Why Give a Damn:

A ton of money has been wasted over-complicating these three things, read on to discover how to get clear on your vision, your mission and your values.

The authors of this post, Andrew Missingham and Ben Gallagher, are problem solvers who specialize in strategic planning, prototyping and facilitation. In this series they are documenting the launch of their company benandandrew.com

The secret is…
your mission is inside you, you just need to look.  Tweet This Quote

Much of the work that we’re asked to do is helping businesses clarify their vision, their mission and their values, then setting the direction from there.

As we’re amongst friends, we’ll be frank: a ton of money has been spent and enough hot air to launch the Montgolfier Brothers to the Moon and back has been wasted over complicating these three things. Because the secret is; they’re always inside you, you just need to look. Even without knowing it, you use vision, mission and values as a system to check in when you’re doing just about anything that’s important to you.

Here’s a quick example that will help you clarify your vision, mission and values:

Imagine you’re going out for a meal with your boyfriend or girlfriend (or husband or wife, if your boyfriend or girlfriend is busy!).

Even without knowing it, you use vision, mission and values as a system to check in.  Tweet This Quote

  • Your vision is where you’re headed. It’s what success looks. So, after you’ve gone out on your date, your vision might be:
      “The future I’m trying to create is a warm fuzzy one. Satisfied, happy and reconnected. And this vision will be manifested by us cuddling up on the sofa when we get home.”
  • Your mission is your purpose and what you’ll do to fulfill your vision. It can also encompass the reason you do what you’re doing. So on your night out, your mission statement might read:
      “I aim to catch up with the one I love after a long hard week, looking into their eyes, listening and sharing the quality time we deserve. Because time is precious, but nothing’s more precious than love”.
  • Your values are what’s important to you. Your values are the foundation of who you are, and what’s unique about you. They also define the edges of what you’ll do or not do (you can often tell when your values are transgressed because you feel an upsurge of anger – “how dare they?!”). On your night out your values might be:

    You can often tell when your values are transgressed because you feel an upsurge of anger.  Tweet This Quote

      “I love to talk and I love to listen, so I love a place where there’s music, but it’s not too loud. I love intimacy, but I love to see what I’m eating (so subdued lighting, but not so dark I’m squinting). I love any food except fish & chips, but I live for great sushi.”

Easy right?

So sack the consultant and try it yourself. It’s inside you. Anytime you’ve got a challenge that needs a successful outcome (your vision – most often you should set this first, as it sets a direction of travel), a purpose (your mission), and in getting there, you’ll need to hold true to who you are (your values), just look inside. It’ll be there, you just have to look and you’ll find it.

Sack the business consultant and try it yourself!  Tweet This Quote

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As founders of Ben&Andrew, Andrew Missingham & Ben Gallagher create solutions for cultural, for-profit and social businesses. They have a wide range of experience working with creative agencies, brands and cultural institutions including Wieden & Kennedy, Arts Council England, the British Council, BBC and Sony Music, BMW, and Nike Foundation.

  • Enock Kwesi Addey

    Such a great article! I love it!

  • Andrew Missingham

    Thanks, Enock. Glad you like it!

  • Jennifer Lynn

    This article make so much sense and can really be applied to the real world. As a college student I think sometimes it hard to really understand what my mission truly is. After looking at this article I think any college student could set some clear goals and understand that values mean a lot in the grand scheme of life. I often think we forget to look at our values and what they mean to us/for us in the long term. Thank you for this wonderful article!

  • DuCharmeDR11

    What a reassuring article. I believe that values are something we hold true and strong in differing situations, and on top of that are hard to sway. In knowing that, it is easier to follow the direction in which we so choose, taking into account we already have a set vision and mission. I would challenge you with the question of how do you know when to stop taking on more activities? Especially if you are passionate about many differing events. In other words, how does one discover the fine line between making an impact, and taking on too much?

  • jbrycewilson

    Good points, and an excellent approach at breaking purposes down into different tiers. This also better allows for adjustments and redirection as needed to keep a business on point vison, mission, and values.

  • cameruca4

    This is a nice article. Often times as individuals we are guilty of defining are direction and planning our goals without spending the necessary time identifying why that direction and the results are important to us. Clarifying your vision, mission, and values should, as stated in your article, always be the first step in creating a direction. That said I think it can be a tough process for a lot of people because identifying our individual needs and understanding our emtions is never and easy task.

  • mhansen11

    Thank you for this article! I liked how you talked about how your values are what are important to you. That to me is important because without your own values, who are you really? You have to be sure of what you want so you can get to any goal that you have set for yourself. It’s tough sure figuring out what you want but in the end it will be better off for you.
    Thank you again!

