You
2 minutes 10 sec
Failure Doesn't Teach You Everything
Failure Doesn't Teach You Everything
2 minutes 52 sec
Just Ask
Just Ask
2 minutes 04 sec
When to Move to the Next Big Thing
When to Move to the Next Big Thing
2 minutes 16 sec
Passing The Torch to Successors
Passing The Torch to Successors
1 minutes 37 sec
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Interviewing Pascal Finette (Serial Tech Entrepreneur & VC)

If you’re not a risk taker, you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur. Tweet This Quote

Bio: Pascal Finette loves technology and holds the belief that the Internet is deeply impacting mankind. As the Portfolio Manager at Google Giving, Google’s strategic philanthropy initiative, annually investing in best-in-breed organizations that use technology to change the world, he loves to work at the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship & global impact. Formerly the Creator and Director of Mozilla’s Open Innovation Group, he and his team worked toward inventing the future of the Web. Prior to Mozilla, Pascal led eBay’s Platform Solutions Group, consulted many entrepreneurs on their strategy & operations, and invested into startups, among other things. He frequently speaks about Open Innovation on the Web and mentors entrepreneurs at TechStars, Seedcamp, The Unreasonable Institute, and many other places.

If you want to change the world, you’ve got to take risks. Tweet This Quote

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  • Courtlyn Carpenter

    For me, the financial aspect of social entrepreneurship has never been as large of a focus. I tend to think about the social change and the impact that can occur through activism rather than the sustainability of money flow (which is obviously also incredibly important). I thought it was interesting that there is so much trouble with financial projections, though, and I am curious why people might come up with such extreme and inaccurate numbers as projections? In order to maintain credibility, wouldn’t it be important to have financial projections that can be easily explained and understood? Wouldn’t any investors or shareholders find some sort of accurate projection necessary to their choice to support a certain enterprise? I agree that it is good to acknowledge that projections are just projections and might not be entirely accurate, but “being reasonable” in this case still seems important to the success of an enterprise.

  • Robbie Vitrano

    It’s a curious game, projections and their lack of validity. You often wonder if there is a better, more authentic way to establish credibility between entrepreneur and investor/sponsor. Thanks for the insights Pascal, Dan.

  • Peyton Howard

    Pascal Finette’s interview was very interesting. An entrepreneur needs to be confident in front of a potential investor. They want to see your logical thinking process and see if you can think in a way that is going to make a successful business. You have to go in and have the numbers that make sense and are logical and true. You cannot just go in and act like the numbers and revenue is not important and precise numbers are not vital, because that is false. The numbers are crucial in sending the right signals to investors and making your business appear reasonable and worth investing in. Great interview.


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  • AndreaOlsen22

    After watching this video I realized I never really thought of things this way. I always thought failure taught us so much, but after watching this I think that Pascal is right when he says it really only teaches us to be “humble.” Once we fail, we try to stay optimistic and believe in ourselves for the next time. Failure really only teaches us what NOT to do and not what TO do. Being successful is the way we learn best because now we know what we did actually worked. However, we still need to set ourselves up for failure in order to be successful. When we come up with a plan, we must push ourselves so far to make our plan as unique as we can that has some risks. If it’s not risky enough, you probably didn’t put enough thought into it. When something is risky and unique chances are people are going to be willing to give it a shot.

  • rschneider2800

    I never thought of the number game like that before. I always thought it as a little slimy and something that happened but wasn’t necessarily ethical. It makes sense if you think about the investor side of it too but I do wonder whether bs numbers can eventually snowball into shady accounting?

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  • Kendra Larson

    After watching this video, I always thought that it is through failure that one succeeds. However, after watching this video it makes me question that scenerio. I know that some of the most successful people throughout our history, have failed multiple of times and eventually have succeeded. I think that to some extent, failure sometimes does get us to where we want to be in life and sometimes it doesn’t. I think it really depends on how you react to failure once you have failed. There are people that when approached by failure, remain optimistic and never give up. And then there are those that look at it in a negative way and give up. I think that we can be successful through our failures, if we never give up. People can do anything if they put their mind to it.

  • Anthony Davis

    Dan I do think that this is a good idea and a lot of individuals could get a lot farther in life if they simply just ask people for help or ask people for help with things that they are struggling with. I feel as though the main thing with me and asking people is that I feel my personal pride is hurt and that I feel embarrassed. This article hit it right on the heard though and brought some really good points to the table.

  • maxfunny

    I love the quote if your not a risk taker you shouldn’t be a entrepreneur. I also like how you make it a point to say that it is ok to get help. I think a lot of people do not like asking for help because it makes them feel weak. It really just shows that you are grounded and need something to be more successful.

  • ZakFritz

    Everyone needs help at one point or another. What makes you really strong is admitting that and asking for help.

  • maxfunny

    Oh yea then you.can harness a power of a group but we have to also remember not to depend on the group or to develop think tanks that never do anything.

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