Entrepreneurs: Let Go of What You Should Do. Do What You Must

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When you heed the call and step out from the shoulds and shouldn’ts to live from a place of must, you begin your journey as an entrepreneur with the ability to impact the world.

How We Can Be the Invisible Heart of Markets

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Editor for the Economist joins a multi-national task force with the ambitious goal to figure out how to catalyze a global market in social impact investment—the report, four themes and one challenge.

Need a Mentor? Four Quick Tips (and Two Secrets)


An executive, author, and mentor dives into four insights to mentorship and unveils two facts about mentorship we don’t normally think about.

How Avoiding Multi-Million Dollar Investments Saved Our Startup


Lessons learned from a startup’s two-year journey exploring the potential of natural biofuels in Africa: Do what works.

8 Secrets of Success

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Author, speaker, and entrepreneur outlines the key to success in eight words in this classic TED Talk.

Renewable Energy is Growing on the Trees in Africa


Unreasonable entrepreneur explains why Africa’s renewable energy future doesn’t have to wait for high-tech solutions—indigenous biofuels are gaining steam.

What the People’s Climate March Should Learn from Einstein

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The People’s Climate March was a massive step towards a global energy revolution, but there are lessons to be learned from Einstein that can shape how entrepreneurs can lead the way in bringing renewable energy solutions to reality.

Here’s What It Actually Takes to Make It as an Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurship is never that easy and the stereotype of the startup founder is not representative of the technology world.

International Development: A Problem of Image, or a Problem of Substance?

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The world has problems. Big problems. They need big answers, ambitious projects and innovative solutions. And they cost money. Lots of it. Three trillion dollars over the past sixty years, […]

What Entrepreneurs Must Learn from Steve Jobs: iCan

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Clean energy entrepreneur and author unravels how entrepreneurs can take simple and accessible solutions Steve Jobs employed at Apple and apply them to new markets.