10 Lessons from the Global Ebola Outbreak

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Ebola has claimed over 4,500 lives in less than six months. What originally has been contained to rural and impoverished communities in Africa, has now spread all the way to […]

How To Make The Most of College (If You Want a Meaningful Career): Part Three

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Accomplishments are important, but fundamental career advantage comes from being able to make decisions about what you want—not from accomplishing things.

Does Thwarting Climate Change Mean New Technology or New Business Models?

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We have proven technology that enables us to solve big problems like climate change, but what we need is innovation in the business model—driven by entrepreneurs.

Impact Investing Is an Approach, Not an Asset Class

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Part two of a five part series: explaining why we need to build impact investing as an approach, not an asset class, by developing communities of practice applying the impact lens to specific asset classes.

Silicon Valley Must Join the Ebola Battle Before It Becomes a Matter of Survival

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We need to be prepared for this scary future, and Silicon Valley needs to take the lead in developing technologies to track, prevent and manage pandemics.

Electric Bicycles Are Changing Transportation in Mexico


Mexican entrepreneurs with a background in mechanical engineering and passion for innovation leads him to vehemently race towards solutions in alternative mobility.

F*CK Political Correctness—Irreverence And Laughter Drive Results

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We are too up tight, living in a time of professional and political correctness that is dulling our ability to enjoy our lives while at work—where many of us spend nearly one third of our adult lives and entrepreneurs even more.

How To Make The Most of College (If You Want a Meaningful Career): Part Two

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Entrepreneur and CEO explains why professional success ultimately has to do with how much you help other people and how to start creating value while in college.

Why the UN Climate Summit Needs Entrepreneurs

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Instead of world leaders having a high-level discussions about saving people and planet, what if we create a forum for people at the bottom of the pyramid collaborate with hundreds of entrepreneurs to develop new business models?

What the !#$% Just Happened in Mexico?

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Local entrepreneurs are solving the biggest f**king problems in Mexico ranging from clean water, health, and education to traffic and smog and they have the potential to shift what some might call a zip-code reality.