  • natebbeard

    I agree with what’s said above and below. Personally, I’ve started with values and moved on up to mission and vision because that made the most sense while navigating everything we’re being told in school. I was chatting with a couple kids next to the fire the other night about how Universities promote open mindedness and how that open-mindedness can lead to confusion and an overwhelming flood of values, thoughts, ideas, missions, and visions. The only way to really evaluate new information is through creating a compass based on values. There will probably be hundreds of different missions and visions throughout our lives… I think people might get to a certain stage of life and business and realize that they need someone to help evaluate their direction and core beliefs because it’s so easy to coast and focus on success in the short term?

  • amykahl8

    I think it’s absolutely necessary for businesses to be clear on their ordeals and be straightforward with clients or business partners. if a business doesn’t set goals and have mission statements then it can easily become unclear what the business is trying to accomplish and might scare some people away. Are you suggesting, however, that people should always make things clear to others what their intentions are and what goals he/she has even in personal relationships?

  • Andrew Missingham

    Hi there. Thanks for the question. As long as either you can make any one thing a priority (because, you can only ever have one priority at a time – otherwise it’s not a priority!) enough to do it well, or you can enlist others to share your vision and work, you should take as many as you can! I’ve got time for the expression “if you want something done, ask a busy person”1

  • Andrew Missingham

    I hinted it in the article, but I believe that if you struggle to identify your values, a good point to start is to ask when do you get angry. Impoliteness? Cruelty to animals? Racism? Sexism? Blasphemy? What makes you angry is often a useful pointer to what you really feel and value deep down.

  • Andrew Missingham

    Well said!

  • Andrew Missingham

    Good point, but watch out for your values being modified through your life. For instance, when you get married or have kids. Or even an unforeseen experience happens (like losing a friend, or winning the lottery). It would be comfortable if values were truly “baked in” and lifelong, but I’d find that a little doctrinaire and inflexible, wouldn’t you?

  • Amy Rink

    That is exactly what I was thinking while reading this. That a business should always be straight forward with their clients because if not a lot worse could happen in the end.

  • katie bartlein

    This is a very inspirational post. It teaches the reader how to unknowingly look inside and ‘follow your heart’, or in business terms, ‘stick with your gut.’ To me, it seems as if the answers are all laid out in front of you, all you have to do is find them. I enjoyed the comparison for an easy read on how these things could be related to personal life as well as a business aspect. I think that next time I come to a crossroads in my life, I will take the opportunity to use this post as a lesson. In what ways could this be applied in a more business setting versus personal life?

  • Alexandra Helena Marie Nicolof

    This is a wonderful article to read for anybody who tends to over think things. I am guilty of over analyzing all the time. The funny thing is that I tend to do this the most when the answers come easy to me. I have to question and rethink all the possible outcomes just in case there may be a better solution. What I find is that I most commonly stick with the first, and all I did was waste time checking. The simplest advice is that the answer is always within us! Thank you for the post.

  • natebbeard

    I agree. I know my values have changed multiple times just in college so far, but I also think that the broad, uncompromisable values, such as loyalty, integrity, and helping empower people through the products I want to create, function outside the scope of certain situations and stages of life… they could change I suppose depending on the person. So trying to stay away from detrimental prescriptive values by creating broadly guiding ones I guess?

  • John Darrow

    This was a great insightful post and thank you for sharing it. I agree with everything said here. Our mission, values, and vision are portrayed very well in this article. I like how you made it easier to them this way through organizing and describing them like one would have to put into order goals, objectives, and tactics. Because we area always on the run important things like these aren’t always the easiest to see or prioritize and I feel this post did that for me today. Great read, short but concise.

  • KevinThomson32

    I am someone who over thinks everything, especially when the answer is right in front of me so thank you for this article. For example, the other day on a test it took me about 25 minutes to think of this answer when really it was a simply multiplication problem and deep down inside I knew that the whole time but thought it was to easy. We have to stick with our heart and the answers will come.

  • Drew

    Amy I agree and began to slightly laugh out loud thinking of how many times I’ve had contact with clients at my job where they weren’t clear on terms and other expectations. I know first hand that these clients that aren’t clear did drive my business group away and left them scratching their head.

  • Sammaritano

    The idea that vision, mission, and values are already within each and every person is a great concept! I’d agree in that people may have the ideas of these three “things” but it is important to collaborate and perhaps… consult, as a means of formally articulating and systematically going over all aspects of each three of these “things”. But true, looking within to find the answers to these questions can save a lot of cash.

  • Jessica Walker

    I liked the examples you gave with each thing, and it is interesting to think that we use these 3 “things” so often in our lives without even knowing. Putting it into perspective like you had is pretty eye opening. Our thought process is so incredible and the way we work is so mysterious. I think this is why we can be so creative sometimes when there is something that we really want to do, because our mind is set to it and we have these ideas floating around in our head. Is there one of the three things that is more important than the others to focus on?

