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Unreasonable at Sea Begins! (ep.1)

This is the first video in a series of short webisodes that will followed the story and journey of Unreasonable at Sea. Learn why this program was created and about the genesis of this radical experiment.

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Shapeshifting Robots that Clean the Oceans (Ep.2)

In this episode a small team of two inventors and engineers explore how their autonomous oceanic robotic drones can be utilized in the Hawaiian Islands to clean up plastic in […]

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Revolutionizing Education in Japan (Ep.3)

In this episode the team from Guru-G explores how their innovative teaching platform can be utilized in Japan’s education system. Guru-G is a gamified teaching, teacher training & open certification […]

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Watch as a Botswana Startup Scales into China (Ep.4)

Tendekayi Katsiga and his team created the world’s first digitally programmable and rechargeable hearing aid, the Solar Ear, in a small village in Botswana 12 years ago. Now, their products […]

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In Search of a Market in Vietnam and Love (Ep.5)

Agua Inc. is a pioneer company and a global leader in biotechnological production. They offer a natural alternative to conventional wastewater treatments and do so without the use of any […]

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Prakti Puts Their Stoves to the Test in Myanmar (Ep.6)

WHO (World Health Organization) reports that smoke from cooking fires kills over 1.6 million people every year. In rural areas, women spend an average of 20 hours per week collecting […]

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Design Thinking in South Africa (Ep.7)

While at sea, Daniel Epstein (co-founder of Unreasonable at Sea) and George Kembel (co-founder of Standford’s d.school) teach a class based around design thinking and sustainable entrepreneurship. As part of […]

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What Happens When a Spaniard Experiments in Bringing Clean Water to Ghana (Ep.8)

For the past 10 years, Pedro Delgado has been using plants, no chemicals, no energy, to save tens of thousands of lives while turning a handsome profit. His company has […]

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Protei’s “Hack-a-Thon” in Morocco (Ep.9)

While in Morocco, Gabriella Levine and Cesar Harada of Protei took advantage of the engineer community in Casablanca to host what they called a “hack-a-thon”. While most people think of […]

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After Being at Sea for Over 100 Days, We Finally Reach Barcelona (Final Episode)

After sailing over 40,000 nautical kilometers, over the course of 100 days, the entrepreneurs and community established on the ship says goodbye. But not before taking stage in front of […]