Rajesh Anandan
Rajesh Anandan is SVP of Strategic Partnerships and UNICEF Ventures at UNICEF USA. He is also founder of ULTRA, a company that provides technology services by employing teams of individuals with disabilities. As a growth strategist, intrapreneur and entrepreneur he advises a number of startups that create employment for marginalized communities. Rajesh has B.Sc. and M.Eng. degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT with concentrations in Artificial Intelligence, Systems Dynamics and Economics.

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What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know Before They Talk to the Press

Attracting attention isn’t just good for social enterprises; it’s critical to their survival. Few things can help accomplish that like a great media interview. But you’ll have to know how to make the most of it.

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Your 30-Second Elevator Pitch? Way Too Long

Entrepreneurs, you’ve got six seconds to tell your story, or at least to tell the audience why they should care enough to know it.

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You Don’t Need a Plan

In the VUCA-filled world most entrepreneurs live in every day, being agile trumps sticking to a plan. Sticking to a plan is not the same as having a strategy, and having a strategy can keep you alive and moving forward.

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Forget About Scale For A Minute

As social entrepreneurs, we’re hardwired to stay focused on achieving impact at scale. But that’s a destination we may not achieve for years, if at all, and in the meantime, our happiness may depend on forgetting about scale, even if only for a few moments each day.

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Why Cash Matters More If You’re Trying To Do Good

Social entrepreneurs have fewer potential sources of capital to tap into, and managing cash flow can ironically be more important for survival for social ventures than for profit maximizing businesses.

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Don’t Go Saving the World Just Yet!

This post is as much a plea as it is an opinion. Let’s spend the time it takes to understand the communities we wish to help and the problems we want to solve – before we start rapidly prototyping solutions.

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3 Questions To Ask Before Picking a Co-Founder

Considering the hard factors is important, but it’s the soft factors that really matter when picking your co-founder.


Why Launching a Startup is Like Having a Baby

Deciding whether to go it alone or bring on a co-founder can be the most important decision you make as an entrepreneur.