  • AmandaBrom

    This is great advice. I loved how you used a relationship to show how easy it is to find values and vision. Sometimes people look so hard trying to make sure the answer is prefect, when really the prefect answer is right in front of you. I think that this article can be helpful in any situation. Most people get stuck on making choices but when you break it down and look at it from a different perspective, the choice can be easy. This article helped me see that to find the answer I just need to look inside and see what I truly believe in.

  • Anthony Urbanski

    “Looking inside you” is a skill that takes practice. It comes easier to people who can quickly identify their mission, vision, and values. For me it’s not so easy, terms like values are to vague. Are there any tips on how to go about looking inside yourself?Do you have certain plan or routine to do so?

  • Connor Driscoll

    Thank you for posting! This article can be helpful to everyone! For example, I think we often search too hard for our vision, mission, and values when really the answer is right there requiring very little thought. Andrew and Ben, how would you recommend looking inside of yourself?

  • Jansscor16

    I agree, I definitely think way to much. I try to come up with multiple scenarios or possibilities when it isn’t even necessary. By setting our vision, mission and values, may hopefully help in this case, but not quite sure how?

  • Tyler Steinmetz

    Thank you for this great, insightful post! I have never really thought about simple, but very effective way of looking at a situation or challenge. Almost every challenge can be solved so easily if we use this formula. Unfortunately I also think this may not be the best solution when the challenge arises instantaneously or extremely fast. What if a challenge is presented to you and you only have seconds to react? Don’t get me wrong, I do really like your approach to a challenge and I will use it for almost ever kind of situation where it would be useful. I am just curious as to what we should do when a challenge arises, besides the obvious.

  • Alyssa Borgrud

    I agree with your idea about thinking of visions/missions/and values. They should be ideas or passions that you live everyday of your life. They should not require a lot of though, or be made up. Don’t think of what people want to hear, say what you believe. Eventually, people will be able to tell if your mission is not truthful to you, but if you start with what you really feel from the beginning you will have a better chance of being successful.

  • treehugger90

    I like how you guys bring up love because I agree that love is such an important thing for everything. For me, I love all my jobs and I love coming into work. I believe if love is not there your heart will not be either because when you really love something your going to chase after it. Thanks for the post! 🙂

  • Britnee_Kay

    Making the connection to a real life situation such as a simple date was really helpful in understanding your guidelines. This is a great way to start looking at lot of situations in your life to get more positive result in the end. I never expect blogs about how to be a successful entrepreneur to be so short, simple and to the point, so it’s a nice relief when you come across an article like this one that can give you the main pointers in a more gentle and subtle way and avoid making someone read an entire book to get eh purpose of it.

  • Jen McKiernan

    I like how you said “the secret is; they’re always inside you, you just need to look.” I think that we all forget that sometimes. We end up making the wrong choices because we over think things way too hard when the reality is we had the right choice in front of us the entire time. Even on tests my teachers would always say, trust your gut and never second guess your answer yet I would still change it and I would end up changing it to the wrong answer. I like how you connected this to a relationship because that is something almost anyone can relate to.

  • Keeli Gilbert

    I really needed this article. It helped me to think about the things that I think about. I need to make sure that I am listening to myself and not what other people are telling me or trying to talk me into thinking and doing. Especially when it comes to my future and what I want to do with my life.
    After reading this article I feel like I have something I can relate to and when it comes to someone telling me to do something or how to do it I can come back to this article in my head and think if I am doing this for me or for someone else. Am I thinking about my future, or someone else’s. Also, am I making a mission statement for myself?
    What helps you when you are making long term decisions? (What are the things that you ask yourself when are to make a long term decision? Short term?)

  • Logan Dohmeier

    I like the quote about how the secret is always inside you. I think my favorite part had to do with following your values. This really is the basis for how you live your life. Your actions, your friends, family, job, and love life follow or represent some (or all) of the values you carry on a daily basis. I think that if something ever goes against your values or challenges them, it should be a huge red flag that says “stop! And evaluate whether or not you want to continue”. This is where trusting you instincts or that gut feeling comes into play. I think everyone at one point in time has been told to “go with your gut” when it comes to those spontaneous decisions. Do not be blinded by all of the outside distraction as that could lead you on a never ending search of your goals. There is good advice in this article for everyone.

  • Lucy McNamara

    What an awesome way to break down vision. I love how you state that is always inside you, and that even without consciously knowing it you are using vision, mission and values. It is the thought that these three things (and many more) are carried along with you in each and every decision, situation, and interface. That you ultimately tap into your inner values through every decision–even the little ones. Thanks for such a great insight and piece.

  • John Harbaugh

    I really enjoyed reading this article. I thought it was very helpful dissecting the different aspects of vision, mission and values in a unique manner. Discussing how the different aspects are illuminated subconsciously through the relationships we have further help describe how these aspects are a dimension of our personality.

