This Startup Helps You See the World And Make It Better


Nomad Republic is harnessing the good will of those seeking travel volunteer opportunities by providing real impact trips to prove the skeptics wrong.

How to Avoid Bully Email Syndrome

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How do you respond to an email sent to you that’s so venomous that your blood pressure increases dramatically and you actually feel a hand slapping you hard across your face.

An Inclusive Emerging Economy, With Africa in the Lead

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At a time when news about Africa has been dominated by Ebola, it’s worth observing that a highly encouraging change has been quietly spreading across the continent.

Peace Without Boundaries

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The real work of social innovation is to fix our broken human systems. The way to do that is by inviting real diversity into our lives; seeing and then removing the boundaries between us.

Mediology: A People’s Guide to Media Savvy

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In a world shaped by efforts to influence us, using methods that are ever-evolving in scope and sophistication, freedom is inconceivable (or meaningless) without some kind of mental judo.

Reflections: Pheromones and Friendship

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There are systems that reach beyond the local, and we need to have the friendships that let us do work on those systems that span the globe.

What Unreasonable Looks for in Startups

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Want to solve the world’s biggest f*cking problems? Here are four qualities we’ve found in successful startups.

My Journey to Impact


Google X co-founder and Unreasonable mentor relates his path to social impact.

Why I’m Giving Away the Source Code I Spent My Life Building

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A serial entrepreneur has enabled users to convert their dumb phone to a smart phone—and now he explains why he is providing the source code to this technology, for free.

In Defense of College: What Peter Thiel Gets Wrong, Once Again.

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Billionaire Peter Thiel claims that college education is a bubble and doesn’t provide more value than an insurance policy, but in reality, today’s knowledge-based economy requires mastery of a wide assortment of technical skills, ability to work in groups, and continual learning.