Their Radical Idea for Transforming High School: Trusting High Schoolers

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Ustvarjalnik brings entrepreneurs to high school classrooms and engages students with open-ended assignments aimed at solving real-world challenges. (One example: “Go get your picture taken with the mayor.”)

A Most Relaxing Way to Help a Village

Photo from Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Watch Yellow Leaf Hammocks co-founder Joe Demin talk about the 600-mile taxi ride that led to his company, which is creating sustainable jobs for Thailand’s hill tribe communities—by selling some of the most comfortable hammocks in the world!

Eight Key Lessons from the 2014 Unreasonable Institute


The fifth Unreasonable Institute has come and gone. We have since synthesized what we learned and are already sharpening our offerings for our next few programs. Here’s a look at what we learned and what we need to improve.

His Competitive Advantage? Employees With Autism

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Rising Tide Carwash co-founder and COO Tom D’Eri explains how his company has made a competitive advantage out of the fact that 80 percent of its workforce has autism.

Don’t Use the Crowd as a Point of Reference

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So many people in startup land go with the crowd and, thus, create the umm-teenth version of something that already exists. The supposedly smarter ones go against the crowd, which is not much better, as their theory of change is simply based on negating what everybody else is doing.

Please Stop Trying to Change the World

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We social innovators worship the power of stories. And when we tell them, we tend to sound as if we’re the first ones ever to try to make the world a better place.

Clean Water in India for less than $2 Per Day


Unreasonable Institute fellow Divya Yachamaneni, deputy general manager of Naandi Community Water Services, explains how her company is bringing clean drinking water to rural Indian families for less than $2 per month. NCWS’s low-cost water-purification stations are now in more than 400 villages, delivering clean, safe drinking water to about 600,000 people.

Complicated Versus Complex: Solving the World’s Most Difficult Challenges

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Confronting the hardest problems on the planet requires humility to admit that we don’t know many answers when we start; sometimes, we don’t even know the right problem to work on. And if you start with the wrong problem, you’ll certainly propose the wrong solution.

Hard Data Leads to Big Money for Polluted Towns

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Source International provides scientists and scientific tools to communities threatened by waste and pollution from natural-resource extraction. With the resulting data, communities been able to press for compensation.

Business Plans Made Easy

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Creating a real business plan can be intimidating, because doing so shows how much work there is to do and exposes gaps in logic. But developing one is essential. It’s also easier and faster than you think.