  • vitalecm03

    This is a really great way to look at life! It’s crazy to think that we do these three things without thinking about it consciously. As humans this is something we are wired to do in my beliefs. We all have a vision, a mission, and values to support why were are doing it. Currently my vision is to graduate from college with a Bachelors in Finance, my vision is to land a great job in the Finance field whether it may be as Financial Planner, a Treasurer or anything along those lines and my values that help me come out of college as the best I can be. Thank you for this article!

  • Kendra Larson

    I thought your article was very inspirational. When you break it down, it really does make a lot of sense in everyone’s life. We all have a mission in life that we want to accomplish, but sometimes we don’t know how we are going to succeed. Through being a college student, I feel that I have a variety of different visions that I want to accomplish throughout my whole college career. Sometimes it is hard to figure out if the vision that you have, is the right vision to accomplish for you in your life. Personally, I have had many different visions of what I want to do for a career, my mind constantly changes these visions. It’s scary to think that whatever vision you shoot towards, career wise, it’s going to be the thing you are going to have to do for the rest of your life. And that’s what makes it hard. Thank you for sharing this article!

  • Sophie Miller

    This article was a wonderful way to simplify the manifestation of goals. As human beings, we all get caught in the cycle of becoming overwhelmed by making decisions, whether they be career-defining or choosing which restaurant to dine at with a loved one with. We become hung up on what “makes sense” or quantifiable variables pertaining to the situation. One of my yoga teachers says, “Everything you need is already inside of you;” your article is yet another reminder of the importance of self-meditation and self-realization. Facts and figures can go a long way, but there is no doubt that intuition leads to fruition. Thank you for breaking the process down!

  • ZakFritz

    This article makes a lot of sense. Many of our problems are easy to solve if we could just look down into ourselves. We just need to figure what is important to us and figure out a way to make that happen. If we can do this our goals will be much easier to achieve.

  • Andrew Missingham

    Hi Keeli, To be honest, when I’m setting a long-term goal, I try to keep it ambitious and exciting. It has to be something that sustains you in the short term, something that you can keep returning to, and something that sustains you in the hard times. The process can feel a little circular at times – to set a vision, you have to examine your values. You test your values as you work towards your vision.

  • Andrew Missingham

    Glad you like it, but don’t underestimate the importance or reading books, Britnee. You can’t find answers to all life’s mysteries in 140 characters or less!

  • Jeff Margolf

    “Even without knowing it, you use vision, mission and values as a system to check in when you’re doing just about anything that’s important to you.” This is so true! Everyday we rely on our own values to make decisions that could change our lives forever. When I think of vision I accept the fact that you can never go back in time, only forward. And so when you want to accomplish something truly extraordinary you set yourself up with a mission in place. That way regardless of what you do you can never regret those decisions because you know your end goal is where you want to be.

  • Jamie Finney

    I really like this three step plan for tackling your vision; however, at the risk of complicating them, I feel that vision and values are set in place, and the mission must be adapted to meet them. The vision is the place where success is attained, and goals are met. Values guide the decisions that must be made along the way, and must be solid, uncompromising. To me, these two pieces set the framework for the mission to be determined and followed accordingly. I love the structure between these three aspects, but feel that their relation to one another is key to making them work.

  • weidmankl15

    I really like the way you have thought about creating your vision. I can relate to this so much it is almost crazy, in a life lesson sort of way. I know what I want in life, I try my best to find the right path to achieve that, and I make sure that I stay true to my values that I had before I started my path towards what I wanted. Along the way though, people will stop you or put you down. What I have learned is that when you want to achieve something, you look inside of yourself, and not think about what opinions other people have. Even though you say “it’s inside of you. Try it yourself.” did you run into people that tried to stop your mission?

  • BartuchGR11

    Thank you for sharing this post. I found this post to be interesting because it is always really important to have a vision otherwise its harder to succeed in life. By setting yourself up with a vision or goal you now have something to work towards and want to achieve. I have a vision every semester on what I want my overall grades to be in each class. Then through out the semester I try and get closer to my vision. I do find it very helpful because I tend to work harder and really put my best effort. I do agree that your mission is how you reach your vision. The mission is all the things we do to obtain our vision. Without the mission we wouldn’t be able to reach our vision at all.

  • Janna Bartels

    Thank you for this post! This topic of purpose and mission is such a universal one that even non-business people like me can take things from it. Is there an order to which of the three aspects (vision, mission, and value) need to go? You said setting a vision should be first. What comes next? I think setting your mission should be the last because both your vision and values have a part in making it.

  • Andrew Missingham

    Jamie, this is a really great build. In a way, values are the “why”, the vision is the “what” and to some extent the “where”. Mission is the “how” and and that’s why it can be so various. Thanks so much for your contribution.

