How To Succeed Without a Brand-Name College Degree

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Conventional wisdom about education is right, attending a brand-name college can offer a major boost to your entrepreneurial career, but degrees don’t determine your destiny.

Why Human Capital Threatens Impact Investing

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The last of a five-part series: If we don’t focus on human capital, we run the risk of the impact investment world excluding a large number of talented professionals.

This Indian Start-Up Could Disrupt Health Care

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A medical device startup is evidence to support that entrepreneurs will disrupt industries—not only in their own countries, but also those in the United States.

It Can Make Grown Men Cry and Puke: Company Culture

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It might not be something you want to spend time on, but company culture is what makes your company—even if you don’t have one, you have one.

What’s Missing in the Global Impact Investing Conversation?

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Part four of a five-part series: How do we build collective intelligence through networks and engage emerging markets—like those in Southeast Asia—in a global impact investing conversation?

Women Unlocking Safe Drinking Water for Thousands

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A holistic approach to purified water is empowering women-led businesses to provide clean drinking water to thousands.

What’s Old Is New Again

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There are definitely new and interesting things happening this time around, but what can we learn from the past?

Snapdeal Offers a Lesson About Immigration Reform

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Gone are the days when the US was the only land of opportunity and when entrepreneurs dreamed of being acquired by a Silicon Valley company—bigger opportunities now lie in countries such as India, China, and Brazil.

Instruments of Change

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Listen to this song written by entrepreneur, economist, farmer, and musician, that describes the story of an evolutionary mindset this entrepreneur experienced that allows him to mold impact out of many different mediums.

Is This a Real Impact Investment?


Want to show investors that there is a measurable positive impact on a community as a result of business? Founder and CEO of a social and environmental accounting firm introduces two standard tests for impact investments and the necessary tools to measure impact.