Startup Engineering Sustainable Transportation in Mexico


Emilio Sosa Solis, cofounder of Vetelia—an alternative mobility company based in Mexico—invented Mexico’s first electric race car in the state of Guanajuato. While his classmates at Universidad Iberoamericana de León […]

F*CK Political Correctness—Irreverence And Laughter Drive Results

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Political correctness campaigns have forced us to believe we have to act professional in a work environment. They demand boundaries and keep us from believing that a little horseplay is […]

How To Make The Most of College (If You Want a Meaningful Career): Part Two

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I frequently get asked by college students what they should be doing in order to set themselves up for a career in social innovation, entrepreneurship, or simply doing something that […]

Why the UN Climate Summit Needs Entrepreneurs

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On September 21st, the streets of Manhattan overflowed with more than 300,000 global citizens demonstrating their concerns for climate change to the diplomats gathering at the UN’s Climate Summit the […]

What the !#$% Just Happened in Mexico?

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Local entrepreneurs are solving the biggest f**king problems in Mexico ranging from clean water, health, and education to traffic and smog and they have the potential to shift what some might call a zip-code reality.

Impact Investing: What’s Next?

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Impact investing is capturing the public’s imagination, but the amount of actual impact capital flowing into mainstream markets is lagging far behind—so declaring victory would be premature.

Move Over, Humans, the Robocars are Coming

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Tech entrepreneur and author explains why in fewer than 15 years, we will be debating whether human beings should be allowed to drive on highways.

Superman Won’t Save Your Startup

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Tech entrepreneur reflects on the two years after starting his company and the three valuable realities every entrepreneur should know as they take an idea to fruition—especially an understanding of what really matters.

‘Invisible’ Credit? (Read This Now!)

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If Congress passed a law requiring everyone in the U.S. to get a license to be considered for a job or rent an apartment, the nation would rise up in protest—the irony is that such a system already exists.

Six Lessons from the First Unreasonable East Africa Institute

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CEO and founder of the first Unreasonable East Africa Institute reflects on the valuable lessons learned that build a foundation for future development in East Africa and an ecosystem for entrepreneurs to thrive.