  • Mcgrailkk30

    I love the way you illustrate how simple it is by listing out what your vision, mission, and values really are. In everything you do you can set a vision, plan your mission, and discover your values. If you have a health goal, want to learn a new hobby, or create a new business. All things require you to set yourself up for success by establishing the vision, mission, and values. This is why, as you mentioned, we naturally use this system to check in with ourselves. When you find that there is a disconnect into the system though, how do you go about reconnecting? If your mission goes off track for the vision, or worse, your values interfere with the missions, how do you fix it?

  • strakaJA01

    @jeffmargolf:disqus, I definitely agree with what you are saying about the future. You can use the past to learn, but you can’t reverse time. So keep moving forward with your values and mission in mind. Goals are super important to have too! I am personally a person that has trouble putting my goals into words, but I know what they are. I just never write them down. What is your method? How do you track progress with your goals? Thank you Ben and Andrew for this article!

  • Daniel John

    I liked your post, I agree that clarifying your vision is very important to being successful. I will use this information to better structure my short-term goals to achieve a long-term goal. This was very helpful, thank you for your post.

  • GraceFelion

    Thanks for your post! It’s an interesting way to dumb it down! I really enjoy when someone can illustrate an idea very simply. I definitely will have to keep this in mind for the future. What do you do if you simply cannot get your mission, vision, and values to align?

  • Kyle Schiedemeyer

    I agree with your comment completely. I will use this structure for my own goals. Long term, short term, or any project can have this structure help the process along the way. I will too use this information, it was very helpful.

  • Jeff Margolf

    StrakaJA01, A lot of times I feel like I suffer from the same problem. Everyone knows where they want to be, but have trouble getting there simply because most times their goals or aspirations are so far out it is hard to visualize yourself being there. I think what helps me is just laying out a plan or writing down steps to get where you want to go. It is much easier to accomplish something when you can write out a plan to get there. This will give you a starting point, where you may realize something about yourself along the way and could completely change what you want to do. Your life is constantly changing and I think it is important to adjust your goals for that reason, keep things relevant. When you experience a major life event: Job, relationship, or new experience in general, look back on your previous goals and see how that event will impact your life going forward. Hope this helps.

  • kolinjk29

    Thanks for posting. I agree that clarifying your vision is very important when it comes to success. Your vision is key to the way you want to go and the direction. I can relate to this, for example every semester I vision what I want to accomplish for the semester as far as the grades I want to work for. It helps me plan and set up goals which lays the route I will take throughout the semester. With the right amount of hard work and knowledge you can accomplish any goal you wish to set. A question that I have is what do you do if you have multiple visions but time doesn’t let you accomplish them all?

  • barczakdm08

    Great post! Really awesome way explaining our vision, mission, and value system. This system is very easy and simple to get a grasp on but not everyone realizes they have it deep down inside. Either for short of long term goals you almost always have a vision and mission it’s just a matter of if you utilize it or not. I will definitely use all of this information you have provided us!

  • schrammjm26

    Thanks for your post! I completely agree the best people to explain your vision, mission, and purpose for you company are the people that are most passionate about it aka you! When someone hears someone talking about their purpose their conviction and passion is just as important as what their actually saying. Being in sales I know the important of passion when persuading someone to see your viewpoint.

  • pinsolera

    Oh absolutely. Like what you said, I’ve noticed when someone is not passionate about something, they will have a difficult time getting it done and doing it with quality. And also, the three points Andrew and Ben stated can be summed up into one thing: how bad do you want it?

  • Kobajr18

    I like that you related goals to this. These three things are very applicable when trying to reach a goal , especially the comment on having a vision. What you want to accomplish in the future is your vision and your values should relate to that.

  • Willie

    Thanks for your post and views! I think if people would just look inward more than always looking to other people for conformation or approval, our society would be a lot more diverse and people would be able accept each other easier, because some else’s views may be fine and good for them but may put a knot in your stomach just thinking about it.

  • Kevin Weber

    Thanks for the article! Simple and to the point. Three easy steps can help you find your mission statement. I believe these help your short-term goals in order to structure your long-term goals. Sometimes your visions can be hard to figure out when you’re in college. It takes time to think and adapt to what you want. Thanks again!

  • Brittney Glende

    I agree Kevin this article was straight to the point and very helpful. The three steps are an easy way to help you find your mission statement. I agree with you that they do help your short term goals and those structure into your long term goals and creates more of a plan for you. With being in college it is all about finding yourself and studying what you love but it takes time to find that. I agree with Andrew & Ben that our mission is within us all we need to do is look. Question for Andrew&Ben when did you both find your mission and continue with what you love?

  • strakaJA01

    Thanks! This method reminds me of scheduling classes as a four year plan. I remember doing that when I first started college. I had it all laid out and ready to go. Obviously things have changed now, but it was nice to see what my goals for certain classes were. You are very right when you say that goals are hard to visualize when they are so far out. I think this is a common mistake that people make! Or even use as an excuse. Thanks again!

