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Ron Garan

Ron Garan

A fighter pilot, social entrepreneur, astronaut, and aquanaut, Ron Garan has done it all. He is now the Chief Pilot at World View Enterprises, co-founder and director of Manna Energy, and the author of Orbital Perspective.

  • Adam Bundy

    The astronauts concept of an altered more unified idea of what is home after being so far away is very interesting to me, If more people had this type of experience resistance to pro refugee programs would surly decrease. There were two very interesting ideas in my opinion. The first of which is the I Am Ready project. while its a great idea I feel it would be very costly based on the prices and difficulties involved in getting a medical or dental license in a different state and I assume most refugees are in a tight financial situation. I also liked the idea of Home4Refugees because it tackles an important problem very quickly.

  • Ron Garan

    Thanks Adam for your comment. The contact information for the projects that you found interesting are in the article if you want to learn more about them.