  • GrycowskAJ17

    Great article love the step by step!!!! Loved the values part because that’s extremely important.

  • Andrew Missingham

    Hi Brittney and thanks for the question. For my part, I found my mission when I really looked to combine what I did well with what I love. I mean, there are lots of things that I do well (or quite well), but I didn’t really love doing them – producing events for instance. Once I dropped these things, my mission became a lot clearer. Sometimes choosing to NOT do something is as helpful as choosing to do something.

  • KevinThomson32

    I love this article. You have to use three things your vision, your mission, and your values. It is so clear, but for some reason most of us struggle with this when the idea is literally in us. I feel like all we have to do is think about before rushing into it and the idea will come to us. Also I believe you must stick to your values throughout the whole process.

  • Jessica Andrew

    Thank you for sharing this article! I really liked how you broke it down into three sections your vision, your mission, and your values. These are very step by step but many people still struggle with them. I also agree with you that you need to complete your short term goals to then complete your long term goals. If your vision, mission, or values don’t overlap what do you do?

  • PKroening

    I agree with you. When we figure out what is important to us we will also be able to decide which problems to solve.When we have a good idea of what is important to us it also brings on more motivation to solve these problems.

  • PKroening

    Thanks for posting this great article! I think often times these three things are hardly ever needed. Most of the time the easiest way to solve a problem is right in front of someones face and they just haven’t noticed it yet. How do you think that someone can really look into themselves to solve their problems?

  • Jack Delabar

    Thanks for the post, guys. I believe that if you clarify your misson by yourself instead of with the help of someone else, you will have a deeper understanding of what it is that you are trying to do. Great advice in this article, keep it up. What were your missions and goals when you first started out? Did you think you would end up where you did today?

  • Jack Delabar

    I also like that you brought short term goals into the equation, Dan. Without those, long term goals would be a stretch to achieve. Hitting little milestones with the help of the advice from these guys’ article should get you where you want to be.

  • lex_alwaysMIA

    Fabulous article. As you get older there is a time where you have to know who you are. Learning about yourself and know were you plan to be is key to your future. It seems easier to follow the lead of others but then we lose sight of who we are. If I have certain dreams and admiration that varies from my friends, I should follow my own inner voice. Who wants to live the life of someone else? I know my mission, ideas, and values and I know were I want to be, do you? Thanks again guys!

  • jkailing

    Thanks for this article. I think that taking time to figure
    out who you are as a person, what you want to do, and where you want to be is
    important as you get older and will help with decisions you need to make. I
    think if you know all those things than when you are confronted with a tough decision
    than you will be able to make a more confident decision and one that will work
    because you know what you want as a person. Knowing where you want to be and
    having goals will make you a successful person a lot faster. One question I would
    ask the author is how old were you when you figured out your mission? Has your
    mission ever changed over the course of your life?

  • WolfgramKA06

    I really enjored this article. I like how you made three simple ideas: vision, mission, and values. It makes it so much easier to make decisions and to stick to a goal. I can sometimes be indecisive or unsure of my goals, so this will help. When have you used this strategy before?

  • aulm92

    I thought that this article was excellent, I really enjoyed it. I never really thought about the fact that we really do have a vision, mission and value to the things that are important to us. Now that i’m cognoscente of this, I will actively use this to look at important things in my life. How often do you guys use this strategy?

  • Alessandro Paredes

    This is really good advice. If I ever get an opportunity to pursue my personal entrepreneurship goals, I will definitely use these tips to regroup and stay focused. Sometimes people get caught up in the details and all the tiny problems that can arise. Reminding yourself of these three main things will keep people on tract and moving forward. Having the end goal in sight all the time makes solving the little things easier.

  • Jcoppa

    This article is definitely helpful, as I am currentl trying to figure out where I am headed in life. While reading this, I applied these questions to my life and it occurred to me, I haven’t actually asked myself these questions AT ALL. As a college student, you’d think I’d have these questions and answers on a laminated sign hanging above my make-up mirror. That’s actually a good idea, maybe I’ll do that so I can be reminded every day what exactly I am working toward and how i can get there.

    My question to you, a professional mission and values consultant, if you will… how can a girl decide between two different passions of hers? I have been struggling about my future, I cannot decide if I see myself as a health and wellness coordinator or a children’s therapist. How does one make a firm, confident decision that will gear the rest of their life?

  • Alyssa Borgrud

    I agree with your post. You know yourself better than anyone else does. When you state a mission, it should be what YOU believe, not what others want you to believe. If you are not passionate for what you stand for, who will be?

  • jkailing

    I feel like people struggle with this because there are so many outside influences on there lives especially in college. I think that people think too much about how they’ll look, or how other people will see them if they do what they want to do. I think that if people stopped worrying about what other people think then more people would see what they really wanted to accomplish more clearly. I think that people do know what they want but sometimes its just hard for them to see because of other influences

  • Tammy Hartmann

    Thank you both, Ben and Andrew, for sharing your article. Great advice, and well stated.

    I like when you said that the secret is they’re always inside you, you just need to look. The mission tends to first start pouring out from your head before your brain can figure it out, so let the mission flow. Often everyone forgets too soon. We all over-focus on planning and overthink things. We need to remind ourselves what the three original points are to stay on the right track. Question: How do we help a person who has a few passions and can’t decide, even with the three points you share?

  • Evan Hibbs

    Great article, Andrew and Ben. I think you made some interesting points in this article. I always know what I want. If I ever am reluctant about anything I usually know I’m either just nervous or am making the wrong decision. Your 3 steps definitely will help me in the future, thank you for the article.

  • Angela Hoch

    Jack, I also agree that if you clarify your mission by yourself, you’ll have a better understanding what you’re looking for. It’s hard sometimes to explain your goals and aspirations to someone else if they don’t share the same passions as you for your goals. I really enjoyed this article because goals and missions are so important, and it’s something that I strive to do every single day

  • Chris Williams

    This is a very inspirational post. It teaches the reader how to unknowingly look inside and ‘follow your heart’, or in business terms, ‘stick with your gut.’ To me, it seems as if the answers are all laid out in front of you, all you have to do is find them. I enjoyed the comparison for an easy read on how these things could be related to personal life as well as a business aspect. I think that next time I come to a crossroads in my life, I will take the opportunity to use this post as a lesson. In what ways could this be applied in a more business setting versus personal life?

  • Angela Hoch

    Chris, this is definitely an inspirational post because sometimes people have a hard time following their heart. I like how you said that sometimes the answers are literally right in front of you. There are so many times when I am stressed out and then realize that what I was look for was right in front of my eyes.

  • Branden Unger

    This post is very insightful. Your advice is great to keep in mind when you are faced with a challenge and you want to succeed. I really liked how you broke it down into pieces, I really understood what you were saying. I also really like the idea that by applying your vision, your mission, and your values to challenges and problems is an effective way to achieve success. Thanks for the article!

  • Guest

    Angela (and Chris!), I like how you stated “follow your heart.” I feel as if many people get lost in the business world trying to make it big, and along the way, they lose their values and what they believe in. This article makes an entrepreneur and/or businessman/woman realize that the answer has been right there all along. Chris, I also liked that you connected this article on both a personal and business way, I completely agree with you and the article, as it used an example of your significant other, but it can definitely apply to your business as you strive to aim higher.

  • Mary Hill

    Chris and Angela, I like how you stated “follow your heart.” I feel as if many people get lost in the business world trying to make it big, and along the way, they lose their values and what they believe in. This article makes an entrepreneur and/or businessman/woman realize that the answer has been right there all along. Chris, I also liked that you connected this article on both a personal and business way, I completely agree with you and the article, as it used an example of your significant other, but it can definitely apply to your business as you strive to aim higher.

  • Alivia Holman

    I completely agree with you! There can only be one of you so why not live life how you want to. In the end its your own happiness that matters and the people who are there for the journey will share the same happiness. It is important to keep in mind what your values and mission in life is because it will impact your life.

  • kreynol3

    I really like this article because sometimes I have a lot of trouble putting into words my mission, vision and values. I think I get so caught up in how to write instead of exactly what I want to do. I know my vision, mission and values so I just need to believe in myself and put them into words.

  • Hannah Leggett-Hintz

    I find great impact in everyday life through this article. It can definitely be difficult to distinguish between mission, vision, and values in our lives. We each have a million things, large and small, that we want to see get accomplished throughout our lifetimes. It can be so simple to get caught up in the goal, that we lose the small things all along the way. There are definitely steps, motives, and small accomplishments that help to be checked off along the way. This article put it cut and dry into a good format to view a way to get your goals done in life.

  • Hillary12

    This article shows a very interesting way of looking not only how to show the mission of your company, but this can be used to show the mission for everything you do everyday. While at school I envision my future career. My mission is to do everything I can to get good experience and learn a lot in order to get that career. My values allow me to put the effort into school and extracurricular’s in order to be successful in my mission. Like he said in the article this could even be broken down into where to get dinner. If a person checks what they’re doing to see if it matches what they’re vision and their mission helps achieve the vision and their values are in line with their mission they will have a hard time failing at whatever they are trying to do.

  • AndreaOlsen22

    We should have an outlook like this in everything we do. “Following your heart” is a good way to put it because we all know of certain things we may want in the future. That being said our “missions, visions, and values” must come into play if we want to be successful and keep ourselves on track. If we always keep our goals in the back of our mind, we will remember why we are doing what we are doing, and strive for accomplishment and success. Envisioning the bigger and later picture is crucial especially when challenges arise. The big picture will allow you to keep pushing yourself and doing the best you can.

  • gaulrappkj17

    This article strikes me. It is so informative about how we think and do what we do and it has baseline ideas of what we should be questioning of ourselves. I find it important that we always are reevaluating what we are doing and why. When we stop doing this we loose our focus and all of a sudden we are frantic and loose what our goal was. We need to keep in mind what we want and how we are going to get there.

  • pdeese

    Good article and showing an easy way to begin to understand how our values, should shape our vision and mission. We often understand our values in the moment but do not stop and reflect on those. This was a good exercise for me to find examples in my life where my values and vision can begin to create my mission.

  • JeremyWahl

    everybody has different values, and those different values shapes the mission that they wish to accomplish. This article is interesting in looking at why we do what we do for different reasons. When we lose focus on our mission, it will take longer to get the things done that we wished for.

  • DuchAM21

    This is a great blog post. I never thought that creating a mission, vision, and values could relate to our own life. It is interesting how these three things really make us the unique individual we are today. Now that we know how vision, mission, and values work together, we can have a better understanding of our own companies mission.

  • alexlavine

    Simplifying who we are what we want to become can make our life a lot less complicated. As I’ve become older my mission, vision, and values have become less complicated and more clear to me. I appreciate the simple things more and more. I also understand what I want to do and how I’m going to approach my goals.

  • Tawni Meyer

    I think this is a great way to tackle creating and achieving missions!

  • Ashley Gardner

    I completely agree with you! Understanding how they all work together is very crucial. Especially when interviewing for a potential employer. They love to see that youve read and understood what their vision, mission, and values are!

  • Skalahe13

    This is a great post because it shows just how much we over complicate things. We pay good money for things we could do ourselves. So stop wasting money and do what seems natural to you.

  • ‘Stop wasting money and do what seems natural to you.’ – love this. simple yet profound and extremely rare these days.

  • alexlavine

    Breaking our thoughts, goals, mission into simple words helps us to be most successful. Simplifying I think lets our minds focus on developing ideas.

  • Amy Rink

    Thank you for posting this article! I loved everything that was said. Our values make us who we are as people and we should follow that in everything we do. We want to succeed in our life and by having values and a mission are the things that will fuel our dream.

  • milkienr18

    I defiantly agree with you. I’d also add that we tend to over complicate things and that nine times out of ten if we just stop and think for a second we already know the answer we just need to stop and reevaluate how to get where we want to be. And like you said just do what comes naturally.

  • Julia

    In order to clarify our mission to others, I believe we must show them what we value just like what was said in this article. Our mission is our purpose, our way of life, and what we want to accomplish in the world. We fulfill this mission by showing our values and what’s important to us. Success is what we make it. If we believe our mission makes us successful, then that goes to show how much our mission reflects our values. We just have to stick with those values and our mission in order to be successful.

  • Nathan Tessar

    I agree with you too. I feel like we spend to much money on things we could easily do by yourselves because 1. We are too lazy to do it or 2. We don’t want to take the time to learn it. Because of these things. It leads us to spend more money in the long run.

  • afallon14

    I love this post! It reminds me to always be creating missions and having core values in your life and how these things can make us stand out to people. Understanding that everyone has different values in life but that you can still come together in a work setting and combine ideas is something that can make a company be successful.

  • Paige

    You make a valid point by saying we are too lazy an we dont take the time to learn it. That couldnt be more true. We waste money on things we dont need to be wasting money on. If we were to take the time to learn different things not only would it benefit you financially but you would also have another skill.

  • Paige

    I really enjoyed reading this article! A lot of the time we do tend to over complicate situations. I know i do it a lot. Its not that I mean to I just get worked up in the heat of the moment. If i were to take a step back and relax then everything would be okay.

  • Paige

    I like that you brought up that it makes it easier to make decisions and stick with a goal. I tend to be very indecisive with things. Ill find myself trying to decide between something and before i know it an hour has gone by and im no where closer to figuring out my decision.

  • kgonyo

    This article serves as an excellent reminder to chill out. We tend to get caught up in the details and forget the reason behind all of it – our mission. By reminding yourself of the big picture and why you’re going through all of this trouble, you can start to see things more clearly.

  • Kyle Gettelman

    I like the fact that she is trying to get us to do things ourselves, but somethings in life, we just can not see without guidance or even just a little nudge from others. Do I think that we should have to go out and pay somebody to help us with this sort of stuff? HELL NO! Do I think that is is EXTREMELY important to get others (like friends/family/partners) to be able to show us the light inside the dark? The beaten path over the paved road? Very much so. That is the main point that is being expressed here!!!!!!

  • pnwlover

    I definitely agree with your point. A second opinion is always helpful and it points us in the right direction. I also enjoyed how this article describes how easy it is to create your mission, values, and vision and how they all work together. It’s so important to step back and think about what is important to you and to always be authentic.